The Defense cabinet position.

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The Defense cabinet position.

Post by Chyleste » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:27 pm

[15:59] Anthony Gato flips through the huge stack of paperwork on his desk. The intercom buzzes as the receptionist announces Son Tseng is here for his appointment. Anthony tells her to send him in. The young executive stands up ready to offer a handshake.

[16:01] Son Tseng walks in after talking with the receptionist briefly and warmly. he would then enter and shake Anthony's hand. "congratulations on the position."

[16:02] Anthony Gato offers a seat with a smile. "Thank you. Please, make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink or anything?"

[16:03] Son Tseng waves a hand lightly "no thanks. but thank you for the offer. so you wanted to see me Mr. Gato?"

[16:05] Anthony Gato nods as he shuffles some papers. "Yes, I did. I hope there are no hard feelings between us. I can see that you really believe in making the city better. We need more people like that." He looks at the man. "What would you say about a position on my cabinet?"

[16:06] Son Tseng shakes his head. "my issue is not with you it is with the other mayor. but what position did you have in mind?" he would smile.

[16:09] Anthony Gato leans back in his chair. "Well, since most mayors seemed to have just run things relying only on the council, I would like to get more support. I was considering possibly a kind of homeland security position. What do you think would be your best role?"

[16:12] Son Tseng nods "well something like that would be fitting giving the circumstances. I hear the protectorate has started stepping up with it's members lately but we do need something more than that I feel. a dedicated task force."

[16:14] Anthony Gato nods. "Yes I believe that the Protectorate needs to take a more proactive role in controlling crime and wild metas. What I was thinking for you would be focusing on increasing the defense of the city and the citizens. Maybe identifying weak spots where we could use more structure, just anything to help keep people and the city safe. I am interested in hearing any ideas you may have."

[16:20] Son Tseng nods "that I can do. I would also suggest finding candidates to have a task force separate from the protectorate whose sole job is the defense of the city. I would start with the ruins honestly it's a hot bed for crime. fix that up. make it habitable. security systems like camera networks to watch over all public areas."

[16:24] Anthony Gato lightly taps his fingers on the desk. "We already have a lot of cameras being donated from FireFly to put up all around the city. The condemned area would take a lot of expense to rebuild. Right now we do not have any where near the budget. The last administration left us in dire straights. We need to focus on the proper city. We need to get control of these wardens who think just because they have a license they can do whatever. I do like your idea of a defense force. Would you be able to put something like that together?"

[16:27] Son Tseng nods. "I would be willing to put it together. maybe use some of the wardens and reign them in a bit. give them direction. make the rest of the wardens join the protectorate or lose their license. also stricter screening for anyone who wants to be a Warden and go over all current wardens. also use a demerit system for them as well if they mess up x amount of times they lose their license. if we make it so to be a Warden you have to be protectorate it may give they protectorate the boost they need and I am sure hell guard would help keep them in line."

[16:30] Anthony Gato raises an eyebrow and makes a note on a pad. "Oh that all sounds great. I like how you are thinking. We need to get some actual order to the city. Yes I am in favor of all this. We will have to draw up some paperwork to make it official but if you are on board, I will throw my full support behind you."

[16:32] Son Tseng nods. "I am on board and willing to help. I will look into people for the Celestial City Defense Force or C.C.D.F for short immediately after this meeting. if we had a list of current Wardens and files on them it would go to help a long way with that search as well as if you have personal suggestions I would be open to them as well."

[16:35] Anthony Gato leans back in the chair again. "The way the warden license program is set up, we have a list of their costumed identities that we can access to see who is licensed. We can only get the personal information with due cause and a warrant to access it." He looks at the man. "Were you planning on going door to door to enforce things?"

[16:40] Son Tseng chuckles and shakes his head. "no not go door to door that would be a bit ridiculous. but I am going to reach out to a few of the better people I know in the city. and I understand about the personal information being protected. hm will have to think on the recruiting. maybe I should open up an office for it."

[16:43] Anthony Gato nods as he swivels in the chair a bit. "Alright. We have been contracting some construction crews to build a new city hall. Until then you can set up an office with the rest of the temporary government agencies. Yeah the secret identities were supposed to be required to protect the housing districts. I think too many have been ignoring that part of things too. You will have full authority to levy fines or even arrest any who are not compliant."

[16:46] Son Tseng nods. "understood. where are the other temporary offices held?"

[16:48] Anthony Gato writes down an address. "Here you go. There are a few open offices. You can pick whichever you like. We should be moving into the new city hall in a couple weeks."

[16:49] Son Tseng nods "is there anything else Mr Gato? if not I believe I will go look at the office location."

[16:51] Anthony Gato shakes his head. "No I don't think so, right now. If you need anything at all, please give me a call. I have confidence that together we can get this city in shape. You do know there will be some resistance at least at first. These metas are so used to just doing whatever they feel like and getting away with it."

[16:52] Son Tseng nods "And those that resist will get their licenses revoked. and then from there they can reapply after a set period of time I say six months from date of it being revoked."

[16:53] Anthony Gato nods with a smile. "Sounds great to me. We are currently looking into clearing some land outside the city for a new prison to hold metas. It will be safer to keep the most dangerous ones away from the people."

[16:55] Son Tseng nods "that's good to hear."

[17:00] Anthony Gato stands up and offers his hand. "Thank you. Is there anything else you can think of at this time?"

[17:07] Son Tseng shakes his head shaking Anthony's hand "not at this time but I will call if I think of anything." he would turn to head out.

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