The Hero Hunter - Remnant

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The Hero Hunter - Remnant

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Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Micheal Rowenson (argostratis)


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Villain


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 32


In Remnant's universe the year was 2495, Earth was at war with an alien race that sought to enslave them, Remnant enlisted in the Colonial Earth Military Alliance at the age of 16, he was so adept to fighting that they wanted to enlist him into a special program to use the alien DNA to enhance their soldier so they may better fight the enemy. Remnant's DNA was discovered to be especially special as it took the the alien DNA. It began to enhance his body, giving him augmented abilities. Remnant single handedly helped end the war between Earth and the Vac'rythics, after it was all said and done he left C.E.M.A and started taking jobs to build up his bank account. He took down some of the most dangerous people on the planet with ease and was very well off. He helped a woman who was kidnapped by a terrorist group, come to find out the woman was the daughter of the C.E.M.A's head weapons designer and she was just as brilliant as her father, she assisted Remnant by upgrading his gear, giving him an array of weapons and tools to help him take down targets, even helping him with information and recon on potential targets. When Shiva attacked the Multi-verse she made sure that Remnant was on the list of people to board pods and head to Celestial City, he was in Cryo sleep the entire time with his gear in a special capsule, think Dragon-ball Capsules but with more carrying space. He made sure to keep all of his weapons and gear with him so he could pick right back up where he left off when he got there. Seeing all the Meta-humans he could feel the thrill of a worthy challenge.

POWERS: List your character's powers, and describe the limits of the powers (i.e. Super strength: hits with 10 tons maximum blunt force). If you need ideas, go to the following website: ... _Abilities

1. Enhanced - Remnant's abilities has been enhanced due to the alien DNA, he is almost three hundred times peak human abilities, he can leap extremely high, punch hard enough to shatter buildings (30 Tons), can survive a point blank explosion with no damage and run faster than most sports cars. He can use 75% of his brain at once, making him a literal genius both in and out of combat.
2. Regeneration - Remnant has a regenerative healing factor that can repair most damage in a matter of minutes, regrow limbs and it keeps his body young. Due to this he is immune to sickness and chemical weapons.
3. Master Level Combat - Remnant is a highly skilled and trained soldier and fighter, he can use any gun he has training in and is very skilled with his Magma Edge Sword that was designed especially for him. He knows multiple forms of combat and even studied old fighting styles to get an upper hand on his opponents.

Weapons and Gear

Armor - Remnant's armor is comprised of human Titanium and alien Vacroium, this alien metal can absorb energy based weapons, huge amounts of force and is light weight, allowing Remnant to move around with little to no weigh down. The helmet has a Heads up Display that allows him to study his opponents powers and fighting style, essentially allowing him to take an upper hand. His wrist has a computer that allows him to hack into nearby computers or droids, taking them over and using them for distractions or aiding him in combat. It could also be used to hack into cameras and allow him to record video from it.


Magma Edge - A long sword that is super heated to cut through almost anything, has an internal battery that powers it, the battery power has a one month timer on it but Remnant knows how to make them and has back ups just in case he has to overclock it. Overclocking the battery increases the temperature of the blade to near volcanic level heat. Only Remnant can use it as the heat is nearly unbearable to anyone who doesn't know what it is capable of.

Guns - Remnant has an assortment of futuristic guns that he uses for taking down targets, most of the rounds he has are lethal and if need be he will go for fatal shots but he prefers to bring his targets in alive so he will go for disabling them. He has a sniper rifle, a shotgun, revolver, pistol and assault rifle he uses. They fire plasma rounds that can burn through most objects and especially unprotected flesh, for comparison they fire with 60 tons of force for the sake of durability. Or Needler Rounds that deliver a Nero Toxin that causes the Target's muscles to freeze basically paralyzing them to be taken away.

Electro-Staff - Remnant uses an Electric charged staff for non-lethal take downs. The ends are charged with nearly one million volts of electricity to disable his target and bring them in, he can decrease the volts so he doesn' know..kill his target.

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):

Healing factor can be suppressed with nanites or anything else that attacks the cells.

Healing fatal injuries causes Remnant to go insane and animalistic, causing him to attack anyone around him for a short period of time.

Alien DNA causes him to have zero empathy towards anyone, he is an unfeeling creature of war.


Remnant was in the city of Neo Angelus hunting a target that he was getting paid a great amount to bring in alive, he had most of his non-lethal gear with him. His staff and hand to hand fighting will do just fine but he did have his guns in case he was met with resistance against people who didn't need to stay alive. He aimed his hook shot at the roof of the building and jerked his wrist down, the shot fired and hit the roof, as it entered the masonry of the building spikes came out from the projectile and locked into place. Remnant brought the trigger back up as he was pulled towards the roof, hitting a button on the handle of the hook shot the spikes retracted back into it and he pulled it free. Moving towards the top window of the building he scanned the area. He was met with fifteen expendables and his target, sitting in his office getting a blow job from a female. Jumping down through the window he uses his enhanced speed and reflexes to take down three tangos before hitting the ground with head-shots. Landing on a table he holstered the pistol and pulled out his assault rifle, opening fire on the others.

Day Job (Optional): Hunter

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