urban survival with little al episode 2

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urban survival with little al episode 2

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[12:36] Lexus Regal pulls up in a pink limo. The driver rushes around to open the door but is hit in the knees as the blond passenger kicks the door open. The celebrity climbs out and sighs at the driver who is bent over holding his knees in pain. "Really? You are like tired from just coming around the car? Ugh, you are like soooo out of shape. Keep the car running. I will just be an hour or two." Lexus turns and looks at her reflection in the window of the car, adjusting her hair and dress a bit. She steps onto the side walk and walks toward the door of the salon.

[12:38] Liitle al/big al A dirty young man in a jacket several sizes to large for his frame rounds the corner onto the mall drive looking back at the large camera man behind him who's most distinctive feature is his his lack of a shoe " Look one shoe.. i don't care how many people mayor timbers hot sauce has killed.. no.. no ! just scrape it off before eating them then" the young man glances around the street and spots Lexus regal at the door to pasties " oh.. oh look look its Lexus...no were not running.. its only a rumor that she keeps a kill count on her car come on were interviewing her" and so saying the young man strides over " hello Miss Lexus? can i have a moment of your time?"

[12:42] Lexus Regal glances over as the dirty young man approaches her. The blond wrinkles her nose with an obvious expression of disgust. "Umm ew. Like look, I don't have any change. You think that ~I~ would have cash? Cash is for the poor. Now like run along and like play in the garbage with the skunks or whatever you like to do." She tries to hurry toward the door to the spa, but her heel catches in a crack in the sidewalk. She stumbles as the shoe breaks. The celebrity tries to catch herself but her hand slides down the window of the shop. Lexus lands on the sidewalk letting out a surprised ooof of air.

[12:50] Liitle al/big al Winches and shakes his head as Lexus takes a header he looks back at the camera and smiles then mouths to one show ' keep filming' " the young man bends down and attempts to grasp the celebrity's arm and pull her to her feet ,conveniently placing him self between her and the door to the spa , his micro phone shoves perilously close to her face " well thats one question i can strike of the list, Lexus Regal is definitely not good for change ,make a note of that viewers " he Smiles at her his bright sunshine smile and continues on " my names Little all and your on urban survival with little al..mind if i ask you some questions?

[12:54] Lexus Regal tries to pull her arm back but fails as the man grabs her forearm. She attempts to pull away from his grip but she is not known for her strength. The blond's eyes go wide with fear. She reaches down and pulls off her broken shoe, trying to bring it up to smack the man in the side of the face. "Get away from me you creep! I swear, I have friends! I am friends with all the heroes of this city! Just wait until my BFF Diamond Feelings finds out about this. Or my partner Sushi! She will kick like kick your ass!"

[12:58] Liitle al/big al Flinches back from the sudden attack of shoes yelling out " oh sweet city!! shes gone rabid !!one shoe get the spray bottle !! " the dirty young man cowers back from her blows as the camera man pulls out a spray bottle and sprays two sprites of water at Lexus face a deep voice saying " no.. bad .. bad tv star" little al pulls back a bit and says " i just wanna ask you some questions.. you know for tv? and like you can tell us all about your friends"

[13:04] Lexus Regal screams and rolls back as the cameraman sprays her with a water bottle. She covers her face and squeals as if she were just hit with the most potent mace. The blond curls up and whimpers for a moment while the man talks. She pulls off her other shoe and throws it at her limo screeching at the driver- who is not even visible in the car. "Help me! Call the police! I am being mugged!" She turns and bangs on the window of the spa but the employees inside seem to ignore the celebrity as if they do not see what is going on.

[13:10] Liitle al/big al Sighs heavily and waves one shoe back a bit his mic still thrust in Lexus face " look calm down alright.. you do realize your being filmed right now don't you? cody said you were hysterical but geezz... .." he ducks back from the flying shoe panicking slightly " my viewers wana know if what your most thrown away food items are!" he waves one shoe over to the limo and whispers " see if the driver or some ones left some lose change in the cup holders"

[13:12] Lexus Regal hugs her knees and sniffles as she looks around. She glances over her shoulder and blinks, a bit confused. "Uh? What? Look, I like...i don't have any money, just cre...OH wait. I have some coke? You want a toot? That is what you junkies like, right?"

[13:17] Liitle al/big al Sighs walks over and pats her head "its Ok Miss Lexus .. the scary bad men are leaving..." he looks at one shoe " get the keys .. this si a bust.. lets have some fun with the car!!" and so saying the young man walks over to the car

[13:19] Lexus Regal watches the men, wide eyed as they start to move away. She lets out a breath of relief and raises her head. As Al nears the car, the blond cocks her head thinking hard. "What?...Wait like what are you doing?"

[13:21] Liitle al/big al Little all points at the driver and squints trying to look tough .. which he fails at.. but the much more intimidating one shoe standing behind him more then makes up for it " keys now" the camera pans to the driver.

[13:23] Lexus Regal lifts her head a bit more trying to figure out what is going on. The driver gets out of the car and quickly hands over the keys. Lexus frowns and yells "Hey! You can't just let him steal the car! What the fuck? You worthless piece of shit! That's fucking it! You're fired!" The driver shrugs and steps back out of the way. Lexus stands up still yelling obscenities at the driver.

[13:28] Liitle al/big al Little al gets into the passenger side of the car while one shoe takes the drivers seat Little al laughing his innocent little laugh even as they prepare to drive away in Lexus car .

[13:29] Alexandros would look down at the ground below from his vantage point watching those go about their daily life looking for potential victims.

[13:31] Lexus Regal gasps in a very dramatic exaggerated fashion as it finally fully dawns on her what is happening. She screams and runs forward, leaping onto the hood of the car and grabbing tightly as they men drive off.

[13:35] Liitle al/big al Gasps as the woman jumps on to the car screaming at her " are you crazy? your going to get your self killed!!!" he glances over at one shoe and says " gimme the camera he takes the camera filming lexus as she clings to the front of the car for dear life " get out of here one shoe.. look shes going to be fine shes rich , she probably has like magic doctors or something and so saying the pair peel out driving as best a pair of homless men can

[13:38] Lexus Regal continues screaming all down the streets as the men drive. The blond has no idea what to do now that she is in this position so she just hangs on tightly. Her short dress rides up as she squirms giving the people on the street conformation that she never wears underwear.

[13:40] Alexandros a thud would be heard on the roof of the car as a man lands on top of it. He would punch his hand through the rough and attempt to grab the driver and pull him through the roof if successful. And if successful this was definitely going to hurt the driver. "I didn't order my lunch to go!"

[13:41] Liitle al/big al the car screeches around a corner Little al now manning the camera asks lexus " do you believe in throwing away old clothes or recycling?.. have you ever eaten a person and if so how many" the sounds of the womans screams are punctuated by the occasional boyish "weeeee" one shoe drifts into the turn with surprising speed and little all grins mischievously " what do you say to peoples allegations that you are in fact a slut Miss Lexus?
[13:43] Liitle al/big al frowns and waves one shoe down as the man avoids the first grab , the young man pulls out a glass shard and thrusts it at the hand " hey!!! were doing a show here!!.. every body wants to be on tv i swear"

[13:45] Lexus Regal clings to the hood of the car as they try to take the turn. She tries to take the moment to climb further up the windshield of the car. She screams even louder as the strange man lands on the roof and punches a hole in her car. The blond's head frantically looks around searching for something. She struggles and reaches her hand into her cleavage while desperately trying to hold on. The celebrity pulls out her phone and starts dialing.

[13:47] Alexandros the glass would connect with the hand indeed and as it cut through the wound would heal up behind it though for a second as it closed up they would see a black darkness with a reddish tint as it did so "Oh how I love it when my meal fights back. It really gets me going! Thats it fight back!" he would go to grab one shoe again and still rip him up and through the roof.

[13:50] Kram Foxdale 's presence probes along the inhuman, indeed immortal mind not of this reality the way one tries to figure out a mechanism by the casing alone. <...Cessation of biological functions is > the alien chitters before it looks to the sound of a motor vehicle stampeding down the road, chittering in alarm. When nothing comes barreling up the ramp, the alien seems to calm slightly and turns back to the dark skinned anomaly <...Dissection inefficient, vivisection is...> the alien begins, thinks better of it and goes <No blood. No deaths. Compliance...Law enforcement unnecessary>
[13:51] Kram Foxdale <<...!!!>> comes the aliens chitter as the motor returns, causing the xeno to leap over the rail

[13:51] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) growls low "Humans..." as he prey vanishes

[13:52] Lexus Regal frantically yells into the phone. "HELP! THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL ME AND STEAL MY CAR! HELP!" She manages to stay on the car as it speeds past the streets.

[13:53] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) shifts to a more human form, shaking his head. "An what do ya want from me?"

[13:53] Liitle al/big al His eyes widen as One shoe is pulled up out of the car ,little all grips the drivers wheel and slides into the drivers seat now screaming himself he has no time to notice as lexus pulls out her phone the young man trying to keep the vehicle on the road with no experience at driving" oh god oh god!! monster on the roof !! monster on the roof!!!" his foot slams down on the gass pedal as he zooms by and alien and demon " weeeeeeeeeee lets join the stars!!"

[13:54] Suki answers her new phone "Suki's phone, this is Suki speaking to you on Suki's phone. Thank you for calling Suki" Pulling the phone away as Lexus screams into it. Suki grabs the throne and begins to smash it on the floor "YOU LET GO OF LEXUS!" she yells threatening the possessed phone

[13:56] Lexus Regal keeps yelling into the phone even as it is cut off. "SUSHI! SUSHI HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I AM LIKE...ON THE CAR! HURRY!"

[13:56] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) takes the glaive from his rig, its blades heating up. "Cannae steal what don't run.." he says, launching the weapon at the driver side wheels

[13:57] Kram Foxdale 's mental scan watches the pink motor vehicle with its internal chaos speed off... The xeno crawls against a concrete pillar and hisses to itself. Stupid anomalies, the town was worse than a nebula storm! the xeno crawls through the shadows, chittering angrily to itself... Especially the magic ones. They were the WORST:

[13:59] Alexandros would successfully at this time pull one shoe through the roof "Normally below my tastes" he would go to bite and drain the man as he effortless stayed on the vehicle he needed to feed so he was going to feed.

[14:01] Liitle al/big al Zooming at top speed along bridge screams as the drivers side wheel gives out with a tearing pop and the young man behind the wheel loses control of the vehicle he screams as the car barrels towards the side of the bridge , little als foot stays jammed to the floor" oh no oh no oh no"

[14:03] Lexus Regal lets out another scream as the car careens off the bridge. The blond loses her grip and rolls off into the small river as the car crashes down into the rocks.

[14:05] Alexandros as the car had barreled from the hit of the Glaive he would have dropped the man who now had a bite mark in his neck. he would have been dropped into the river below as he jumped off the roof of the car to avoid getting wet and land on the bank of the river. "Hey NOW WHO THREW THAT! I WAS TRYING TO ENJOY A MEAL!" He would look around furiously.

[14:05] Suki couldn't free Lexus from the evil phone so tried to sense for her friends life energy instead. Upon sensing it she'd disappear with her flashstep and appear standing on the river edge where she sensed her friend "Lexus! Suki found you. Now it Lexus turn to hide and then seek Suki!" SHe laughs spinning in circles excited

[14:07] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) laughed low, seeing what looked to be a vampire after years of hearing about them. "I did, red man. "Now finish yer meal. I gots work ta do."

[14:09] Liitle al/big al Theres a splashing and a young man sputters to the surface gasping for breath his eyes wild as he slowly splashes to the stream bank choking and sputtering lightly " ohh man .. i think i became one with the cosmos for a minuet there " he glances up at the strange woan on the banks and trys a smile "*cough* hello"

[14:11] Lexus Regal spits and sputters as the celebrity tries to dog paddle to the shore. She keeps screaming as her hands reach for anything she can grab. Finally she manages to get a hold of a root on the bank and begins to pull herself up. She struggles with one arm, still clutching her phone in the other hand. Dripping wet, the blond hauls herself onto the grass and curls up whimpering. She looks up at the sound of her friend's voice and tries to run to the ninja girl but just falls flat on her face.

[14:11] Alexandros shakes his head "My name is Alexandros Tepesh. I am in the employ fo the Belgrave organization and I don't take kindly to my meal being interrupted" he would step towards Yuri "Now you dun goofed and will become my meal." he would laugh maniacally.

[14:12] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) shakes his head, letting his aura heat up to 800 F, grinning. "Meal... hope ya like brimstone..."

[14:15] Suki eyes light up excited seeing the tall man in reds hat "ooo ooo ooo Suki wants Suki wants. SHe would try to flash step and take the mans hat returning to Lexus side wearing it if she's fast enough

[14:17] Liitle al/big al Coughs again and looks around.." one shoe.. wheres one shoe" his wet hair is plastered to his face and head and it runs down his face in rivulets as he sits on his butt coughing out water once more

[14:18] Alexandros chuckles "Neat!" he would then go to look serious "Releasing Control Seal levels six and five" He would then as Suki tried to grab his hat he would in a blink of an eye. attempt to grab her and throw her at Yuri with the force of 20 tons. "Let's make this interesting I am only a little hard right now!"

[14:19] Lexus Regal looks around frantically seeing the two across the bank about to face off. She looks over at Little Al and then to Suki. The blond bites her quivering lip and starts to quickly crawl to the rocks. The celebrity pulls a small purse out from somewhere and begins to pull out some pink clothing.

[14:22] Liitle al/big al Blinks and follows lexus with his eyes peeking around the rocks and watching her change face flushing a bit only paying partial attention to the fight across the way

[14:22] Suki sticks her tongue out at the meanie in red. Channeling her spirit energy as she is sent flying towards the fireman. Though the meanie wasnt fast enough to save his hat "Ha Suki got her hat!" she laughs seeming to not care that she is heading towards some fire guy

[14:23] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) laughs, stepping out of the way and drawing his weapon as he sees the woman go flying past him. "Humans... not as good as steel." he comments, the word in his hand having a infernal aura about its blade that seems lethal to plants. "Now, what was it you were saying about dinner?"

[14:24] Lexus Regal strips out of her dress and starts pulling on her costume. Once she is dressed, the blond pulls out a compact and opens the mirror to make sure her hair and make up look alright. She sighs and then pulls out some lipstick taking her time to get her face just right.

[14:27] Liitle al/big al Blushes and pulls back around the rock suddenly thinking now might be a good time to escape he turns crawling on his hands and knees back a bit until he runs into the river back" ,,oh,, well thats not good"

[14:28] Alexandros chuckles "Yes yes yes this is the feeling right here!" he would draw his pistols quicker than the eye opening up with a barrage of bullets flying out at the man with perfect accuracy "Muwahahahaha. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes" it seems the man in red was really enjoying this.

[14:28] Suki laughs landing and rolling along the floor "That was fun. Do again do again!" She stops finally seeing the fire guy. remembering the commercials from tv she's been watching she gasps an looks serious as she straightens the hat on her head "Only Suki can prevent forest fires." She looks around frantic and smiles seeing the fire fighter place in the distance. Flash stepping away towards the building with a giggle "Only Suki can prevent forest fires" she reminds herself seriously as she eyes the fire truck

[14:30] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) was surprised at the speed, but fast enough to raise a wall of flame to melt the rounds before they touched his body. The laugh was one of madness, the one he had heard so many times when he sent a demon back home to hell. "Nice try...." he says calmly

[14:32] Superstar! finally satisfied with how she looks, the blond stands up and steps closer to the bank. Although still trembling, she assumes her best heroic pose and calls out. "Hey you! Like yeah, you bad guys! Give up now and like you will go to jail and stuff!"

[14:36] Alexandros laughs even more "NOW THIS IS A TREAT! I HAVEN'T BEEN THIS EXCITED IN YEARS!" This time he would start circling the man with amazing speed raining bullets towards him, the man would also have water from the stream rising up and course straight at him. Hidden within the water would be part of the wave of bullets as Alexandros danced around the man. "MORE MORE MORE SHOW ME MORE!"

[14:39] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) winced, clenching his fist as he called down a hale of fire upon them. Many of the rounds pierced his clothes, but ricocheted off his scaled skin even as one lodged into his chest without drawing blood.

[14:40] Liitle al/big al Stealthily crawls up some rocks his eyes wide as he watches what appears to be a four way stand off he puts down his camera and watches then frowns.." wait that was the vampire who hurt his friend riping a rock he throws it hard at the vamp with all his wafish might

[14:42] Suki Struggles with the truck as the hose doesnt seem to want to work. Finally finding the controls she turns holding onto the hose and then immediately is launched back by the pressure of the hose as it goes crazy spraying all around the firestation "AH FIRE HOSE IS POSSESED LIKE THE PHONE!" she screams out dodging around the firestation as the hose is going crazy "NO Bad hose!" she yells

[14:44] Superstar! frowns as her threats are ignored. She starts to bend down, reaching for something. Suddenly Little Al throws a rock. The blond gasps and her eyes go wide. She makes a noise of frustration. "What are you doing? That is like MY move! I will sue you for like copyright infringement and stuff!" She lunges toward Little Al, trying to kick him in the chest, but the attack is more like putting her foot in his chest and pushing.

[14:50] Alexandros As the fire hail came down he would turn into a puddle of shadows the hail from Yuri going through him as he did so they would see inky blackness with a red tint outline and the rock that Al threw passed without affecting much. After that he would reform looking like thousands of bats coming together to reform the man. "Muwahahahahaha."

[14:51] Liitle al/big al Glances at Super star and sneers as she complains " good luck im homeless!!" he gasps as her mighty kick topples his wafish form down the rocks on to the bank landing with hard thump , he sniffles slightly and stands his arms spinning in a circle as he charges her with all the strength of starvation and a life on the street " that hurt!!"

[14:53] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) grinned, fighting a demon again for once. "Now ya got my number... but can ya take tha heat?" he ask, stabbing his blade into the ground as flames rose from the earth and ran along the line over the shadow.

[14:53] Superstar! squeals as the small man comes at her. The blond closes her eyes, trying to think of all the combat strikes her hero friends have used. She swings her little fist in a quick arc before diving down into a curled up ball to protect herself, right near Little Al's feet.

[14:55] Lady Nightmare wanders by along the street, shaking her head and about to pass by when she notes Al's presence, floating slowly past the hail of attacks as if nothing were amiss and settling down a few feet away "Al, what's going on here?"

[14:57] Suki growls growing annoyed as she draws her sword and begins to battle the fire hose "Only Suki can prevent forest fires. NOT firehose" SHe yells as she flashsteps around and slicing at the hose. Realizing she's getting no where she finally falshsteps around and shuts off the nozzle again "HA Suki wins SUki Wins!" She tips her hat to the firehose "You were a worthy opponent, but no one can prevent forestfires except Suki" She nods and gets in the truck looking for the ignition thingy like in Lexus car

[14:58] Liitle al/big al Gasps as the womans fist strikes him out of now where the quick blow dazing him as she gos fetal. little al charges right over her tripping over her balled up form and rolling three times before hitting the nearby wall his head spining " oh the pink crybaby started a war of ninnys and now the ninnys are fighting why i try to save every one from the crybaby tehaheahehhe" he reaches up and plucks one of the stars floating around his head trying to throw it at superstar his eyes going to Lady Nightmare but not quite registering her presence.

[15:00] Alexandros would stay in his intangible the fire eating around him. The shadows disappearing and reappearing. "Is this all you got?" he would laugh "Requesting permission for release of Control Seals Level four and three." the creature would then start moving towards the flaming man. "WHEN ARE YOU GOING to ATTACK ME WITH SOMETHING THAT CAN ACTUALLY HURT ME!" in truth he will definitely need to feed after this.

[15:00] Superstar! cries out as Little Al kicks her when he trips over her turtled up body. She crawls quickly and turns to face him as he hits the wall. The blond jumps up and claps her hands, celebrating. She begins to dance around, wiggling her hips and singing badly.

[15:03] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) laughed loud, releasing the flames he had kept under control. Not intending to scorch the landscape, but it was bound to happen. "You may be intangable... but yer critters ain't..." he laughs, columns of flame rising around him as he slashes at the beings.

[15:03] Lady Nightmare arches a brow as Superstar starts celebrating, turning a gaze of utter disdain towards her "Really? This is what the so-called heroes of this city are reduced to? Beating up and taunting children? Pathetic..."

[15:03] Liitle al/big al shakes his head and frowns staggering to his feet his eyes narrow as he walks over to the wiggling superstar one hand coming down on her wiggling bottom" take that evil crybaby!" he says bravely though his hand comes down with that same waifish might and suddnly realising what hes done he turns to run behind some rocks " oh crap oh crap!!"

[15:04] (telepathic link betwen Belgrave and Alexandros) Scarlett is again startled by the telepathic voice in her head "For christs sake, warn someone before you do that Alexandros. What can you possibly be doing that needs seals released so early?"

[15:05] Suki starts the engine with a laugh as she floors the pedal driving at the fire guy "ONLY SUKI CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES!" she yells out hoping the bear man will be proud of her

[15:06] Superstar! looks over at Lady Nightmare and frowns a bit. "He's not a child. He is a criminal. He tried to mug m-- uh my good friend Lexus Regal and then stole her car and wrecked it. So like I am bringing him in to jail and stuff."
[15:07] Superstar! squeals and jumps as Little Al gives her butt a smack. She turns toward him and lunges, trying to tackle the fleeing man.

[15:09] Lady Nightmare shrugs "Then take him in, if you can... but act like an adult about it... have some measure of dignity" stepping over to the wall and leaning against it to see how this turns out

[15:12] Liitle al/big al Screams as hes tackled from behind " no get off.. " he thrashes as he falls to the ground his eyes wild as lexus boobs press against him " oh god her boobs are trying to eat me.. shes a monster save me!!!" he thrashes and trys to turn on his back throwing an elbow at her gut " shes liying i just tried to interview her then she started screaming like a little girl about mugging and stuff"

[15:12] Alexandros laughs maniacally again. "Oh you know I was just taking a very enthusiastic walk tried to feed off some guy then this flaming demon hunter had to go and interrupt. And boy he really is flaming! Like a pride parade in New Orleans. and he is pretty annoying and even releasing my first two seals isn't enough apparently with him. I just want to feed you know? I'm thirsty." he would then turn fully corporeal as the last few slashes his leaving black inky red tinted streaks that would reform after a few seconds. Would then watch the fire truck coming towards the man. "Oh now that has got to be fun! And man I'm getting real thirsty too."

[15:15] Superstar! crashes into Little Al, her ample breasts pressed against his face. As they both struggle, her costume slips and one breast pops out hitting the man in the face. The blond looks over at Lady Nightmare speaking in a mocking voice. "Act like an adu--" Her immature mockery is cut short as Little Al's elbow connects with her gut knocking the heroine back onto the ground.

[15:16] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) jumped back, barely clearing the bumper as he slammed his foot into the ground. A row of flaming columns rose under the fire truck as he stepped back.

[15:17] Lady Nightmare laughs a bit as she watches the encounter that wouldn't pass muster on a schoolyard, making a mental note to Lilith to pass a copy of this to River as soon as it's over... the meta watcher community will just love this footage, and she might get a favor out of it

[15:19] Liitle al/big al crawls away from super star and pants shallowly turning around he gasp his face flushing he stops mid counter attack " umm you.. you've come lose there.. um wanna take a moment to fix that.. i mean every one can see.." he looks away firmly and shifts his stance a bit " go...go on i can wait"

[15:19] Suki Screams as the truck misses and flames shoot out under it with a bit of force sending it tumbling over and over "SUKI DOESNT WANT TO FIGHT FOREST FIRES ANYMORE!" she screams as she rolls inside the truck

[15:21] Scarlett sighs ""You said it was a simple walk. I swear to god ALexandros, you better not compromise this all before it even starts. Fine release granted and then get your ass back here"

[15:22] Superstar! looks down at where Little Al is pointing. The blond grins and pauses to put her breast back into her costume. She shifts the leotard around and then puts up her little fists in a half way decent boxer stance. "Okay. I am good now. So like, do you surrender yet? You're like gonna go to jail and all that."

[15:23] Liitle al/big al Blinks and nods slowly then points " oh look that vampire is flashing every one!!!"

[15:25] Alexandros chuckles "I decided it would be an enthusiastic walk they are good for you, you know? And thank you." He would look to Yuri and calmly state. "Control Seal Levels Four and Three released," he would then vanish and reappear behind Yuri and attempt to kick him with the force of 80 tons into the river. and then reappear back where he was standing whether or not he was successful, His body looked wild his clothes looked black and his hair was flowing down to his knee's.

[15:26] Superstar! blinks, confused. She turns to look where Little Al is pointing. "Huh? What?"

[15:26] Lady Nightmare forms her cup of tea in her hand, just sipping from it in a state of total relaxation while she watches

[15:27] Suki stumbles out of the truck spinning in circles "Suki is ok!" she slurs falling on her face

[15:28] Liitle al/big al Grins and screams "sucker!!" as she turns to look and shoves hard trying to push her back into the river, with both hands planted firmly in the small of her back

[15:30] Superstar! screams and teeters on the edge of the bank. Her arms flailing around as she tries to grab onto something. Her fingers slide along Little Al's jacket as she tumbles into the water.

[15:30] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) blinked, feeling something rush behind his a second before he barely dodged the kick. Seeing the red man move so quickly was new to him, unlike any demonic speed he had seen before. "A quick one... too bad for yer clothes. Now ya remind me o' ma old man, the one I had ta kill!" he bellows, his voice losing all its humanity. Even the ground under him began to show the effects of his flames, the flames consuming him as his armor formed around him. Once formed, the air and land heated up to 1200 F, yet he stood his ground.

[15:32] Liitle al/big al Started posing and flexing in victory as soon as she started falling his wet hear plastered to his face as his scrawny body trys to flex so he is wholly unprepared as she snags his jacket and pulls him into the stream with her his arms spin and flails as he trys to maintain his balance and as he hits the water he yells " but i don't want to play the hunt for pink superstar!!"

[15:36] Superstar! thrashes around in the water in a panic. She manages to grab for Little Al with one hand. Her foot finds the hood of the car and she kicks off rising her head above water. The blond gasps for breath as she tries to reach for shore.

[15:37] Alexandros All of the sudden those those around they would see the man in Red Multiply into twenty copies of him ((OOC level they are Ilusions but to everyone they think they are completely real)) their form including his would become that of something black monstrous amalgamation of eyes and mouths. This goes for all of them ((OOC affect I am going for is for those around to run in fear as this is Hypnosis you can choose to not and I won't be upset as this requires your permission.)) "RUN RUN NOW ALL OF YOU WHO ARE TO BE MY PREY!!! I WILL DEVOUR YOU!" And then from there the darkness would start to consume all who stay. ((OOC level again I am only going this route because I need to log for work))

[15:39] Liitle al/big al Gasps and chokes falling in the water as hes pulled to the surface his eyes tight shut tight he feels superstars grip on hm and clings to her as his legs kick .. trying to help as best he can

[15:39] Lady Nightmare sighs a bit as she watches the pair tumble into the water, once again not seeming too concerned by the other events around, but she extends one of her invisible tendrils to Al, grabbing on and trying to fish him out of the water

[15:39] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) winces, sheathing his blade at seeing all the eyes and warped reality. "No way in hell I can handle this alone..." he says, calling up a column of flame to surround him as he opened a portal to get out while he could

[15:41] Suki gets up and reaches to adjust her hat "Suki is..." SHe looks around for her hit finding it nowhere to be seen. Growling enraged her spiritual energy climbs and unleashes in a wave that would knock out the weak willed and minded leaving the stronger with a vertigo feeling possibly dissipating illusions "Fireguy lost Suki's hate" She growls out unsheatheing her blade as her spirit energy surges around her. "Fireman will pay for hurting Suki's hat"

[15:42] Superstar! does not see the copies behind her. The heroine struggles to scurry to the shore. She kicks at Al but he is holding her legs too tight. Her boots slide off as she thrashes more in a desperate attempt to get to dry land.

[15:42] Alexandros at this time the hat would reform ontop of Alexandros's head as he sunk into a portal of blackness "I will be back to finish this" and with this all of his effects would dissappear

[15:44] Suki looks around blinking "GIVE BACK SUKI'S HAT!"

[15:44] Liitle al/big al: /Me Coughs and sputters as hes pulled from the watter by the tendril one hand latching on to superstars boob the other her hair , also not aware of the copy's his grip surprisingly tight despite the kic to his leg and the flopy boot now aslo in his arms.. right up until hes hit by the wave and knocked out

[15:46] Superstar! squeals as Al grabs her boob and hair. She is pulled closer to him, off balance. She squirms and one hand reaches down to get a nice handful of the man's package. She sputters out as she hears her friend's voice. "Sushi!"

[15:46] Suki growls annoyed and unleashing all her spare enrgy kicks the firetruck like a soccer ball with her full 60 ton max power. "Stupid Fireman" she growls as the truck goes flying

[15:48] Lady Nightmare sets Al down, then shifts the tendril to his nose and creates a small cloud of smelling salts to jolt him back awake

[15:52] Suki sheathes her blade and just like a switch being flipped is back to her usual childish self. Flashstepping to Lexus side "Lexus Suki fought a evil firehouse! It was strong but Suki was Suki" She nods excited

[15:53] Liitle al/big al Lays limply in the tendril and shifts a little moan exiting his unconscious mouth as his junk is squeezed briefly he lays still on the ground until the salts force him awake with a yell " screw you ninja mail man the secrets of the scroll are mine!!!!"

[15:55] Superstar! shifts against the man as he starts to wake up with his hand on her breast and his fingers slipping under the seam of the cleavage of her costume. Her hand absentmindedly massages his bulge as she looks up at Suki, still trying to catch her breath. "You..You did? I was worried about you. I ...I caught the car thief?"

[15:56] Lady Nightmare extends one of her invisible tendrils over and snicks the straps on Superstar's bodysuit, making ragged cuts like it got torn in the struggle and just finally gave out

[15:58] Jun Sasaki: walkking past the firetruck she can only exclaim "What the fuck...."

[15:59] Liitle al/big al Blushes and shifts as he reacts to her messaging hand his own some how buried in her top which to his embarrassment falls away to reveal his hand squeezing lightly he frowns at her red faced " no you didn't!"

[16:01] Superstar! starts to push herself up causing the torn costume to pop off her body, one hand still on Little Al's crotch. She blinks at the man as he speaks. She bites her lower lip as she looks down at his swelling package in her hand. A devious smirk spreads on her face. "Mmmm are ya sure?"

[16:04] Jun Sasaki (RickmanUK Resident) sees the gathered group and cringes looking away fast "Fuck.. this will take some getting used too.."

[16:04] Suki stares at the silent woman, tilting her head confused. Unable to detect any life energy from her at all "Suki knows you don't exist. Thats ok, Suki doesn't exist either. Suki exists to Suki though" She nods talking to the silent woman

[16:05] Liitle al/big al Shifts flushes as he stares at her chest he shifts and try's to inch back a bit he licks his lips " well im not in hand cuffs or any thing.. and i don't see a badge!"

[16:06] Lady Nightmare chuckles slightly as she draws the tendril back, keeping part of her vision on the others to keep recording while she directs her eyes towards Suki "Ah, hello Suki... I'm Lady Nightmare... we haven't had the pleasure of meeting before, though I've heard of some of your exploits..."

[16:09] Superstar! grins as she moves her hand along the man's bulge more. She doesn't seem to realize she is naked yet, or maybe she is just so used to it that it feels natural. "Oh I got handcuffs, hun. Do you like even know who I am? I am Superstar! The greatest hero of like this whole city. I am like co-leader of the Missfits. See the cute girl with the sword? That's my partner Sushi. Doesn't she look so cute in that outfit? I picked it out for her and stuff."

[16:11] Suki tilts her head looking at the woman "Suki knows nightmares. They keep Suki awake. Why you mean and keep Suki awake? Suki hasn't hurted you" She looks annoyed

[16:13] Liitle al/big al Shifts suddenly breathing hard his knee raising as he shifts pushing up between her legs by accident he is very aware of the hand caressing him but unsure what he should do though his hand fails to move from her breast the fingers squeezing a bit harder "i don't see any handcuffs.." he frowns shifting again his kneebetweenher legs suddenly rubbing " never heard of either of you.. that stern lady in the tight dress? thats my boss ..she some times makes us wear funny clothes.

[16:13] Lady Nightmare laughs softly and shakes her head "It's just a name, given by my enemies where I came from... haven't given you any nightmares at all, I can assure you"

[16:16] Suki Suki shrugs "Oh ok. Well then Suki is ok." Looking around she sighs and then pops up as if remembering something "Suki needs phone again. Byes!" she laughs and disappears in a flashstep

[16:16] Superstar! lets out a soft sensuous moan at the squeeze of her breast. She squirms a bit as her hips begin to move against his leg. The blond nods as she nibbles on her lower lip. Her hand moves along his bulge working her fingers up to the zipper of the man's pants. She slowly tugs the zipper downward. "Mmm oh yeah? So like you got a job and stuff? Does she make you dress like a bum like this?"

[16:17] Jun Sasaki (RickmanUK Resident) leans against the wall and closes her eyes, resting her head

[16:19] Lady Nightmare stifles a chuckle as she turns her full attention back to the others, not doing anything to interrupt the show

[16:22] Liitle al/big al Shifts again his knee pressing back and forth as he moves his eyes widen as he hears his zipper come down and the curious hardness under his palm, he lets his hand press down in a small circle as he squeezes her breast again, watching to see if she makes that sound again " no when we break apart i some times sneak back to the street for a whole.. but when were unified were a bar tender at the strip club.

[16:23] Jun Sasaki (RickmanUK Resident) stands up and opens her eyes again

[16:26] Superstar! flutters her eyes. She grinds against the man's leg as he can feel her clearly growing wetter. She licks her lips and nods as if she were actually paying attention to what he is saying. "I have been under quite a few bartenders." She giggles as her fingers slip into his pants to pull out his cock.

[16:32] Liitle al/big al Watches her face and motions as he talks wondering if they were even thinking the same thing any more he gasps as he feels the air on his hard cock , he moves a hand to the small of her back fingers running up her back as his other half guides him but forces him to remain present " i don't think bartenders have any one under them , his hand curls on her breast tugging gently as his knee now moves with purpose , running counter to her own grinding as it pushes back against her .

[16:35] Superstar! moans softly and leans in closer to the man's touch. Her hips work with his leg, sliding her slick pussy up and down his thigh. Her soft hand strokes along the length of his shaft, rubbing her fingers over the head of his hard cock. "MmHmm bartenders know how to umm..." She blinks as she tries to think of something clever but struggles. "...fuck"

[16:40] Liitle al/big al Moans losing him self to the stroking not even hearing the woman any more as his hips push up grinding his cock against her hand his head leans forward and nuzzles her neck kissing it lightly his jacket falling open to reveal his bare chest underneath , he kiss his way down her chest ,kissing over her collar bone and the first swell of her rounding breasts.

[16:42] Superstar! squirms against his body as he kisses down to her breasts. She pushes her chest out for his lips. The blond's eyes flutter once more as she moves one leg over to straddle the man. Her hand holds his shaft as she rubs the head of his cock along her wet slit. She looks at him and licks her lips as she slowly eases down, taking his cock deep inside her pussy.

[16:48] Liitle al/big al His lips close on one of her nipples sealing around the hard nub his tongue flicking at it inside his mouth he breaths heavily as he he feels the tip of his cock teasing against her wet slit his own hard shaft twitching in her grip , he moans into her breast as the warm wetness of her pussy slides over the head of his cock and moving further forcing him to spread her open around his shaft , his hips buck hard and he bites down on her nipple slightly

[16:50] Superstar! gasps as she takes him fully inside her. She arches her back and moans deeply as her hips rise up and down on his shaft. She starts slow but moves faster and faster, bouncing on the man's cock. "Mmm yes fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

[16:55] Steven made his way down the street after getting his new job assignment. Pretty happy to have the job in the first place he figured hed make his way down and get a closer look at the station and to greet the other frefighters as well. Though alas his cheerfulness would get turned on its head as soon as he made it to the scene. His jaw dropping at the sight of the firetruck. Looking it oer as he circled it he would begine to spew cursewords in Spanish before shaking his head and making his way in the station...he as his work cut out for him indeed.

[16:55] Liitle al/big al Suddenly the man glows silhouetted with light the his body growing shifting the cock inside her growing to match spreading her wider as it thickens his hands move down to her ass and hips griping them harder and a melodious voice says simply " as you wish" as he pulls her down hard on his suddenly rising shaft he pulls away from her nipple and kisses her hard timing the first contact to the moment his cock drives into to her deepst depth

[16:59] Superstar! squeaks out as the man under her increases in size. She gasps as he stretches her wider. The blond moans once more as she moves with him, slamming down on his thick cock faster. She breathes heavily as she nears her climax. Her hips rotate with each bounce on his shaft. "Ohhhh yesss...yess...OMG..fuck me! Fill me up.....oohhhh sooo close...yes right there....like that! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

[17:03] Dawn Fenris was exploring the city trying to get used to this new world when she heard the cries coming from below she peeked out past the tree and blushed deeply at what she saw happening below her.

[17:07] Reinheit Growls and slides a hand into her hair pulling tight as he bucks bouncing her on his cock with moaning and gasping with each twist of her hips as the blond rides him , his other hand squeezes her ass breaking the kiss he leans back and focuses on fucking her harder and faster , watching her breasts bounce in front of him

[17:10] Superstar! writhes in pleasure as he manhandles her body. She gasps for breath as her pussy clenches down on his hard cock. She tosses her head back and lets out a cry as her orgasm washes over her. The blond's body shakes and her eyes roll back in her head. She leans forward bracing herself against him as she begins to come down.

[17:11] Dawn Fenris steps off the ledge and gently floats herself down to the ground as she watches the pair. her cheeks bright red. she slowly removed the lower half of her suit and rubbed herself as she watched what was happening. biting her lower lip softly as she keeled down in the grass still able to see them but relatively out of sight.

[17:15] Reinheit screams out a Moan as the blond writhes and moves against him his own body clenching and arching in response to her suddenly tighting pussy his eyes Closing in bliss as his cock swells inside her again filling her with his hot cum, his arms warping around her tight and holding her against him as he holds perfectly still filling her

[17:17] Superstar! coos as she feels him unload inside her. She snuggles against his body for a moment while she catches her breath. After a few seconds, the blond rolls off the man and lays back staring up at the sky.

[17:18] Reinheit He falls back and lays the blond in the grass and looking around very unsure of what just happened he stands and rummages through his pockets and hand cuffs her hands behind her back as she lays there then with a nod he removes his jacket and lays it over her nakedness and sneaks away.

[17:20] Dawn Fenris watched as the two finished up she was fascinated by these creatures. she tilted her head curiously as the man put the odd metal things around the female's wrists. she stays in her position for a little while longer waiting for the man to leave.

[17:22] Superstar! makes a soft noise as the man cuffs her and slips away. After another moment, the blond sits up and looks around confused. "Hey? Where are my clothes...why am I cuffed?" She sighs and gets to her feet staggering off, naked.

[17:23] Lady Nightmare grins a bit as she cuts off the feed and has a video made up of the whole series of events, then wanders off after Rein to keep an eye on him
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Re: urban survival with little al episode 2

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*Scarlett sits in her office watching the weird show. Upon seeing her newest servant enter the fray she reaches for her wine bottle "Oh yeah, thats certainly just a WALK Alexandros." She sighs and drinks straight from the bottle then searched for her migraine meds "I should of just left him in the sewer"

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Re: urban survival with little al episode 2

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Anna-Kate watches the video from Nightmare and leans back. " Never fought an actual vampire before. I wonder - when I cut him open, will count chocula cereal pour out?"
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