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Post by Timberwulff » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:18 pm

Timber stands in front of the Meta Bowl as the cameras come on.

"I was not the greatest interim mayor, I admit that. I understand I had ideals but not exactly a solid plan to make those plans work to the benefit of everyone, human meta human or other. I have also come to realize that because of being interim mayor and the things that I have gone through. I decided once the new Mayor was elected I was going to go away and get myself back. That, did not work out the way I expected. However I have been told things have been resolved in that matter, and I wish Lady N and Mr Gato the best in this. I believe they have the mind and abilities to make the City a success."

Timber pauses and looks down for a moment.

"I am no longer interim mayor and with that knowledge I can admit this to the world. The bomb used by the Artisans adjusted my DNA, I can survive in space and will be taking off for space..."

Timber looks at his watch.

"Right about now. I have plans in place for managing the Meta Bowl and massage Clinic and I have put a chunk of the profits made from them towards helping the city. This is not forever, this is me needing to get my head as right as I can. at this point I could wind up doing more harm than good and I do no want that to happen."

With that Timber knelt down picking up a large duffel bag and a small bag with buffalo wings in them.

"I'm not going to lie, with what has happened recently I had doubts about leaving but at this point I feel it would be better for all if I did, but I will return once my head is cleared... And to the people of Celestial City. You are in good hands now, I believe it and I hope you all do too, but if you need me there is a way to reach me and I will return as fast as I can."

Timber lifts into the air and smiles at the camera.

"For now though, good bye Celestial City, I will be back."

With that he lifts into the air and flies straight up disappearing quickly.

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