Joe Judge - The Thief

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Joe Judge - The Thief

Post by Jessica Kiffer » Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:12 pm

Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Jessica Kifer(petrakiffer)


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Petty criminal


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 19

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : Joe's a youthful, fresh faced guy formerly working as an intern in the main hospital in the City, having gotten a spot in there following the great demand that the Four Horsemen situation created, understandably quite the stressful work as the hospital was at one point caught ablaze, and needing to move elsewhere, he started keeping some medication to himself as 'stress relief', an acting Nurse, a thing he could get away with for quite some while, atleast until city started rebuilding itself...

He was eventually caught, by one particular Chemist, seeming to've finally noticed him, blackmailed and with his only supply of stress relief dangled before himself, he had his first lick with the law, and he found it not as horrific as initially thought, cops even seemed to let him out without much provocation! Supposing he had quite the natural affinity for this kinda thing, he begun... Nicking things, again. Only one person ever noticed him so far, he's gonna be fine, right?


1. Wallflower; People just don't seem to pay particular amounts of attention to Joe, however this seems to only be effective on mundane individuals, with extraordinary people(Metas, player characters in general) being able to see right through it, this is physically discomforting to Joe, and can make him feel ill depending upon intensity of someone paying attention to him and amount of people looking through his wallflower, this can be of minor benefit as warning though, not that he'd be very able to use a warning.

This is very limited though, and will only function at all aslong as he's not actively drawing attention to himself, it's the sort of ability that would let him blend in a crowd or manage to hide in an awkward spot rather than just loot someones home right under their noses

He unwittingly uses this ability for nicking things, incidentally very useful for escaping (NPC)captivity, as guards just start to forget he's even in that cell and leave it unlocked, allowing him to just walk out after a while.

2. Unstable genetics - Metahuman potential; His genetics look to be potentially metahuman, testing might find it to be oddly reactive to outside stimuli(If this happens to be pursued, mutating powers will usually overwrite most any other powers already existing)

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):

1. Wallflower; If more than a couple people look through his wallflower very intently he'd probably start to retch or even faint. He could hypothetically even die from people just looking at him if you could round up some four dozen people to glare at him

2. Unstable genetics; DNA tests will usually show him as a metahuman or a metahuman to be, even though he really has nothing to show for it. Actually getting unstable genetics to be a thing is probably gonna be very painful.

Day Job (Optional): Looking at television in pyjamas and eating ice cream.

OOC Note: Mostly intending Joe to be a minor character at time of writing, was half tempted to make him an NPC, he exists mostly to be a minor annoyance stealing things and get brought in to jail by fledgling supers. He might become a proper character if unstable genetics is a thing.

Approved by Storm

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