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Lord Spyro

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Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): lSpyrol

ALIAS: The Golden Dragon
: The Gilded Serpent

CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Villain (Neutral)


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): Over 400 years old.

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : Born in ancient times, Spyrolin was but a young peasant, he grew up on his parents farm with 3 other siblings before becoming of age and setting off in an attempt to better his life and his families. He would later stumble upon an even more ancient ruin during his journey, discovering deep within it old golden relics that looked as if they were made by the Gods themselves. Upon dressing himself in the full apparel, a piercing orb of energy surrounded him and channeled through his body, placing him in a coma like state for a century.
He would eventually awake from this sleep, and discover that his family had all passed on, and everything he once knew, changed and different. He would also discover that the artifacts he now possessed granted him great abilities. With this power he would fulfill his dreams of bettering his life by collecting the worlds most precious riches and wealth at any cost, claiming them his own and storing them away from the world in his own hideaway where for the most part he'd shelter himself from the world a great deal of the time, his own poor and worthless past would turn him bitter angry, and careless towards anyone else, tho he is not naturally evil/villainous, his desire for wealth has made him ruthless. This ruthlessness would cause the legends of his existence to name him the Golden Dragon and the Gilded Serpent.
~But perhaps what this lost soul needs, is for someone to one day take him from his feet and bring love into his life~

((How he found the city of Celestial!))
As the world began to fall apart from the multiverses clashing together, Spyrolin was sheltered from much of the destruction and cosmic radiation that brushed the lands. Managing to free himself from his collapsed hideaway, he would soon find out that most if not all life that once surround the land he called home, had died off. Miles and miles were nothing but a wasteland of death and nothingness. Confused how he out of thousands of other grand creatures, was able to survive the devastation, he would come to remember that the relics he dresses himself with, stabilizes his health, and prevents the radiation from doing much harm to his body. Fearing he may be the only thing left living, and knowing that the radiation could still pose a threat too his well-being the longer he lingers in it, he quickly set off to find remaining life and civilization. His search would end upon the finding of Celestial City, a wrecked yet thriving home of many survivors.
~His relief is great, but after centuries of cruel hunts for riches and wealth, his heart continues to be corrupted by Greed.~


1. Magic: Ability to create and control supernatural forces/energies. Charms(Light, Shield, Blessing) Hexes(Bind, Gravity, Paralyze) Elemental Influence(Capable of bending Fire Water Earth and Air)
2. Telekinesis: Ability to push, pull, or move an item in anyway by mind.
3. Flight: Ability to fly.
4. Super Durability: Able to withstand extreme amounts of pressure, wear, damage, attacks for a decent amount of time.


~~The main source of his powers come from the Golden Apparel/Relics he wears. They are said to be made from the Gods and bestow great powers on the wearer.~~

List of Weaknesses:
1. Excessive amount of Heat: ~~~(Altho he has the ability to influence elements of Fire with his magic, long exposure to extreme heat can damage/melt the gold Godly relics he wears, as well as boil his body from the inside out.)

2. Adamantium: ~~~(This rare and virtually indestructible metal is the only material able to easily pierce his flesh while wearing his garments. Altho he's not impervious to attacks from weapons made of other types of material, it does take much longer for any others to break his skin.)

3. Loss of complete Apparel: ~~~(The removal of all the relics he wears will slowly cause him to age and decay. The Godly relics keep him in good health and stops the natural aging process, in sense providing him with longevity. Since he is over 400 years old, removal of all the relics would remove the longevity effect and speed up the aging process quickly, causing him to wither away in hours.)

4. Greed: ~~~(His interest in wealth and riches makes him rather easy to manipulate and distract. It's difficult to persuade him when in the middle of battle, but parade a shiny chest of riches in his face when he's relaxed, and he becomes dangerously vulnerable to manipulation and attacks.)

Day Job (Optional): None

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