Do You Want To Keep Playing In Celestial City?

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Do You Want To Keep Playing In Celestial City?

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Celestial City is a wonderful place with a great group of people. We have had a lot of amazing role play and storylines here. We have all gone on epic adventures together and shaped our world together.

With a group of different personalities this large and varied, there will always be little problems at times. I have tried very hard to allow as much freedom as possible in this sim. I encourage creativity and allowing people to play their characters as they wish. Unfortunately some are pushing the limits beyond what is acceptable.

I have done my very best to not be one of those oppressive sims where the admins jump on every little thing you do. Our admins are players as well as everyone else. We try very hard to talk things out and work through any issues. Sometimes it feels as if our kindness is being taken advantage of.

Even if I do not say something publicly or in IMs, I hear about almost every thing that goes on here. Not only do us admins talk with each other, but I get feedback from a LOT of people in the group and sim. I watch things. I collect chat logs and keep an eye on everything and everyone I can.

I have become very tired of the complaints, the OOC fighting, the pettiness, the mindset of "I have to win" that has been growing here. I log in to several IMs daily and have to sort through everything. When I am at work in RL, I see stuff posted in the admin section about incidents related to these things. I am very tired of it all. This has to end.

We have people who do not seem to understand that things should be about story, not about pumping up your ego and showing how much more bad ass your character is that everyone else. Role play is not something you "win" it is something that we all create together as co-writers.

There has been a growing epidemic of some problems that must end if you wish to continue to play here.

Never taking a hit- I have watched several people, and researched logs, asking other players for logs of scenes involving people, reading events, etc, who I do not think have ever taken an actual hit. There are far too many who dodge every attack or let it hit them then have no effect....or far worse just ignore the post. It does not count if you are not effected by any hits or damage through the fight then when it is all over you decide to act hurt. That is just as bad as dodging or tanking everything. No one should be unbeatable. Even Superman gets knocked around. There is no story if there is no struggle. There are always ways to "sell" a hit even if it would normally kill your character, slipping when trying to move and being knocked off balance for example.

The power creep arms race- We strive to have a wide variety of characters here with all different power levels to suit everyone's tastes. We have reached a point of people trying to constantly up their power levels or make new over powered characters just to try and outdo everyone else. We have people showing up and going FULL POWER with every attack. No one seems to take consequences into account. If you are using massive fire / plasma blasts or huge explosions that should have an effect on the surroundings. Windows will shatter or melt, streets will crumble under you, buildings will collapse on you. All this insistence on more power has become a big problem. I have talked and talked and tried to get people to understand how to scale powers to fit the scene but no one listens. I really hate to have to nerf people but it has come to the point where it may be necessary. Take a good objective look at your character. Be honest with yourself as you look at things. I will reward people who voluntarily adjust the power levels to reasonable levels. I might not be so lenient if I have to go through and make adjustments to people's powers myself. If your character needs a full redesign, I am happy to help work out an IC story on how to make changes.

OOC bickering- we have a large group of people and not everyone is going to get along. That is perfectly understandable. You are not required to like everyone but I do expect people to be polite to each other and not cause issues. This place is big enough that if you do not get along with someone you can politely slip out of a scene and go play with someone you do get along with. I have watched some people who seem to not get along OOCly appear to seek out the drama. They claim to not like someone but yet they are always going over to play with that person they do not like. It is not always possible to avoid someone completely like in big events and such but be mature and learn how to get along.

Dogpiles- this is something we have actually put rules in place to try and control but some are ignoring the rules now. Not counting big events, there have been a lot of scenes where a fight is going on- usually one or two villains vs several heroes- where one side is already outnumbered. Then more will jump in and make the sides even more lopsided not giving the other side a chance at all. This is not only frustrating at the moment but it does not allow any villains to build up a story or really do much of anything. Again, it should be about the story not your ego. If there is already a fight / action scene going on, ask before you join in.

Admin hopping or complaining to everyone. When you do run into an issue, contact the person POLITELY in IMs and talk it out rationally. If you cannot resolve things then contact an admin. Do not hop to another admin if something was not resolved in your favor or your character was rejected. Do not bring drama into group chat or IM everyone whining about things. Don't spread negativity.

Endless wealth / resources- We have people who play rich characters and that is fine. Most of the time, it is acceptable to have a rich character be able to buy whatever you could in RL. But lately we have been getting an increase in people who throw IC money around as if it were nothing. It is especially a problem with people getting constant high tech things or other very expensive things that would require not only a huge expense but also a lot of resources. Things have been just handed out like candy at Halloween. This is too much. I am working on a simple economic system that I will be revealing soon. I promise that it will not become a numbers / math class but it has gotten to the point where there must be limits.

Consequences for your actions- Everything your character does should have an effect on things in their life in Celestial City. We have had people who feel as if they should be allowed to destroy things or kill people and then expect it to not ever be noticed. I have seen people who do some things that should end them in jail or worse and then they believe they should be able to walk around the city freely as if they were guiltless. That is very unrealistic. Yes villains and the like should be doing evil destructive things but do not expect to walk around in costume with no repercussions. There is a good reason why secret identities are very important. A secret identity will allow someone to hide their criminal activities and still be involved in city affairs and casual RPs in public.

Non-humans- Remember that Celestial City is mostly normal humans with superheroes. Most of the general public will be fearful of people who do not look human. We have had too many walking around casually as if it were a normal thing. Non-humans should stay hidden / concealed or in the condemned area outside the city limits unless involved in action. Inside faction buildings is allowed if the faction is alright with non-humans. I have put up bans on new non-human characters before and I will again if people do not respect the setting.

Celestial City should be a place to have fun, relax and enjoy the escape from stress. It should not be a source of frustration for the players or for the admins. I hate to have to be so blunt and harsh but it is reaching the point where it is more work than fun sometimes. I do not run this place for profit. I run this sim to enjoy and most of the time I do. I want to keep Celestial City fun for everyone.
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