The Magician of Smiles

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The Magician of Smiles

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Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME :Allock
HERO/VILLAIN NAME: Allock/ The Magician of Smiles


AGE: 25

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : allock was once a private eye until he settled down in a city with some unique views on life freedom and morals a city where any one could be what they wanted , who they wanted , and that was fine with allock he was tired of being on the move constantly tired of the game of cat and mouse that was his life , sure the city had a weird cast system. but he just shrugged and took it for granted like every other citizen until he found him self thrown under its grinding wheels sentence to chattledom for a crime forced upon him by a noble of the city .

he was taken away and implanted with a conditioning chip when he was finally released into " public service" he was just another toy of the city looking to please. when his sentence was over and the removed the chip and decondtioned him enough to function , he was a changed man ... full of hate and malice that he could barley contain , after another run in with a noble he stormed off in a rage and where upon he stumbled upon one of the rifts that had been appearing in the city , he threw himself into the rift hoping for some escape , but alas none was to be had
instead he was trapped in the rift as the light slowly ate him away then regenerated him for a subjective million years while only a few days passed outside of the rift

his time inside the rift rebuild his body altered his mind drove him made and gave him power

allock is a cosmic dr jykle and mr hide each is him..but a different him and each has there own body neither resembling the original

allock is an emotionally damaged tiny man who's response to stimuli , speech and actions all come across wrong though mostly harmless

the Magician of smiles is a beast of rage and madness filled with hate and rage and he lives to spread that madness to all around him until every one sees the world the way he dos his body was formed from the very fabric of the rift , and its unknown if his mask can be removed or if it is in fact his real face

POWERS: The magician of smiles is a large man with super human strength and endurance he can easily pick up a shipping container and hurl it his upper limit is a tank or a semie something like a battle ship is right out

he has enhanced durability to a point but its actually easier to hurt him then take his blows

the magicians real power lies in the emphatic madness that is constantly emitting from him.

the longer a person is around him (and the effect covers about a mile to a half mile radius )the more insane they become how they go insane is random and up to the person playing the character unless the magician is directing the madness energy then its up to the magician
people with strong mental defenses can protect them self's from the mental assault and someone with mental powers of there own might even block it entirely

allocks only power is to turn into the magician and to be creepy

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):
1. if he takes enough damage or is made unconscious through drugs or physical force he reverts back into allock
2. he is vulnerable to mental attacks that target motor functions and perception but not ones that effect emotions
3. hes vulnerable to drugs and gases
4. will always stop and try to talk to dandelions

Day Job (Optional): bum ((for now))

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