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SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name):
Cade (ColorKid Resident)


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?):

Coleman (Cole) Stavros

AGE (all characters must be at least 18):

Most heroes are born from tragedy of some sort... at least that's what Cole always believed. So how did he, an average guy with a formerly simple life, find himself caught in a world with the sudden power to do good?

Cole came from a modest immigrant family, the third of four sons. Filled with uncertainty, he was often given direction by his parents. He tried to follow in his older brothers' footsteps, but never excelled in his schoolwork nor became as popular. He did prove to be a better-than-average athlete until his superstar younger brother eclipsed his achievements.

After graduating, his then-girlfriend decided they should work for a cruise line. His willing attitude earned him a spot as an assistant to the cruise director, a woman of strong personality. He served to the best of his ability, eager for her approval... right until the world ended.

He awoke in Celestial City. Feeling lost and unsure, Cole tried to find a direction in this new realm full of powered beings. He was appointed a job by the tough-as-nails female owner of the gym where he had been living.

Then it happened. He was assisting the owner's workout with the heavy bag when the bottom tore open, emptying its sand packing. Once patched, the owner instructed him how to repack the bag for high durability. The idea crossed his mind: what if someone could adjust their body like that? Emptying or filling with some resource... It was like a switch was flipped - that power was now his to use. No strange accident; it just *was*. Had she activated it? If so, she has never let on. Cole trained in secret with his new ability. But was he ready to be a hero?

1) Density Control: Shift can alter his personal density anywhere from insubstantial to immutable. Cannot alter other beings or objects. Stronger uses of the power can only be maintained for a few minutes at a time.

Intangible: Able to pass through matter and most energy fields. Unaffected by physical forces; minor impact from energy forces (temperature extremes remain effective).

Ultra-Dense: Mass increases up to five tons. Can withstand forces up to fifty tons. Mobility is reduced proportionally to the density increase.

Density Athletics: Capable of great feats of athletic prowess by use of precisely timed density shifts.
- Launch: (heavy to light) Propels form over a large distance.
- Smash: (light to heavy) Drives form with incredible force.

Normal human weaknesses [base state];
Vulnerable to psychic/mental abilities, extreme stimuli (light, sound, temperature) [all states]

Day Job (Optional):
Gym employee
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