Anthony Gato meeting Celeste Angier

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Anthony Gato meeting Celeste Angier

Post by Chyleste » Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:38 am

[09:30] Celeste Angier watched as the secretary knocked at the door ' Miss Angier is here to see you sir'

[09:32] Anthony Gato finishes pouring a glass of wine and then smiles as he starts to pour another. He looks toward the door and speaks in a pleasant voice. "Wonderful. Please come in, Ms Angier"

[09:35] Celeste Angier takes the door as she is let inside. She sets her breifcase by the desk " I understand you desired to see me. ? I do not think I have yet been able to congratulate you, even if it is a co chair position by sheer survival. This city is brutal."

[09:38] Anthony Gato smiles as he carries the glasses over to the desk. He sets his down and offers the other to the woman. He motions toward the chair as he waits to sit once she is seated. "Thank you, very much. Yes, that is why I decided to run for mayor, to help the city be less brutal. Please make yourself comfortable."

[09:40] Celeste Angier sniled, taking the wine, and then the seat " This city is far from orderly at times. The businesses suffer. I have had to put so many- not even all metaphorical- fires out in this past year. Timber ment well, but idealism only goes so far"

[09:43] Anthony Gato sighs softly and nods. "Yes. I will admit I am not a fan of Timber's practices. He left the city in dire straights. It is going to take some work to get the finances and criminal system back in place again." He takes a sip of his wine and smiles. "That is part of why I asked to meet with you. I have spoken with Lady Nightmare and we are discussing revising a lot of the government. You are on the council, correct?"

[09:49] Celeste Angier nods" Yes, though if that changes with the new administration it is not unexpected, nor will voices be raised. When each president in the dimension I come from was elected, it coincided with not only elections for congress, but the offices heads of departments changed most of the time. " She sipped the wine slowly " A good year."

[09:53] Anthony Gato sets his glass down as he listens. "I don't see the need to remove you. You have had a good record from what I can tell based on the remaining records of the former government. I believe that we need good representation from the business districts as well as the other parts of society. I am curious about your views on the state of the city. Do you have any issues that are close to your heart, so to speak?"

[10:03] Celeste Angier: Taxes, While complete trickle down economy does not work, the businesses do the vast majority of the job creation. However I feel the middle class and lower businesses such as the farms should get the majority of the breaks. Spoken as the owner and CEO of a major company, it is our obligation to provide back to the city. Roads, the hospital, and such are not cheap. The other would be the homless population and a minimum wage. No one should be without a roof. Basic food, clothing and shelter should be available to all. It would not be the best food. Above the insect cubes I once mentioned for a supply in the disaster shelters, but it would not need be groumet. The kind of buffet or soup kitchen nutrition- with the nutrition being more important than desirability or taste. Clothing the same. I know there would be little room, but there can be locations for job recruiters. it may inspire them to work for more than just surviving. The minimum wage is obvious. They have to not be at slave wages. Not too high as
[10:03] Celeste Angier: they should earn more by their own skills and labor. Those who cannot work due to disability would be provided for in the vision I have, but also trained within their abilities to improve their station ~she set the glass down~ I know it is a big order. But fast methods have never acheived stability. When you are planning a city, plant crops. Planning an empire- build schools. The most stable governments build slowly so as to not topple.

[10:11] Anthony Gato nods along as he listens. He takes a moment to gather his thoughts before speaking. "I share your concerns for the people of the city. No one should live on the streets or go hungry unless they chose to live that way. I mentioned in my campaign setting up some festivals and other charity fundraisers to help the less fortunate. I hope that will help and also encourage more private donations as well." He takes a deep breath and then another sip of his wine. "As for taxes...." He sighs and runs his fingers through his hair. "At the state we are in now, the budget is...well, to put it bluntly, it's screwed. The city was using the sponsorship auctions and fines against metahumans to offset the costs of repairs and other programs. Timber cut a lot of that off. We are going to have to put money into building up the Protectorate stronger as well as other things that we need to make this city safer. At this time I am afraid that we may even have to raise taxes on everyone just to make ends meet at the
[10:11] Anthony Gato: current budget, not including any improvements that we hope to make."

[10:20] Celeste Angier: that is completely understandable. The breaks I mentioned would be based on the new needs. I still feel those making billions should bear the burden than those making millions. It does put it more on AES, PAE, and a few others. Altaria is likely getting close to, if not at that level. We depend on the city, and it is in our own best interests to support it. I understand my raw view can be.. extreme, but I temper it. Thankfully, I am not like my father in that regard. He had no filter when it came to this. Companies, large and small, should be willing to help with the needs as well, Bu that doesnt come down to laws. What do we currently tax, if you know?

[10:27] Anthony Gato leans back in his chair. "I get what you are saying but things need to be fair to everyone. I am not saying that the poor should be left behind, but those who work hard should be rewarded. Otherwise why would anyone want to put forth more work? I will be pushing to give tax breaks to companies that invest in the city. We cannot expect the top few to pay for the hundreds of thousands without getting anything in return. That just encourages companies to try and hide their profits and leads to corruption. I have seen it many times, not just in government but in all businesses. The fact is right now, we are suffering a budget crisis. We are going to have to make some sacrifices for the good of the city until we can build back up to a balance. The cost of damages caused by metahuman battles alone, is currently at 70% of the city's budget. We have not had that offset by the sponsorship auctions or fines being paid."

[10:36] Celeste Angier nods and has another drink of wine " I am not saying they will not be taxed as well. I have already set up my engineering design department to give a drastic discount to the citie's projects in the design needs, and those that qualify as.. city sponsorship. Not used in the sense of the auctions or contracts. I intend to make profit myself, i was the only serious cleaner after the flooding hit and wiped out the industrial area. Me paying more than a mom and pop drug store is an acceptable sacrifice to me. I was considering adding a sales tax on items of luxury. Alcohol. tobacco, marijuana, the drugs we can now regulate and sell cleanly unlike the old worlds. Perhaps sugary drinks though that may be too far for the citizenry to handle and smack of nutritional elitism. I mention it for the large amount of sales. A pet fee perhaps, for licensing pets. I may be biased on that one. I dont like animals."

[10:39] Anthony Gato leans forward and smiles. "Hmm a sin tax of sorts. That does make a lot of sense and will help the over all health of the city. I like that idea." He reaches up and brushes a bit of hair back from his forehead. "What are your views on law enforcement, Ms Angier?"

[10:45] Celeste Angier sits back " it is inevitable we need it. The nonmeta cops cannot keep up, and this warden program has promise. The protectorate should be the shining jewel. Hell Guard is doing a wonderful job on her end, but she needs more funding. Currently I see people flocking to the corporations offering warden programs. Those only deal with the symptoms. The law is the cure, and we should be pushing that aspect. perhaps it isnt flashy enough. I know you put your team in some very.. shall we say.. PR friendly attire? Their failure to find your former VP was an issue that is not completely upon you or your company. This is epidemic. The warden programs people are using favor flash over substance. You, at least, were honest in your regards for its uses. It has promise, but it needs to be shaped up, and the actual law enforcement more of a..force.

[10:55] Anthony Gato smirks and chuckles. "I have plans to offer incentives to join the Protectorate. I think they should have professional attire though. I am in favor of increasing the application and renewal fees on warden licenses to encourage those wild cards to join the Protectorate. Most damage is caused by those who are not on a team. If they really want to help the city, they can join law enforcement."

[11:00] Celeste Angier: it is less a cost of their damage as their not having the insurance cover the damage. They need to be held responsible. ~she nods though, drinking~ Attire would be good. i have seen some outfits on protectorate that sit up there with the wardens. Since you are co chair now, you have access to those records. Have you looked over the personnel files?

[11:02] Anthony Gato smiles as he sips more. "I have not gotten access to the warden files. That takes a lot of protocol and jumping through hoops. It is very protected information. Even the mayor requires a warrant and probable cause."

[11:05] Celeste Angier: not the warden files, the protectorate. Your office should, do to the need to select suggestions of a particular agent . It would like be the protectorates final decision who to send, but given the government ensures the agents it should be information open to you. Not to the council, or just any rookie, but to the commander in chief, yes.

[11:08] Anthony Gato nods. "Oh I see what you mean. I have a lot on my plate already. I have been hoping to put my trust in Hell Guard. I have been working on the budget, contacting some contractors for building projects and considering who to place on my cabinet."

[11:15] Celeste Angier nods" The construction is wide open and a mess now. Given the smaller companies.and Scarlett's death. I would feel that there is a silver lining however. Not an all out auction. But let people bid on elements of her company. Give the smaller businesses a chance to thrive and grow from this, without dropping it in bulk and simply creating another potential monopoly. "

[11:19] Anthony Gato lightly taps his fingers on the desktop. "I don't know if you remember the first mayor. She had city hall constructed by several companies all working independently of each other so no one knew everything about the place. I am looking toward doing the same thing." He sits up fully. "I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me. I can give my endorsement for keeping you on the council with a clear mind now. Is there anything else you would like to discuss at this time?"

[11:23] Celeste Angier nods " I would, but feel it may be too soon. Is there a memorial intended for Scarlett? I am thinking perhaps in the new city hall, a wall to honor those who have built this city up. Who have protected us. Even is merely a fancy photo fram and an inscription. "

[11:25] Anthony Gato nods. "That is a good idea. We should honor our prominent citizens that have worked to help this city. I am sure we can do something like that. Thank you, Ms Angier. If you need anything, feel free to call me anytime."

[11:31] Celeste Angier smiled. Finishing the wine, she set the glass down. " it was my pleasure. I shall, and I hope the remainder of the council pick runs as smoothly" She lifted her bag

[11:32] Anthony Gato stands up and offers a handshake. "Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day."

[11:34] Celeste Angier graciously took the hand shake. Her grasp firm but not superhuman. " I hope you do as well, Mister Gato" Her tone soft as she smiled, soon to exit

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