A Ghost in the Night

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A Ghost in the Night

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:19 am

(apologies on delay. Power princess is made up, not claiming it)

"Slipping into the enemy territory..that's risky. You sure you up for that? " - Power Princess
"I can handle it." -Eidelon

Real name: Celeste Marie Angier (secret identity, hidden by minor shapechanging)
Callsign: Eidelon (Formerly Illusion)

The mysterious heroine who once attempted to form a team, now working on her own. Known for being a slippery target, and creative, though shown to be as mortal as many other heros unfortunately are.

Witnessed powers: ghosting, invisbility, double jumping, offensive beams
Witnessed weapons: balls, knives, sword
"The nerve of... Ugh!"- Celeste
"Our enemy is never as evil as we imagine." - Katyusha
"Darlin. You’re hotter than donut grease at a fat man convention." - Anna
"..." - Eventide

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