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Cat Tastrophy

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Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): AremusFireheart


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Villain


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 22

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : Before the crisis that ended the world, Frank was the son of a very talented second story burglar. Often she would bring Frank along to serve as an extra pair of eyes and as he grew he took a more active role in her grifts and heists. The two were somewhat inseparable as both a team and in their domestic life. For what it was, it was happy. Franklin was quick to learn the trade but as he got older he slowly began to resent his mother who’d handled all the loot, all the money making aspects, all the perks.

Frank slowly grew greedy and resentful in his teenage years. This eventually resulted in Frank going behind his mother’s back and breaking and entering into a department store one night when he was 15. The ensuing arrest not only got him arrested but linked his mother with a number of other b&e in the area. Two were separated, Frank going into the junior penal system while his mother served actually hard time. It was the last time he ever saw her.

Frank never got to serve his full sentence. In a sense, the world ended before he could. In the aftermath of the crisis he found himself in Celestial City. In the budding years of the city’s development, Franklin become deeply involved in the city’s underbelly somewhat attaching himself to a rough criminal element. It was after the crisis as well that something began to manifest that he never really experiences before. Something weird. It started off small. Finding a key in an unexpected place, finding a room unoccupied, just narrowly avoiding a few times of getting caught.

It was only when the Disciplines raided their gang hideout did Frank truly realize what he was capable of. The gang he was running with as a petty thug was run by a few street level Metahumans which the organization was seeking to reuse for better purposes. They were practically killing anyone else, it was a total chaos that night. Frank found himself able to make the old ceilings fail and crumble on his pursuers. Making an engine block shoot out of the hood of a car down the street as he was fleeing. No matter how many bullets they fired none of them seemed to hit and when a gun was pressed to his head the firearmed completely misfired blowing up in the discipline’s hand.

Frank couldn’t chalk that up to chance. Or rather… random chance. It was as if probability and fate and sheer dumb luck was on his side or rather… misfortune on others. Frank decided to lay low, and slowly he began to learn these strange abstract powers. Slowly he began to master them, able to call up fortune when he needed it and inflict misfortune on others. The new sense of power went to his head. He was not just going to continue to just be some petty crook. No he was much better than that now.

So Frank Castello decided he was going to set out on his own now. This city would be his as Cat Tastrophy!
1. Fortune/Misfortune Manipulation: Abstract based power, manipulating probability to cause sudden destruction or hindrance. The more improbable, the harder it is to control (virtually impossible to have lightning strike someone out of nowhere on a clear sunny day). Power doubles as a protective force bending circumstances to provide the best possible outcome. The longer the consecutive benefits the harder it is to uphold. (Winning roulette on the same single number a hundred time is virtual impossible).
2. Fortune/Misfortune Nullify: In the presence of another abstract power user, both Cat Tastrophy and said user fortune base powers will fail to work.

WEAKNESSES: Any luck user is immune to Cat Tastrophy powers and will actually cancel him out.

Day Job: Server at the Bismallan Restaurant.

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