Vince 'Bug' Buggatti /Zaal

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Vince 'Bug' Buggatti /Zaal

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CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Hero


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 24

Bug- Believe it or not he is not that great with girls
Vince Buggatti was just your average everyday childhood prodigy. He absorbed scientific knowledge like a sponge. By the time he was 12 he had successfully published his first post-doctorate on quantum mechanics. By the time the End came, Vince would publish four more post doctorates in different fields of science.

His love for science has led him down the nerd dark path and is extremely knowledgeable all things Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, superheroes, and anything nerdy.

The universe however, has a way of balancing things out. Vince is quite short. He has few social skills and goes particularly bashful around the fairer sex. He has a tendency to stutter when extremely nervous, and has never had a girlfriend.

When he made it out of the lifepod he noticed metahumans attracted woman in their droves. He decided it was time to become one and designed Zaal.

A few facts about Vince:

Vince is a bit of a perv and will stare at his favourite parts of a woman if he feels he can get away with it

Vince designed Zaal after watching one of his favourite films: Ghostbusters

Vince tried to make Zaal perfect and cover all eventualities. Zaal however, is far from this although he can do a pretty effective job.

Vince is essentially a good guy, despite his pervy tendencies.

Growing up was hell on earth for Vince. He picked up the nickname 'Bug' and hated it.


Scientific genius in all fields
Eidetic memory

Zaal Suit

The Zaal suit is powered by a cold fusion reactor, and Vince managed to build the first working prototype just before the End. As such the Zaal suit has almost limitless energy. The suit resembles a demon.

The Zaal suit is:

Strong/durable (up to 20 tons of blunt force)

Enhanced strength: Zaal can lift objects weighing anything up to 50 tons

Capable of flight up to Mach 1

Fire resistant/water resistant/vacuum of space resistant. Has 1 hour of air supply for any environment

Zaal can create a force fields to protect him (up to 20 tons of energy force protection)

Tractor beam (can pull up to 2 tons from across a 20 meter distance)

Energy blasters – Zaal can deliver an energy blast capable of delivering 50 tons of force.

Adamantium claws (although he isn't really skilled at using them, but he likes to think he is)

Laser cutters: Laser cutters that cut through 90% of metals

EMP gun – Can knockout unshielded electronic equipment. Has a range of 30 metres (100 feet)

Lie detector (he can tell if someone is lying unless they are capable of defeating lie detectors or they aren't organic)

Universal translator (capable of interpreting nearly any language within a few sentences of hearing it, and then capable of translating English into that language)

Comm signal jammer: Zaal can block almost all mechanically made comm signals up to 100 metres ( 300 feet)of where he is standing.

Detection systems: Zaal is equipped with radar and sonar detection capability

Be able to 'see' across the range of the electromagnetic spectrum, including x-ray vision (to see girls naked under their clothes).

Wireless computer interface in the suit: Zaal can interface with computers wirelessly over 30 metres. The targeted system does not have to be networked for this to happen

Voice modulator: Zaal can mimic a wide range of sounds and Vince often sets his voice to sound like the actor James Earl Jones. It also has a loud speaker capability

The HUD in Zaal has a computer which is wirelessly connected to the internet. The suit has cameras which provides 360 degree image and sound recording of everywhere Zaal goes

Zaal has an extensive tool kit into the suit


Vince is a normal human so without the suit has little fighting skills or protection.

The suit is extremely sensitive to damage. Once damaged, it shuts down completely, rendering him helpless inside it (although he can climb out whenever he likes). The only exception is the air supply, which will continue to pump for an hour, unless the suit's oxygen tank is specifically damaged.
Zaal - The suit that Bug believes will get him laid!
"I can remember, standing by the wall. The guns, shot above our heads, and we kissed, as though nothing could fall. And the shame was on the other side. Oh we can beat them forever and ever. Then we could be heroes just for one day."

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