Battle Rider Droid

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Battle Rider Droid

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Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Ryoutaro Resident

HERO/VILLAIN NAME: Battle Rider Droid

CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Hero


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 21

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : The last Hero of his Universe. In the year before the great Cataclysm of the Multiverses, Junichiro Katsuragi was chosen like many others like him, to become a Battle Rider. Like his predecessors, he stood as the protector of mankind against an evil faction that was bent on either Destroying or Taking over the world.

During his initial year, he mostly fought by himself and gradually unlocked the secrets of his powers. Of course, he had a few occasions in which the Battle Riders before him would appear and aid him in his fight. By the end of his mission, Katsuragi would successfully defeat his enemy with the full potential of his Droid Battlizer unlocked and with the help of all the Battle Riders that were still alive by that time. His victory however, would be short lived.

Soon after the Battle Rider's latest victory, the Cataclysm had reached their universe and caused a mass fluctuation of space and time. Old enemies were suddenly reappearing and all of the Riders were being killed one by one. In a last ditch effort to keep the legacy of Battle Rider alive, Battle Rider Ages, the oldest Rider alive at the time, created a final Dimensional Worm Hole to allow his allies to escape. Unfortunately, the Cataclysm was so intense that the Riders could only send Droid through the Worm Hole.

After his escape, Katsuragi would wake up to find himself in Celestial City.. What's worse, he would also discover that the Dimensional Jump had somehow completely reset his Droid Battlizer, reverting it back to it's Beginning stats. Depowered and alone, Katsuragi would have no choice but to find a way to make a new life in an unknown city and to keep the Legacy of the Battle Riders alive.


1. Enhanced Strength (Punching Power of 6 tons. Kicking power of 10 tons)
2. Enhanced Speed (Start Speed 36 mph. Max Speed 110 mph)
3. Enhanced Reflexes (Max Jumping Height 32 meters.)
4. Enhanced Durability (Able to withstand force of up to 10 tons. Invulnerable to standard bullets.)


1. Droid Battlizer - The source of Katsuragi's power. A device that looks and operates like a modern day Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone. To activate it, Katsuragi turns on a special app on the touch screen, then inputs the password 2-7-3 (B.R.D.). Once inserted, Katsuragi then must insert the Device into a Special Belt that will appear around his waist and lock it in to transform into Battle Rider Droid.

2. Styl-Zaber-Gun (S.Z.G.)- Droid's standard melee and range weapon. In Beam Saber mode, it has the power to slice through stone with ease. In Gun mode, it is capable of firing energy bullets. It's default charge is set to 80% output, but can be charged up for a more powerful Beam strike or Pulse Blast depending on which mode it's in. While charging, the output is increased by 5% per second, with a maximum output charge of over 200%. At Max Charge, the Styl-Zaber-Gun is powerful enough to destroy a 50 story tall building in one strike. If ever used at Max Charge, the Styl-Zaber-Gun will then shut down and require 3 hours for it to recharge. It is also restricted to use only one mode at a time.

3. All Purpose Power (APP) System - The Software of the Droid Driver. The APP System is designed to learn and adapt from all the fights that the user is invovled in. As time and experience will progress, the APP System will unlock new modes and weapons that the user will be able to access by touching the unlocked APP on the Droid Battlizer.
1. Droid Access - The Activation App to transform into Battle Rider Droid. Passcode is required.
2. Rider Kick - Energy Charged Flying Kick. The standard finishing move for all Battle Riders.
3. S.Z.G. Charge - 1st tap activates the Charging up sequence. 2nd tap stops the charge at where ever it is. Stops automatically when it reaches Max Charge.
4. Theme Change - Empowers Droid with the power of the Elements, giving all of his attacks and strikes the added bonus of the Element he is channeling. Only one Element can be used at
a time and is identified by the Glowing Color coming off of his Armor.
4a. Absolute Zero - Ice Element. White Color. ((Accessed through Fight with Hellhounds))
4b. Overheat - Fire Element. Red Color ((Unlocked by Professor Mikoto of the CCPAE))
4c. High Voltage - Electric Element - Yellow Color ((Unlocked by Professor Mikoto of the CCPAE))

Also has in his possession an invisibility gem that makes him able to be invisible.

Requires his Droid Battlizer to transform. Without it, he is a normal human being.

Day Job (Optional):
No Official Job as of yet, but will temporarily be a Freeder. Some one who takes multiple small part time jobs to get by.

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