Oasis Interviews with Zoe

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Oasis Interviews with Zoe

Post by Asrya » Fri May 06, 2016 10:46 pm

Zesty Zoe and her guest, Timber Wulff talk about what really happened at the observatory and an informative interview happens.

[21:13] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) sits on the bench and looks at the woman about to interview him."Just so you know I'm a bit nervous, I've never been interviewed like this."
[21:15] Zoe: smiles toward Timber as he arrives. "It's alright. Just make yourself comfortable, and relax. We're not going to give you the third degree..." She chuckles and puts a hand out to him. "It's nice to meet you in person, Timber. We've been hearing a lot about you lately. If any questions get uncomfortable just say so and we can stop any time. We try not to delve too deep in personal stuff. This isn't Lexus' show."
[21:16] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) smirks."I'll be honest with you, as long as we don't touch on that one time at band camp feel free to ask me anything you like."His hand connects with hers and he shakes it firmly but gently."
[21:19] Zoe: chuckles again. The crew give a few signals and she reaches up to the earwig she wears. "We're ready to go in three..." She turns toward the camera. The cameraman indicating the count down.
[21:20] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) knows about the countdown from hsi school work,a dn smiles looking at the camera as well
[21:22] Zoe: smiles brilliantly toward the camera. "This is Zoe Tildin giving you the tasty scoop on Celestial's notable names. Tonight's guest is Timber, local masseuse and open meta." She turns toward him. "Timber, it's good to see you on our show."
[21:23] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) smiles as he turns to look at her."It's good to be here Zoe. Thank you for having me."
[21:25] Zoe: smiles brilliantly. "Timber you have a pretty well known reputation around Celestial, you're a known and open metahuman, and you've done a lot to help the city out. On behalf of the city I'd like to thank you for the work you do. Have you had any trouble from anti-meta groups?"
[21:26] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) shrugs as he looks at her."Not a whole lot, I mean I know they're out there but most of my mode of travel is flying so I don't run into them all that much."
[21:29] Zoe: "You're one of the lucky ones to still own your business too. How's that been going? Tell us a bit about it."
[21:30] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) smiles."I run a massage clinic across from where the clock tower used to be. I make a lot of my own oils using herbs I purchased from Tame feathers herb shop and use them in my massages
[21:32] Zoe: smiles toward him. "That sounds fantastically relaxing. Something we need in all the chaos. Are you willing to diverge what your metahuman abilities are to our audience? Do they help in your work?"
[21:33] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) nods."I will divulge the basics, DOn't want too much detail. Um, Anyway I am a flyer, I can fly around town pretty fast. I also have super strength, and recently became a little more resistant to weapons damage."
[21:35] Zoe: nods toward him. "After the incident with the misfire, I bet you're glad for that one huh? Would you like to tell us about what happened up there? You were pretty close to death according to our sources."
[21:38] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) nods."It wasn't a misfire.." He shakes his head."There was a fight going on between a woman named Tauros and myself, as well as a man calling himself StormBlaze, and a few other heroes were there including one named Railgun. She fired at Tauros and StormBlaze and in the dust and confusion I thought I had been hit by friendly fire. The problem is I was hit by something but I don't know what. It's like a cloud of dust made it hard to see and then voila. SO I blamed Railgun and I was wrong for doing it."
[21:43] Zoe: tilts her head. "We know all about mister Stormblaze here. And you blamed Railgun? That's a shame. Well.. if you have anything you'd like to say. I believe she was actually named as the cause of your injuries in the paper... Im sure our viewers would like to know the truth of the matter."
[21:46] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) turns and looks at the camera."Railgun, I already apologized to you in person but now I want to set the record straight. I am sorry to you and to everyone. Because of the confusion of the fight and things flying everywhere I thought that you hit me with friendly fire and you didn't. SOMething sliced open my chest, but it wasn't you, and for that I apologize to you, To everyone listening." And he turns to ZOe."And to you and your organization I spread word that I believed to be true and they weren't
[21:47] Takamachi Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): (( Railgun is totally going to throw a waterballoon full of pickle juice at you and not tell you what it is for this :-P ))
[21:48] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): ((I know))
[21:48] Zoe: nods toward him, then chuckles faintly. "Truth in journalism. Something often sought and rarely believed. But you heard it here everyone. Everyone here at Gold Starr would like to support Timber's retraction and we're glad to have the real truth out there for our audience." She turns back to Timber. "Thank you for setting the record straight. We pride ourselves on getting to the truth. Is there anything you'd like to add or say?"
[21:51] Asrya (asrya.amaterasu): <<it's funny you should mention pickle juice. I'll tell you later>>
[21:51] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) smiles."Railgun said I didn't need to do this but I wanted to set the record straight with the people and the press." He pauses and smiles for a moment thinking. "I guess if there was anything to add it would be this we metas are doing what we can for the city. It doesn't always look like it but we do try, I want to than everyone, meta and non meta who helped with the soup kitchen we put food in a lot of bellies and helped out a lot of folks. And Finally, Wherever you are Fatima, I love you and can't wait to see you again."
[21:52] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): **Thank everyone**
[21:54] Zoe: smiles sweetly. "We all want to thank the valiant clean up efforts of everyone involved in getting our city back to rights after all the chaos. Thank you everyone. And thank you for watching." The camera man gives the all clear and she looks to Timber. "See? Pretty painless."
[21:55] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) nods smiling."Yeah it went pretty easy."
[21:57] Zoe: Zoe stands up, revealing her surprisingly short frame against his. "I really appreciate you coming. And I'm glad you cleared the air up about what happened. We had a lot of angry callers when it was found out you'd been that badly hurt."
[21:57] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) remains seated so as not to tower."People called about me?"
[22:00] Zoe: "About you, for you. You and Captain Strong are two of the most well known capes in the city. You could be a celebrity in your own right. I think the only one with more star power is Superstar and the Missfits. You should have -seen- the mountains of mail and calls we got when she was injured in a robbery a while back."
[22:01] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) just blinks."I, I had no idea." He thinks about this for a second. Can I tell you something, feel free to use it on the record or off, your choice."
[22:02] Zoe: looks to him curiously. "Yeah?"
[22:04] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): Before I came to Celestial city, I was a geek, I mean hell, I use movie quotes when talking or fighting villains, and I certainly didn't look like this, but I came here and I've got the power to help people where I can, What kind of meta, heck what kind of person would I be if I didn't help where I could and when I could."
[22:05] Zoe: smiles. "Celestial City can be about all new beginnings. Timber. Thats one of the good things about this place. I know the city's pretty glad you decided to help, instead of hurt. With your powers I'm pretty sure you'd do a lot of damage to the city if you ever turned on us.
[22:07] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) with that he stands up and looks at her, smiling a soft smile, turning a little sad at the words of turning."Since I'm being so open, you want an exclusive?"
[22:09] Zoe: "Does a bear mutate shit in the mountains?"
[22:09] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) sighs deeply."A couple months ago there was a villain who kind of came and went, his name was Mordis, do you remember hearing about him?"
[22:11] Zoe: "Of course. He broke that psycho out and was all over the place."
[22:11] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) nods."Yeah, Yeah I did and I was.
[22:12] Zoe: tilts her head. "Come again?"
[22:14] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) continues.'Before MOrdis showed up I was down in the sewers and in a room, I come to find is actually under Elysium hose I found a hammer, like a war hammer of a certain Norse God. Well, it gave me super strength little did I know it was also getting in to my head. My frustrations with dealing with super villains that constantly put me and other heroes through the wringer and the hammer created Mordis, a kind of split personality and he controlled my body."
[22:17] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) shakes his head, Mordis has since been expunged from my brain and according to Persephone who helped me at the time is sitting in the hammer down in the Underworld, I'm told it wasn't my fault but I always thought if I was just stronger mentally and emotionally he wouldn't have gotten control and none of the stuff he did would have happened
[22:19] Zoe: listens in shock as she just stares up at him. "Wow... I mean... It takes a lot to get me off my game but... wow. Huh... Well.. the hammer's gone and no more Mordis right?"
[22:22] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) nods."No more hammer, no more Mordis. But here's the weird thing, when it was Mordis, the hammer like turned into a mask for him instead of a hammer." his shoulders slump a bit a lot of people were hurt by my hand, no matter who was controlling it and for that I am truly sorry."
[22:31] Zoe: reaches up to pat his hip, it's the closest she can get to comforting him. "Well.. you've apologized now. But I think it'll be a good idea not to let it get out that was you." She smiles wryly. "But... I'm glad you said something. That clears up a pretty big mystery."
[22:33] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) smiles as he looks at her."A pat on the hip? as he leans down and hugs her as professionally as possible.
[22:34] Zoe: chuckles and takes the hug, returning it gently. "I'm too funsized to pat your shoulder. It's the closest bone I could reach."
[22:34] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) is about to respond with his usual type of comment but instead realizes he is blushing hard
[22:37] Zoe: looks at his blushing face and laughs. "THAT is not a bone." She laughs and steps back from him, then around the desk, still chuckling.
[22:38] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) laughs as well."Sorry, relflex response. Just glad I didn't say it as he circled the desk as well." Thank you again for the interview, but sadly I must try and get some rest I have a lot to do tomorrow
[22:39] Zoe: "Thank you Timber. And thank you again for all the good work you've been doing."
[22:39] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): My pleasure I enjoy helping people."

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Re: Oasis Interviews with Zoe

Post by Chyleste » Fri May 06, 2016 11:06 pm

Lexus Regal watches the interview and then picks up her phone. "Cody! Cody? Hey yeah it's Lexus. Who else would it be? Oh bullshit, Cody. We all know you aren't getting calls from other girls. Anyway, I just watched that new girl on that show. You know what I mean. Yeah that show with that girl talking to that guy. Yeah the guy with that hair. Come on Cody, I swear you're so dumb. Yeah the guy with the ponytail. It was on tonight. His name was Temper or something like that. Yeah that guy. He said something about somebody called Nailgum. Yep, it sounds like a nice juicy feud between them. So why did this little skank get the interview with Temper? Who is she? Oh yeah? Well the show sucks. It was boring. Yeah you need to fix this. Yes you do. I want that Nailgum girl to give her side of the story on my show. Then we can get Temper next. Yeah he's pretty cute. I wonder why I haven't seen him. Shut up Cody! Just do your fucking job and make it happen. " The blonde hangs up the phone and settles back in her bed.

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