Interim Mayor speaks

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Interim Mayor speaks

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The camera fades in and Timber is sitting looking at the camera.

"People of Celestial City, I watched the news report about the meet and greet with the mayoral candidates.. and the man who wanted food."

He paused a moment looking at the camera.

"I am going to explain my whereabouts for the past couple weeks. I have kind of been hold up here doing all the paperwork I can since City Hall is gone. I don't know what has been going on but a few city groups have not been getting the money they should, and I am fixing that. I have to say being a mayor is a lot of paperwork."

He pauses a moment and brings up a piece of paper with writing on it.

"Okay, now I wrote down a few talking points and want to share it with everyone. First off there seems to be quite a few beings running for mayor. I wish a lot of luck to each and every one of them. I have heard comments about me from a few people. please believe i am still a part of the city I am just working more the business side of the city than the hero side. Because of each person running a few citizens have asked who I am throwing my support behind, and I am going to say that as of this moment, no one. I see potential in most of the candidates and no i wont say which ones, but I do see it and to be honest I No matter who wins I don't want it to be just a victory for them I want it to be a victory for Celestial City and the people as a whole. Meta and Non Meta can succeed under the right leadership."

Timber pauses and looks hard at the camera.

"Now on to Strong... Knock that shit off! the city has its flaws and its foibles, and to be honest i have also been working on a plan that I want to run past the city council as soon as I can. You have a problem with how this city is run at this moment, come talk to me. You wanna see change in this city, don't bitch, pitch in. Come to me come to the city council and make suggestions, let's see about effecting real change so whoever comes into the job of mayor doesn't feel like they are coming into a the titanic right after the Iceberg hit it. Now if you wanna threaten the people of this city I am sure the protectorate will show you the results of that and if I need to you and I can hash this out that way. However Strong does have a point about the prisoner auctions, thankfully we havent had one in a while, but prisons don't work, the city is not sufficient for a meta human prison, so we are working on thinking outside the box to rectify things. Speaking of which I am hoping to speak to the City Council within the next 48 hours about an idea I have for one such change."

Timber smiles as he sets the paper down."I know a few people still see me being interim mayor as a power grab but let's be honest here according to the laws of the city me being interim mayor was a short term deal to begin with, if I wanted a power grab I would run again or just change the laws in an executive order or something and while i have put out a couple of those I want to believe they have been for the betterment of the city, not the betterment of myself. So to sum up, I wish all the best to the candidates, Strong, pitch in don't bitch, and City Council I intend to speak to you very soon. Thank you all Celestial City, and good night.
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