A Growing Shadow

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A Growing Shadow

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:48 pm

A message goes out to all members:

5:30 PM
Meeting at the usual place

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Re: A Growing Shadow

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:38 pm

[17:33] Lady Nightmare moves up to the head of the table, the picture up there sliding aside to reveal a monitor, which displays an image of the planet on it
[17:35] Moondance: I see few outside/ Mostly civilian guests
[17:35] Marathon glances around at the room and those in it... "seems it will be a small meeting... how is everyone... it has been a bit since i have seen the lot of you?" she asks pausing a moment noting the monitor "the meeting room get a very upgrades?" she added asking N with a smile
[17:37] Venessa would enter the room carrying a tray of various alcohols in one hand and a tray full of sandwiches and other snacks in her other hand somehow managing to perfectly balance them as she brings them to the meeting table.
[17:37] Lady Nightmare waves to Marathon "It certainly seems that way... the whole city has been practically asleep recently. Things are well enough here though. As for the meeting room, we've had this, I just never needed to use it before since our operations were local"
[17:41] Moondance takes a seat and opened the mask at her mouth
[17:43] Marathon looking at the image on the monitor "is our next mission to take over the world? a bit cliche perhaps?" she says with a playful grin... her gaze turns as the very nude Venessa walks by and she smiles "oh... treats... and she brought snacks too..." says with a smirk and a wink at Vanessa
[17:46] Lady Nightmare laughs and shakes her head "No, nothing so droll... go ahead and take your seats, seems this is all the turnout we're liable to get. I'll just pass on the meeting notes to everyone later"
[17:47] Moondance nods. " enjoying not needing clothes now?" she looked over, but kept N in view
[17:48] Venessa blushes a bit with Marathon winking at her her collar marking her as Property of the SE leaving her at everyone's whim. She would go and stand in the corner watching to see if anyone needs anything.
[17:48] Gadget remained standing, more or less using the nearby pillar as a crutch to keep herself upright, She seemed a bit slumped over but otherwise she was fine. She'd see Vanessa but really didn't pay her nudeness much mind. She was still a person after all. "Frightfully cold is it not?"
[17:52] Marathon steps closer to the table and takes a seat glancing back as Gadget noting her slightly unusual body language and her very different color scheme... "you look different.. feeling ok?"
[17:53] Lady Nightmare stands behind her chair, leaning a bit against the back of it "I had a few announcements I was going to cover, but given the absences I'll just save them for next meeting, and keep this one strictly to planning. As at least some of you are aware, one of the things we obtained from our last operation was a large stockpile of geological data. By running this data through a series of programs and then verifying results personally, I've found a suitable site for something very important... Vibranium mining"
[17:54] Venessa is left only to blush at Moondance's question shivering just a bit before responding to Gadget's question, "Its... not bad.." she bites her lower lip as honestly at this point she could be considered as less than a person, "If anyone needs anything just let me know."
[17:56] Moondance nods" vibranium is a good material.. antartic or african? " she grabbed a sandwich " and what are your thoughts for mining?
[17:57] Gadget looked to Marathon for a moment and just shook her head a bit, holding up a single hand "Nothing science can't fix.....Just need a particular program is all. " She would pause to listen to Lady N, though her gaze was more to the floor than anything, she was still listening. She was only really interested in the Programs part of that but she would probably never ask about it and just hear out all that was to be said" Vibranium? Like in the comic books?"
[18:00] Elewa (kya.warden) raising an eye brow at Ns announcement and glances down hat her legs considering the potential... "that could be valuable to us... both economically in sales and when it comes to our resources and technology" she comments "she glances back at chloe and nones a moment "perhaps we can talk on that later.. i will help if i can" she says.. leaving it at that for the moment not wishing to interrupt the meeting
[18:01] Moondance looked to Ven " and are you finished with bringing refreshments?"
[18:02] Venessa nods softly to Moondance, "Yes unless someone needs me to bring them something special." she pauses, "Not many people here after all."
[18:04] Lady Nightmare shrugs to Gadget "I don't know about comic books, but it's an extremely rare metal that reflects kinetic energy, and also dulls most metahuman powers drastically" turning to Marathon "For resources and tech, certainly... not for sale. Though I do believe the site has other minerals we can sell for profit" and lastly turning to Moon "As for mining plans... there's mixed news on that. We aren't the first to take an interest in this site. A group of Singularity cultists have begun to move in there. The good is that they have the equipment to extract Vibranium... the bad is that they have a military presence we'll have to wipe out"
[18:07] Marathon grins slightly "well it has been a while since i stretched my legs... so to speak..." she says listening to Ns description of the cultists "I will look forward to kicking some heads in"
[18:07] Moondance: I fail to see how that is bad..we get to kill things... we should get soemone at that satellite for another angle of images ~then she looked to ven as a hand unzipped her fly, her cock and balls moving from the pouch~ come on over here, under the table. You'll catch on
[18:10] Gadget pondered the thought of Singularity having things she needs "Extraction equipment huh.....like, mining lasers, drills, mobile refineries? Things I can no doubt make into automatons....."
[18:13] Venessa blushes red as she walks around to the front of Moondance before getting on her knees now face to face with her member. She slowly leans forward sucking on the tip of the member presented to her as it was pretty obvious what Moondance wanted from her.
[18:13] Lady Nightmare gestures to the screen as it starts to zoom in on an area a few hundred miles outside the city, the increasing detail showing an area along the edge of a mountain range, where the beginnings of a fortified camp are being set up "I'm not certain exactly what equipment they'll have, all I know is that they've run Vibranium mining operations in other areas, to manufacture bodies for their generals. It's quite possible they're looking to make another one from the resources here, but we're going to stop that"
[18:18] Marathon "bodies for their generals?" she echos "does that mean we are going to be fighting vibranium armored fighters?" she asks.... "if so.. that could be an issue... tho... vibranium is not unbreakable... it could be a hassle for certian..."
[18:18] Moondance licks her lips looking at Ven as the woman starts at the tip. Moondance reaching to her head to gently get more of her crowing cock between those lips . Seeing the screen perfectly " so.. we having a big damn heros moment, or taking it for ourselves? Or both? Lets not dump it like Jayne did"
[18:22] Gadget shook her head a bit "Im fairly certain Vibranium is going to be the bane of my existance. I can no longer guarentee I would be of any.....wait.....how much information do we have on Vibranium anyway?"
[18:23] Venessa would take more of the cock into her mouth sucking on it as she does making sure it only hits the warm soft parts of her mouth. She starts to move back and forth on it trying to get Moondance off not having any real choice in the matter as she was property of all the SE.
[18:25] Lady Nightmare chuckles "I wouldn't expect to encounter anything there using Vibranium... the scale of the operation is too small for them to have deployed an AI, and they consider their minions completely expendable, so wouldn't 'waste' a precious resource to protect them. The information I have is what I told already, my personal contact with it has been very limited, and my attempts at negotiating a source have failed"
[18:26] Marathon glances back as gadget... "i have worked with it before... but what was in my world.. before the singularity... i dont know if the vibranium of this world has all the same properties but i can assume it is at least simialr"
[18:28] Gadget looked to her hand and flexed her fingers a bit, thinking of her ability to mimic metal properties carefully. "If only I knew more of Vibranium, regardless of where it came from, I might not be totally useless in this operation.....maybe..."
[18:28] Moondance: if its like my world the varieties make all the difference ~she gave a low purr as her now hard cock was enjoying Venessas mouth..she remembered when Ven said she was too..what was the word.. above her? The hand holding the womans head but not to cause harm~ The antartic tore metals apart, the african absorbed force and expelledit
[18:31] Lady Nightmare: Well, what I've encountered here sounds more like what you say was the African variety... as I said though, I don't expect to see any of it in use at the facility, at least not so soon after they've set up operations. Even if they are attempting to build a new general, it'd take them several weeks to get it operational... which is why we're going in one week"
[18:33] Venessa keeps sucking on the member her head, pistoning back and forth now, letting her tongue lick the tip of the member as she tries to get Moondance off not fighting the hand on her head.
[18:34] Marathon "that is a good plan... we dont want to have to fight vibranium armored fighters" she says in response to N.. then glancing at moon she nods says "the African vibranuim is what i worked with... tho it was a limited amount even in my world it was hard to get your hand on"
[18:36] Moondance throbbed close, even with the 'stamina' training Nightmare had put her through. She nodded " I wouldnrt mind. If there is the start of a shell, do you plan to take control of it for our AI? It would be a great de..fense"
[18:38] Gadget "Seems very limited to have it just be one unit when you can have a hive's worth of 'defenses'...." She'd pause for a moment looking towards Moondance for a moment, shaking her head slightly "Couldn't that have waited till AFTER the meeting?"
[18:40] Lady Nightmare: I'm not certain I'd want to risk commandeering a Singularity designed unit... if they start a shell we'll likely just strip it down. Utilizing their tech directly is extremely dangerous, since the code they use is basically an extremely aggressive virus
[18:41] Venessa would keep going feeling Moondance throbbing as she got close only increasing her sucking and pistoning to get her off. She isn't exactly in a position to reply to Gadget if she had anything to say that is.
[18:42] Marathon "how big of a deposit are we looking at? if is going to be a steady flow of material or are we going to have to use it sparingly?" she asks glancing between N and the screen
[18:43] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): It could have yes. ~she nodded to Nightmare~ still some nice machined parts. I dont know much of the code. I've seen deactivates tech from them though ~stiffening a bit as she 'ahhed' softly, her cum shooting as she climaxed~
[18:50] Lady Nightmare nods "I've dug through their code a bit... it's a mess, but effective at what it does. As for the quantity, it's hard to tell since there are other materials mixed in in the area. The site is rife with mineral deposits, but given the rarity of Vibranium I wouldn't expect anything close to an endless supply"
[18:56] Marathon nods listening "fair enough... so do we have a plan? or is it just an update that "things are gonna go down" at this point?"
[18:58] Venessa would keep sucking even as she took Moon's load in her mouth attempting to suck her dry as she kept going not paying much attention to the meeting at this point.
[19:01] Moondance nodded " some is better than none. Who are you thinking for this run? " looking down as she eased her cock free and started to get herself 'set' " You did well..considering what was beneath you doing. Clean up, I'm not a total monster" her glover on Vens hand not hard, but gentle
[19:06] Lady Nightmare: For the who... everyone we can get. I'll have some of our infantry come in behind to secure the site, though if we don't have enough elite members I can deploy them into the battle as well. The plan is simple ^turning to point onto the image^ we're going to hot-drop onto their perimeter fortifications, overrun their exterior defense before they can react, then we'll have to take the fight into the tunnels to clear them and wipe out whoever's in charge
[19:10] Marathon "sounds simple enough on paper" she says "but as with all plans it is best to plan on the plan going to shit... just in case..." she chuckles
[19:13] Venessa would work her jaw as she was set free having been forced to swallow the sperm she sucked out of Moon. She nods her head a bit standing up from underneath the table. She would go back to her corner of the room waiting to see if anyone else wanted anything of her.
[19:16] Moondance thinks" halo or lalo jumps? I guess we will have to pick the tam roles based on who we get."
[19:20] Lady Nightmare: Well, that's the other thing we have the infantry for, if things go sour we'll have backup... I plan on bringing a few platoons, probably about 300 to hold the facility. We'll do low altitude, since the infantry ships will have to land to offload
[19:24] Marathon nods a well i have never been one to worry to much about back up.. but it is nice to know it is there
[19:25] Elewa (kya.warden): "i have always been more the... go in guns blazing type..."she chuckles a bit
[19:25] Moondance nods " given the target..I would say this may be suicidal..which means I am in"
[19:27] Marathon "well i al always in when it comes to getting some action..." she smirks "why do you say suicidal?" she asks Moon
[19:28] Gadget would snap out of her daze and shake her head a bit "Not a big fan of 'going in guns blazin' as it were. Far too many things can get you killed"
[19:30] Lady Nightmare: It's generally not my preferred method either, but we need to move fast, and trying to scout the area could alert them that we're coming. I'll be personally attending this operation though, so any complications should be quite manageable
[19:33] Marathon chuckles softly at gadgets comment "getting killed is not exactly high on my list of concerns..." she says with a smile then turning to N she adds "if you need a target hid fast and hard i am your girl... hell even if i cant take a target out i make a pretty down effective distraction.." she smirks
[19:37] Moondance: Sometimes you have to take chances. When it needs done just don't linger on it. If its a robot or human.. if it falls in battle it is weak. If it is skilled or lucky enough it will survive to grow stronger
[19:39] Gadget looks to Moondance at the robot comment and cant help but to feel offended somehow but would immedietly look back to the monitor, pondering her own plans and contingencies and what not. "Hmmm"
[19:43] Lady Nightmare: Well, we've got a lot of skilled people here. I'm quite confident we'll manage this. If there's anything you need help preparing for the operation just let me know. I've had radiation suits prepared for those that don't have their own protection, since we'll be out in the open wastes
[19:46] Marathon "I dont have any specific protection again radiant but at the same time i dont really think i have anything to worry about... i have yet to run into anything that can cause me permanent damage..."
[19:46] Moondance nods" thank you. I was about to ask. I'm not a god who can walks out there unprotected. "
[19:47] AremusFireheart: She arrived through the doors in a sudden moment. The Blue Bird quietly eyed what was to her surprise all women at this meeting of the society. Things had changed quite a bit since her original tenure. "Ladies. Nightmare." She remarked taking a seat.
[19:48] Marathon "how heavy is the radiation out there?" she asks noting Moons concern... she glancing up at the new arrival and nods to greet her "welcome"
[19:49] Gadget "Radiation you say. Could stand to take a radiation bath myself. Maybe I'll perform a weapon's experiment in their while Im at it." Had nothing to worry about considering her new condition and all.
[19:51] Lady Nightmare waves to Blue Bird "Welcome back, we were just discussing our next operation... liberating this mining facility from the control of Singularity cultists" gesturing to the fortifications displayed on the screen "The radiation will be pretty intense out there... I'd estimate less than a 5 minute survival time for someone without defenses"
[19:53] AremusFireheart: Hm. "What is the mine extracting?" She asked with a peaked interest.
[19:56] Lady Nightmare: Nothing yet... but the primary resource of interest there is Vibranium
[19:57] Elewa (kya.warden) nods "five minutes sounds pretty intense then... good thing you have suits..." she smiles
[19:57] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) looks to ven" whos going to be guarding the roost. we have assets here as well"
[19:58] AremusFireheart whispers: A fair enough question. "This facility is well hidden and we have adequate security." She assessed. "Who has the cult put in charge of operations over the mine? Do we have any intel?"
[20:00] Lady Nightmare: Our defenses here are mostly automated, plus the majority of our standing forces will be remaining here. As for the leader, the only thing I know so far is that it's a cultist, not one of the Singularity generals. Cultist leaders are usually fairly powerful metahumans, but I can't determine their nature without revealing our interest in the site
[20:03] AremusFireheart: Hm. Noted. She made a mental note of that. She examined the schematics of the mine before her. “…What are possible points of entry?” She asked.
[20:06] Moondance nodded and noted details. Her clones keeping watch on the enries of this facility " we will have to take him down swiftly
[20:07] Marathon nods listening to lady N for a moment then speaks up "if you dont know what they can do it may be smart to let me take the front lines what ever the leader is packing i am sure i can take it... even if i cant directly take them out... which i hopefully can... while their attention is on me you and the others can do what needs to be done be that stabbing the fucker in the back or just getting rid of his back up and taking the tunnels in general"
[20:13] Lady Nightmare nods "We'll see what the situation looks like inside, but those with durability will definitely take leading positions... as for entry, I already told the others, we'll hot-drop on the defensive perimeter here to overrun their position, the mine has only a single entrance though, so we'll be fighting in close quarters almost certainly"
[20:14] AremusFireheart: "Perfect. They won't stand a chance then." She could not help but boast. Though she prized herself as a top marksman she excelled herself in hand to hand combat,.
[20:15] Marathon "i never had any issues with close quarters..." she says with a grin
[20:15] AremusFireheart whispers: "We should have a team remain outside of the entrance of the mine and secure the entrance. Perhaps several minions?"
[20:16] AremusFireheart: "I would be wise to secure our only means in and out."
[20:18] Lady Nightmare: Already planned for... we'll have infantry backup
[20:19] Moondance: there are things we wont be able to plan until our strike force is gathered
[20:20] AremusFireheart: "Excellent. I think my girls will supplement us a little. They are qualified for this sort of operation." She regarded. "What is the plan once we reach inside the mine? Find the source and secure the tunnels?"
[20:20] AremusFireheart: "And eliminate all the cultists of course." She spoke with a lowly cackle.
[20:21] Lady Nightmare: Pretty much, yes... with so little data we can't make too complex of a plan
[20:23] AremusFireheart whispers: "Do we now of any other singularity activity around the mine? Places they can call for help and get reinforcements."
[20:26] Lady Nightmare: The closest other facility I was able to identify was over 200 miles away, and I'm not sure if it's even active currently, since there were no signs of anything happening there. Regardless, we should have a window of 2 hours or so at minimum
[20:26] AremusFireheart: Noted. "We can increase that window by finding a means of hampering communications. And I might have a possible solution. Though it will require a little more testing first..."
[20:28] Marathon "out of curiosity are we talking lethal force here? that is normally not my thing.. if i can avoid it..."
[20:29] AremusFireheart: "Then you need to reassess your values my dear. The world only belongs to the ruthless." She lectured. "Besides. Most of them will be soulless robots or trying to kill you anyhow."
[20:29] AremusFireheart: "I am sure you will find it your heart to put them from this mortal coil."
[20:31] Lady Nightmare nods slightly "I'd be happy to look into your idea and see if it's viable here... as for killing, we generally do everything possible to minimize it, however Singularity's objective is nothing short of enslaving or killing everything in existence that isn't completely pure human, so for this operation we'll be using full force at all times"
[20:35] Marathon glances at blue "only belongs to the ruthless? would be be saying that on the receiving end?... i have no issue with being morally gray... you have not yet heard my takers and taken speech... but i dont generally drop bodies unless i dont have a choice... that said... if you ever want to test me i am not one to shy away from a challenge... purhaps then you will learn appreciate my... restraint..." she smirks
[20:36] Moondance spoke softly" In battle the weak fall. The lucky ones escape to grow strong. Do not concern yourself with a fallen enemy
[20:37] AremusFireheart: "Out of respect to our hostess. I won't use your pretty little face to wipe my boot." She knew this game very well and she always aimed to win it. Very idly she began to adjust something on the wrist of her costume. Leaning back in her chair in a relaxed posture.
[20:37] Marathon looks up at lady N and nods understanding.. "well... i am not a fan of killing.. but if these people are as bad as you say.. well some people just got to go..." she says with a smile
[20:39] Moondance: are you two really going to be fighting here?
[20:40] Lady Nightmare: I'm sure there'll be plenty there for you all to take your frustrations and bloodlust out on, so save it for the battlefield. Nobody's going to mourn the blood we shed there this time
[20:41] Gadget perked up at the thought of infighting "I say let them. If they have a problem with one another, duke it out as they say. Whats the worst that could happen hmm?"
[20:42] AremusFireheart: She simply smiled. Of course. "Of course." She regarded simply though now her eyes keen on Marathon. Quietly getting a read on her as she adjusted herself in her seat.
[20:43] Marathon raises an eye brow looking in Blue's direction "my face to your boot? you dont know how to respect your peers is seems... but i would be glad to put things in perspective for you if you need... adjusting...." she says looking the caped woman up and down as if to size her up... then turning her attention to moon she shakes her head "i would not want to mess up Ns meeting room with this clown... i have no problem with cock.. i can get admittedly cocky myself.. but mutual respect is importing if you are gonna get anything dont as a group "some people clearly dont understand that"
[20:47] AremusFireheart: Oh she would be certain to remember that. “Is that what you think keeps a society like this in line?” She registered back for a moment. She began to chuckle for a moment. “Forget morally gray dear, you are outright naïve.” Power was the name of the game here. You had it and wielded it frugally you got loyalty. Anything else is just buying into the fiction. "But before we get into a kershuffle, I think I need to go. Good to drop in." SHe examined the facility schematics again. "Very good."
[20:49] Moondance shook her head and whispered to N " I thought I was the insane one?"
[20:49] Lady Nightmare chuckles "All here are here because they have skill and power... but if you feel the need to brawl there are sparring rooms set aside that you can use"
[20:53] Marathon smirks a bit as the blue bird ducks out "sure you do..." she says with and amused tone "and power only goes so far with out respect... i am alot of things.. but naive is not one of them... that said.. i will be sure to see you around..." she says with a confident smile
[20:55] AremusFireheart: Oh she was going to make that woman regret that smirk from her face. "Really? I can't say the same. Didn't register much of an impression." With a cape furl the blue clad woman was off.
[20:56] Lady Nightmare: Good night Blue... talk to you soon
[21:00] Lady Nightmare chuckles a bit after Blue leaves "Well, wouldn't be one of our meetings if nobody came close to trading blows"
[21:00] Marathon shakes her head slightly as the woman leaves... "some people just have no respect... my apologies N"
[21:01] Moondance: well I see this going like a lead bloon
[21:02] Elewa (kya.warden): "lead balloon?" she asks
[21:03] Lady Nightmare: Oh, it's fine... she's just used to running her own smaller operation... needs to adjust to being part of a much larger group. If she gets too far out of hand then I'll take care of it easily enough
[21:05] Moondance nods" If you need anything resituated, give me a call"
[21:07] Marathon nods slighty "i dont plan on pursuing her.. but in all honesty i kind of hope she tried to jump me out in the streets.. when i boot is pressing her skull into the street i have a feeling she will appreciate the fact that i dont share her views on blood shed and the use of power"
[21:08] Lady Nightmare smiles "Well, do we have any other questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the operation?"
[21:09] Moondance: I believe you coverred everything that we can
[21:10] Marathon "no questions.. i like the sounds of this tho... i look forward to lending a hand if i can"
[21:17] Lady Nightmare nods "Well then, we'll call this meeting a wrap, thanks for coming. Next week at the same time we'll move out"
[21:17] Moondance: sounds like a plan
[21:18] Marathon looks around for a moment "on that note.. if the meeting is done i think i need to be heading out... i was a pleasure seeing everyone and i look forward to kicking some cultists in the teeth..." she says with a smile
[21:20] Lady Nightmare closes up the screen "See you all again soon then, enjoy your night"

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