Internal Memo for Protectorate Officers

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Internal Memo for Protectorate Officers

Post by Talista Glas » Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:32 pm

From the Office of Hell Guard:

We currently have two mayors, they are both legitimate. We also have a new leader of the military appointed by one of these mayors. He is also legitimate. Claims of illegitimacy against one mayor must also be aligned against the other mayor as the exact same process over the exact same time was used in both cases. FOR THIS REASON, the Protectorate recognizes and respects the office of both mayors as their election is the will of the people, whom we protect, hence our name. Officers are allowed to have different opinions, but they are not allowed to act on said opinions in the course of their duties. What they do in their free time is on them, but should they fall afoul of one of these government groups on their free time, and then claim they are Protectorate in an effort to get out of whatever issue has occurred, they will be seen as having actively engaged in disruptive protest against the government while on duty and will be punished accordingly.

To sum up: protest on your own time and accept consequences of this without involving our office. But when you are on active duty, DO NOT act counter to the will of the people. And the mayors are the will of the people.
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