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SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Nikky Sommer


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Hero


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 22

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : A graduate student at college, her grades were always exemplary and was destined to finish top of her class with full honors. That was easy for her, she was always bright but with that came social awkwardness. She was labeled the geek, brain, nerd, and had very few friends growing up. In college that got somewhat better, having met a few people she got close with. All in all it was a normal life.
Her project for her senior thesis was physics and the manipulation of molecules. It was all a theory, there was no practical application but it was still a radical idea and worthy of a paper. What she didn't know was that latent abilities resided in her mind and a day came when she succeeded in moving an object with her mind. She freaked out and never tried that again but the incident was caught on laboratory cameras. And being a well respected institute, on the cutting edge of breakthroughs, it was monitored by other agencies.
Days passed and she had a feeling she was being followed and watched. She was positive and that made her paranoid. She tried the police but they had no way to help. She stayed with friends out of fear but she would be alone at some point and that's when she was taken. Waking on a table, strapped down, she screamed and yelled, pleaded and asked questions. She would see medical personnel but they would never talk to her, only inject her with fluids.
Her mind begun to slowly distort, one day sharp then next muddled. Only voice she ever heard was a computerized one that would, every day, tell her to move the box on the table across the room. She refused, but was starved until she would at least try. She had some limited success, enough to be treated more. This went on for months until she was able to have more control over her power but it wasn't exact.
The time came when she next woke up and wasn't there anymore. She was on a street she didn't know, in clothes that were plain but under it she saw a white latex outfit. Why was this done? Why put her in this get up and what the hell was going on?
Keeping to herself, she found in her purse a new identification with license, credit cards, and some cash. Well this sucked. With her "powers" iffy at best, she went to make a living and find out what happened to her.

1. Enhanced Awareness: Great with audio and visual, able to pick up minute details, but it can be distracting if she gets caught up in it so has to be careful when she uses it.
2. Telekinesis (Basic Level): Ability to manipulate objects with the power of her mind at up to 100 yards away. Problem is she can't do anything over 200 pounds and sometimes it doesn't work. She is still learning it. When it doesn't work, she gets a terrible headache and can't try again for at least an hour.
3. Enhanced intelligence: One thing she's always had was brains, but now that has been bumped up even more. Drawback to this is she sometimes becomes too analytical and doesn't see the more basic answers which leads her to over complicate things at time.
4. Teleportation (Basic level): Can only go short distances, able to do herself and what she carries, within reason i.e. personal belongings. If under stress, it sometimes fails due to lack of concentration since she's really new to doing this. If she does it too much, succeed or fail, her mind begins to weaken and tire leaving her vulnerable.

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):
1. If introduced to mind numbing effects, her powers diminish tremendously. This could come in the form of tranquilizers, drugs, other powers that hinder the mind.
2. Sonic attacks hurt her twice due to the loud noises scrambling with the mental abilities she possesses. Very loud noises, while don't truly interfere, cause her strain and has to work to concentrate to do any of her powers ( like extremely loud music right in her ears, or having to stand next to a jackhammer at work, things like that ).

Day Job (Optional):
After half a day of interviews, she has secured employment at the Kirby Science Center giving her access to laboratory equipment and research which will aid in her own work tremendously.

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