Cassie Baran, Fashion Consultant

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Cassie Baran, Fashion Consultant

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SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Cassielisabeth


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Citizen


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 27

Cassie Baran is a freelance Fashion Consultant, whom helps not only civilians find their inner couture, but also metas in order to showcase the beauty within.

Having been raised in Manhattan, NY and attended and received her degree in Design and Marketing at Parsons, The New School of Designs, she works to use her knowledge and gifts to help those around her understand the varied, and eclectic genres of fashion and how the power of Fashion can help make or break a reputation.

Cassie does not recall nor understand how or why Shiva chose to save her over others, perhaps she felt fashion would have its place in the new world? When she woke, the last she remembered was getting ready to help with some fittings for the the Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs shows during NY Fashion Week.

Understandably, Cassie is not a meta herself, nor does she seek to become one. She enjoys an active nightlife and uses any and all connections she makes through social media, socializing and chance meeting to help further her business.

Having woken in this new city, Cassie spent very little time establishing herself and setting up her company, "Eyelet Couture."

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