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Vladi the Wizard

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Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Vladi0Wizard

HERO/VILLAIN NAME: Vladi the Wizard

CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Chaotic Neutral Wizard (does some good .. but usually villain when heroines around)

CIVILIAN/ALTER EGO NAME: Now secret identity but has been known as "Vlad E Meyer". Also, AKA "The Blue Wizard"

AGE (all characters must be at least 18): Around 1200 years, give or take 400 (depending upon his place in the time/space continuum at the time). [Needless to say, well over 18 ...]



Also for powers & weaknesses

POWERS: List your character's powers, and describe the limits of the powers (i.e. Super strength: hits with 10 tons maximum blunt force). If you need ideas, go to the following website: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/List ... _Abilities

1. Conjuration - Ability to conjure up matter and items. Mass usually is up to the size of a large car or such. Pretty much it is taking hold mystically of an item someplace and bringing it to where I would like it. Living items cannot be conjured.

2. Elemental manipulation - Can create items of earth, wind, air, water. Can manipulate such items up to 1 ton mass (the larger the more tiring) into objects of need/desire, in various shapes, and then move those shapes within line of sight. Primary element utilizes = Air

3 - Invisibility - Actually a form of air elemental manipulation, where bends light waves around him. Cannot perform any aggressive or attack action during this.

4 - Mystic Sight - Is able to manipulate his eyes (so that they appear to be pools of mercury) so that he is able to see things as they truly are. Able to see invisible objects and past mystical disguises (mechanical disguises still work ... if used well and expertly enough). Would be able to detect hidden doors, etc. Line of sight.

5 - Master of martial arts. Having roamed many dimensions and lived a very long time, has learned many combat skills. Added with his half-elven nature (quickness of reflex) he is a very skilled hand to hand (and foot) combatant.

6 - Able to create and use dimensional doorways. Also, able to create and use dimensional pockets (so able to hold lots of goodies in my clothes without causing too much of a bulge in the pockets). Dimensional doors can be within the same time/space continuum, or can also open to the nexus between the dimensions (of course, such takes great skill and energy and is very tiring to do).

7 - Mystical Imbuation - Able to take items and imbue with magical powers. For example, flying carpet or broomstick. This means having the best and most perfect item, and then using a combination of spell casting and alchemical practices to put a spell (or spells) on the object.

8 - Alchemisty - Is able to make potions, salves, poultices, and the like which have mystical and metaphysical benefits, and uses.

9 - Not human - Is half-elven. Thus, reflexes are quicker than normal human, though is not in the 'super' class. Also, is able to undergo more extremes of temperature and pressures for longer than normal human, but still, not in the 'super' class. Is BETTER than human, but not amazingly so.

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):

Is a half-elf with normal weaknesses.

Day Job (Optional):
You may want to give your character a day job as this will help you integrate and become part of the Celestial City RP community. For a list of jobs check out our forum post and contact Jessika Pintens so she can assign your day job to you. Forum post can be seen here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=82

Hmmmmmm... I have often been hired for my ability to make magical items and alchemical salves and poultices and such (rp not SL manufacturing).

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