Another Piece of the Puzzle

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Another Piece of the Puzzle

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Sun Mar 08, 2020 1:03 am

[17:01] Takamachi Mikoto pulls up her ARPC and looks at it. " Well. It's about time to start but People seem to operate on a slightly different time frame in this city, So I'll wait a vew more minutes to see if anyone shows up "
[17:01] Drexia: Well, people like to be late for some reason.
[17:02] Mythos chuckles softly "Yeah, the whole 'fashionably late' concept is one whose purpose still eludes me, but it does seem quite prevalent around here"
[17:02] Spyder-Bitch looked to Drexia and Mikoto, flipping some of her hair back, "It's called being fashionably late. Can't fault people for being fabulous now, can you?"
[17:02] Takamachi Mikoto eyes Lykan. "Lykan. There's a chance we'll be meeting hostiles on this trip. Do you need weapons? Ir maybe something a bit more stout than a t-shirt?
[17:05] Spyder-Bitch wiggles her fingers to Katie, smiling as she wondered if the drunk girl would even recognize her in this outfit.
[17:06] Lykan look at himself. "Hmm.. well i do have a rifle and two spaulder.. you want me to get them ?"
[17:07] Drexia: It would be a good idea.
[17:07] Ascendant (Talista Glas) shows up with a smile "I'm assuming I'm not late to the festivities. I would request heavy hardware carrier for the...ahem...package that you finished, Mikoto" she says with a smile
[17:08] Takamachi Mikoto: " you may need them. If you need to borrow a weapon, I'll let you grab one from the armory. " She looks to Ascendant and nods. " no not too late. Seems to be right on time. Well then. I suppose we'll be ready to start the briefing. "
[17:08] Agent London walks out of the Vanguard HQ, securing her shield to her back. Making her way to Mythos "Looks like we are working together luv"
[17:08] Lykan would nod. "I will search that." He look at Katy, and walk away, searching for his stuff.
[17:09] Katy eventually arrives in front of the Vanguard HQ offering a nod towards the gathered "Evenin' ... sorry, i'm late, boss. There was an incident near the main entrance." she glares over to the now arriving Doc Iseli, wondering if it was a mistake to not quarantine her.
[17:11] Samantha Iseli is breathing a bit heavily when she finally arrives, having run to make sure she arrived on time, guessing she's not too late by the crowd still gathered. She looks more tired than she normally does, but she is here, hoping that this will only be needed for her scientific expertise. She notices Katy's glare but the one she returns is barely more than an annoyed glance.
[17:11] Mythos smiles to London and gives her a small nod "Seems so, looking forward to it. Been hearing good things" then returns the nod to Katy as well "Been a while, hope you've been doing well. Say hi to Sigrid for me when you get a chance... still owe her a trip"
[17:12] Spyder-Bitch noticed Agent London arrive, "Oh hey, it's you again! Looking smashing as ever." She'd hear Mythos and mutter under her breath, "We owe her more than a trip..."
[17:13] Lykan would come back a moment after, fully geared this time.
[17:16] Takamachi Mikoto nods to Lykan as he gets back then looks to the others. "Some months back there was a major raid on Shiva's headquarters. As many of you know, The threat of Shiva was eliminated. That said, We have not been to all of the outposts that were occupied. We were able to extract some data and we have procured the location of a site of interest. "
[17:18] Lovelace nods as Mikoto starts to talk, typing a few commands into her wrist computer to start recording.
[17:18] Drexia nods and listens
[17:19] Ascendant (Talista Glas) types into her wrist computer to initiate transport protocol of her combat machine.
[17:20] Mythos smiles "We got any info on this site, other than it being interesting?"
[17:22] Lykan look at everybody for a moment, but remain silent.
[17:25] Spyder-Bitch simply enjoyed the view she had of Mythos while Mikoto spoke. She'd casually look at the others as to not seem to fixate on any one person.
[17:26] Takamachi Mikoto continues on. " This site is a bit farther out from the city than our regular exploratory patrols have gone. About all we have is a flyover. What we saw from the air was a bunker very similar to the one located in the ruins under the city. There is definably something out there but we didn't see any activity. The reason it is a place of interest is because it was listed as a high priority resource. "
[17:27] Lykan "So, it is not really a mine ?"
[17:28] Katy grumbles and is lost into her realm of paranoia, wondering if this expedition might be another insidious trap.
[17:28] Drexia nods "Last i heard is that it was a potential copper vein or similar. Is that true?"
[17:29] Takamachi Mikoto: " We believe so, yes. But it's deep enough that we couldn't veryify it from the air."
[17:29] Lykan give a glance at Drexia.
[17:30] Drexia nods "I suppose we will find out soon enough."
[17:30] Ascendant (Talista Glas) nods "so for the bunker, I would expect on the approach my mech would be optimal but likely inside I will need to re-utilize this frame" she states and looks back at Sam "If you could ensure my body remains intact and perhaps find a weapon for me to use while inside of the bunker, that would be...optimal"
[17:30] Mythos chuckles "Well, that'd be nice, alchemy isn't exactly my expertise... or a particular interest"
[17:31] Spyder-Bitch did a head count of the women to men ration, and couldn't help but wonder if Lykan felt like the luckiest guy in the city or not. She paused though at Mytho's mention of 'alchemy,' opting to keep her angelic symbiote's interest in that skill quite for the moment.
[17:32] Agent London nods "Yeah sorry, out of my realm as well. Im just a soldier"
[17:32] Takamachi Mikoto looks over to the Vanguard personnel " You think Vanguard can loan Ascendant a weapon for the expedition? "
[17:33] Lovelace blinks, "Alchemy? Copper's just a normal element, useful for power transmission."
[17:34] Ascendant (Talista Glas) smiles to Mikoto "just need it for any point of entry into the bunker. Unless the door is...quite large..."
[17:34] Lykan look at Katy, then back at group.
[17:34] Takamachi Mikoto: " no. It's pretty much human size.
[17:34] Mythos nods slightly to Miko "Yeah, we can muster that" sigils spiralling around her hand for a moment before a small portal opens up and she draws a rifle through it
[17:34] Samantha Iseli tilts her head "Keeping your body intact should be... simple enough? Maybe. As for a weapon, I am a pacifist.." She replies to the earlier question
[17:36] Spyder-Bitch watched Mythos a moment, making a mental note to get some lessons from her in the future.
[17:37] Zero comes out of Vanguard HQ looking rather annoyed "Hey British Bimbo, Nightmare needs you on something else. I'm taking your spot" Giving a nod to Katy and Mikoto "Oh maybe it wont be such a shitshow afterall" Agent London looks annoyed but isn't about to argue with a decision by Nightmare "The name is Agent London. Wouldn't kill you to at least try and be part of the team for once"
[17:40] Spyder-Bitch watched Agent London leave, watching her ass with every step. She'd look over to Zero, "Love your outfit. You pull it off nicely."
[17:40] Lovelace holds up a hand, "Question, what is the radio frequency for this operation? Just so we're all on the same page, so to speak."
[17:40] Mythos grins a bit at London "Actually in her case I think it might" then steps over towards Ascendant to give her a quick run-down on the rifle's functions
[17:42] Takamachi Mikoto rattles off the standard comm frequency used for joint operations as well as the alternate." Any other questions. "
[17:42] Ascendant (Talista Glas) smiles and nods "won't need it until we go inside but I'll try and do what I can with it, thank you" she says, slinging it while her transport system waits for landing location.
[17:44] Spyder-Bitch looked to Mikoto with a smirk, very desperately wanting to ask her how she'd like her eggs in the morning, but showed some restraint and kept her mouth shut.
[17:46] Mythos shakes her head "None from me, just hope whoever's stealing my style shows so I can put an end to that"
[17:47] Drexia: I believe most questions have been aswered by now. More will however no doubt arise when we arrive at the location.
[17:48] Ascendant (Talista Glas) shakes her head and speaks over the frequency without moving her lips "no questions from me, checking frequency." she says and then nods, speaking with lips this time "Can you give me an approximate drop point so I can pre-prime my combat frame to be on site?"
[17:51] Takamachi Mikoto nods. " Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to go with you. Given the recent threat the association has presented, it was decided that it would be best if Nightmare and I stay in the city. " She nods and presses a few buttons on her pad, transmitting the location to Ascendant. " Speaking of the association. If any of them show up, be on high alert. So far the only one that's ever actually attacked the cities' forces has been Rose herself, but at this point I believe it is safe to say they they are up to no good. "
[17:53] Zero checks her comm and equipment, giving Spyder a look that could mean shes mentally aiming a shot at the annoyance or just tasted something god awful. About to speak she sighs remembering N's words and also Elistons as she tries to better associate with people. Instead she gives a forced smile "Um thanks." Then turns to Mikoto "So are you the one running this op Miko?"
[17:53] Lykan pin his rifle against his body armor, crossing his arms over it, remaining silent.
[17:54] Ascendant (Talista Glas) begins transmitting and a package can be seen flying off. She nods "alright, I am ready to go" she states, double checking the rifle that she was totally going to try to not be a liability using.
[17:54] Sparks jigs up - a little late - stopping at the outside of the crowd somewhat behind Katy and checking her gear
[17:55] Lykan start to balance on his feet.
[17:56] Lovelace looks at Zero, a bit confused as if the white haired woman wasn't listening. She starts to say something, but decides against, sounding like she was clearing her throat.
[17:56] Spyder-Bitch makes a mental note about how Mikoto and N will be staying in the city, and wondered if that was just the upper city or not. Either way it was good intel to bring back to Rose. She'd smile at Zero, taking her face to be the former, but was doing her best to be on her best behavior. Stupid promotions making her need to be a better example for all.
[17:56] Drexia waits quietly, just waiting
[17:57] Takamachi Mikoto: " Allright. Any final questions?
[17:58] Ascendant (Talista Glas) raises her hand "how are we getting there?" she asks
[17:59] Drexia looks over at the shuttle and then back
[17:59] Mythos glances back at Zero "I'll coordinate the Vanguard team, but we're following PAE's lead since this is their op tonight" then looks to Ascendant "I'd guess the dropship right over there"
[18:00] Takamachi Mikoto points over at the PAE transport shuttle. "Your ride is right over there. I'm having one of my pilots fly you out. "
[18:00] Zero watches seeing Galactica flying off in the distance, obviously also staying behind as defense. "Well that explains why N pulled London in case shit goes down while we are away." Nodding to Ascendant "Yeah I can follow Katy easily. Its a couple of the others I would worry about" giving a nod to Katy "Think I still owe you a ratburger and a drink Katy"
[18:00] Sparks pulls out her padd tapping on it, Iridium passing by almost invisibly overhead and orbiting high as she sets up the usual datalink over tactical frequency. The adaptive signal enhances comms with tactical elements and IFF all the way up to VR components for those capable of receiving and processing it
[18:00] Ascendant (Talista Glas) smiles and nods "Is everyone else riding with me or is that my personal shuttle?" she asks, not meaning to be a prick but probably sounding like it
[18:01] Takamachi Mikoto: " uh.. that should be enough for everyone ... " she reponds looking a little confused
[18:03] Lykan continue to balance on his feet, drumming slowly his weapon.
[18:03] Lovelace looks at the shuttle, "No problem, who's piloting? I am qualified, if no one else is."
[18:04] Ascendant (Talista Glas) nods "alright, I can manage" she says with a smile
[18:04] Spyder-Bitch started to head for the shuttle, it taking all the strength in her to not give Mikoto's ass a light tap as she walked by, "If there aren't enough seats, We volunteer to sit on someone's lap."
[18:04] Takamachi Mikoto: " one of my security will be flying. They already know the route.
[18:04] Mythos glances up at the sky "Daylight's not gonna last forever, and we really don't wanna be out in the wilds after dark if we can avoid it, so let's get this show on the road"
[18:04] Katy returns one of her infamous calming gestures towards Zero "Not tonight. Seems we got a job to take care o. C'mon, lets get this party started."
[18:04] Drexia: Indeed, who flies the shuttle is irrelevant
[18:05] Takamachi Mikoto: waves to the group and heads into the vanguard hq
[18:06] Sparks moves into the shuttle up to the engineering seat, slaving Iridium's autopilot to follow, then pulling up charts and intial survey data to review on the flight.
[18:06] Lykan follow the group, get inside the ship, and sit down next to Drexia.
[18:06] Samantha Iseli boards the shuttle along with the others and finds herself a seat in the back corner, and rather promptly falls asleep
[18:06] Mythos takes a seat next to Katy so they can coordinate command for the mission during the flight
[18:07] Pae Pilot shows up and does a walk around of the craft, then steps abord
[18:07] Drexia looks to lycan "Lets see how this goes."
[18:07] Zero takes a seat next to Ascendant. Not saying a word as she gives her weapons one last check before they fade from existence as she stores them
[18:08] Lovelace hops into the copilot seat, unless kicked out. She doesn't touch anything, just makes herself familiar with the controls.
[18:08] Spyder-Bitch took the one seat that let her stare at everyone. If she wasn't going to be overtly physically flirty, the least she was going to allow herself to do was to eye grope everyone.
[18:09] Lykan look at Drexia, and lean a bit toward her. "You know how it is going to be.."
[18:10] Ascendant (Talista Glas) looks at zero, then looks back forward, relaxing back for the flight, seemingly completely nonchalant
[18:10] Drexia: Probably. We show up and theres a fight, my drone gets splattered across the landscape.
[18:11] Lykan "You are lucky.. it's a drone.." He smirk behind his mask.
[18:12] Drexia: Well, had i been there in person i would not have been splattered. I really need to work on a decent way of having them recombine after such an event however.
[18:13] Pae Pilot looks around. " Please keep all extremities inside the vehicle and weapons safe durring flight. " She then proceeds to close the doors and head to the front.
[18:15] Sparks points forward throught he windshield "Make it so"
[18:15] Ascendant (Talista Glas) looks back at Sparks "was that a Harry Potter reference?"
[18:15] Lykan look outside, and tilt his head.
[18:16] Zero groans "I feel Nightmare gave me this as punishment for something"
[18:16] Sparks frowns, leaning back to peer into the rear compartment "Hairy what? is that another anime? I swear there's too many of those.."
[18:16] Mythos glances over the assembled and chuckles a little "Hmm... looks like the archmage is the meat shield tonight too, this is liable to be an interesting mission"
[18:17] Lovelace laughs at the comments, "Okay, am I going to be one of the few people in the city that gets /all/ the references?"
[18:18] SCENE: The pilot lifts off and starts heading out of the city. Once they are about a mile out the of the city, she looks at sparks. There's a hint of a huff from the helmet and she turns down the inertial dampener juuuuuust a bit then hits the acceleration. It's enough that people feel pushed back in their seat a bit but not uncomfortably so. After about an hour of flight the shuttle begins to slow and starts to descend to a heavily forested area
[18:19] Zero groans "Why do I have a bad feeling about this"
[18:20] Lykan looked outside the whole time. Then the door open. He twitch his ears, then look at the other people.
[18:20] Sparks blinks and tilts an ear at the expression nonplussed, gripping her seat tightly at the increased maneuvering Gs she grins in delight tail swaying behind her chair savoring it - being one of the first to unbucle and leave her seat as they touch down, Iridium slotting overhead and orbitting the area starting to scan and feed sensor data to the group
[18:21] Drexia seems as calm as usual, looking outside as the shuttle lands and the doors open
[18:21] Mythos stands up as soon as the shuttle door opens and starts heading out, sigils glowing around both hands as soon as she gets outside, and after a few seconds an ornate spear and shield appear
[18:22] Ascendant (Talista Glas) stands and stretches her legs, looking around "so, is this the part where we tip the pilot or is this where we hurl?" she asks, looking around then shrugging and stepping out of the craft before the usual high cal attack happens
[18:22] Zero steps outside the shuttle. Her twin psitols appearing in her hands ready for action
[18:22] Lykan stand up, and arm his weapon. He finally jump out of the ship, and look around.
[18:22] Lovelace starts up her drone as the ship unseals, sending it out for a scan.
[18:23] Pae Pilot: please take care in exiting the vehicle. no shoving.
[18:23] Spyder-Bitch started to lean forward from the acceleration, but her spyder stickyness kept her in place. She watched the blonde sleeping for a bit, wondering if she looked that good after earning her sleep. She spent most of the trip listening to her various symbiotes, and planning what it would take for any of them to get involved. She'd rise up and follow the others outside, stretching as she did, "Next time, We demand an in flight movie and some peanuts."
[18:26] SCENE: the shuttle lands in a dense forest area. It's fairly quiet except for the sounds of small woodland creatures going about their small woodland business.
[18:26] Katy snores like an old sailor, her head potentially resting on Mythos shoulder during that one hour of flight, until she finally awakes from the landing, rubbing her tired eyes and staggering out of the shuttle, trying to get an impression of the awaiting environment "Well, what are ye waitin' for. Secure the AO ... setup perimeter defense ... scout the area !"
[18:27] Sparks unslings her cannon, the charging spindle in the center humming and starting to spin up generating power as her other hand pulls out her padd, tapping through readings and scan results - routing what she can to the tactical commnet generating a HUD showing people's relative positions and marking anything the sensors show as unusual or potentially threatening based an a range of data types; motion, thermal, EM, radiological
[18:28] Lovelace runs her drone through it's own sensor cycle, hovering it around the group to improve her Friend/Foe data before the hover wing focuses on the building ahead.
[18:28] Ascendant (Talista Glas) pulls out and activates weapon "pink? really? ugh, that's last cycle" she states and makes sure everything is charged and then aims it around, probably flagging every single person in the group "alright' we're ready"
[18:29] Lykan look around for a moment, and lower his weapon as he turn around the ship. He look at Sparks and the group. "Quite calm for the moment."
[18:29] Mythos does a quick mental reach-out and then glances back to the others "Not picking up anything bigger than normal animals around here, think we're good to advance" keeping her shield up in front of her as she starts slowly moving through the trees
[18:29] Samantha Iseli sleeps through the entire flight, not even woken up by the acceleration, though she wakes up with a jolt when the shuttle lands, she looks around a bit frantically before remembering where she is. After composing herself, she stands up and steps out of the shuttle, looking around at the surrounding area. She activates her datapad and starts scanning the surroundings.
[18:30] Spyder-Bitch simply follows behind Mythos, not having any fun gadgets to activate or anything, "Anyone else think this place would make a great sight for a burning man concert. No, just us? Okay."
[18:31] Zero cycles through her weapons and swaps to her rifle as her pistols disappear and rifle appears in her hands. She slowly falls to the back of the pack
[18:31] Drexia looks around, scanning before moving on towards the bunker
[18:31] Ascendant (Talista Glas) looks around "I am keeping the assault frame on standby until there is a reason to utilize its firepower. In the meantime, I will utilize..." holds up the gun "this...thing"
[18:32] Katy checks her gimpy ol' 10mm sidearm, which was such a lovely gift from PRivate Trouble, then motions into the direction of the bunker "Advance ! Slow and steady ... immediately report movement ... if you spot some creepy creature, open fire and ask questions later."
[18:32] SCENE: Sparks sees great deal of thermal and motion The entire group is surrounded. By small bird. Squirrel analogues and many other small animals. The background radiation is well within normal perimeters for a healthy planet. so far there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary.
[18:34] Sparks moves towards Doctor Iseli, staying in the rear of the pack as fire support and CnC, cannon humming softly as it continues charging focusing mainly on her padd analyzing sensor data from the Iridium and relayed from others patched into the tactical network, tuning to screen out smaller nonthreatening signals and widening the net to watch for anythign approaching at superspeed
[18:35] The security drone remains at the front of the group. "This area doesn't seem very disturbed... well except for us. Thermal signatures everywhere, but seem to be 'native' wildlife." There's a pause, "I just realized we're the Aliens here."
[18:35] Lykan continue to look around, and spot the bunker further away. He breathe, and start walking toward it, remaining vigilent.
[18:37] Spyder-Bitch shrugged, "We're always the alien anywhere We go. Since, you know, the symbiote is alien and all." She looked around the area, thinking the trees were a bit too close together to allow for proper webslinging. Looks like she was going to be grounded for this expedition.
[18:37] Mythos moves up at a steady pace, staying on guard despite sensing nothing, making her way up to one of the large vines and staring at it for a moment "Huh, Auriat... interesting... there's something very familiar about this..."
[18:38] Sparks chuckles "We live here now.. and as for your symbiote...there's gotta be somewhere it's native to?"
[18:38] Ascendant (Talista Glas) moves forward but stays back a bit, ready to hit the launch button on the drop pod sitting high above, smiling a bit, already doing initial connections with it.
[18:39] Samantha Iseli also stays near the back of the group, her own scanner cataloging every new piece of flora and fauna for any potential medical applications and complete cataloging of the planet's lifeforms
[18:40] Lykan raise his fist as he stop. "Contact. Rabbit."
[18:40] Katy moves forward, following Vanguards Commanding Officer, trying to use the available cover in form of the surrounding trees. Eventually when Mythos stops, she would raise a hand and announce "Target in sight. Be on your guard. Scan for mines or automated defenses ... or for slimey bio-contamination." she stares over to Doc Iseli with a sour grimace.
[18:41] Drexia nods and stares towards the bunker, scanning away.
[18:42] The drone scans forward, "There's some sort of rabbit creature at the entrnace? Anyone have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?"
[18:42] Spyder-Bitch nodded to Sparks, "Ratnylk. It's the name of it's species, planet, and language. We don't think you'd like it there. A planet of symbiotes. Yeah, don't think anyone here is volunteering to go on a sugar run to that planet." She tilted her head at Katy, almost wondering if the 'slimey bio-contamination' was a slight against her or not. She ultimately decided it wasn't, but it was only after much internal debate.
[18:42] Zero continues to walk forward. Sweeping with her scope "I really should think about those upgrades from Nightmare. At least the glasses" she grumbles
[18:43] Sparks hmms, tasking some sensors to scan the bunker? at Katy's order
[18:44] Samantha Iseli as requested, scans for any signs of the group's target, or potential threats. She blinks "I believe a grenade is... excessive for use against a woodland animal... If you are under the belief that it is hostile, can we not tranquilize it instead of... detonating it?"
[18:44] the rabbit nibbles grass.
[18:45] Drexia mutters as the others are scared of a rabbit and walks on up towards it, expecting it to run away
[18:45] Lovelace sighs through the com, "Okay, no references."
[18:45] Zero trains the scope on the rabbit "Its...a rabbit. I doubt it's all that deadly. Considering we have a pretty good listing of known species in the Vanguard database"
[18:46] Zero trains the scope on the rabbit "Its...a rabbit. I doubt it's all that deadly. Considering we have a pretty good listing of known species in the Vanguard database"
[18:47] Samantha Iseli tilts her head "That was a reference to something?" she asks to Lovelace.
[18:47] Katy is of course paranoid enough to consider the rabbit being some sort of IED or perhaps a 'Rabbit-Thing' just waiting to infect the whole expedition "It's up to the CO to order the neutralization of the target."
[18:47] Lykan tilt his head as Drexia walk forward.
[18:47] Sparks inclines her head "Escalation of Force Katy..."
[18:47] Mythos shakes her head after a brief moment "Ah well, I'll figure that out later" and continues her advance toward the bunker, reaching out mentally to confirm that the rabbit is indeed a normal animal, and if so urge it to go elsewhere before someone blows it to little bunny kibbles
[18:49] Spyder-Bitch crosses her arms and looks to Zero, "Can't it just be dinner? We're sure someone around here knows a good sauce to go with it."
[18:49] Ascendant (Talista Glas) moves up with the group "please just kill the critter and put it out of its misery. At least that way it'll be over quick and we don't have to deal with someone...eating it..."
[18:50] Zero looks to Spyder "You need help hun. I know a good Therapist"
[18:50] Mythos arches a brow "Very odd... it seems like a normal animal, but I can't control it. I've encountered others like that here, but usually they're more aggressive species"
[18:51] Samantha Iseli looks over at Ascendant "The animal appears to be in good health, I do not believe it is in any misery..."
[18:51] The rabbit looks at Drexia. It starts to hop away. It starts eating a fern. When more people start to get closer it darts off into the underbrush and vanishes.
[18:52] Drexia watches it run off for a bit before continuing up to the bunker door, examining it before trying to simply open it
[18:52] Lovelace runs the drone through a complete perimeter of the structure before it returns to the front with the rest of the group.
[18:52] Samantha Iseli takes a couple steps off to the side when Drexia starts to open the door, just in case there was something that didn't show up on scans
[18:53] Spyder-Bitch smiles to Zero, "We have enough voices in our head. We don't need another one." She watched as the rabbit got away, thinking to herself a moment. She'd move her right foot behind her left, pointing it to the ground. A symbiote would melt off her foot and would move to slither toward the rabbit to bond with. Always good to have eyes out in the wild after all.
[18:53] Katy advances and notices the rabbit vanishing in the wilderness "Situation resolved. Now lets take care of the infiltration point ... do we have any shaped charges available ?" she motions over to the massive door guarding the outpost.
[18:55] Sparks headtilts and shrugs dismissing it.. though at Mythos' comment she taps her padd adding a task to Iridium to attempt to isolate and follow the white rabbit while it's within sensor range - an exception to the small life form filter - before turning her attention to the bunker running eyes over it "Um.. wanna try opening it first before blowing it up?" Iridium moving into a lower angle to scan the interior if the door opens
[18:55] Ascendant (Talista Glas) walks towards the door and looks over it, reaching out with her network to try and see if there was any uplink point so she could attempt to hack the door or at least send it an open signal
[18:57] Zero holds out a couple Pucks "Got universal password here"
[18:58] Lykan approach, lowering his weapon. He look at Katy, then back at the door. "Looks like it's going to be solved.."
[18:58] The rabbit was long gone at this point. Rabbits do not like crowds. As Drexia walks up to the door a mechanical voice says "Organic detected. Access denied. " As soon as Ascendant approached however, the door seems to respond "Access Granted."
[18:58] Samantha Iseli sighs a bit "Oh how lovely, this again..." she comments dryly
[18:59] Drexia: Well, that was easy, but i suspect there will be a stronger response below.
[18:59] Katy rolls her eyes when 'smart tactis' are being applied, instead of just blowing that damn structure into pieces "C'mon, hurry up ... you got a minute to try the soft penetration. If it fails, we're tryin' the more classical approach." falling silent with a surprised expression, when the hackers magic actually seemed to work "Damn ... "
[19:00] Drexia continues on inside and presses the elevator button
[19:00] Sparks peers into the gloom from the back of the crowd, though a moment later AR would grant her and anyone else a false-daylight image of the interior and sensor data "Well.. this seems familiar" she observers
[19:00] Mythos glances back at Katy with a small grin "We might need this bunker intact if the sun goes down before we finish up here" moving on in with the others and heading for the elevator
[19:00] Sparks cannons charging reaching a crescendo, a panel lighting on her weapon as it resets
[19:00] Samantha Iseli looks over at Katy "Do we really want to draw any more attention than necessary? If this is anything like the facility under the city, we should be expecting active Shiva robots at the base of the elevator already"
[19:00] Spyder-Bitch giggles at Katy, shaking her head lightly, "Soft penetration. You won't get anywhere with a limp noodle."
[19:01] Ascendant (Talista Glas) looks at the door and nods "that was easier than I thought. Usually you have to configure the system to reverse the active command and recognize a friend/foe parameters as you being an ally..." she states "but I guess if I don't have to do that, it just opens up, let's do this" she says, heading in
[19:02] Samantha Iseli shrugs "Shiva tech seems configured only to consider organics as unwelcome"
[19:02] Zero puts her breach puck away "Cmon burning daylight. Move your asses inside already"
[19:02] Katy just motions inside of the waiting lift to the abyss "Good job. Lets all get into this death trap now and see what happens." leaving it open if she was serious or not. Of course she hated to be that close inside of the confinded space with that creepy parasite Queen."
[19:03] Sparks troops into the lift, commanding Iridium back into a higher orbit over the site and into standby...
[19:04] Spyder-Bitch walked onto the elevator, "Okay now everyone to the back, then turn around and look forward, but don't you dare talk to anyone!" She'd see Katy have to get nice and close, and she'd smile at her sweetly, "We love how you've let your hair grow out. Such a good look on you." Again resisting every urger to grope someone right now.
[19:05] Drexia quietly zones out and cranks up acid production in her body, in case there are hostile robots below
[19:05] Hacktaz123: /met get in the lift, and look up as he rest a wall. "That remind me the World Union elevator." He remove his sunglasses, then look at everyone.
[19:05] Lykan get in the lift, and look up as he rest a wall. "That remind me the World Union elevator." He remove his sunglasses, then look at everyone.
[19:05] Sparks as an afterthought reaches into a pocket, pulling out a fist sized beacon tossing it on the floor just out of the lift, a relay booster in case there's trouble communicating to the I5ridium while underground, then letting ehr eyes wander over the figures adssembled in close proximity
[19:06] Katy was shivering in disgust so close to her favorite enemy, who was actually wearing that cursed, but also cute Vanguard uniform today. The Queen was for sure the sum of all of Katy's paranoid impulses. She really was fighting her basic instincts to not pull the trigger now ...
[19:07] Samantha Iseli gently slips passed Zero to get into the elevator, her medical bag making a dulled metallic clunk when it bumps against the door frame. She then takes a position out of view from the doors.
[19:08] Zero waits for the doc to enter. Then steps in after everyone else. Keeping her gun pointed down as she turns to Spyder "If I feel a tentacle or grope I'm shooting you. If anyone else feels a tentacle or grope, I'm shooting you. We clear honey?" giving a smile
[19:09] Drexia looks around "Seems everyone is inside, you may press the button to take us down at your convenience."
[19:10] Sparks grins "Speak for yourself.. I like tentacles~" turning to the panel, poking the darker option once everyone is in.
[19:10] Lykan turn toward the door, and exit the elevator, weapon raised.
[19:11] Drexia: Interesting... Not what i expected
[19:11] Zero exits and postitions herself to the right of the lift as everyone exits
[19:11] Spyder-Bitch looked to Zero, rolling her eyes, "We're behaving ourselves today. Haven't you notice the lack of gropes so far?" She'd wink to Sparks, "You did last time anyways." She'd politely wait for others to exit the elevator first, mostly so she could watch their asses as they got off. Had to get her frustrations out some how.
[19:11] SCENE: A mechanical voice can heard when the elevator doors open up. " Welcome, Organics, to your new work assignment. you are 10 years overdue. Please report to your assigned workstations. Noncompliance will not be tolerated. "
[19:11] Katy grumbles "After you, my queen." she motions Spyder to move
[19:11] Lovelace sends the drone out again, zooming the optics around. "Okay, that sounds... ominous."
[19:12] Sparks waits in the lift for almost everyone else to exit, assuming she and Sam would be last "Oh.. by" she breathes at the announcement, checking her cannon as it works on charging up the second cell, tapping sensors into active scan to map the tunnels
[19:12] Ascendant (Talista Glas) steps off the elevator and looks up "so the front door recognizes I'm not organic but this system is labeling me as such...hmmm, alright, let's see what's up" she states, trying to reach out to find a nearby network, looking to see if she could figure out what was happening.
[19:12] Sparks also tries to contact Iridium to verify comms are clear
[19:12] Spyder-Bitch had visible goosebumps when Katy called her 'my queen,' making her coo slightly, "Don't tease us unless you're gonna finish the job." She'd walk off the elevator, "Ten years late huh? Gotta love those unions and making sure we're all still employed."
[19:13] Samantha Iseli peers out of the elevator, surprised pleasantly by the lack of an attack, though she furrows her brow at the automated announcement, though her attention quickly focuses on the glowing tumor-like things further in, starting to scan those "Perhaps it assumes you are an escort" she says to Ascendant
[19:13] Mythos steps out as soon as a path clears and makes her way back to the front of the group, shield up once again "Huh, bit more intact than most of their facilities we've seen, but awfully quiet"
[19:13] Drexia looks into the tunnel, scanning. "Unknown substance... It may be organic.
[19:15] Zero turns back to the Doc "This lift is the fall back point. Shit goes wild you get back here and cover Doc."
[19:15] Lykan slowly goes forward, being careful as usual. He stop at the first junction, and look on the left.
[19:17] Drexia also moves on up to get better scans, trying to identify the substance as well as look for any active power sources.
[19:19] Katy enters the narrow tunnel and stares down into the darkness "Prepare for CQC ... i need more sensor data ... movement, electromagnetic, rads, biotoxic ... " still awaiting more scanning feedback to judge the situation ahead.
[19:19] SCENE: as the group begins they can detect weak energy signatures. There's a slight acrid scent and throbbing green pustules that occasionally vent a gas that is irritating to breath and to the eyes but only when close to them. There are robotic units in the hallways but those that haven't shut down are in a state of disrepair or barely working.
[19:21] Sparks frowns at her padd collating what sensor data is shared fromt he others for broadcast over tacnet "If you want that we need to outfit Lykan with a sensor rig.. or something" she grumbles, checking with her own suit's advanced screening systems for biological or chemical hazards as her cannon continues to hum, again slung with no clear shot on anything
[19:21] Lykan "There is a robot here.. and another one of these green things.."
[19:22] Drexia: Im sensing only weak energy signatures. Its unlikely there are many robots still operational down here. The growths appear to be venting some form of gas. *nods*
[19:22] Ascendant (Talista Glas) finds a remarkably low amount of network traffic, and lots of errors "what systems exist are of low interest" she states as she moves forward "Remarkable if we find anything useful, far more likely to find some malfunctioning frames and a general lack of usefulness. There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere"
[19:23] Drexia looks around "There is definitely copper ore down here however."
[19:23] Spyder-Bitch sniffs the air, and scowls at the gas being vented out, "Okay, so they were either making really good cheese, or some pranksters left their fart machine on."
[19:23] Mythos looks around as best she can in the dim lighting, then sighs and begins gathering the insects in the area to act as her eyes and scout deeper into the tunnels
[19:24] Sparks lets one eye roam the collection of rear ends on display, other eye on padd as the scanning continues mostly automated
[19:25] Drexia considers something before ripping one of her fingers off and simply throws it at the nearby growth, obsering its reaction as her finger grows back.
[19:25] Samantha Iseli furrows her brow a little as she monitors the sensor data "I am picking up weak power signatures, whether that is an indication of low function or interference from the copper in the walls, I am unsure. The... pustules are releasing small amounts of a probably corrosive gas, I suggest avoiding causing them to rupture... At the rate of release, there is either excelent ventilation, or these growths are recent." she reports as she steps out of the elvator, her glasses lighting up slightly in the dimmer environment.
[19:25] Samantha Iseli winces when Drexia throws something at one of the growths
[19:26] Lykan frown a bit, and turn on the light on his weapon, aiming around, not moving from his position. "I wouldn't touch these if i were you. Looks like some sort of toxic mushroom. Which explain why there is only robot around, and that they are waiting for Organics.."
[19:26] Zero rezzes a gasmask seeing the vapor, better safe than sorry. Keeping herself to the back of the party "Yeah...definitely have a bad feeling about this"
[19:26] Katy notices the disgusting, pulsating biomass ahead and gasps "Look at those nauseous degenerations ... hell, i wish Trouble would be here with her flamethrower." trying to cover her nose and mouth with her ellbow. Katy awaits and wonders what might happen when Drexia tries to hit the biomass.
[19:36] SCENE: When the nail of the finger hits the pustule there is a bit of a hiss as the pustule begins to spray acidic mist into the air that hung around and lingered. Fortunately the rupture wasn't enough to cause the pustule to explode and flood the tunnels with acid. The few operational robots were still trying to perform their functions ignoring the organic people in the tunnels for now.
[19:36] Sparks raises a brow as she makes a note on her padd to put together a standard away mission kit, and include gas masks in it "Anyone that doesn't have protection and needs it fall back to the elevator for a moment, I can rig up some temporary breathing protection."
[19:37] Sparks's cannon still charging*
[19:37] Lykan frown a bit at the reaction. "Hmmf.." He step back. "Looks like i could be right.." He turn toward Sparks.
[19:38] Drexia: Hmm... interesting. These things appear to be filled with acid. I would suggest against breaking them.
[19:38] Mythos winces a bit at the hissing sound "Considering we're here to secure metal, it might be a good idea to avoid kicking up clouds of acid..." continuing to guide her insect swarm deeper into the mines to see if there are any threats to be cleared out
[19:39] Spyder-Bitch grimaced and started to hold her breath. Thanks to her symbiote, she didn't need air all the time as it didn't need it to survive. The only down side was she couldn't talk without breathing. A true loss if there ever was one.
[19:39] Ascendant (Talista Glas) watches the reaction and shakes her head "Alright, how about a new rule: if it looks dangerous, don't poke it. If it looks like it might explode, don't step on it. And if it is moving and hasn't noticed you, don't draw attention. Please be a self destructive moron when your head is the only one on the line."
[19:39] Katy still tries to cover her mouth and nose, retreating back into the elevator to grab one of Researcher Sparks gasmasks.
[19:40] Zero can't help but chcukle a little at Ascendant "This must be your first time on one of these missions"
[19:40] Drexia: Well, we will need to go through one of these tunnels and both are blocked with these cysts.
[19:42] Lykan would pick up a protection, once it's possible. "Acid is the worse..."
[19:42] Lovelace comes in over the radio, "Anyone have nitroglycerin or some other freezing agent?"
[19:43] Samantha Iseli groans a bit when the growth starts releasing more gaseous acid into the air, and Drexia's subsequent comment, not bothering with an 'I told you so'. She looks over to Sparks "Exposed skin is likely also to be problematic in this situation. Respirators will be important, but insufficient, at least for most of us"
[19:43] Drexia: I do not, but then again this coating *motions to the black material covering her* is extremely resistant to acid. So i would have continued through on my own, but now that is not an option.
[19:44] Sparks gestures Lykan closer, slinging her cannon out of the way, glancing at Katy "Well.. I don;lt think you want one.." she remarks dryly as she reaches up towards Lykan's face, the black material on her arm rippling under the coat a thick band forming and moving up over her wrist, it would spread onto his mouth and cover his nose, thin translucent film doming over the eyes and pseudopods of nanomass spreading to hold it in place as she draws her hand back, leaving it looking much like a black leather bandanna over his mouth and nose, but filtering "that's last a few hours.. but won't survive direct acid contact." she frowns at Sam "Should you and the unprotected retreat topside?"
[19:44] Spyder-Bitch rolls her eyes at Drexia for thinking they needed to walk. She'd fire a webline down the shaft over the blob, as well as a line back at the elevator. She'd combine the lines to create a tight rope for them to crawl across. She'd flick it with a finger to show how tight it was as she currently wasn't speaking due to not breathing anything in. She knew the acid could still be a problem, but she couldn't solve everything with one webline.
[19:44] Ascendant (Talista Glas) looks at Lovelace "are you fucking retarded?" she asks "nitroglycerine? Ok, no, let's use C4 on it or fuck, since it's acid, let's pour bleach all over it, see how that goes"
[19:45] Katy grumbling would now sound a bit more muffled behind her breathing protection "The clock is tickin' ... we need to advance. I've got two shots of 10mm PAE standard cryo ammo. I've got no clue if it's sufficent to freeze such a acid cancer thingy."
[19:45] Ascendant (Talista Glas) looks over at Zero "it's not...but still...ugh...feel like I'm watching toddlers try to dismantle a nuclear device"
[19:46] SCENE: The acid slowly settles. It was a smaller pustule so luckily it didn't really release that much on the ground. People might end up with some messed up shoes at this rate.
[19:48] Drexia: Anyway, i will begin mapping out the ore veins and prepare for the eventual mining operation. *she nods and moves off to the side tunnel, zoning out entirely*
[19:48] Lykan twitch his ears. "Hrmmf." He nod a bit at Sparks, as he feels the protection, then turn back toward the tunnel. "We have to destroy them if we want to use this mine anyway.. so.."
[19:48] Lovelace "Do you want me to take the drone around to see what comes up?"
[19:48] Sparks holds her hand to Sam "Doctor?" she asks and offers, after finishing with Lykan, cannon humming on her back charging still
[19:48] Zero grumbles as she loads a glue clip "Nitroglycerin...yeah Nightmare is definitely punishing me for something"
[19:49] Mythos steps forward, swapping out her insect swarm for a collection of mole rats, then uses the spear to vault herself over the pustule
[19:50] Samantha Iseli hmms a bit and looks over the readings on her datapad "We are safe back here for now, but anyone..." She tilts her head a little as the gas slowly pools on the ground "No, I believe we might be fine now. So long as we do not agitate these growths into releasing more gas" She answers Sparks question about retreating "Destroying them now would be inadvisable, not only would it risk a tunnel colapse" she gestures to the wooden supports "But would likely prevent all but the most resilient of us from exploring. We will need something specialized. Freezing them may be viable for now though, but no idea if the cryo rounds will be enough to do that."
[19:50] Mythos: "As long as you don't poke them or take a deep breath, you should be fine"
[19:50] SCENE: Miraculously the pustules do not react to Mythos going around them. At all.
[19:51] Samantha Iseli looks over at Sparks and shakes her head "No, I brought my own" she says, opening up her bag and retrieving a gasmask, putting it on just to be safe.
[19:51] Ascendant (Talista Glas) blinks "Holy shit, she figured it out, everyone! Go around, it's magical, it works. Or if you really wanna smash, give it a good belly flop" she states, groaning and moving to follow Mythos
[19:51] Spyder-Bitch grabs the webline she set up, and swings her self up on top of it. She balanced herself perfectly on the tight rope and started to crawl across the line to get over the glob. She'd look back at the others, "Just don't do any freezing stuff until after We've crossed. Okay?" Seeing that Mythos was fine, she'd venture over the glob, hopping off the webline on the other side.
[19:54] Sparks frowns, moving up but staying short of the pulsing mass, turning and looking down the side tunnel. Everyone on the tacnet gets a minimap heads up display, showing a topdown of the mine as explored so far with tunnels mapped out as sensors penetrate and people move through them and showing labeled dots for everyone, and red splotches for the biohazards "So what's out goal here? we're not equipped to mine, just explore and secure? we don;t know how extensive these tunnels are..."
[19:55] Lykan mumble and finally follow the group, taking care of not touching anything. "Right.. but we may just prepare the entrance, and see what is waiting us.."
[19:55] Katy does a raspy sigh behind her mask, wondering if she overcomplicated simple situations, or if she just felt disappointed to not 'shoot some stuff'. Anyhow, she would advance and in an awkward manner try to evade any contact with the disgusting biomass, eventually ending up in between the acid cancer behind her and the Queen in front of her.
[19:57] Spyder-Bitch looked back to Sparks, "The goal is simple. We mine things to craft things to help us mine better things to use to craft." She spot Katy landing behind her, "Gotta say, love seeing you have our backs. We'll be sure to return the favor. Of course you can always get our front too."
[19:57] Katy gasps in disgust. This was a pretty bad mission.
[19:59] Samantha Iseli tilts her head as she examines the legs of a Shiva droid sticking out of a collapsed mine "Well, if we needed proof this was a Shiva installation, there it is" she comments before putting her datapad away and slinging her medical bag over her shoulders like a backpack. After approaching the pulsing growths, she then reaches up to grab the webline, straining to pull herself up, and hook her legs around. It's pretty obvious that she doesn't really have the strength for this, but just barely manages to hang on long enough to get passed the pustules before unhooking her legs and dropping back to her feet, stumbling a bit and bumping into the wall, groaning a bit and rubbing her arms
[20:00] Zero leaps up on Spyders webline and walks along it in surprisingly perfect balance. Not even a stumble as follows the crew
[20:01] Sparks grabs the line, scooting along it relatively easily, dropping and turning around she kneels in front of the pulsating bulk, careful not to touch it and scanning it closely "Well.. I'm going to try and get a sample of.. whatever this is. If we can analyze it we should be able to formulate some kind of base to neutralize it, and allow us to safely clear these things.." she digs in her coat to prepare a hazardous material sample container "...once the rest of you are at a safe distance" she looks over her shoulder at the others - sadly there isn;t an ass in reach she dare touch at the moment
[20:02] Lykan shake his head as he make his way forward.
[20:03] Lovelace "Instead of neutralizing, what about mining the acid. I mean for construction purposes. A suitable needle, hose and tank... yeah you'd need to be careful but."
[20:05] Samantha Iseli nods to sparks "I appreciate your willingness to wait until we are not in proximity" she says honestly "Just, do be careful yourself. Acid burns are quite unpleasant." Collecting the acid would be a good idea in theory, but there are at least two groups, and they both block the viable paths, that meant at least one had to go, assuming they didn't burst on their own, there had to be a reason for that collapsed tunnel after all
[20:06] Spyder-Bitch noticed her webline vibrate, and turned to see Zero had jumped up on it. She watched the girl's flawlessly walk across it, "Gotta say, love your moves girl."
[20:08] Lykan goes to the junction, and look on the left, as usual.
[20:09] Samantha Iseli wanders forwards a bit when she gets the chance, she activates her datapad again and starts scanning a copper deposit, checking the purity of the ore and such
[20:10] Katy grumbles and pushes herself forward to address Mythos who still was the Commanding Officer of the expeditionary forces "So, whats next ? We're not here to study that green goo. Lets advance and scout for somethin' like an operations center ? Perhaps our eggheads can figure out if there is some carrier signal which coordinates whatever tech is still active ... we triangulate that location and invade that place." she suggests.
[20:11] Ascendant (Talista Glas) points to Katy "alright, now everyone follow her lead. This we're treating this place like Metapool could be waiting behind any corner but it's boring in here."
[20:11] SCENE: The ore seems to be of decent quality for being found in a mine. The party comes across what seems to be a hauler robot with a case of ore ready for refining slung underneath it.
[20:13] Spyder-Bitch gives a salute to Katy, "To the ends of the earth! Wait, what is the name of this planet? We left earth, right? So what's this planet called again?" She'd walk further into the mine, following behind Katy, watching her ass with each step
[20:14] Lovelace directs the drone to hover left and right at the next corner, "Looks like we have more acide straight ahead, while the corner is clear within visual range."
[20:14] Mythos nods to Katy "Yeah, just need to sweep the tunnels and catalog or deal with any threats so the workers don't get mangled when they roll in. So far those acid blobs are all I see that's any threat. Looks like all the bots here got brutalized in pretty short order" advancing up to the next intersection as her mole rats rush off ahead again
[20:15] Lykan wander a bit on the left part, remaining in sight. "He look at the robot sticking out of the wall, and growl. "Machine.." He look around for a moment. "Looks like it's going back to the entrance here."
[20:15] Sparks waits until everyone has moved on a few meters down the tunnel, well beyond the range that it had splashed earlier, choosing a small pustule like before she flexes her fingers and they thicken, the surface gaining angular planes as her hands become armored gauntlets, taking a tool from her coat and opening the container she carefully slices into the small pustule, angling the container to catch much of the ejecta, sealing it and settling down she'd quickly and deftly prepare a second container for the sliced bit of pustule material, going to mark and label both properly her suit rippling madly where the acid hits it and ablating it as she works
[20:16] Sparks's cannon charges on her back, since ithere's still unknowns
[20:16] Samantha Iseli hmms a little "Well, the ore is worth mining at the very least" she comments as she looks around, spotting a downed Shiva bot in a hallway, she starts to scan it to determine what caused it to stop functioning
[20:18] Ascendant (Talista Glas) follows and looks around "yep, it's a mine, let's flood in" she states and shakes her head "can we leave now or do we need to study the walls more?"
[20:20] Lykan come back at the junction, giving a glance at Sparks and Zero.
[20:20] Zero just gives a smirk to Spyder as she walks along the webline "I have many moves hun. I just don't display them for all to see and study"
[20:20] Sparks comments "I wouldn;t mind seeing more of em~"
[20:22] Spyder-Bitch looks to Ascendant, "You aren't enjoying the company of these gorgeous women? So worth the risk of death." She'd smirk at Zero, "Something We actually have in common. Now to only find out what else We have in common. Maybe compare birthmark placement? We'll show you ours if you show us yours."
[20:22] Zero groans as she moves forward "I swear half the city are horndogs"
[20:22] Sparks mumbles "Only half...?" as she works
[20:22] Sparks: "lot higher in my experience.."
[20:23] Samantha Iseli looks over her shoulder briefly at Zero, but just tilts her head towards Sparks "Much more than half" she agrees before turning back to her scans
[20:25] Lykan "I bet you don't have a fan website with pictures of you in a pool, like me." He give a glance at Zero.
[20:25] Ascendant (Talista Glas) was twitching. The synthetic was twitching "can we feed the organics to the acid pods to see if we can appease the creature and form a symbiotic relationship in which it will assist in mining?" She asks and shakes "no wait, that's a terrible idea, forget I said it."
[20:26] Sparks glares at her
[20:26] SCENE: the robots keep mining. the acid plants just kinda sit therre.
[20:27] Zero looks to Lykan "I hgighly doubt that, since I dont wear swimsuits or go swimnming." Turning to Ascendant "I'm for that idea on a couple of them"
[20:27] Katy notices the inactive Shiva drone, which was evoking some bad memories "Still wonder how the Singularity could be defeated. I don't recall those AI's to be some pushovers." following behind Mythos.
[20:27] Spyder-Bitch looked to Ascendant, "Not really the type of symbiosis We were going for. And just for the record, if there is a cave in, We call dibs on Mythos for when the inevitable orgy starts."
[20:27] Sparks labels the containers, sample, date and time, location, which blob, other notes.. then pockets them to follow the group,m scanning the tunnels and updating the mmap being built in everyone's HUD
[20:28] Sparks: "I think you're missing the point of an orgy there..."
[20:28] Samantha Iseli jumps back when the drone starts twitching, then gives a deeply worried look to Ascendant "I believe you should probably not connect with Shiva systems any further" se says
[20:29] Mythos turns back to the group as her moles return to her "Nothing but dead ends, all the bots are inactive... I'd say those acid pods are the only threats in here, and we can have a science team neutralize those easily enough. Probably best for us to make an exit, it's getting a bit late, and I'd really rather not have to spend the night out here"
[20:30] Ascendant (Talista Glas) rolls her eyes "I have bad news. If there is a cave in I will shoot this head so my frame cannot be reused and print a new body. That said, why are we still here? If we were going to be attacked, they would have hit us coming out of the elevator because we were in a tight area with no retreat"
[20:31] Sparks steps to the side, getting a few more samples in more normal containers, dirt, air, a knife scrapes some woo and copper. diligently marking each container and making her way back to the elevator
[20:31] Spyder-Bitch looked to Sparks, "We mean to start with of course! We could never not enjoy some play time with you." She licks her lips, remembering the time they hooked up in N's bar back on the old planet. Good times." She looked to Mythos with a smirk, "We'd keep you warm. But okay." She'd turn on the balls of her feet to face the group now, ready to leave.
[20:32] Katy activates her ARPC to receive some gathered local map data when Mythos announces to retreat "Well ... seems we're runnin' in circles anyway ... this 'dungeon' is smaller than it might suggest. Lets head back to the shuttle and head home. Could use a drink to get that foul taste out of my mouth ..."
[20:32] Sparks gains a third bar of charge on her cannon, and sighs seems it wasn;t needed. she pauses the charge letting it remain on three until they get to the surface and she can discharge safely
[20:32] Zero points her rifle at Spyder "Even think of a orgy with me and I swear to god I will end your lineage"
[20:32] Samantha Iseli hmms a bit "If there are only dead ends..." she looks at her own map of the mine "Then if there is any command facility, it would appear to be down one of these two western tunnels that have collapsed." she says and then wanders back over to the standing drone with the case full of copper ore "Does anyone have the lifting capacity to carry this supply out of here?" she asks as she attempts to disengage the container from the drone
[20:33] Lykan "Sure, can do."
[20:34] Ascendant (Talista Glas) shakes her head "alright, either start shooting each other or leave...this place is useful but I feel we are inspecting the walls for bacteria that might be remotely hostile. Let's roll out" she states and shakes her head, moving back to the elevator
[20:34] Spyder-Bitch nods her head slowly, "Gotcha. Zero requires one on one attention. Maybe even dinner first. Good to know."
[20:34] Lykan put his gun away, and crouch near the robot, also searching to disengage the container.
[20:35] Zero sighs closing her eyes and controlling herself "I promised Nightmare I'd behave but the paperwork may be worth just shooting you"
[20:36] Katy turns to Doc Iseli and frowns "Now c'mon Doc, leave that shit behind. I won't bend over for copper ore. For Uranium on the other hand ... " she sighs and continues her way back to the exit tunnel with the hopefully waiting elevator.
[20:37] SCENE: the release levevers are clearly marked on the hauling container but it weighs about half a ton
[20:38] Sparks rolls eyes and moves to the elevator, trying to reach her relay again, shrugging she makes a note to run comms down here on the next trip, meanwhile while she waits for the others compiling report data and status check in for once she can reach Iridium again
[20:38] Spyder-Bitch looked to the blonde doctor, and would pick up the container with ease for her, "Okay, where do you want this stuff?"
[20:39] Lykan step aside. "I guess outside.."
[20:39] Mythos starts heading back toward the elevator, giving Zero a reassuring pat on the shoulder as she moves by "She's not so bad really, just a bit of a one-track mind at times. Don't let it bother ya too much"

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Re: Another Piece of the Puzzle

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[20:40] Samantha Iseli sighs a bit but relents and pats Lykan ont he shoulder gently "We may as well leave it for another team" she agrees with Katy and starts to depart, only to blink a couple times when Spyer picks it up for them "Or not. Well... I suppose for the near future, to the elevator?" she replies and then nods when Lykan answers as well "And then the shuttle after that I suppose... If that is acceptable?"
[20:40] Zero sighs and follows Mythos "I don't care. This is exactly why I usually work alone"
[20:41] Lykan would go ahead, and walk around the acid blob, taking care of not touching it.
[20:42] Katy snorts "Be careful with such statements, Zero ... or you find yourself sittin' around inside of a lonely office fightin' depressions all day n' night."
[20:43] Spyder-Bitch nods to the good doctor, and would grab her webline once again and swing her feet up over it as she crawled back across it with one hand, the other continuing to carry the container. As she crawled across, she couldn't help but find irony in Katy's statement as she reached the other side with the container and hopped off her webline
[20:43] Samantha Iseli once again puts away her datapad and slings her bag onto her back. She then pauses when she looks over the pulsing blobs, after a moment she works her way around the side, the blob Sparks had drained having made an opening large enough for her to slip through
[20:44] Sparks waves people on "Come on... next stop surface... and coffee"
[20:44] Zero groans to Katy "Sometimes I think that would be nice. Or to just stay at home. Ah the domestic life" seeing the metas grabbing the ore "Hey how do you plan to cram the containers and us all in the lifts. Just wait for the other team."
[20:45] Samantha Iseli shrugs "I am sure the elevator is capable of making two trips" she replies to Zero's question
[20:45] Mythos shrugs slightly "There are good things to working alone, yeah... but it's also good having a squad of people that've got your back no matter how crazy things get" moving up and pressing her way into the elevator with the rest
[20:45] Lykan walk into the elevator, and rest against a wall. "Quite interesting place. Looks like Drexia will be interested with that place."
[20:46] Spyder-Bitch carries the container to the elevator, simply saying, "Or you all go up, then send the elevator back down for us and the supplies?" She looked to Samantha, pointing her thumb at her, "What the smart blonde said."
[20:47] Ascendant (Talista Glas) slings the rifle and heads back to the elevator "I'll wait for second trip. Send word if there's a problem and I can upload right to the mech."
[20:47] Sparks: "Comms don't reach down here."
[20:47] Samantha Iseli pauses near the elevator "It was my idea for the elevator to take two trips, I will remain as well"
[20:48] Katy moves inside of the lift and shrugs over to Lykan "Yeah, this copper mine will potentially stimulate our stagnant economy. Hope Drexia is competent enough to run such a buisness like a professional. I'm goin' to arrange a meetin' with that ol' dragon."
[20:48] Zero groans "I'll keep watch with the s4econd group as well. I can teleport us out if theres a problem"
[20:48] Sparks shrugs, turning and thumbing the elevate oiption once those for the first trip are aboard
[20:50] Mythos steps out of the elevator and suddenly freezes "Wait! Don't go out there... bring the rest of them up. There's big things outside, lots of them"
[20:50] SCENE:
[20:50] Lykan exit the elevator, then look at Mythos. He frown, and draw his weapon.
[20:50] Sparks's tacnet would sound a strident alarm the moment contact is reestablished with Iridium overhead, before even reaching the surface. Hostile contacts populating on the heads up displays
[20:51] Katy follows the Vanguard commander and suddenly stops with a paranoid glare "IT's A TRAP ! I KNEW IT !"
[20:52] Lykan head to an window opening, and look outside.
[20:52] Katy grumbles because she is too small to peek outside "Lykan, report !"
[20:54] Sparks unslings her cannon, restarting the spindle charging on it as she taps at her padd furiously, comparing signals and patching in visual feed to broadcast, dinosaurs not only around but on top of the bunker in wait, following that is tactical data, firing arcs and ballistics based on the window slits and door opening
[20:55] Lykan "I spot a dinosaur on the right.."
[20:56] Samantha Iseli shrugs "We should be fine. There is less of us, so that should compensate for the weight difference of the ore." She watches the elevator lift "No issue regardless"
[20:56] Katy stands tiptoe, but is still unable to see the called target "How big a dino ? Something like Durian or some massive monstrosity ... i mean, do you have the firepower to deal with it, Lykan ?"
[20:56] Ascendant (Talista Glas) moves foward and looks around "alright, what are we looking at? Must be a reason we're all waiting in the foyer. Not a lot of room post elevator before door"
[20:57] Mythos sighs "Well, I see two options... I can portal us all out of here, but then we'd lose the transport and have to come back another time... or we can bust out there weapons-first and have some dino-steaks for dinner"
[20:57] Sparks *as the elevator rises, those with connection to the tactical network get an immediate priority update as soon as they are in range - an overhead battlefield map, with augmented visual feed of a large number of dinosaurs surrounding and atop the bunker just outside
[20:57] Lykan look at Katy. "It's a big one.."
[20:58] Samantha Iseli does not have a link to the tactical network, but does catch Mythos' comment "I am going to assume problems"
[20:58] SCENE: scraping can be heard on the roof of the bunker, and various grunts and growls could be heard through the window. There were things out there and they were all very very angry. Suddenly there was a loud CRACK and a boom, then another. Then a third. The iridium reported a large number of life forms, then almost immediately after that reported that it was under fire by a number of exceptionally fast, high powered projectiles.
[20:59] Ascendant (Talista Glas) sighs and shakes her head "When we get out there, it is going to be nasty. If you become inundated and need cover...get behind the spider"
[21:00] Spyder-Bitch steps off the elevator, "What's this about dinosaurs?" She sets the container down on the ground and looks outside, "Okay, We have an option, though Katy would hate it." She just shrugged and said, "We can always let out a bunch of symbiotes to infect the dinosaurs. We'd gain control of them long enough to make our way back to the ship."
[21:00] Lovelace suddenly cracks over the radio, "Shit, I was focusing on AR and missed what was going outside the shuttle. We've got dinosaurs... Dinosaurs! And some sort of ship."
[21:00] Samantha Iseli winces at the sounds and looks over at Spyder "We should probably not be in the elevator, if it has emergency protocols, it is likely to lock down" she says, promptly stepping out of the elevator just in case, just after Spyder does
[21:01] Lykan twitch his ears.
[21:02] Lovelace "Pilot reports we're in an energy barrier, which is keeping the shuttle trapped."
[21:02] Katy groans out loud as soon as she is confronted with the tactical situation delivered by Sparks sensor magic "Holy fuckin' hell, seems this whole stinkin' primal ecosystem is gathering to teach us a lesson." she turns to the Vanguard Commander and listens to the avilable options "It's your decision, lady. But i say ... lets teach this fuckin' planet a bloody lesson .... time for some 'terraforming', eh ?"
[21:04] Samantha Iseli looks out the window nearby and sees a pair of large, scaly legs "Läck du mir am Arsch" she mutters and then sets down her pag, pulling out the device she'd been carrying around with her and starting to go over it, looking for any obvious means to turn on the shield emitters.
[21:04] Lykan wave his tail as he look outside.
[21:05] Mythos nods slightly, her voice taking on a more commanding tone as she starts issuing orders "Alright then, whatever Ascendant's got planned and I will take the lead and provide cover, fire support clear off the ambushers and flanks first. Watch each other's backs, the smaller dinos are quite agile, but try to move quick... we're on a tight schedule at this point"
[21:06] Ascendant (Talista Glas) nods to Mythos "give the word and I'll cause a massive commotion" she states with a ink
[21:06] Sparks curses as Iridium goes into evasive maneuvering, climbing rapidly and twisting, racing along the energy barrier it's engines dampening into a less efficient but more stealthy configuration to try and lose the tracer if it can't flee, she mumbles "Really need to put weapons on that thing..." she checks the commnet status and frowns at the number of dark signals, realizing belatedly how few are on comms or receiving the tactical updates she kneels and clears a section of floor, configuring her padd top project "Look here." she says, as it builds a small scale hologram of the outside situation, showing the bunker, dinosaurs, and the dots of everyone inside
[21:07] Sparks adds 'comms' to her list for away mission packs
[21:09] SCENE: There are few more booms, but once the iridium is driven off they cease. All of the dinosaurs begin to howl and roar, and one of the Trikes begins to charge the door of the bunker seeming intent to slam against it.
[21:09] Katy nods when the Commander made the decision, glancing over to the Ascendant "Could use some smoke or flashbangs to gaint he initiative. Or fire. Animals got a primal fear of fire. Anybody got some fire ?"
[21:11] Lykan "No." He try to aim at a dinosaur, and mumble.
[21:11] Lovelace "I can shock a couple of them with the lightning tasers, but I doubt it will affect the big ones."
[21:12] Spyder-Bitch looked over to Samantha, "We'll keep you covered. Just stay back and..." She winched slightly, holding her head a moment at the loud roaring. It wasn't enough to really hurt her, more like a kid sibling punching an older one in the arm. Nothing shattering, but annoying enough as it was. She'd shake it off a moment, looking back to Samantha, "Just stay back and do what We say." She turned to Katy, "Just...No loud explosions, okay?"
[21:12] Sparks pats her cannon as it hums "These are not normal animals.. but I could certainly do some shock and awe..." she frowns as the projected tactical map freezes as Iridium moves out of range. The dinosaur contacts becoming 'ghosted' showing last known positions but the bunker, map and contained shuttle still displayed, along with contact blips for all of them
[21:13] Samantha Iseli looks over the tactical map display projected on the floor by Sparks "Shiva has the most absurd idea of a guard dogs" she mutters and goes back to examining the device she's holding "This cannot be difficult...It is meant to be used in combat..." she mutters to herself "Uh...If I can figure out how to use this thing... it may be able to incapacitate one of the larger animals" she says, hesitantly, but gives a nod to acknowledge Spyder's statement to her
[21:13] Mythos gives a quick nod back to Ascendant "Go for it" glancing back to Katy "I can bring fire, if I'm not too busy defending here" her shield beginning to glow and taking on a glassy quality as its magical signature spikes, and then she rushes out the door between trike smashes with shield up and spear set against a charge "You want a fight!? Bring it on, ya overgrown newts!"
[21:15] Samantha Iseli slings her bag onto her back again, no matter what, it would be easier to move without it's weight on one side of her. In the process, she squeezes the grip of the device when she picks it back up and the shield springs to life
[21:15] Lovelace follows the Vanguard field leader out with the Drone, rotating it around and up as she announces on the coms, "Three Large and one larger dino on top of the bunker!" The drone takes aim at the middle of the smaller saurians with a lightning taser.
[21:15] Ascendant (Talista Glas) taps into her pad and the mech drops "time for fun" she states, the spider mech slamming down. Ascendant's body would become motionless and drop lifeless as the mech activated, speaking in a low synthesized inhuman voice "Weapons: optimal. Defensive capabilities: optimal. Power core: optimal. Annoyance level...get some" it opens up fire with a pair of heavy machine guns, firing off into the dinosaurs in front of her.
[21:15] Zero looks out the window and takes aim for only a second before before firing a glue round right at the spinos eye
[21:16] Katy is not even holding back a grin when hearing the Queen's demand "Then perhaps your majesty should move out and exploit her charmes to distract these oversized lizards. Perhaps even bond to them. You would make a fine old iguana." she muttes, heading over to the door and awaiting the order to emergency evac "Get ready !"
[21:17] Samantha Iseli blinks as Ascendant's body drops to the ground, she looks at Spyder "Maybe you should carry Ascendant, and I will cover you" she offers "I cannot carry her quickly"
[21:21] SCENE: spineos beside the bunker was trying to to peer inside when it was hit in the eye with a paint round. In response it lets out an ear shattering roar of anger and pain into the window of the bunker causing it to echo inside of the reinforced structure. Nearly immediately after that the trike collides with Mythos' shield, the sound of the collision sounding like the ring of a gong as the the massive beast bounces off, rolling off in the direction it came from, roaring in frustration. Upon the appearance of the massive mechanical spider, the three clever girls on top of the bunker leap onto it's back and begin to claw and snap at it's armor.
[21:21] Sparks turns, lifting her cannon to the wall as she punches in a tight defined cutting beam, full power. the moment she gets updated sensor and targeting data via one of the ones outside she adjusts and pulls the trigger, the inside of the bunker lights up as if a flashbang had gone off a harsh electronic squeal deafening in the confined space as pure energy erupts from the barrel into the stone wall and right through it - slamming into the same spino and possibly carving right through it as well
[21:24] Samantha Iseli winces and covers her ears as the roar fills the room, she inadvertently smacks herself in the head with the gauntlet like device on her forearm in the process "Oh do shut up you oversized sauhund!"she yells back. She squeezes her eyes shut and holds her ears tighter when Sparks' cannon goes off
[21:25] Zero cries out dropping her gun and covering her ears screaming in pain at all the rediculously loud noise. Looking up in time to see Sparks firing a blast takijhng out the bunker wall. Yelling "ARE YOU A FUCKING MORON? WE HAVE ONE OPENING AND A DECENT FALLBACK POINT AND YOU GO AND CREATE A FUCKING HOLE?"
[21:26] Mythos grins as the trike bounces off her shield, only knocked back a single step by the immense impact, keeping shield and spear set against the main group of hostiles, muttering a low "Athena protect me" under her breath as she begins attempting to cast a spell, bright red sigils beginning to flow all over her body
[21:27] Spyder-Bitch wobbled a bit in response to the roar, as if she was just getting off a long trip at sea and just set foot on land for the first time in months. She put a hand on the wall, just to keep steady. She looked to Samantha, thinking a moment, "We'll grab the pay load and Ascendants body. You just stay near." She fired a webline at Ascendant's body to pull it to her to hoist over her shoulder. She looked to Katy, and actually took it as permission. She'd stomp her foot three times, and three symbiotes would crawl off of her to the door, but would all stop in their tracks and start to squeal in pain as Spyder fell over holding herself in response to Spark's attack. She'd start crawling towards the elevator, very much wanting to take a ride down to get away from the loud sounds.
[21:31] Sparks lowers her weapon and scowls at Zero, the glow and rumble fading, there's only a 0.2m hole left cut through the wall with slightly glowing edges - smaller than the already existing slits
[21:31] Katy winces in pain from the sudden expose to decibel overload, the noises of intense combat echoing through the bunkers structure, she would shake her head trying to get rid of the accoustic trauma and the ringing in her ears. Noticing the Vanguard Commander fighting alone out there, visually preparing to focus and she might be in need of a distraction. Katy was feeling idiotic enough, to support Mythos now, running outside and firing her tiny 10mm revolver to catch the nearest targets attention "COME ! GET SOME !" which was sure not a smart move, but it might buy Mythos the time needed for her spell.
[21:32] Sparks makes a note 'earplugs' on her pack list
[21:37] ASC-133 (Talista Glas) as everyone decides to hop on pop, she switches to the laser beam. It was a modification on a cutting laser, continuous and deadly, she tries to slice through the dinos in weird angles in order to slice and dice them up. The mech moved about, looking to try and ensure it was a moving target difficult to hop onto and start clawing. "DEAL WITH DINOS ON TOP AND I CAN CONTINUE FIRING" it screams in its horrifying synthetic voice
[21:38] Zero growls looking at the hole "Why the fuck is the tight beam so fucking loud then? Jesus I thought you were blasting the damn wall open with that thing." Seeing Spyder in the lift and taking stock of the situation "So the Spyder hates noise, Doc here is useless in a fight. Your rifle have any other surprises?" Cursing seeing Katy running ahead "Miko will be livid if something happens to her" Switching to cryop rounds as she takes aim at the dinos hoipping on the spider and fires
[21:40] Spyder-Bitch crawls slowly into the elevator, needing a moment to catch her breath. She reached up to hit the down button, but couldn't find the strength to raise her hand enough. She'd fire a web glob at it, aiming to hit the down button, but would end up just closing the doors. She'd lay on the ground a moment, finding herself suddenly in a peaceful cone of silence.
[21:40] SCENE: as soon as queen enters the elevator the doors slide closed. Compared to the cacophony currently raging in the bunker, it was almost like blessed silence as all of the sounds were muted. The first trike struggles to get up on it's feet as the second one started to squaring off with the huge spider pawing it's foot into the ground and snorting, preparing for a charge. The spino outside had stood there for a a moment then toppled over, dead as sparks's beam had pierced through it's lungs and heart, fatally wounding the beast. The three raptors on top of of the raptors were trying to scratch and rend, scraping up the spider but not piercing it, meanwhile the horde of raptors to either side of the spider began to charge, intent on getting to the two women underneath. two on the right getting caught by the beam lancing out from the mech and going down hard into the ground writhing but their wounds were starting to heal and they were struggling to get back to it's feat.
[21:43] Sparks takes note of Spyder being incapacitated by it, as she peeks outside and answers the latter question "Well, in layman's terms that was 'cut'. I can also do 'burn', 'blast' and 'explode' " she taps the glowing panels on the body "But only a few shots.. takes a while to charge" though as she speaks the charging spindle reaches a crescendo, and the darkened third panel relights, she smiles "Good timing..."
[21:45] Samantha Iseli groans a little, opening her eyes in time to see Katy run outside with a pistol. She recovers quickly from the acoustic assault of both the dino's roar and Sparks' rifle firing. She shakes her head a bit and notices that Spyder is basically incapacitated and crawling for the elevator, the situation was deteriorating quickly "I am less pacifistic towards hostile wildlife... But I do not know how to access the weapons... So I suppose your statement is still accurate. Carry on" She does her best to help Spyder to the elevator to recover and then takes the time to wonder exactly what good a shield is going to do when even the smallest of these dinos could just knock her over, all of them using melee anyway. She starts fiddling with the gauntlet some more "Come on... I know you're a a bow..." she grumbles, eventually deactivating the shield
[21:46] ASC-133 (Talista Glas) lets out the inhuman low scream of its voice "CLUSTER BELOW, COUNTER MEASURES ENGAGING!" thunders across the battlefield. It leans down, releasing a cloud of smoke that surged with electromagnetism. Visually it would protect anyone inside but it would also wreak havoc on internal and external technology. Lastly, any organics inside the smoke would be detected, but the dinosaurs would be electrocuted with enough power to hopefully incapacitate
[21:46] Mythos is grateful for the mech's distraction as she finishes her spell, the stream of sigils surging into the sky and ripping it open in a shower of fire, giving way for her phoenix to swoop down onto the battlefield, diving towards the raptor closest to her and attempting to rend it in half with its claws while hovering low
[21:47] Spyder-Bitch sat up, watching the others from the elevator for the moment. She saw the three symbiotes she left behind were no longer squealing. She'd send them out of he bunker, sending one to each rhino, trying to bond with them to make them simply stand still. The third symbiote would remain near the Katy, as a possible weapon for her to use if need be. She looked to Samantha, holding a hand up, "We'll be fine, just...Just need a moment to rest.
[21:48] Katy couldn't really believe that she was now standing in the center of this jurassic madness, totally busy with reloading her revolver. Gladly she still had those two cryo rounds, which she would try to fire now. The most viable targets seemed to be those two wounded targets, which for some reason were healing. Katy would try to fire one cryo round on each of the wounded, to interrupt the regeneration. If she is successful at shock-frosting them, she would try to fire the remaining four rounds to shatter them in like a 'cool combo' effect. After that, she was out of ammo and was hoping that the Commander and the mech would grant her some cover. War always was improvisation !
[21:50] Zero groans "Im finding myself wishing I had some kind of super strength or some shit all of a sudden." Shooting at one of the dinos under the spider with her cryo rounds "I have all the PAE rounds, and a teleport device with 5 jumps. Think of something Miss Scientist"
[21:57] Sparks squints through the tangle of Dinos and trees trying to spot the shuttle and shakes her head "I might be able to figure out whatever has captured the shuttle and free it but I don;t know.. or we kill everything.. or its possible based on past behavior that one of the attackers is a command dino, and eliminating it will scatter or weaken the rest!"
[21:59] Samantha Iseli nods a bit to Spyder gently refusing her help. "I do not have a complete list of PAE ammunition, I only just learned they had cryo rounds when they were mentioned in the mine" she replies to Zero and then growls frustratedly at the bow "Okay. calm down, think." she says to herself and tilts her head, looking over the device again, she spots a handle, which she pulls, causing it to detach from the device, which quickly opens up into a bow, the energy binders activating and connecting to the handle as an energy arrow forms in the firing chamber of the bow. She then returns her attention to Zero "I need a list of ammunition types. No idea how you could use the teleporter" She looks over at Sparks "I would have thought the one with the sail would have been the main one, but it does not seem to be the case... Presumably one of the ones with the three horns could be?"
[21:59] SCENE: the raptor on the right would topple off the mech as it suddenly adjusted it's position, it's leg frozen by the shot from Zero, landing on it's brethren to the front right of the spider writhing on the ground and seeming to have trouble regenerating from the damage. The other two shot by katy fell back to the ground, the cold seeming to do almost as much as the lazer from the spider. As the spiders foot was planted on the trike's face, the trike tried to charge but only managed to dig deep furrows into the ground The symbiote attacking the trike on it's feet seemed to be having trouble getting through the trike's thick skin, however as the symbiote attempted to bond with the fallen trike. the triceratops suddenly exploded as if it was suddenly superheated from inside and burst, very likely taking the alien parasite with it. The raptor under attack from the phoenix turned and attempted to bite at the bird, while the one behind tried to leap up at it leaving only the one still on it's feet on the
[21:59] SCENE: opposite side trying to attack the two women outside of the bunker.
[22:02] Spyder-Bitch looked at her one symbiote left behind for Katy and groaned, "Come on, bond with someone and help out!" She knew it couldn't hear her at the moment, but it did hear Zero. The symbiote would move towards Zero and would try to bond with her, going to grant her the super strength she so desired. She would see this and her eye would go wide, "Oh shit..." She'd be distract though, as she saw her other symbiotes die with the explosion of the dinos, "Our babies! No!"
[22:04] Zero smirks watching the damage "Well, looks like cold is the trick. Not even turning around to Sam as she takes another shot trying to keep the dinos at bay and answers her "explosive, incendiary, glue, cryo, armor piercing, and tracer" Addressing Sparks "Is there a way to sniff out this commander?" Not even realizing the symbiote crawling up here as shes in pure combat mode
[22:05] ASC-133 (Talista Glas) extends an arm to try and stop a stampeding trike, the mech standing up above the smoke, opening up fire with the mortar, firing four incendiary shells out at the dinos, explosions of napalm blasting out around the dinos, hoping to do a fire for effect and send them charging off away fromt he crew instead of towards them.
[22:06] Mythos spins towards the last raptor that's trying to rush under the mech, interjecting herself between it and Katy and keeping her shield up, spinning her spear so the spike end is forward and thrusting at the raptor's eyes with practiced maneuvers. Meanwhile, the raptors attacking the phoenix find very little physical material to claw into, mostly just managing to thrust themselves into a roaring pit of elemental fire, while the spirit creature turns its head and unleashes a torrent of flames over them, what wounds are inflicted raining flaming blood as well
[22:08] Katy in all the chaos was now staring back towards the bunkers entrance, wondering what the hell her comrades were still doin' inside there. After all, the clock was tickin' and where in hell was Doc Iseli ? It was always important to protect the 'combat-medic' during evac "DOC ! DOC ! What the hell are you waitin' for ?" only to turn around and now notcing the charging raptor perhaps a meter away "SHIT SHIT SHIT !" gladly Mythos was intervening and hopefully intercepting this attack, because Katy was now nervously touching the interface of her AEGIS personal shield projector, trying to activate her last option of defense. Yes, it was chaos !
[22:09] Sparks shakes her head "Not that I know if.. if that's even true. It may have been coincidental, we've engaged plenty of wild dinos but our combat data on these organized 'special ops' groups is limited" she thinks and shrugs "Try the biggest one?" she holds her fire having seen its effect on the others in confined space, and not having a target like the spino to easily hit without friendlies getting in the way "You can teleport? Canb you put me at the shuttle? it seems clear and if I can;t remove the field I'll have a better angle to snipe from there!"
[22:12] Zero frowns "If I port you there I leave these two with no guard. The Spyder is down and Doc here is apparently only just learning what she can do"
[22:14] Samantha Iseli notices that the cryo rounds do seem to be very incapacitating towards the raptors that are hit by it. She agrees "Of those, cryo does seem to be very effective. As for locating the command one... I do not know, if it uses a radio frequency or something, Sparks may be able to pick it...Nevermind" she says when Sparks comments on there not being a way to detect them. "Zero, did you slip in some mud or something?" She asks, noticing the symbiote on the woman's leg, but not having the chance to give it more than a cursory glance when she hears someone yelling for her followed by profanity "And it sounds like I am needed outside" she says, quickly slipping past Zero to hurry to Katy, under the impression someone needs medical help. She switches the bow back to the shield to help protect both herself and Katy "What is it?" she asks, her voice quick and to the point
[22:15] Sparks raises an eyebrow "Then port and come back? I only had one clear shot earlier, Right now I can't do anything without hitting one of them or the mech" she shakes head "Hell, maybe I can draw a few of them off by flanking."
[22:15] Sparks blinks as the topic runs out of the building, rendering it kind amoot
[22:17] Zero curses as the doc runs off "GODDAMMIT! I swear to fucking whatever christ there is I will give Nightmare a fucking earfull for this shit." Grabbing Sparks as she turns to Spyder "I'll be back Queenie" The teleports Sparks to the top of the ship
[22:21] SCENE: the two raptor that had the third fall on it reacted by clawing at it by reflex, killing their own comrade. The raptor charging katy was so intent on its' prey that it didn't even notice it was under attack untill the spear went through it's face while the other two suddenly lost interest in katy, on account of being on fiah. one on the roof jumped down, stalking katy but almost reluctant as it saw how quickly it's pack had been cut down. Meanwhile the spino on the roof lept out onto the back of the spider trying to bite the leg holding the trike at bay knocking the raptor on top through the phoenix adding to the pile of burning dinosaur. The entire herd seem to be in some type of mad frenzy. at some point as of something were driving it to take these actions. Meanwhile while the teleport would work to get them to the shuttle the two who left would find themselves trapped there with the shuttle.
[22:22] Spyder-Bitch looked down, hearing a message from its fallen child, "That's...How can that be?" She'd look out through the elevator, rising up as she tried to understand what she just learned. She watched Zero a moment, watching the symbiote bond with the white haired girl. She opened the door, and switched off of the sinbiote, cutting herself off from the hive mind. She'd suddenly dart outside and her form would change. Her body would be covered in angelic markings as wings sprouted from her back. She'd fly up in the air, and suddenly omit a massive calming aura of happiness, trying to pour a new feeling into the dinos. One greater than the fear they had. The symbiote that went after the other dino would pull back at the appearance of Queen in her angelic form, instead going to hide in the bunker
[22:26] ASC-133 (Talista Glas) seems to let out a horrifying synthetic laugh as she set a number of dinosaurs on fire. She starts loading a different payload as she opens fire with the heavy machine guns, firing shots over those nearest dinos, trying to make a scene and pull attention while wrecking what dinos she could
[22:27] Zero teleports them just outside the shield. Getting her sniperrifle ready "Ok miss scientist. Can you turn off this thing?"
[22:28] Mythos keeps stabbing at the raptor in front of her, aiming for eyes and mouth since she lacks the strength to pierce its skin, wanting to make sure that it's gonna stay down before she turns her attention elsewhere, at the same time reaching out with her mind to the remaining Spinosaur and attempting to take control of it. The phoenix settles down on top of the pile of burning dinos, engulfing them in ever-increasing torrents of fire, again trying to make sure they won't be standing back up
[22:28] Sparks takes a knee, passing her hand over the field a distance away, concentrating as her suit ripples and makes zigzaggy lines in response to the nearby energy "This is..."
[22:29] Katy sighs in relief when her trusty old AEGIS shield comes to life, offering her at least some shimmering cover. She blinks in surprise when her blue-glowing shield is suddenly joined by a much more fancy golden hexagon projector type shield, and to even more to her surprise Samantha was wielding it "DOC ! Finally ! This is our chance to get over to the shuttle. The damn bunker is a deathtrap should the dinos call in reinforcements." which was of course Katy-logic, but her idea was to escape now in sort of an ancient battleformation, together to reach the shuttle in before the small expedition was overwhelmed by a 'Zerg'. Katy was glancing around and wondering "Where are the others ? Zero ? Sparks ?The damn Queen ? They need to join our phalanx now and we need to hurry up !"
[22:32] Sparks spins, grabbing her comm as she brings her canbnon up, broadcasting to all "ATTENTION! Raiko is in play!" trying to send a distress call seeing if she can reach the city, or Iridium to relay it - then going ot her second task here, sighting down her cannon and growling to Zero "Go help them!" targeting the spino she now sees atop the mech, tying in her sensors to weapon stabilization the cannon erupts, the scream echoing through the forest as scarlet energy lances in from a distance to spear right into it's head, the charge panel on her cannon going dark leaving one left
[22:36] Samantha Iseli hears a loud thud and a raptor get tossed onto the pile of burning dinosaurs "I think we missed a big one" she comments. Feeling the heat from the fire, she finds herself grateful for the shield. She notices Katy looking over at her with a surprised expression "This was what was in the case" she explains simply and then "Sorry, no comm, couldn't hear you in the bunker until you started yelling bloody murder, thought someone was hurt." She looks over at the shuttle and nods a bit, actually agreeing with Katy's logic for once, whether it was the dinos themselves or whatever had called in this group "Queen? Spyder? She..." she looks back to the bunker, the elevator was open "Is hopefully getting ready to move Ascendant to the shuttle" she says loudly, hoping that where ever Spyder was, she could hear her "Also, when did the woman with wings get here?" She gestures to, ironically, Spyder, not recognizing the angelic form hovering above the group "Zero and Sparks were planning to go to the shuttle via
[22:36] Samantha Iseli: teleport" she looks over at the shuttle again "And they are there now"
[22:36] SCENE: the raptors were all now dead or dying, or on fire. The only ones able to put up a fight was the remaining trike being held at bay by the spider mech roaring furiously and the spino on top top trying to bash away at it. only to have it's brain incinerated by Spark's shot flopped down on top of the spider, now dead weight. The last dinosaur, the poor trike, on fire and unable to charge was the only there was left .. that was untill a dread sound echoed trough the trees
[22:39] ASC-133 (Talista Glas) the mech turns on the remaining gritter "TERRIBLE LUCK YOU INSIGNIFICANT ORGANIC" it screams, firing the laser beam, attempting to destroy its brain before everyone else started kicking it continuously to destroy it
[22:40] Mythos hears Sparks' warning and thinks for a moment, then looks up to Queen "You got any healing magic in that form?"
[22:43] Raiko: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho." the laugh rang out and there was a bright red flash. A human looking woman with long dark hair appeared, wreathed in crimson arcs of electricity. It reached out towards the spider meck that had just killed her last minion and a metal spike the size of a pencil shot at out it at a speed so fast that it ignited the air behind it with friction. The being looked out over the others and didn't say a word, just gave a sadistic smirk full of contempt.
[22:44] Katy was of course skeptical about Samantha's explanation, but this wasn't the time for any internal affairs. Eventually most of the attackers seemed to be defeated, but a paranoid person would never dare to accept such a naive truth "We're wastin' out time. Lets get to the shuttle and leave this cursed place ... " she groans when hearing about Zerp and Sparks possibly already inside of the shuttle "Teleportation, eh ? I HATE teleportation. Now please, lets get movin' ... " her voice would fade away, the moment a certain familiar laughter of greater mockery could be heard "You gotta be kiddin' me ... the bitch is here."
[22:45] Zero curses hearing Sparks warning "You've gotta be fucking shitting me" Seeing the weeb nightmare appear she curses "Oh fucking christ. The symbiote beginning to spread all over her body as she feels a odd strength and almost high "Oh this"
[22:45] Angelic Queen focused her happiness aura on the last dinosaur, letting it die in peace, as she knew it was a pawn in it all. She then looked down to Mythos, simply nodding. She lifted her hand up to the heavens and a light would come down from the sky, going to fall upon Mythos, letting its healing energy pour over the woman. She'd speak to the group, a voice that sounded like she was singing as she spoke, almost as if a symphony was playing, "Things are not as it seems. These animals were being used. They attacked out of fear, not hate."
[22:46] Sparks configures an auto-transmit to try and reach Iridium and relay through it to the City to Mikoto with a recorded message, narrowing her eyes as she cradles the weapon, staying low and quiet and hopefully unnoticed..her suit engaging active camouflage her coat and form taking a mottled green appearance that melts into the forest floor. already a blackhole to EM signals and other detection methods be default
[22:46] ASC-133 (Talista Glas) dodges, fast enough to avoid a critical but not enough to avoid a hit. The shot goes straight through, leaving a pencil sized hole but not impacting any critical components. The spider aims up and fires the laser cutting beam in the exact same direction and trajectory of the shot, seemingly suffering only an overpen and nothing more to impact its position
[22:49] Mythos nods up to Queen "Alright, I'm gonna prep something, you may need to infuse anyone here that gets affected by it to keep them alive." then looks to the others "Just keep her occupied for a couple minutes, I've got an idea for this" the glow fading from her shield as a wooden crown forms around her head, ringed with still-living plants of all varieties, and sigils begin flowing all over her whole body as she moves to take cover in the bunker while she casts
[22:49] Samantha Iseli cringes at the voice coming from the mech "That is on our side...Right?" she asks, she does not hear Sparks' warning, not that it would mean overly much to her even if she had heard it. She does hear the laugh though, and she cringes and shudders as the sound echoes through her, sending a chill up her spine "Ugh... what is that noise? and why do I instantly hate it?" she notices the red flashes and turns towards them "Mikoto?" she asks quietly and winces as at the sound of rending metal from the mech above them, then tilts her head when Katy refers to the floating woman as a bitch.
[22:54] Raiko managed to avoid the cutting lazer but only because she was already in motion. There was a flash and she was gone, only to reappear behind Sypder, bringing her spear down in a slash at the being's wing and ground her.
[22:58] Zero on instinct shoots out a webline at Raikos spear, feeling a strange urge to protect the Queen
[22:59] Sparks has an odd irrational thought, <aren't we supposed to get a save point and health and ammo refills before a boss battle?> as she scuttles slowly sideways, moving slow so the adaptive cloaking can be maintained shifting away from the last position she'd fired and made her comm call from. Charging paused to maintain zero energy change as she watches for an opportunity
[22:59] Katy would deactivate her personal defense shield, muttering something to the visually confused Samantha "No point of using a hardlight shield against such a foe. Thats not the boss, it's her antithesis. A self-righteous, coldhearted, egomanical meta dominating one of the four fundamental forces of nature. Doc, perhaps it's better if you return inside of the bunker and take cover ... you will be needed to take care of the wounded."
[23:00] Angelic Queen didn't have eyes in the back of her head, so had no way of preparing for the attack that was coming. The spear would slice at the wing, making her let out a sudden cry of pain. The wings would liquify themselves, going back into Queen; as after all, they were just an extension of the symbiote. She'd land on the ground, turning around and glaring at the woman, "That was not wise." She looked at her hand, and could see some of the symbiote's blood on it as it had dripped down from the wing. It had been a long time since she bled symbiote blood over host blood.
[23:00] Mythos focuses all her power on the channeling process, arcane energy flooding through her in a torrent as the crown heightens her already immense capabilities, but whatever she's casting is clearly huge as it's still taking her time to prepare. Without her direction, the phoenix launches into the air on its own and surges towards Raiko, snapping and belching flame, though taking care not to hit Queen
[23:03] ASC-133 (Talista Glas) scuttles around in the must unsettling of ways, emitting a horrifying tone "STAY BEHIND FOR SAFETY. I AM SLIGHTLY MORE EXPENDABLE THAN ORGANICS" It rears up and unleashes a barrage of heavy machine gun bullets at Raiko, looking more to repel than destroy
[23:05] Samantha Iseli looks around when the Mikoto clone is just gone, at least the flashing red light makes it hard for her to hide. Of course, the spider mech blocks any actual view. She's not sure how to feel about not being able to see Raiko, it works both ways of course, in theory. Though she isn't sure being able to see Raiko would be of any help given the railgun attack that had gone clean through the spider mech earlier. She nods a bit to Katy and fidgets with the gauntlet device on her arm a bit before getting the shield to turn off, clearly still learning how it worked, but getting used to it. She nods again "Agreed" she says when it is suggested she go inside. She isn't sure whether or not to offer to help Queen, and is fairly glad she did as a giant robot spider legs swings past right where she would have been if she'd kept running. Once the spider mech stops moving, she keeps going "Anyone in need of medical help, get in the bunker" she says, though is largely drowned out by gunfire.
[23:11] Raiko: moves like lightning. literally. She was suddenly over the mech, extending her spear into the sky, the cuffs and edged of her coat still slightly on fire from just barely escaping the flaming attack. A bolt of lighting came down from the sky, thick as a telephone pole, through here and down towards the mech and those under it, reaching out a hand towards the phoenix and direct significant portion at the flamey bird. . The strangest thing that Katy might notice that there no quips, insults, or banter at all from the red woman.
[23:12] Angelic Queen looked at Mythos, and could feel what the woman was working at. She'd turn her back to the woman, and her hand would start to draw ruins in the air, going to open up two portals that would lead back to the front of the Vanguard building, "We all need to get out of here. Now! What she's conjuring in there, you do not want to be here when it goes off." A tendril would reach off her back and go into the bunker to grab Ascendant's body once, while a second tendril would go to get the container of cooper.
[23:14] ASC-133 (Talista Glas) senses the surge of energy an prepares to dodge, expecting another railgun shot but instead is hit by lightning. Being grounded, the voltage feeds straight down through the feet to dissipate into the Earth below. It fucked up a few sensors, but otherwise caused no significant damage. To counter, she primes her shots to detonate 15 feet above the mech and fires four high explosive shots to try and act as flak against Raiko
[23:17] Zero smirks as she shoots the web "Ok...well this is different. Her skin taking on a odd pink sheen as the symbiote fuses with her. Taking aim and firing at Raiko with her glue rounds
[23:19] Mythos steps out from behind the wall and extends a hand towards Raiko, looking to Queen "Just heal anyone that collapses, I'll keep it from being too bad" the sigils streaming off her arm and flowing towards her foe, boring into the air a couple feet away from Raiko and ripping open a gateway to the plane of death, spilling loose energy that's in direct opposition to any form of life. The bolts directed at the phoenix surge into its core, drawing a shriek of pain as it collapses back to the ground, immolating itself to return home
[23:21] Katy did understand all too good, the she by now was reduced to a bystander. Raiko was like a force of nature and even surpassing her phasematter manifestion. Even Zephyr was ending up like a puppet on strings within an eyeblink. Electrical systems, electronics in general were all bound to the electromagnetic force. Raiko wasn't. The only vulnerability Katy was able to observe in that bitch, was her bloated ego and obession with ruining Mikoto's happiness. Strangely tonight the usual speech of self-importance was missing. This Raiko was brutal and determined to fight, without much talk. The moment the surge of energy was directed to ground by the mechs legs, Katy was ending up on her ass from exposure of the local potential equalisation, which were for sure a few hundred Kilo Volts.
[23:22] Sparks pulls the trigger the moment she sees mythos moving out, her cannon roaring, but unlike the prolonged electronic screams before there's a pulse and a brilliant star seems to fly from somewhere in the vicinity of the shuttle to home right in on the red woman, it would shatter in a huge blast of energy on contact expending all of it's energy in an explosion rather than cutting - hopefully distracting Raiko long enough for Mythos' attack...
[23:25] Samantha Iseli shields her eye as the flash from the lightning fills the bunker and she peeks outside to see if anyone had been hurt, though it seemed that the electricity followed the rules of physics and carried down the shell of the mech, path of least resistance and all. She tilts her head a little when Queen says they should get out of the area, wondering what Mythos could possibly be doing that had Queen so worried. She then blinks when tendrils move into the bunker to grab the copper and Ascendant's body. She didn't exactly feel like the copper was a priority at the moment, but since Ascendant was being picked up too, and first, she didn't say anything. She watches as a portal forms in the air, the sensors in her glasses unable to identify what was coming from the portal, but every last one of them caused a warning to pop up on her AR display, flickering between bioharzard, radiation, and the ironically most appropriate skull and crossbones of the toxic hazard warning. "Yeah, I do not want to be here for
[23:25] Samantha Iseli: that" she quietly agrees with Queen's assessment of getting out of here.
[23:32] Raiko spun around as she got hit by the the rounds of glue, She started to pull at it and surge in electricity She shielded herself from the blast of sparks, but then suddenly she just went still and plumed, landing on top of the mecha lifeless... moments later there was no longer the form of Raiko but an insectoid being laying there. Moments later a silence fell over the scene, followed by a sudden exodus. Every living being with the ability to move was suddenly fleeing, Stampeding to get away from the area, not unlike what happens when animals were fleeing an approaching forest fire.
[23:34] Zero stows her weapon and runs finding herself a lot faster than before. "Time to go!"
[23:34] Angelic Queen nodded to Mythos, and one of the portals would close, the other remaining open for anyone to do an emergency escape. She'd toss the container of copper and Ascendant's body through the portal, letting them now sit on the Vanguard's front steps as she opened a small portal for her to put her hand through. Her hand would slide in, and when it returned she was holding her magic staff; the staff that allowed her to concentrate her powers more. She'd hold the staff up high, twirling it around as she built up healing energy. Her wings reformed, letting her hover above the ground ever so slightly as she tapped into heaven's healing power. She saw the animals fleeing, "Yeah, that's everyone's sign to get through the portal; when the rats jump the ship, you don't stay on the ship."
[23:37] Mythos keeps her hand outstretched, the gate continuing to expand by the second, until she sees Raiko's body shimmer and change, then she lets the spell fade, the oppressive energy quickly beginning to dissipate from the area, doubling over from the exertion and having to support herself with her spear for the moment, noticing the animals moving and knowing what that means as she quickly messages out "Shrikes incoming, get to cover right this second or you're all dead"
[23:37] Sparks's comm crackles to life, for those that have one, and the tactical feed resumes as Iridium comes into range and reuplinks, a mass of solid red 'enemy' contacts are descending on the area rapidly, swarms of thousands, Sparks' voice follows "It's the eater birds! time to leave folks!"
[23:37] Katy wasn't really aware about what was going on above her, she was swearing and grumbling, unable to feel or move her legs. Exposure to the the electric discharge was similar to standing close to a lightning impact, it felt light getting hit by dozens of tasers at the same time. Katy was trying to crawl towards the shuttle "Evac ! Evac ! Get into the shuttle !"
[23:39] ASC-133 (Talista Glas) slowly looks around as she pans the guns in every which direction "this is...unexpected" it states, rather Ascendant-like and no longer looking for sheer existential horror. "perhaps departure is necessary. Dr. Iseli has my body, I will...wait, I am not destroyed" she states as the return craft appears and lifts the spider up "I will cover the retreat" she states as machine guns open up to give everyone a chance to escape
[23:39] Sparks storms into the shuttle as the shield comes down, checking on the pilot and getting the engine prestart underway "DOUBETIME it!" she calls into the comm "Grab sam if you have to, and anyone not on comm!"
[23:39] Zero runs up and attempts to pick up Katy with her new found strength "Miko will kill if something happened to you"
[23:42] Katy is grabbed by Zero and for sure doesn't resist to get rescued out of this mess "Thanks ! And now run ! This is our final chance ! Where is the Doc ?"
[23:43] Mythos mutters into her comm "If anyone can get that corpse back to Vanguard without endangering themselves, it could be useful" too exhausted to run at the moment, so she activates her spear which begins glowing brightly and radiating heat, illuminating the doorway that's the only path to her as she braces to ride out the storm
[23:48] Zero shoots a webline grabbing Doc and Mythos easily carrying them all
[23:51] Samantha Iseli finds herself in hardly a position to argue with the 'get out of here'. Seeing as she is in the bunker, there's not shot for the webline, but seeing as Mythos wasn't moving, she tries to help Mythos to the portal
[23:52] Mythos lets out a little yelp of surprise as she's suddenly pushed and pulled to the portal, nearly collapsing from the strain as she falls through the gateway
[23:53] SCENE: a cloud of of chittering comes flooding in The flesh is stripped of the dinosaurs and they come racing towards the heros, one of them even makes it through the portal behind them before it closes, cutting off the rest
[23:53] Katy is tossed inside of the portal by Zero and awakes the other day near PAE's pool bar, wonderin' if all of this was a crazy dream.
[23:53] Angelic Queen nods to Mythos, and would push her portal forward with the aid of her staff, moving it to try and make it so the Raiko corpse would be sent through it, dropping it off right next to Ascendant's body. She'd twist her wrist around holding her staff, and would pull the staff down to have the portal move over her body, letting her be taken to the Vanguard HQ. At which point she would collapse as well, not use to using so much magic, and would revert back to her Spyder-Bitch form. [23:53] Sparks powers the shuttle's engines, Iridium keeping a safe distance using it's long range sensors to monitor the oncoming shrikes, blasting out of there straining it's engines in a high arc trajectory and back on course to the city

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