K'hashi The Ghoul

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K'hashi The Ghoul

Post by Akumahime » Fri May 05, 2017 1:06 pm

Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Akumahime Senju


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Villian ATM


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): Young Adult

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : A survivor of Innsmouth; the last Ghoul Enclave on earth, K'hashi some how found herself within the catacombs of Celestial city. She was originally "born" around 1925 near the village of Innsmouth where she lived with the Deep Ones and other Innsmouth Spawn.
At 1943, She apparently fell through some kind of time distortion and wound up in the catacombs near the ruins...

1. Claws and Teeth: Being a Scavenger, K'hashi does have sharpened teeth and clawed able to cut through 1 ton of material.
2. Dark Vision: for a distance of 120 feet.
3.Feral: Granting her enhanced senses such as taste smell and hearing.
4. Tail: This tail enhances her agility balance and coordination.
5: Parkour: For some reason, K'hashi has taken up the sport of Parkour, and often uses it to navigate dangerous situations.
6 Retractable Penis: when not in Use, K'hashi can retract her genitals into her body thus giving her a nearly total female appearance.

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):
Undead: Ghouls have an aversion to a strongly presented holy symbol. with enough faith, the bearer of a holy symbol can injure or even destroy a ghoul.

Day Job (Optional): Scavenger
You may want to give your character a day job as this will help you integrate and become part of the Celestial City RP community. For a list of jobs check out our forum post and contact Jessika Pintens so she can assign your day job to you. Forum post can be seen here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=82

Posts: 32
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Re: K'hashi The Ghoul

Post by Akumahime » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:13 am

Here is an update of the Ghoul Species this one fits a little better with the RP so far:

Ghouls are a race of humanoid Subterranean Carnivores when standing, they range from 4-7 feet tall, with pale head and torsos, black limbs ending in sharp talons, a 2-3' long tail sharp teeth, and a lizard like tongue. They are hairless and are rumored to be hermaphrodites with retractable Penis and testes along with breasts like human females. They tend to have a feminine appearance preferring to dress sparsely (clothes hinder their movement). humanoids that remain hidden from most humans.

Traits (Using Plain English Role-Playing)

Feral: Enhanced Senses and reflexes (+1)
Natural Weapons: Sharp Claws and Teeth, Bonus to Damage. (+1)
Dark Vision: Enhanced perception in Darkness (+1)
Tail: Enhances Balance and Body Coordination (+1)
Retractable Genitals: Protects from "low blows" (+1)

Alien Physiology: Ghouls have adverse reactions to Processed foods, and must consume fresh meat/carrion. The mere smell of processed food will cause a Ghoul to experience nausea for about 5-6 minutes after exposure. Actually EATING processed food will cause a Ghoul to become violently ill as an serious allergic reaction. This can be overcome through training and eating small amounts over time to build a tolerance. But this will take several months.

Description: Ghouls stand between 4-7 Feet tall with skin colors ranging from Blue, Purple and Green to nearly black. Their eyes are larger than Humans (Ranging from blue to red in color), and they have pointed ears, Sharp Teeth and Claws along with feet that resemble Cloven Hooves. They also Sort a long tail . Their Hands and feet will often have a black tint to them while their tail may differ in color from the rest of their bodies. Their skin is mostly hairless and often have the scent of grave-moss mixed with Sweat. They prefer to move on all fours or being crouched when walking in order to hide better.

Diet: (See Negative traits) Ghouls are carnivorous but often supplement their diet with fungi and some root vegetables. They prefer Carrion (the fresher the better) and have been known to eat human corpses hence they sometimes go to cemeteries. Still they are not above hunting and killing live prey when the opportunity presents itself. In spite of this, they sometimes will hide among human groups and sometimes interact with them for trade, and supplies. They are secretive often hiding themselves with disguises to hide their features or they remain in shadows out of sight.

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