Every Dog has his day (Nearly)

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Every Dog has his day (Nearly)

Post by LillianVickson » Fri Sep 23, 2016 4:47 pm

Player: "Person of Interest" (Chuck Beam)




AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 28

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : Fred was a simple, though somewhat talented cat-burglar until he one night when he broke into the Perez Museum. He managed to disable the security system and get into a storage area. There he was among various ancient Egyptian artifacts. While he was looking for anything he could fence, a sarcophagus came loose from its pallet and crushed him. As he lay dying, he looked up at a statue of Anubis and prayed that he be allowed to live.
In some far away dimension, Anubis heard and took pity on him. Anubis appreciated having an actual worshiper after such a long dry spell.
Once he returned to life and health, Fred pledged to worship Anubis faithfully. Thanks to a lack of education, he thinks Anubis is the god of dogs. He has since started a theme persona to honor his god: Dober-Man!
Anubis realizes this is silly but also realizes that he can no longer be picky about his worshipers. He helped out further by allowing Fred to summon minions from Anubis' domain.


1. Knowledge of Security Systems and countering them
2. Can magically summon Zombie Canine minions by waving his arms and saying an incantation.
(Fred has not settled upon a certain incantation yet. It works regardless of what he says. {He usually mutters things nearly anything about Egypt and/or dogs.})
2A. Zombie Canine minions: Summoned minions are typically large undead canine creatures that obey him easily and are quite ferocious.
4. Moderate Athletic skill
5. It may be possible that Anubis has made Fred immortal. This is not TRULY tested, regardless what Fred claims.


1. Not well educated
2. Stubborn
3. Normal Human weaknesses
4. Zombie Dogs are defeated with Brain Injury or sufficient damage that they can no longer move well.

Fred is a bit of a coward and still learning his abilities.
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