A Villain before Villains were cool (the Hipster)

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A Villain before Villains were cool (the Hipster)

Post by willversuch » Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:31 pm

Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Will Bellic

What he calls himself: Chief Dancing Bear (cultural appropriation used ironically, of course)
What he is called: The Hipster (super villain codenames are so 2000)

CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Villain


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 25


Eric had a fairly normal life, growing up in a middle-class suburban home and then going off to college. As an undecided undergrad, he signed up for a class taught by a strange new professor on campus. He was the only student in the class, and found himself working on a wide variety of interesting science experiments. In the last one he took part in, he was thrust through a strange portal. Eventually, he returned in Celestial City, changed drastically.

POWERS: List your character's powers, and describe the limits of the powers (i.e. Super strength: hits with 10 tons maximum blunt force). If you need ideas, go to the following website: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/List ... _Abilities

1. Future Dreams: Eric is able to dream about the future. He does not have complete control over what he sees in these dreams (how far ahead, alternate timelines, etc...) but he has learned that he is able to at least nudge the dreams toward particular goals that he wishes to see. While many might look for winning lottery numbers, sports results, potential future cataclysms, or amazing medical breakthroughs to bring back to the present, Eric has no interest in such pedestrian matters. He needs to know the trends of the future. What will people wear? What will they listen to? What will they eat? ((NOTE: While Eric could use this power to much greater effect than he does. Will the Player will NOT use it for anything other than what's listed here))

2. Time Travel / Reset Button: This is an odd version of time travel. It does not actually allow Eric to travel in time. It allows him to recreate a prior version of himself and erase the current one. He simply disappears from where he currently is and reappears in the place where he was previously. However, it happens at the current time. Additionally, he loses all memory of having done so with his mind simply making up an explanation to preserve its sanity.
For example: Eric is sitting in a jail cell. He activates this power, choosing to go back to that afternoon before beginning his plan to destroy all the razorblades in town. He is suddenly in the coffee shop, working on his manuscript on his laptop. When he notices that it is well-past closing time and that he is the only person in the shop, his mind just decides that he must have been so engrossed in his manuscript that the shop staff knew not to disturb him and simply closed around him. As a result of this power, every scheme that Eric has ever set into motion has succeeded. He remembers zero failures, because he wiped them all out. Everyone else would remember them as normal because, of course, they actually did happen.

3. Perfect Memory: As part of his dream powers, Eric is able to remember everything that he sees perfectly. He cannot instantly call up those memories. Basically, he needs to sit back, close his eyes, and he can watch the memory he is after like a movie in his mind.

4. Combat Precognition: Related to his ability to see the future in his dreams, Eric occasionally gets important flashes of precognition just before something bad occurs to him. This can sometimes work to his advantage in a fight, allowing him to dodge or avoid an otherwise devastating attack from an opponent. Unfortunately, his complete lack of any martial or acrobatic training really limits his ability to put this one to good use, tending to result in his knowing for a fact that he is about to get pummeled.

5. High-Tech Gadgetry: Eric has gathered a number of technological wonders through his future dreams. Because of his perfect memory, he has successfully replicated a number of pieces of technology beyond what is currently possible. The ones that he normally has with him are:

a. Perfect Pomade: In his quest for the ultimate solution for all of his beard and hair needs, Eric sought out the finest local salons of the future. What he came back with and re-developed seems to indicate that some wires may have been crossed. If he taps on a tin, it tends to explode in a burst of the sticky substance a few seconds later. Since each tin of the substance is hand-crafted in the intended artisanal fashion, the characteristics of each pomade are different: cementing strength, duration, actual radius.

b. The Best Indy Rock: You definitely haven't heard this music before. No, you really probably haven't, since it has not been created yet. In many of his future dreams, Eric seeks out great music by local bands. In one of those dreams, he heard the most hypnotically perfect music being performed. He spent ages working hard to replicate it, and now he can play it through the little speaker system he set up to his classic Walkman. The "music" seems to have wildly different effects on different people. Eric feels euphoria when he hears it, while others have felt nausea, sleep, pain, disorientation, and a whole host of other effects. Eric just chalks that up to everyone not having the same ear for good music that he does.

c. The need for flannel: Not everyone realizes how perfect a material flannel is. With Celestial City as the last bastion of civilization, Eric is saddened to see just how few people actually wear it! In his dreams, he sought a way to solve this critical problem and, as luck would have it, he believes he found one. He found an experimental weapon that could transform one material into another. He immediately set to work trying to replicate it and tweak it to transform any material the beam hit into flannel. When the beam works, it does actually transform whatever inanimate it strikes into something red plaid in appearance. However, the transformed material seems to have a mind of its own, attacking whatever it is in contact with. He continues to try to tweak it to get it right.

d. Beard Oil: In his quest to find the perfect beard oil, Eric stumbled upon a formula from the future which creates a perfectly frictionless oil that he can spray onto surfaces. It evaporates relatively quickly, but it is impossible to get traction on a surface which has been sprayed with it.

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):

a. Normal Human. Eric has some advanced technological knowledge, but is otherwise trained only in: beard grooming, coffee selection and brewing, and music appreciation. He has no other noticeable skills, physically or mentally.

b. The Mainstream. He cannot stand anything mainstream, particularly if he is associated with it.

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