Diamond/Crystal/Ashley/Jasmine Updated App

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Diamond/Crystal/Ashley/Jasmine Updated App

Post by DiamondPhoenix1 » Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:26 am

Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): DiamondPhoenix1

HERO/VILLAIN NAME: Diamond Phoenix/Crystal Phoenix/Jasmine Phoenix/ Ashley Phoenix

CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Heroine


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 23

Jasmine is a girl who created 3 other personalities, Ashley, Diamond, and Crystal and this is their story:

Jasmine was poor, and so she always imagined what it would be like to live as Ashley Phoenix. Ashley was raised as a debutante of one of the most elite families on earth. She was sent to a strict Catholic school early on. Her spoiled upbring, however made her a difficult child to deal with, and she was often treated to a knuckle bruising with rulers by the nuns at her school. As it turned out, her common run ins with rulers was what lead her to discover her powers. The nuns would try to hit her with the rulers, but they would just shatter into pieces without making contact with her hands. Normally this would warrant investigations, but the authorities, simply switched to harsher measures, caning her instead. It took her years before she was strong enough to repel the cane with her mind and eventually break them like she had the rulers.
In reality, Jasmine's poor parents, having reports of her abilities, were forced to send her to a specialty school by those in power who thought she was too dangerous to interact with their rich children in the regular schools. The facilities of the school had a dark side. She was surrounded by other poor children, with various talents and mutations. Late in the night, the weak would be taken out in body bags. Watching the other students tortured and experimented on, Jasmine began developing the personality of Diamond.
Diamond Phoenix swore that when she grew strong enough, she would break free all of the kids locked up in the institute with her. Sadly plan after plan was foiled, and her heroics forced her to run for her life one night after a failed escape, leaving all those in the school to their fate to save herself. This failure sparked the creation of a final personality, Crystal, a bitter personality who does what is necessary to survive, and shuts out emotions so much that one might think she has none. She is the glue that allowed Jasmine to survive the dark times she faced after her escape.
Crystal worked for years doing various jobs, including stripping and eventually whoring, trying to pay bills, learning over time, that given her class, she was highly capable of wooing, typically older, sophisticated men to take care of her financially, which was much easier than real work. She also learned how to rob and bully for money. Eventually she was caught and locked up in an asylum where she remained until one day the city was changed by Shiva, becoming what it is today.
<City Transformed>
While the city was being changed by Shiva, the asylum remained, despite the transformation of the city, but Jasmine's personalities lost their attachment to her body, which was still locked up in the asylum with her torturous doctors. After the event, the dimensional rift from the cities creation, caused her personalities to manifest themselves when they come online, while the others disappear until their turn to reemerge.
</City Transformed>
<Recent developments>
Recent developments have made Crystal aware of the others, and Jasmine unaware of Crystal. Also Ashley does not have the powers of the others since she lost them from various nano bots and the theft of her necklace. Ashley has however, recently attained the ability to heal from damage to her body due to her being shot at the moment that the Artisans released their orb. This ability is isolated to Ashley, and the healing is very slow.
</Recent developments>

POWERS (Diamond):
1. Weapons Training (Mid Level)
2. Energy Manifestation (MId Level)
3. Telekineses (Very HIgh Level)
4. Flight (High Level)
5. Teleportation (High Level)
6. Telepathy (Very Low Level)

POWERS (Crystal):
1. Weapons Training (Very High Level)
2. Energy Manifestation (Low Level)
3. Telekineses (HIgh Level)
4. Flight (High Level)
5. Teleportation (Mid Level)
6. Telepathy (Mid Level)

POWERS (Jasmine):
1. Weapons Training (None)
2. Energy Manifestation (Very High Level)
3. Telekineses (HIgh Level)
4. Flight (High Level)
5. Teleportation (High Level)
6. Telepathy (High Level)

POWERS (Ashley):
1. Very slow healing of most any part of her body
2. Connection to the rich and affluent for political leeway

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):
Diamond and powers are all reliant on her power necklaces, without them she is no more powerful than your average school girl.

When Diamond is abused she may retreat more into the Crystal personality.

Fluids are very difficult to move with telekineses and may require lots of charge time if not impossible to manipulate.

All powers require concentration and charging time relative to their strength.

Diamond, Crystal, and Ashley all have normal human weaknesses

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