Anthony Gato meeting with Hell Guard

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Anthony Gato meeting with Hell Guard

Post by Chyleste » Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:31 pm

[18:43] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) heads out of the elevator, wearing a bit more than her normal simple attire and heads to the receptionist "Hello, I have an appointment, Hell Guard?"

[18:44] Anthony Gato reaches over as the receptionist buzzes and speaks into the intercom. "Hello. Please come in."

[18:45] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and nods, walking through the door into the next room. She looks around and nods "been awhile since I was in here, huh?" she asks and looks to Gato

[18:49] Anthony Gato smiles as he stands and offers a handshake. "Yes but you are always welcome, Ms Hell Guard. Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink?"

[18:50] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, shaking his hand and removing her sword, placing it on the table in a rather ceremonial fashion. She nods "Drink? Hmm, I wouldn't mind one, what are my options?" she asks calmly

[18:51] Anthony Gato steps to his wine cabinet. "Let me see, I have wine, tequila, or water. I could always send for something else if you would like?"

[18:52] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shakes her head "wine will be just fine. Tequila sounds like a good way to end up having a bad night" she says "And you can call me Melanie if you prefer it. We're not in a tactical situation where we'd need code names"

[18:56] Anthony Gato laughs softly as he pours two glasses of wine. He walks to the desk and hands one glass to her. He sets his on the desk as he sits down. "Melanie. That is a pretty name. I don't think I ever knew it before. Then please call me Anthony." He takes a sip of his wine. "I have to say, first of all that I am impressed with the excellent job you have been doing keeping the Protectorate working to help the city. I know it has been rough."

[18:58] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sips at the wine "thank you, Anthony. And yes, it has been a bit rough for quite awhile. Though recently we've begun springing back. A few individuals have come in from the University and have been putting a lot of time in both in the field and in recruiting."

[19:00] Anthony Gato leans back in his seat. "That is very good to hear. You know I pledged to put as much support and funding behind the Protectorate as possible. I have been going over the budget and I give you my word that your department will get everything I can possible allocate. I have plans for some incentives and other ways to help recruitment."

[19:04] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) relaxes and nods "that's good, I know that both you and N have spoken highly of the Protectorate. There are a lot of options moving forward, coordination with the University, with other groups, but a major issue a lot of the time is that people would rather work for themselves than for the city, so the Warden program is still quite popular. Not that it's a bad program, but it's often seen as the better of two options"

[19:07] Anthony Gato smirks and nods. "Yeah. The warden licenses were supposed to help get control of the metahuman problem but it seems to be almost worse at times. I am going to raise the license and renewal fees by quite a bit. That should encourage more to join actual law enforcement if they really want to help the city. Most of the damage is done by wild wardens who are not identified or held responsible. We need to work on that a bit more."

[19:13] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "yes, and we also need to have more concise operational parameters on what the Protectorate can and can't do. We're expected to be the protectors of the city but under the previous administration, we were a bit inhibited in what we could do. I won't talk bad about my predecessors directly, but we were fairly limited in how we could proceed with criminals whereas Wardens could do basically as they wished."

[19:17] Anthony Gato nods along as she speaks. "Yeah. I have made my feelings known about the previous administrations. That is why I decided to step up and try to help the city. My stance on law enforcement has been very clear. You have my full support to do whatever is necessary to restore order to this city. The only restrictions I will put on your group is to protect the good citizens above all else. Maybe make a division that focuses solely on crowd control and evacuating innocents before the metahumans start their ego matches at the very least."

[19:20] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "yes, I've been meaning to write up some proper operational procedures for the Protectorate. I tend to try and evac civilians, as I did with the military during the Artisan crisis. When it was proven that the non-powered military was ineffective, they were repurposed for civilian movements. I don't like dividing it up too much or we'll become a mess of different departments like the CCPD was. I usually give my officers operational freedom within the boundaries of our duties"

[19:26] Anthony Gato swivels slightly in his chair as he listens. "I can understand that. I am just trying to offer ideas to help out. I put my faith in you running the Protectorate as it needs to be. I will put as much support behind you as I can." He leans forward and shuffles some papers around to find his notes. "I have been impressed with a few notable officers. Of course you and Kerry have done amazing jobs. Lodestar has always put forth a lot of effort. I think she would make a great spokeswoman to help talk with the press and relieve some of that burden from you." He skims the page. "I believe that we should see about increasing the communications and eyes on the city. We can put up security cameras around the city to help keep an eye on things."

[19:29] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and nods "yes, Kerry has been a good officer, as has Lodestar. And more recently, Evie has been making strides of mention as well" she says calmly "And of course we've had help from some of the corporations such as Takamachi Mikoto and PAE, as well as Alice Labelle with Altaria" she says, scratching her head, not wanting to go 'my partner's company should be getting some good press' right off the bat, that didn't look good. "Cameras would be a very useful thing and a good way to keep an eye on things without too much negative impact on the populace. Plus they can be used to help solve disputes that would not normally involve my officers."

[19:34] Anthony Gato nods and makes a check mark on his paper. "Good, I am glad you agree. It will take a while to fund a full camera system but I can have some older cameras from FireFly donated to set up at first." He runs his finger down the page. "Let's see, oh yeah. I would like to build a new high security prison outside the city to help contain the criminals away from the people. That will take a little time to budget for as well, but it is a goal." He lays the paper down and places his hand on the desk. "What else can you use? I want to give you all the tools that you need to do your job better."

[19:37] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "A max security prison could be useful, assuming it is under a full guard or under automation" she says calmly "At the moment, we could use some standardized gear sets. Maybe some weaponry or vehicles as necessary. I don't like having to borrow big guns from PAE no matter how willing they are to give them. I would also like to do some more coordination with the University since I've seen a few new officers coming directly from there"

[19:41] Anthony Gato writes down as she speaks. "Alright. There is already a budget for weapons and armory but looking through the records we have managed to recover, I cannot find where that money has gone. Wherever it was being funneled I will make sure it goes where it is meant to now." He leans back again with a smile. "A few people have suggested using the University as a kind of police academy. I agree it can be a great idea. Right now with the death of Ms Harlow, there is not a head of the school. Maybe we can have the government take over fully."

[19:44] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "I would not be opposed to having a presence in the university, nor would I be opposed to the government taking it over. However, I think that though the Protectorate would be well suited as having a presence and could utilize the school for recruitment, I do not feel that the Protectorate should be filling the position of the school's head. Though another within the government might do it effectively, I do not think I would be in a useful position for that"

[19:48] Anthony Gato nods in agreement. "Yes of course. The Protectorate are not instructors and we do not want to waste any officers sitting behind a desk. I am sure we can find someone suitable to help run things. I will have to see if we can take it over." He glances at the paper again. "What else....oh yes. Of course you have my endorsement to continue to serve on the city council. Lady Nightmare and I have discussed reorganizing things a bit. A lot of government records have been lost with the several destructions of city hall and all the moving around. We are looking through everything and trying to make sense of it all."

[19:51] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "although we do have a lot of powerful computer types, it may be necessary to have a backup on some secured server somewhere just so if we do lose city hall, we don't end up losing all the paperwork." she states calmly "And alright, the city council has been fairly effective, I will be happy to remain on it and see what can be done moving forward. I do believe if we're keeping it, we should have some more members though. It was getting pretty scarce there for awhile"

[19:55] Anthony Gato smiles softly. "There were several back up servers and a lot of file stored on flash drives. But since the SingularityAI took over so much, all that was infected. All we have left is paper files and a lot of those are missing. Yeah, the council does need more members but it needs to be kept at a odd number to break any ties especially now with two mayors. At this point confirmed we have myself, Lady Nightmare, you and I have spoken and given my endorsement to Celeste Angier as a representative of the business district."

[19:59] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "I know there is some hope in PAE that they would get some council seat, but it seemed every time I brought it up, I got told to hold off on it by Mikoto. So I do not know if they want a seat or don't want a seat. I can breach the subject with her if you think that would be helpful or we can not worry about it for the time being." she says calmly "but yes, an odd number would be good for breaking ties. I am hoping the dual mayors will prove to be a good least they're good candidates, and not a bug or a...whatever the hell Metapool is..."

[20:02] Anthony Gato chuckles "Yeah. I am so happy that some of the candidates did not get close. I have a meeting set up with Mikoto very soon but I am not sure what it is about, only that she requested it. I don't know who else would be worthy of a council seat but maybe Lady Nightmare has some ideas we can all vote on or something. I am also looking into who to put on my cabinet. I am bringing Cassie, my personal assistant from FireFly and I have been considering offering Son Tseng a position as well."

[20:06] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "I don't know if you know Alice Labelle, but she's a decent one that could be considered for a position." she states and scratches her neck around the collar "Though, full disclosure, I may be a terms of her" she states with a bit of a laugh "beyond her, I approve Son Tseng of getting a position, I was very supportive of him during the election and feel he could do a lot of good for the city"

[20:10] Anthony Gato smirks a bit. "Oh yes. I know Alice quite well, actually. I am not sure if she would want to take time away from Alteria though. She seems to have some goals in mind. You know she has acquired the remnants of my father's company? She and I have had...dealings before." He lightly taps his fingers on the desktop. "I am not sure if there is anything else at this time. If you can make a list of the equipment that the Protectorate needs, I will do my best to have it for you asap."

[20:13] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "Yeah, she has some ideas I think, I don't pry into it too much" she states with a laugh "full disclosure is that her and I are together, so...just so you know, and don't get surprised by that later on down the road. Additionally, though not a real secret, but to get your knowledge on this at the same page as N, Alice does legally own me. I assume that's not an issue as it doesn't affect my duties in the slightest, but I feel you should understand that"

[20:17] Anthony Gato leans back in his seat with a grin. "I have no problem with the sponsorship contracts. I am going to be making sure they stay in place despite what the bullies like Captain Strong try to threaten. Timber really hit the budget hard when he released so many who were waiting on auction to pay off their debts. We are having to scramble to find enough funds to cover everything. Right now most of the budget is going toward repairs on the city. I do hope you step up on catching those responsible for damages. I am working to give you the manpower you need to properly enforce things."

[20:20] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, relaxing visibly at the notion that you had no issue "alright then, that's good to hear. I was worried there'd be some issue on that, but I'm glad there isn't" She explains "And yes, we'll be working to do what we can to get criminal elements rounded up "beyond that, there's nothing more I needed to talk to you about that I can think of off the top of my head"

[20:23] Anthony Gato shakes his head with a smile. "No issue with that at all. I actually hold a sponsorship contract or two myself." He nods. "Good. I trust you to continue improving the already great job you have been doing. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out." He stands and offers his hand to shake.

[20:24] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and stands up, shaking your hand "I will keep you in the loop about progress and what we're doing moving forward" she states, re-fastening her sword to her belt after the shake "It was nice meeting with you, Anthony"

[20:26] Anthony Gato smiles with a slight bow. "Thank you. It is always a pleasure, Melanie. My door is always open to you. I hope you have a great night and I will see you at the next council meeting in a day or two."

[20:26] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "my door as well, thank you for your assistance and will see you then" she says, bowing back and then heading out the door

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