Kaizard - The Cyber Blue Dragon

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Kaizard - The Cyber Blue Dragon

Post by Junichiro » Fri Mar 03, 2017 9:45 pm

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Ryoutaro Resident


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Monster


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 247

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : Kaizard is what is known as a Cyber Moon Dragon. One of many different types of Cyber Beastmen that resides in an Earth that is best described as, Gorean meets Tron, in which all males were a type of beast while all the females were all humans.

In his world, all women were seen as breeding cattle to be used to make their respective clans grow. The more women a clan possessed, the more powerful they would appear with other clans. Because of this, his world has had an odd balance of peace and war over honor, cattle, or just pure animal instinct to assert their dominance over one another.

Kaizard's clan was definitely one of the more stronger clans as they hunted and raided to gain their cattle in bunches. Kaizard himself, was recognized as one of the strongest in his clan. So much so, that he was even in favor of his Chief by being granted a personal weapon by him. Life like that was normal for Kaizard until the Cataclysm.

While out in a Raid at the far North, the beginnings of the Cataclysm would occur, causing Kaizard and his brothers to get caught in a lightning snow storm. The weather was so intense and violent, that Kaizard watched as his kin were killed off one by one. When it seemed that this would be his end, Kaizard feels himself suddenly get struck by lightning and in a blazing array of light, he would somehow find himself standing on top of a roof that overlooked Celestial City. Kaizard, lost and not realizing what had just happened to not only himself, but his home, he was now standing in a place of unknown for him.

1. Enhanced Strength (Capable of lifting 75 tons)
2. Enhanced Durability (Capable of withstanding up to 75 tons of force))
3. Flight Capable with Enhanced Speed (Can break the sound barrier, but can only go in one direction for a burst without turning. Must wait a few minutes between bursts)
4. Lightning Breath (can exhale a blast of concentrated lightning from his mouth as far and wide as 100ft.)

Grandblade Dahak: A Sword granted to him by his former Chief as a sign of respect and honor for being the strongest of his Clan. As the blade was from his world, it is crafted with similar metal and tech that is seen on Kaizard and holds 3 modes.
1: Dragonslayer: Dahak's Default mode as a massive heavy blade capable of cleaving through 20 bodies in a single swing.
2: Beamsaber: Opens up to unleash a beamblade that is more powerful than a typical physical sword, and doesn't take damage, so it can wear down physical weapons over time.
3: Blaster: Becomes a large arm cannon with slightly more power than a physical canon would have. Projectile will explode once it stops moving.

Grandblade can only be used 3 times in one battle.
Kaizard has no resistance to Magnetism other than brute strength. A strong enough force could hold him at bay or even hurt him.
Being a race of part Machine, Kaizard could also probably be reprogrammed to suit some one's needs. That is, if anyone manages to capture him of course.
His strength and durability are tied together so if one goes down so does the other. This means that if he wears down his strength lifting heavy things, he will be less resistant to damage. If he is tired he is much easier to fight.

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