Alicia Frakture / Axe

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Alicia Frakture / Axe

Post by Timberwulff » Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:15 pm

Celestial City Roleplay Application


Alicia Frakture



Alicia Frakture

AGE: Old enuff

Alicia was born in... the World, to meta parents and when the end came they were not rescued by Shiva but survived in the wastelands. Alicia grew up surviving and she grew up meaner than a rattle snake with PMS. Once she reached a certain age her parents committed suicide rather than have to deal with her and she got the family axe and motorcycle. And now she is coming to Celestial City.

1. Strong 50 ton Strength
2. Highly resilient to radiation and impacts. She can withstand up to 75 tons of force.
3. She carries an axe (family heirloom) that can withstand her strength.
4. Healing factor can heal from most injuries although the weaknesses will still drop her like a stone
e.g. A bullet that pierces the skin (armor piercing bullets for example) wound takes and hour to a day depending on the caliber, a broken arm takes a day to heal, a hand completely blown off takes a week

Family heirloom. It is nothing like Timber's hammer but Alicia's family got it and hung it on the wall and when the parents died she took the axe.


1. Anyone over 75 tons of strength can knock her out
2. Gas attacks still affect her. For example, knockout gas or mace will stop her.
3. She has a strong sense of honor. If you can get her to give her word she will stand by it no matter what.
5. She is rude and crude and can be just plain mean when she wants to.
6. She smokes. If she continues, she will grow into the shortness of breath things.
7. She believes collateral damage is necessary and sometimes civilians get hurt; their fault for not paying attention.


Alicia walks int to the bar and checks out the strippers on stage. A devious smile crosses her face as she moves, accidentally bumping into a random customer."Say you're sorry.", the man says, standing a head and shoulders above the pale woman, who promptly picks him up and flings him over the bar. "Yer sorry.", she growls as she sits down and steals the mans beer.

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