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SL NAME: ZoraLilou

HERO NAME: Stardrift



AGE: Equivalent to the human age of 20

Stardrift is not from this universe; she originated in another, which is of course now destroyed. She is the result of advanced biotechnology and super-science. Essentially vat-grown, she has meticulously recombined genetics, including alien DNA, which is the source of her super powers. A creation of a supervillain scientist, his objective was to make an idealized super heroine with media appeal, giving him an unaware sleeper agent.

Her behavior and personality was instilled into her while she finished forming in the genesis capsule, and when she emerged she was in her current young adult form. She had no direct contact with her creator, as he had a biotech company front set up, and most of the workers there were also unaware of their true boss lurking in the shadows.

Stardrift is perky and optimistic, and always tries her very best. This is good, since she is not very effective as a superhero. She was able to do well enough to gain public attention due to rescuing kittens and so on, and aside from her skimpy costume, she had a fairly wholesome reputation. It never bothered her that she only had a vague idea of possibly having a life before becoming a superheroine. It also never bothered her that she had no secret identity; her mask is not there to conceal anything, it's just part of the focus-group tested costume that was made for her.

Unfortunately for her creator, his ultimate plan for her never panned out, as their universe was destroyed before he could trigger her and turn her into an unwitting spy gathering vital information about the superbeings she had contact with. Stardrift was well known and even rather popular in her homeworld, but is an unknown here (unless someone from her particular universe also wakes up). She will need some time to adjust.


1. Flight: Speed up to a maximum of 200 mph (320 km/h) in optimal conditions
2. Energy bolts: She can fire blasts of blue energy, usually from her hands. They cannot do lethal damage to living beings, but they can deliver a stun that would knock out an average human. However, they can damage non-living matter, and for example can annihilate a chunk of concrete, making her more of a danger to buildings than anything else. How she might affect sapient but non-organic beings (such as robots) or undead beings is nebulous and up to whomever is getting blasted.
3. Energy shield: Drawn from the same source as her blasts, she can surround herself with a protective energy shield. This can deflect most bullets easily, and most physical attacks. It cannot do anything to kinetic energy, however, so her hamster bubble can get knocked around. A lot of damage to the shield will quickly drain her energy.
4. Enhanced toughness and healing: She's a little tougher than the average human, allowing her to fly at her top speed without detriment and get mildly knocked around with minor scuffing. Related to this is her healing factor, which allows her to recover from injury in about half the time it would take for an average human. It is possible she might not age the way normal humans do.


Despite her enhanced toughness and healing, she is far more sensitive to drugs and pharmaceuticals than the average human, due to aspects of her alien DNA. Such things hit her about twice as hard. For example, a human taking a Valium pill might get calm; Stardrift would quickly pitch over unconscious. This goes for weapons such as tear gas, too. Any agent that has a somatic effect and can be imbibed, breathed in, or injected would count.

The source of her powers is generated by her body. She is not an endless font of energy, and if its running low she starts to lose access to those powers. The blasts and shield go first, then the flight. She does retain the enhanced toughness/healing, however, this is just part of how her body is made. Her energy only regenerates over time if she gets food and rest.

Day Job: None... yet. She has to figure this out first, as her only job has been 'superheroine'.


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