Agent Ten

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Agent Ten

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Character Type: Hero

Civilian alter ego name: Jack Monty

Age 30s

"The name's Monty, Jack Monty"
Agent ten crouch_001.png
Before the End, Jack Monty was one of MI6’s most secret and accomplished officers. His mind sharp, his reflexes sharper his ability to analyse intelligence and act in the field made him the perfect candidate for MI6’s Secret Meta Task Force Programme. As such Monty was removed from the double ‘OO’ section and underwent gene therapy which accentuated his natural abilities.

He was given the code name Agent Ten

The purpose of the SMTFP was to capture rogue metas and turn them into valuable MI6 assets. Agent Ten scored success after success often out thinking his prey to obtain a successful capture, and then using the same sharp mind to manipulate the meta into thinking he was not only his or her only way out, but he was their one shot at redemption and a normal life.

On occasion however, Agent Ten had to resort to his old double ‘OO’ ways to capture and subdue metas, which thanks to his gene enhancements and dazzling array of gadgets, he did with few setbacks.

Agent Ten was backed up by a considerable team who analysed intelligence, planned the missions, and designed the gadgets that helped Agent Ten in the field. On occasion he would work with others, who would come in for specific missions and then disappear back into the spy world.
Agent ten_001.png
Despite the success Agent Ten was beginning to question the purpose of the SMTFP. The rogue metas were increasingly used for purposes which put him at odds with the whole programme. A killing here, a military coup there, and when the banking system collapsed in 2007 due to the mass mind control by several powerful metas, that made much of the world shrug their shoulders at mass bribery, corruption, and treason, Agent Ten decided to take matters into his own hand.

Highlighting this to his team he was delighted when they decided to follow him rather than remain in the service, and together they spoiled the party of the corrupt. Two days before the end however, the team were wiped out by the same metahumans they had turned, with Agent Ten the only survivor. He managed to crawl into a lifepod and arrive in Celestial City.

Now he is in Celestial City doing a ‘regular’ job working in City Hall’s maintenance department he has blended in and faded away. However, now Shiva has gone, and recognising Sir Jerry as the con man he is, he has decided to come forward and offer his services to the Guardians. For the most part to offer them something they do not have, and also to keep an eye on Sir Jerry.


A sharp mind made sharper. Agent Ten was always one step of the game and out thought many of his opponents to the point where he knew what they were going to do before they did. After the gene therapy however, his mind works with almost computer-like precision, and can analyse a tactical situation in under half a second. His memory was also enhanced, and can recall key elements about an individual, and analyse for his foe’s strengths in much the same time frame.

It also gives him considerable understanding of computer algorithms and due to enhancements, can resist a mind intrusions from telepaths and controllers, unless they are particularly powerful.

Enhanced Reflexes. Agent Ten’s reflexes were pushed beyond human limits thanks to his gene therapy and can match most metas in combat in this regard. This is in part thanks to his much-improved hand eye coordination which shows most events happening in slow motion, and as such he can react sooner.

Unarmed Combat. Agent Ten’s MI6 double ‘OO’ unarmed combat training turned him into a deadly precision instrument. Able to kill a normal human at will, his enhanced reflexes and mind allow him to use tactical analysis to find a metas weak point and exploit it.

Part of the training involved becoming a good street fighter, and MI6 secret fight clubs were part of the double ‘OO’ section proving ground.

Increased lung capacity. He’s a spy and needs to breathe underwater and in hazardous toxic environments. The geniuses at MI6 managed to foresee this and gave him the capability to hold his breath for 30 minutes continuously.

Drive it Fly it. As part of the gruelling MI6 double ‘OO’ training, Agent 10 can fly and drive any kind of vehicle, and can work out the controls for most other worldly tech to some degree.

Projectile weapon proficiency. Hand guns, bows and arrows, crossbows, heavy weaponry, throwing knives were all part of MI6’s basic training. As a member of the double ‘OO’ section nothing less than perfection was acceptable.

Melee weapon proficiency. As part of the double ‘OO’ training, Agent 10 has good use with most basic melee weapons. Although he doesn’t have mastery of specialised weapons such as nun-chucks, he can kill quickly with a blade and can turn contemporary weapons such as a comb into something deadly.

Legend. Using fake skins and his sharp mind, Agent Ten can create ‘a character’ for infiltration purposes with astonishing realism. This enables him to blag his way through situations when working undercover.

Luck. Like all successful double ‘OO’ agents he has a way of manipulating chance. Whether he needs a certain card at a high stakes casino game, charm a lady into untying him, or a bullet to jam in the breech of a gun, somehow the odds favour him when he needs it. At IC discretion.

Red hot steaming lover Agent Ten has an encyclopaedic knowledge in sexual and carnal techniques, allowing them to invoke a specific type of sexual fulfilment in a specific sexual partner. This results in great, or absolute, satisfaction for his partner.

Interrogation Techniques: As part of the SMTFP Agent Ten can even use a more subtle way of getting information from opponents called the Good Cop Techniques where it includes making them feel comfortable, being friendly with them, honey potting them or use reverse psychology to get information. At IC discretion.


Most of Agent Ten’s gadgets were destroyed when his team were wiped out. He did manage, however, to bring the following through:

Laser beam watch: The watch emits a high powered cutting laser beam capable of cutting through high-density materials in under five seconds. Thanks to its kinetic batteries it recharges in fewer than two emotes (20 seconds). It also keeps accurate time and can summon his car remotely.

Voice mimicry chip. A small gadget inserted in his throat allows him to recreate a wide range of voices and can reproduce ones he has heard. This gadget is capable of copying male and female voices.

X-ray specs. Agent 10 has standard issue MI6 sunglasses which allow him to see the full electromagnetic spectrum including infrared and x-ray

Agent Ten’s gun, a Walther PPK offers him a choice of ammo rounds including
metahuman. Here, nanites will deploy to knock out a metahuman if possible at IC discretion. It also fires standard plasma rounds similar to CCPD issue, together with standard bullets

Silver Arrow. Thankfully for Agent Ten, MI6 stashed his Silver Arrow car very close to Celestial City and he was able to retrieve it. The Silver Arrow was based loosely on 007 vehicles and as such it can:
Resist damage as it is bullet proof
Can deploy caltrops, oil slicks and smoke screens
Deploy a shield capable of withstanding 100 tons of force
Armed with forward firing machine guns
Eject unwanted passengers
Be summoned by Agent Ten’s watch

Standard human weaknesses except he can hold his breath for a long time
Has no real protection against damage and relies solely on reflexes
Fully susceptible to poisons and toxins unless inhaled. Even then he would have to know what is happening IC to hold his breath

Day Job: Was working in City Hall’s maintenance department, he now works as for the CCPD reporting to Trix Omnix
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"I can remember, standing by the wall. The guns, shot above our heads, and we kissed, as though nothing could fall. And the shame was on the other side. Oh we can beat them forever and ever. Then we could be heroes just for one day."

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