NPC: Ben Ded Knee

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NPC: Ben Ded Knee

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Name: Ben Ded Knee

Origin world: Earth 1492, Upper north west America region. Tribe: Cree

Just a guy trying to make a living to support his family after his primary employment was destroyed by Shiva. Former non-management Wild Geese, PMC employee

When Wild Geese, PMC 's headquarters was destroyed, Ben received monies to be able to support his family for a year. The former company even handled his wife's medical bills- and still does. But Ben himself was still grieving a nephew , Peter, he'd lost. Putting himself into his job, this drove a wedge between him and his family. Moving separately to avoid getting them in trouble, he continued his work with shady employers. One day, while doing a job, a hero named Timber took a hammer to him, and crushed his entire lower left leg. Now equipped with a (normal) prosthesis he continues his job..what else can he do?

Quote: "With great danger comes great combat pay"

Skills: Taking orders, assault weapons, military tactics (former legal private military operative)

In Character Hiring price: low-mid, bad guys and good guys can hire

OOC info: feel free to use any time you want. This is the guy Timber injured in the gallery
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