Ross Rose / Outta Sight!

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Ross Rose / Outta Sight!

Post by Montyjack » Mon Oct 05, 2015 4:43 am

Bom Bom di Bom di Bom Outta Sight!
Bom Bom didi Bom Outta Sight!


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 30

Ross was a fairly successful TV reporter before the END. Filled with ambition, he was slightly miffed when his career didn’t travel in the direction he would have liked. Whereas, he wanted to be a war correspondent, he found himself covering celebrity gossip. He attributes this to his good looks rather than lack of skills.

When the END came, Ross was one of the lucky ones and made it through. He quickly found work with Timely, and discovered that he had some quite strange and wonderful powers.

He also discovered that high paying markets existed if he used these powers to eavesdrop and record conversations. Mostly for corporate employers spying on competitors but also the shadier clientele as well.


Invisibility: Ross can turn himself and other objects he is touching invisible at will. He can also turn other player characters invisible as well if he is touching or connected to them (Holding the same object for example), and they consent.

Forcefields: Ross can generate forcefields that can withstand up to 100 tons of force. He can conjure these fields around objects other than himself, and control their size. As he has progressed, he can cast multiple forcefields and use them to assist travelling.
Ross can use these forcefields to create shock waves. These can be used as an offensive weapon. He can also create invisible forcefield constructs such as blades and missiles which can also be used as offensive weaponry.
He can form forcefields inside objects and people (player consent required) and expand them causing damage/harm

Ross can stick to walls like a climbing insects.

Hypnosis, with the consent of player characters he can hypnotise subjects and have a moderate amount of control over them. This is at the discretion of the hypnotised player.


Ross has a time limit on how long he can sustain a forcefield, and after four hours of continual use he begins to feel tired and will struggle to use any of his powers.

Although Ross can keep himself invisible for as long as he is awake/conscious, like his forcefields, keeping others/objects invisible for more than four hours will drain his energy and concentration levels

Although Ross can keep himself invisible for as long as he is awake/conscious, he will struggle to keep objects /people invisible for longer than four hours. This will drain his energy and concentration levels

When one of his forcefields is struck Ross feels the hit in the form of a headache. The more powerful the strike the more debilitating the resulting headache. Should the strength of the strike be greater than 100 tons, his concentration will break and his field will drop.

Day Job (Optional): News Reporter for Timely TV
"I can remember, standing by the wall. The guns, shot above our heads, and we kissed, as though nothing could fall. And the shame was on the other side. Oh we can beat them forever and ever. Then we could be heroes just for one day."

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