Lois Sivitri (Ihz)

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Lois Sivitri (Ihz)

Post by Lois » Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:46 pm

SL NAME: Lois Sivitri (loistradyn)


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Villain


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 30


On her Earth, Lois was Vice President for an international conglomerate called "Covenant Industries." Covenant Industries was a family operated company (Mother was CEO, Twin Sisters were VPs). The company owned other companies that revolved around growing food, distribution/transportation of food, and even serving food at restaurants.

They somehow found their way to the Ark.

Lois, her family, and coworkers were frozen and placed onto the Ark, but the Hive had other plans for them. As they lay their, frozen and helpless, the parasites infected them, slowly changing them and corrupting them over time. Their forms were turned from normal human women into curvy forms that one would only see in a pornographic film, designed to seduce and corrupt.. Their minds were absorbed into the hive and they became alien agents.

The parasite made them infiltrators. Human in appearance most of the time till they lure individuals into private to infect them where they reveal their true form. They carry out a wholly evil and alien agenda in secret.

POWERS: List your character's powers, and describe the limits of the powers (i.e. Super strength: hits with 10 tons maximum blunt force). If you need ideas, go to the following website: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/List ... _Abilities

1. Gestalt Mind- They are part of the Gestalt Mind of the Hive RP group.

2. Body Modification- Her main power, she can use this on themselves or others that they are able to inject fluids into (usually via sexual contact). This power enables her to shift between human, alien, and any combination their of (but always to the same alien and human form). The alien form possesses some natural weapons for defense like serrated spikes and tentacles as well as remarkable strength (not quite super human, but enough to overpower basically anyone of normal human strength other than say a world class strongman). Example, they could shift from human to alien entirely or simply manifest the spikes or tentacles they posses in alien form while in human form still. She cannot alter her own alien form or human form to change anything else about them.

While not durable, her body modification ability allows them to survive even the most heinous wounds. A super powered hero may crush her into a pancake leaving her with no heart beat or brain activity only to have them recover in the morgue before their autopsy. This is effectively their only survival mechanism against the likes of Superman class heroes against whom they are sorely outmatched in an open fight.

This is also the power that allows her to transform others. She can spread their parasite via sexual contact with another person. Once a person is engaged in sexual contact, she can begin to alter and suppress aspects of their biology, including their brain. What could happen with this is wide and largely depends on OOC consent. One could become a full alien or just become impregnated with an alien spawn they will birth in a few hours. Their mind might be physically altered to become unknowing agents of the Hive. They could even lose their super powers if they were from a biological source. While a powerful ability, it only goes as far as a player desires it to. Because of this, she is generally immune to more forms of biological attack (like another parasite) as she will assimilate it rather than they other way around.

3. Subliminal Seduction- She can use their psychic powers to potentially compel someone to have sex with them. This power is subtle but if a target is OOCly receptive to it, it could be incredibly potent where the target's almost mind controlled by the carrot (sex) on a stick and will obey her commands for a short time at the chance of sex with her.

4. Telepathy- She can communicate with other members of the Hive anywhere they maybe or with other psychics over a shorter distance (50ft or so). With in the Hive itself or at very close proximity, this affects anyone. Non-Hive members contacting the Gestalt mind may find it a harrowing experience to be in touch with so many fragmented minds.

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):

1. She is vulnerable anything that would target Hive aliens like a bio-weapon.

Day Job (Optional): She is a member of the Protectorate.

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