Enter the Gadget

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Enter the Gadget

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SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Chloe Cookie Cain/Pixis Mode


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): VIllain


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 33

Chloe, as far as she could remember, was always a science teacher who had a plethora of wild ideas concerning cybernetics and nano machines. She even went so far as to draw up plans for a special type of nano machine and a pair of mechanical arms that scientists (physicists especially) could use to aid them in their dangerous work. Chloe, when she wasn't busy teaching took it upon herself to take apart various books and Internet documents about old projects people never finished or had deemed too dangerous to release to the public. This obsession ultimately costed Chloe her job and a revocation of her teaching license on the grounds that she was unable to teach young minds properly.. This made Cookie rather upset and took all of her research that she did while she was teaching and essentially locked herself away in her basement, working for months at a time on designing and building what was supposed to be an exosuit with said arm attachments on them.

Then one particular moment she decided to take a short rest, only to realize that she was in a much different city than before. everything she had seemed to have either disappear entirely or ended up changed somehow. The exosuit she had designed was gone but a few days into the new city she soon discovered after almost getting hit by a car, that the armor plating of her prototype was somehow transfered to layers under her skin, bound my nano machine colonies through out her body. The same nano machines Chloe herself designed but never could construct herself. Chloe knew someone, somewhere figured out her blueprints and this got Chloe curious so she struck out, doing what ever she had to to acquire resources, mainly money and metal components for cybernetics and electrical components as well, most of which she had to pilfer and steal from hobby and electronic shops and maybe the occasional armored car depending. Chloe would eventually adopt the moniker Gadget and keep to herself mostly, being more comfortable in the company of her machines than most other people.

Vector Manipulation - using a specialized field around her person, Gadget can passively change the direction of an object in motion sent towards her, including most energy based attacks, most often back towards the origin of the attack, with only a few degree margin for error, regardless of if she sees them coming or not as this field encompasses a full 360 degree range. This power has to be consciously activated and concentrated on during its intended use, but can easily tire her out if used repeatedly and for great lengths of time.

Metal Mimicry - Using the nano machines that have inhabited her body, Gadget can essentially assume a fu ll metal form, often something hard like iron or steel, essentially granting her temporary armor. While in this form, using her own legs to walk means she will be exceptionally slow and less agile, but far more sturdy and tough to move.

Super Intelligence - No clear reason as to how this occurred, perhaps evolutionary luck? Perhaps a gift from the gods that rule the Multiverse? Regardless of how she got it, she was gifted with superior levels of intelligence to the point of really making her somewhat mad. Her mind is always busy plotting, planning, creating. She would have to take suppressants in order to go to sleep at night, but evil never sleeps.


Sub-dermal Armor - Though she is still considered human, armor plates have added underneath her skin layer via nano machine treatments, adding a little extra protection from physical based attacks from a range. Unfortunately this armor is somewhat weighted, making Gadget heavier than she actually looks.

Bionic Manipulators - a set of mechanical arms (4 total if I can find the prop for them) that allow Gadget to move about more easier because of her Sub-dermal armor and on occasions her Metal Mimic form.. These arms may also lift up to 200lbs individually or up to 400 pounds it two or more are used to lift the object. Despite the lift rating they can not throw any heavy object over 50 pounds and the amount of time an object can be held is significantly less the heavier the object is. These arms can be used to scale buildings and requires at least three manipulators free to do so.

Variable Plasma Cutters - Individual laser emission units with adjustable output settings, normally housed within the claws of the Bionic Manipulators and draw power from the rest of the cybernetics. While settings have a wide range, there are a few more oftenly used settings, normally the 1-20 watt range she uses for utility purposes( surgery, energy transfer, etc), the 30-40 watt range normally for cutting through thick sheets of material like stone or metal, 50+ Watt range is often used for ranged combat but runs the risk of burning out the laser unit, rendering it inoperable until completely replaced.

WEAKNESSES (Unless otherwise stated, you have all normal human weaknesses):
Outside of the normal human weaknesses, Large, open bodies of water such as lakes and the ocean are a a major hazard to Gadget as she can not swim with sub-dermal plating, unless she has diving gear of some sort (mask, oxygen tanks, etc).

Repeated exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation can cause the control circuits to malfunction and generally stop responding to input controls. At the extreme, this can also cause her Metal Mimicry to go out of control, often becoming an amorphous pool of liquid metal of varying elements.

Day Job (Optional): Cybernetics Engineer for Dragon INC.

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