Law Enforcement and Defense Meeting

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Law Enforcement and Defense Meeting

Post by Chyleste » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:40 pm

[19:17] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shakes her head "we need officers, we don't need further groups working with us to do the same thing as us. That does not improve the lives of either of us, that only bogs down and prevents either of us from truly doing what needs to be done. You say your purpose is to protect the city from all threats both internal and external, and that is what the Protectorate has been doing since day one. So I'm guessing I need to know if I'm your boss or if you're mine."

[19:17] Lady Nightmare knocks softly at the door a couple times

[19:18] Anthony Gato steps out of the elevator and gives Lady Nightmare a smile and a nod. "It is good to see you."

[19:19] Son Tseng stands up and calls out. "please come in it's open." he would look to Hell guard. "well it seems there mayor's are here and we can sort all of this out."

[19:19] Anthony Gato reaches to open the door for Lady N and motions for her to go first.

[19:20] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) turns and looks behind her, no wings at the moment, she'd learned how to put them away at will, a bit of magic, not that she was all that magically skilled, but better than nothing.

[19:21] Lady Nightmare gives Anthony a small nod "Good evening as well" stepping in and giving a little not to the other two inside as well "Hello there Melanie... Son..."

[19:22] Anthony Gato enters behind the co-mayor and gives a nodding bow toward Son and Hell Guard. "Hello, everyone. I am glad we are all getting to meet together and work everything out. We need to all be on the same page to get this city in shape." He steps around and offers the chair to Lady Nightmare.

[19:24] Son Tseng smiles warmly "thank you all for coming." he would nod to Anthony. "yes. after a talk with Hell Guard I definitely do believe we need to be on the same page." he would then look to N. "I would first like to extend an apology to you Mayor N. during the elections I spoke out against you due to your criminal affiliations. but at this time I can see that you have been very dedicated to helping this city."

[19:25] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Gato and nods "yes, that's one way of putting it." she states calmly "at least one person, possibly me, isn't getting quite all of the facts here and it is making relationships strained" she states, putting it as diplomatically as possible

[19:26] Lady Nightmare waves Gato to take the seat, a lounge chair appearing off to the side of the desk, seeming to float slightly off the ground, and then floating herself over and resting into it, giving a small smile to Son "Not a problem... I understand that many have difficulty understanding the nature of my perception"

[19:29] Anthony Gato looks over at Lady N as she sets herself in a special chair. He moves over and takes the seat. The dark haired man looks toward Hell Guard. "Don't worry, Hell Guard. We are all here in the best interests of the city. There is no need to strain anything." He looks around at the others. "I am assuming that the confusion is arising between these two departments, correct?"

[19:31] Son Tseng nods. "that would be a correct assumption. as from what I have been able to discern our mission statements so to speak are the same. so what sets our departments apart."

[19:34] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "yes, so far as I can tell, it sounds like the CCDF is simply another Protectorate operating under a different leader. I am having trouble understanding what the purpose of the CCDF is given that it seems to be the same as mine."

[19:35] Lady Nightmare chuckles "And I'm still curious how a government agency was established in violation of the constitution, without the unanimous approval of the council"

[19:39] Anthony Gato shakes his head as he looks around at each member present. "First of all let me address the constitution question briefly. We will have to go into more detail on that a little later when I have the legal experts with me. Upon review of the current constitution, it was illegally drafted and if we were to stick to it, then none of us have any power. There is no way, including death to remove or replace Delphine Taggart. So according to that constitution, she would still be the only mayor. The council must be reworked and new nominations for the members approved. At this time, our only recourse is to recognize the election as the will of the people giving Lady Nightmare and myself the authority to rebuild the government."

[19:40] Son Tseng nods without saying anything at this point listening.

[19:41] Anthony Gato continues after a brief pause. "I believe that we can follow the same structure as before with the council, so those already a member will not lose their seat."

[19:41] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks, gaining a bit more respect for Gato, it was a nice little political move, like a chess game, and also respect for Delphine for putting a killswitch in place to keep her in power

[19:43] Lady Nightmare arches a brow "-IF- that's the case, which would have to be verified in full by numerous legal experts, then we need to make a new constitution the first priority, before making any other alterations to the city. We can't have an open season in the government while laws are being made and organizations being established. This city isn't a dictatorship..."

[19:50] Anthony Gato looks over at Lady Nightmare and arches a brow. "Actually the way the city was set up before it was a dictatorship but only with Taggart in control. We need to rework the provisions and make things legally binding without setting off the general public or certain instigating personalities- I believe you all can guess who would raise the most fuss and try to usurp things." He glances out the window toward the ivory tech tower in the distance. "The city is in severe disarray right now. We do not have time to spend weeks in meetings. The Bellgrave Family is slaughtering people left and right. Crime is way up. This new mysterious Horizon thing has made some moves to increase the chaos. The people are protesting and it is growing worse. We cannot let the government appear weak. We need to show that we are going to keep a strong hold on the city and not let things descend into madness."

[19:52] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips and slowly nods "I'd be on your side for this as long as the new government programs aren't stepping on the toes of already established government programs. Because as it stands, my toes are feeling some combat boots standing on them that I did not anticipate"

[19:54] Son Tseng nods "Which is not what I wish to do, I would like to be able for both groups to work closely with each other. Not like how the alphabet suit of the last earth did to each other."

[19:55] Lady Nightmare sighs heavily "I agree that despite some improvements in relationships on that front, that they aren't entirely trustable, and there are a lot of threats at the moment, but... 'those who trade freedom for security deserve neither'... we cannot react in a way that compromises the freedoms of the people. I've already been working on countermeasures for the threats that can be managed without sweeping alterations to the entire city..."

[19:59] Anthony Gato nods and looks at Hell Guard and Son. "Don't worry. This will make things easier on everyone. We can make this simple without any conflicts." He nods toward Lady N. "What kind of countermeasures? Because as I just pointed out, things are getting worse. We have had another building destroyed, several hundred people killed, the hospital is filled with victims of these metahuman threats. There have been protests all over the city and a few have turned violent injuring even more citizens. We have to get things under control fast or else there will be no chance for the good citizens of the city."

[20:03] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) tilts her head as Gato talks but doesn't really put anything forward for how this will make things easier "alright, what's your thoughts then?" she asks curiously

[20:04] Son Tseng nods "I attempted to break up a protest earlier where the protesters broke through the university gates and onto private land telling the metahumans to get out basically. Though what didn't help was a meta human attacking the protesters. Though Because of me and another they did not get hurt luckily. I am all for the rights of meta and non meta's but when neither side are obeying the law. We have to take action of some kind. And if that means getting stricter on the entire populace then maybe that's what we have to do. or look into doing, because wanton violence from both sides needs to stop."

[20:07] Lady Nightmare shrugs slightly "To make things easier would be best accomplished by making this group a specialized subdivision of either the Protectorate or the military, with a particular focus on civilian protection... though in truth the metas throughout the city have been working pretty well on that front more recently. The stricter you get on the people, the more they will rebel... that path leads only to disaster for everyone. As for what I'm doing, I've been deploying numerous trackers to work on hunting down the Belgraves, and keeping observation on likely potential targets so that any attacks can be swiftly responded to by the city's protectors"

[20:14] Anthony Gato looks at Lady Nightmare and nods slightly. "Yes. We do need to work on tracking them down but I and the statistics of dead and wounded completely disagree that the metahumans have been working pretty well. Letting the inmates run the asylum has proven to only lead to more chaos." He takes a breath. "What Son and I were discussing when we formed this idea is that his new department would focus on civilian protection, evacuation, crowd control, defense of the infrastructure, saving lives. Consider them a branch of the emergency EMTs and civil defense. This would free up more of the Protectorate to be more proactive, enforcing the laws, going after the metas that are causing the problems, dealing head on with the threats. We need actions and we need it fast."

[20:17] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips "I would like to propose a counter suggestion: that Son be instated as the new leader of the Celestial City Military, thus freeing me to focus on the Protectorate. Further, lawful allowances should be written in that the military can operate in assistance of the Protectorate in defense of the city and that the Protectorate can work in assistance of the military on external threats" she states calmly "This will allow both of us to carry out our regular tasks without stepping on each others' toes while still allowing both of us to work together to the same ends."

[20:20] Lady Nightmare pulls up her tablet, a holographic display expanding up from it, a few more taps pulling up a chart showing a steadily and fairly swiftly declining line "Excluding the outlier of the Belgrave group, this has been the progress of civilian severe injuries or deaths due to meta-related incidents over the past few months" then looks to Hell and nods "That would be an agreeable option... would take some of the stress off of you, trying to run both groups on your own"

[20:22] Son Tseng looks to N. "They are already rebelling, Both sides. Meta and Non meta. They have been long since before you two becoming mayor." he would look to Anthony. and then to Hell Guard. "I would agree with Hell Guard on this. That sounds viable. It takes stress off her, and lets us both run groups that can work hand in hand rather than against each other."
[20:24] Son Tseng also adds in looking between Gato and N. "You two need to hold a press conference. As there are some out there who believe that one is a fake mayor and has no true power in the government and that anything they do is fake and not real. You need to make it clear that you are both the mayor of this city and that anything either of you do is real and legal."

[20:26] Anthony Gato leans back in the chair and nods at Hell Guard's words. "I believe we can set it up that way. We compared his group to the homeland security of the old world. Not so much law enforcement but only defense of the city and it's citizens. That would make sense for the military to take that role since we do not have to really worry about any foreign nations." He looks over at Lady Nightmare. "So if you change the perimeters and ignore the thousands of deaths then it looks like we have less deaths. I am sure the public sees it the same way. 'If we do not count all your loved ones that were slaughtered, then life is good. Stop protesting'. We cannot put our heads in the sand and ignore things." He lets out a breath. "We do need to issue some statements to address this wave of increased metahuman destruction and try to calm the citizen protests. To be honest, if we hold a public press conference we will have to have very highly increased security measures. That would be a prime occasion for these metas to
[20:26] Anthony Gato: strike much like the results."

[20:29] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks "it doesn't have to be a public statement on the lawn at high noon hoping there's no snipers around. I'm sure at least one of you has access to cameras" she states looking at Gato "this city used to have a media corporation, maybe that media corporation televises a press conference." she says calmly "We don't need to turtle behind a wall of security and we also don't need to be just hanging out in front of the firing wall"

[20:31] Lady Nightmare sighs heavily "You can't punish everyone for the actions of a few. What we need is discourse, not authoritarianism. We need to represent all the people of the city, not just the 'elite' few. I do agree that a public statement on all the matters on hand could be a good thing... and personally I don't mind making the statement in the open, to make it clear that the city isn't afraid of the terrorists"

[20:32] Son Tseng nods "And the fact that you both are mayors of this city and neither is a fake. and what either of you do is real, legal and binding." he points out

[20:35] Anthony Gato listens to Hell Guard nodding slowly. "Yes we can tape something. I am not a coward, afraid to appear in public but I would like to avoid an easy target for these metas to attack. Imagine the death toll of Bellgrave, Horizon and the others all converged at once." He looks over at Lady Nightmare and nods. "I agree that we need to represent all the people of the city and not the elite few. For far too long this city has just let the elite metahumans run roughshod and ignore the laws. A vast majority of this city are normal humans, not arrogant people flying around in costumes doing whatever they want with no regard for order." He pauses a moment and looks around. "I can see your point about showing that we are not afraid but I fear for the lives of the people. If you all think you can set up something that will ensure that the city or the people are not in danger then we can make a public statement. Maybe even lay a trap but that will take a lot of planning to set everything up properly."

[20:38] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips "tactically speaking, there's a very real difference between showing you're not afraid of terrorists and not throwing yourself to the wolves" she states "though...if you're wanting to lay a trap, I recommend a huge show, parades, statues, public dedications...make it a target that irresistible to pass up, minimal security visible until the last moment and then when they're already in their attack, they get to realize how many of the civilians are actually plain clothes armed military" she states "but yeah, that'd take a long ass time to plan"

[20:39] Lady Nightmare shakes her head "We are both co-mayors... what we do together is legal and binding, but what we do on our own is our own personal matter, with only a step more authority than that of any other council member" then nodding slightly "Yes, definitely something in a more isolated area with preparations in place to protect any spectators. There's actually something PAE designed that may be useful for that, I'm sure they'll be willing to loan it to us for a day. The details are something we can work out and prepare for, not like we need to do this tomorrow or anything"

[20:42] Son Tseng nods "So at this point I am wanting to clear the air, I am Secretary of Defense, and Commander of the Celestial City Defense Force, Which is the Military, And Hell Guard is Secretary of Homeland Security and Commander of the Protectorate. And you two are both the mayor neither is fake. And that we need to address the issues at hand. Main ones being the Belgrave Organization and Horizon currently."

[20:44] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips and nods "sounds perfectly reasonable to me. And I will do what I can to ensure that everyone understands that none of us are fake"

[20:44] Anthony Gato stays quiet for a moment deep in thought. He starts to speak then hesitates to make sure. Finally seemingly satisfied with these ideas forming he speaks. "Do you think that we can coordinate a trap with enough power to be able to take these terrorists down in one swoop?" He brushes a lock of hair back from his face. "What it possible to have some kind of teleportation trap set on the grounds so that when we trigger it, everyone and everything in the area is transported to somewhere, say out in the edge of the foothills away from the city?" He looks at Son and nods. "Yes but Hell Guard is more of Law Enforcement not so much homeland security I would think."

[20:46] Lady Nightmare laughs softly "I've actually been working on something for quick evacuation of massed civilians from combat zones... it's about ready for first trials, but if it's successful then it could work for that"

[20:47] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Gato and tilts her head "this is what the whole argument has been about this whole time. Up until this point, the Protectorate HAS been homeland security. We have been he barrier between the city and the threats against it both internal and external. That is our purpose. To relegate us to simply law enforcement would be serious diminishing what the Protectorate has and does stand for and its purpose within the city"

[20:57] Anthony Gato looks at Hell Guard. "Then maybe I am just confused by the terms. Where I come from, Homeland Security was in charge of spying on people, protecting the borders and really doing nothing but sucking up money. Simply law enforcement is what we need. We do not have other countries to worry about. I am sure the Protectorate does not want to stand around watching for those pods to drop from the ark so you can check the papers of new people. Wouldn't you much rather be actively stopping the metahuman threats destroying the city and citizens?" He looks over at Lady Nightmare. "Would your system work to transport everyone in the area out to the foothills? How soon can it be ready?"

[20:58] Son Tseng nods "While the external threats may not be other countries we still have those who are not human or meta who pose threats such as the Hive and creatures like that. While Hell Guard and the protectorate will be focusing more on the inner threats of the city I will be focusing on those.. and we will help each other out on both ends. I Believe is my and Hell Guards goal in this. She and the Protectorate are the Shield of Celestial City and Me and The Celestial City Defense Force are the Spear or sword if you will of the city. In meaning Protectorate defends the city and its people from all threats. Military actively engages those threats. Thus we can both work in tandem while still being separate entities."

[21:00] Lady Nightmare chuckles "As I said, it's about ready to enter the first testing phase... it took a while to convert the designs over to this reality's primitive technology at a potentially functional level. Testing will probably take a week or so, and will determine the exact limits of the downscaled versions..."

[21:03] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods at Son's description of that "I'd agree with what he said, sounds about right. And why would someone in charge of security care about checking someone's papers in a pod? Sounds like the world you came from either didn't understand the word 'homeland' or didn't understand the word 'security' or potentially both"

[21:04] Anthony Gato nods to Lady N. "A week would give us enough time to coordinate some power to set up the trap. Please keep us up to date. I will leave the location up to Hell Guard and Son as to where to set the trap and where to spring it." He laughs. "That was what Homeland Security did. They checked everyone's passports and searched them when they came into or out of the country. That and spying on their own citizens." He looks around. "So are we all in agreement on things now?"

[21:06] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips "I mean, we can call it homeland security and not be beholden to your world's old terms. I think the phrase is very fitting for what the Protectorate does and would fit us far better than it would fit the military"

[21:08] Son Tseng nods "I do believe so though. We are all in accordance. Me and Hell Guard will work on a location for the conference. and how to set everything up." he would look to Hell Guard. "I do also wish to speak to your personnel about the mission coming up or being there during your meeting with them discussing the details. if you would let me be there for it."

[21:09] Lady Nightmare nods slightly "Of course, and I'll see what forces I can secure to aid in springing the trap as well. I agree that keeping the Protectorate as the dominant force within the city limits is for the better, the people have gotten used to seeing and calling on their officers for all manner of disturbances"

[21:12] Son Tseng smiles "Also when there are council meetings, Since me and Hell Guard are members of the government we will be notified and allowed to attend as well correct?"

[21:13] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles to Son "I am already a council member, and if you are not one yet due to your position, then I would like to formally motion that you be allowed a seat"

[21:14] Anthony Gato shrugs slightly. "Yeah you can all it whatever you want. All these terms are just more bureaucracy anyway. The only thing I am concerned with is the protection and livelyhood of the good citizens of the city." He nods toward Lady N again. "Yes. We need to work on a PR campaign to promote the Protectorate more. Encourage people who want to help to sign up. Maybe we can get more of these wild reckless metas some structure instead ot them thinking that a warden license means they can do whatever they want." He looks over at Son. "At this time, unless I am mistake, the council consists of myself, Lady Nightmare, Hell Guard and Celeste Angier. I would agree with Hell Guard's nomination of a seat for you. But I do propose that we need a majority vote of the council to add a new member."

[21:17] Lady Nightmare chuckles "Well, under the proposal I plan to make for council seats, there will be an opening for one representative of the military, so I would be agreeable to approving Son's nomination to hold that seat as well, which would provide a solid majority. We do need to get the council together soon so we can discuss various matters as a group officially... too many meetings being held between small numbers of people behind closed doors... that's rarely a good thing for those outside the room"

[21:19] Son Tseng nods "Yes, Something me and Gato were discussing, is to be a Warden you have to be Protectorate or a member of the CCDF. This should help reign in those who feel like they have a license to do whatever they want. Also, any who have warden licenses have to re-apply. and then every so often otherwise they lose it. Also putting in place a demerit system for wardens so if they make to many mistakes they lose it."
[21:20] Son Tseng "Well not mistakes per say but who abuse their power and things like that."

[21:20] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods to Son and Gato "I would be in favor of these Warden rules. I'm a bit surprised they weren't already in place, but I guess the previous administration was keen on overlooking it"

[21:22] Lady Nightmare sighs heavily "That's a terrible idea... I agree with re-application and demerits, but trying to force everyone to work for the government will result in massive hostility from a large number of wardens, quite a few of whom might turn to outright crime in response, and the rest will simply continue as they are now, except not bothering to register at all. All you're going to do is tie up officers in busy work, generate ill will among metas, and crowd the legal system"

[21:24] Anthony Gato crosses his leg in the chair. "Good. Then there is no issue with the new council. We should set up a closed door meeting to work out the new constitution as soon as we can. I believe it would be best to try and do that without raising public attention. We do not want any more protests. I think since so many records were lost or corrupted we can easily slip in the new government guidelines without much trouble." He nods. "Yes we really should raise the fees for warden licenses as well as enforce the requirements more. It has been very lax for a while now. The previous administration....if you mean Taggart, then yeah she had her own agenda. if you mean Timber...well his metahuman ass kissing is what has caused a lot of this lately." He looks over at Lady N. "if a meta really wants to help the city then why not join the good guys? If they refuse to follow the law then they will be subject to the law. That will help keep them from destroying things openly and also help add to the budget since that is
[21:24] Anthony Gato: such a mess."

[21:26] Son Tseng nods "That is a fair point. Maybe not force them to but offer incentives to join either group. I agree with Gato if they are truly doing it to help the city then why wouldn't they join but I can see your point on the fact that it may do more harm than good."

[21:28] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "yes, and on the note of incentives, my officers need a health care plan. It's not been a major consideration of mine given I have healing powers, but lately it has become a highly requested topic"

[21:29] Lady Nightmare sighs at Gato "Closed doors are always bad... we have nothing to hide, but if we hide anyways then people are going to assume we're up to something wrong. All government actions need to be open to the public... incentives are good, those that are willing to work for the government directly should be encouraged to do so, but I've witnessed the entirety of human history, and I can tell you that trying to force an issue like this will never go the way you expect... and the deviation will be far far to the negative"

[21:33] Anthony Gato leans back in the chair as he listens. "We do not have to force people to join but make it difficult to ran rampant through the city. We can increase the fees and renewals so that it makes more sense to join. I do believe we can work out a health care plan. I already have contacts in the pharmaceutical industry that will do all they can to help." He looks over at Lady Nightmare. "Do you really want to openly declare that we have an invalid constitution and are rewriting it? Do you have any idea what kind of shitstorm that will unleash from certain prominent figures in the city? I have seen how much trouble one short ill tempered girl can cause and it will be nothing but hell if we make it known."

[21:37] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shakes her head "I'm not saying we need to be doing this in the dead of night, but if the government is going to reorganize itself, it should be done with all necessary experts by the government. We announce that we don't have a constitution and that we're going to rewrite it and it's open to the public...I mean, have you heard Metapool talk? You gotta realize everyone's gonna want a piece of the pie"

[21:38] Son Tseng nods "I understand the open honest policy is a good thing. But some things need to be kept to those who need to know."

[21:38] Lady Nightmare hums softly "Yes, increased fees are fine, perhaps even tie the increase in fees to the demerit system, so those that behave properly face little to no increase, while those that flaunt their abilities rather than protecting the city will see their fees keep climbing, even if they manage not to go far enough to be blocked from renewal... and yes, that is what I want. -IF- the constitution is legitimately invalid, and if we re-write it in a fair and just manner, that doesn't favor our own personal agendas, but rather prioritizes the well-being of all citizens, then there should be little to no backlash. Honesty is the best policy, when your intent is genuinely good. I'm not suggesting opening the writing of the constitution to every member of the city... that's a matter for legal experts to handle anyways, though I would be in favor of a public ratifying vote once it's written up."

[21:40] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shakes her head "It just sounds like you're trying to re-establish us as a Republic and we're quite certainly not...and such a Republic would be very short lived indeed."

[21:43] Son Tseng nods "Yes write it in a fair and just manner, but not give anyone more ammunition against the government.

[21:44] Anthony Gato laughs. " I see you obviously have no idea who I am talking about or anything about her. If there is any hint of anything like that she will be raising hell and fighting every step of the way. It will completely derail any kind of peaceful discourse and descend into a yelling Asian girl who has a lot of power in the city. Don't be so naive, Lady Nightmare. The only way we could get something done to fix the problems is to fix the constitution, and quietly slip the new one into place of the old. Any thing else will trigger an uprising from certain groups. Trust me I have seen this many times. I have been here since the start of the city."

[21:48] Lady Nightmare sighs heavily "Of course I know who you speak of... she's dealt with easily enough if she were to cause problems... I simply want to ensure that the rights of the people are preserved, not auctioned off one-by-one in dark corners, and to make sure that they know their government is on their side. The people lack faith in the government after having a series of mayors that turned out to be either outright evil, or lacking in vision and planning."

[21:54] Anthony Gato shakes his head. "No, again you are taking things too lightly. She is not easily dealt with. Not only is she one of the most powerful metas here, she has a lot of wealth. Her company controls the power grid for the city. She has a heavily armed army at her command. She could easily level most of the city if she decided to rebel. You need to open your eyes and look honestly at how dire this city is." He takes a breath. "We can fix the constitution to protect the citizens and keep government fair and balanced. If you are talking about the sponsorship contracts, I am still wanting those reinstated back to the full program. The city has lost far too much money from that. We cannot afford to lose any more revenue."

[21:58] Son Tseng shakes his head "I hate the idea of those slave contracts and auctions. Those are gone and for good reason. I can get behind work contracts but not selling people off for sex or worse. Even if they are criminals they are still human."

[22:00] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "honestly, I like the idea of slave contracts in certain scenarios" she states, absent mindedly rubbing her collar and then looks back at N "she will cause trouble, and I don't want to have the first act of the military be to wage war on one of the most powerful companies in the city"

[22:00] Son Tseng sighs "Difference beween slave contracts which are forced and those under consent."

[22:03] Lady Nightmare looks at Gato "I know full well what she's capable of... remember, she was gunning for me almost exclusively for a few months, she's one of the least of the potential threats to the city even if she did take up arms, and it would take a lot to bring her to that point now. And no, I wasn't speaking of the contracts... I'm behind restoring them with some minor amendments, simply giving the criminal a measure of choice in what sort of work they are assigned to. I refer to the slow descent of free society into fascism which is nearly inevitable when a few begin to believe that they have more right to make decisions than others"

[22:06] Anthony Gato leans back. "This sponsorship debate is something to be brought up at the council meeting. I will not back down unless you can provide a better source of income to the city realistically. Criminals give up their rights when they commit the crimes." He looks over at Lady N again. "You are seriously underestimating the dangers to the city. Maybe you as a metahuman can survive something like that but the death toll and destruction of the city is what I am working to prevent."

[22:08] Son Tseng nods "I'm in favor of work contracts where they are bought by companies who will use them for labor and help rebuilding the city of which they destroyed. I am not okay with people being forced to have sex against their will or anything like that though. They don't give up all rights. yea they lose the right to vote and other things but not to be raped, abused, mutilated, or murdered. SO work contracts yes rape contracts no."

[22:12] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "this is definitely better suited to the full council to get everyone's opinion on it. I'm currently ambivalent as I see the merits of both sides of this, but the money drop is a rather alarming problem"

[22:14] Lady Nightmare looks to Gato "I am as well... I simply do so by preparing and planning, rather than allowing fear to guide me down a dark road" then looks to Son "You do realize some don't mind that sort of thing, right? And the original contracts prohibited everything you said apart from rape already... simply giving them the choice of accepting a contract or refusing it would alleviate all the issues, and until they accept one they sit in a cell"

[22:18] Anthony Gato sighs. "Doesn't anyone actually read the laws and the contracts? Criminals have always been given a choice on how to serve their sentence. I will say I am against putting criminals out in the city doing work without some strict supervision. I swear you all just listen to Captain Strong's bullshit and keep repeating it like Timber and Mikoto." He shifts in the chair. "But yeah. Bring this up at the council meeting when we work on the constitution together." He lets out a breath. "Do we have the departments worked out in everyone's favor now?"

[22:18] Son Tseng nods "I am in favor of the contracts with N's recommendation that they have the right to turn down a contract or be able to say no sex, and the caveat if they say no sex and the person who buys the contract forces them, they lose the contract and the ability to buy contracts in the future. and get locked up for breaking the law."
[22:19] Son Tseng "But yes, The departments are worked out in everyone's favor."

[22:19] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "yes, I feel the departments are well laid out in everyone's favor"

[22:20] Lady Nightmare nods to Son "Yes, that was the intent of what I was saying" then looks to Anthony "It does seem that that issue has been settled agreeably to all"

[22:23] Anthony Gato smiles and rises up. "Alright, wonderful. Then we need to schedule a council meeting and keep it to government only. I do not want to deal with more problems if we can avoid them. We can work on the plan to trap Bellgrave or who ever attacks at the conference and get that all set up. Keep everything quiet so that no leaks get out. We do not know who is watching where. Is there anything else tonight?"

[22:24] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) didn't think anyone had a palantir but on the off chance someone was watching, she'd avoid the things moving forward "No, nothing further tonight so far as I know"

[22:27] Lady Nightmare nods slightly "I'll be there, and see what kind of support I can rally from current and former allies in the meantime"

[22:29] Anthony Gato nods and stands up. "Alright, sounds great. I am glad that we have been able to get all this worked out. If you will excuse me, I have a limo ride waiting for me. Give me a call if you need anything."

[22:31] Lady Nightmare gives a wave to Gato "Enjoy your night" then waves to the others "Don't think you need me here to discuss this part, do you?"

[22:32] Son Tseng smiles standing as well "I am glad we had this meeting though and I feel like we did get a lot accomplished and maybe now we can all work together and get this city moving forward again." he would then look to Hell Guard. "Also when would you like to go location scouting." he would offer his hand to Anthony to shake the mans, then look to N. "No I thank you for your time as well though and look forward to working with everyone."

[22:32] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and stands up, her wings forming and spreading from her back, flapping a bit as she got them worked back out "not tonight, I will keep in touch. For now, sleep is a requirement lest I find myself falling asleep and slamming into a wall

[22:34] Lady Nightmare doesn't even bother standing from her chair as both it and her body simply fade out of existence, a simple "Good night then, you know where to reach me" emanating from the air just before she fully vanishes

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