PAE HQ security measures.

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PAE HQ security measures.

Post by Railgun » Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:05 am

The information in this post is NOT common knowledge, but it is also not hidden. It would take significant time and effort to research this for a non employee. Contact Kitsune Omizu if you want to try to gain this knowledge.

The pae building has several security procedures in place to protect the people
Most of the active features features can be controlled from a panel at the receptionists desk

Active features
Electromagnetic door locks
Each door has 3 pins on top and 3 pins on the bottom
Electromagnets hold the pins in their open position. Loss of power to the magnets causes the pins to be pushed into the locked position by springs.
These locks can be locked or unlocked from a panel at the lobby front desk.
In the case of a power outage there is a small hand held generator that can be connected to an interior access panel (locked by a traditional lock and key) that can be used to power the locks to open the door.

Elevator Lockout
The elevator can be set in one of three lockout modes
1. Full lockout mode - no elevator access
2. Security only mode - only users with a security key can operate elevator
3. Fire mode- Elevator operates normally going down needs CCFD key to go up.
Elevator lockout can be activated at consoles on each floor.

Building emergency lock-down.
Building lock-down can be trigged at the front desk and specific terminals on the second or third floor.
Building lockout disables all terminals containing proprietary data
Building lockout cases armored shutters to cover first, second and top floor windows. The shutters are meta-human resistant and will resist even top level meta humans for at least 10 minutes.
Once engaged Building lockout can only be disabled (partially or fully) By Mikoto Takamachi, Rose Isley, Sigrid or Head of Security.

Fire suppression system
The building contains a foam fire suppression system

Intruder detection system
Notifies PAE security and CC PD of the presence of suspected unauthorized users.

Passive systems
Reinforced glass capable of resisting multiple hits from an anti-tank gun ( or mid tier meta) without breaking
Earthquake sock resistant foundation capable of resisting an 8.0 quake with minor damage ( Moderate damage at 9.0)

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