School Days School Days

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School Days School Days

Post by Timberwulff » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:14 pm

This is Howard Handupme and we have footage of the introduction of Michael bochs, the new Headmaster at the Celestial university for Metahumans. We go to it now.

[13:41] Jason made his way to the school after setting up his he had to gether a few of his own things from his dorm to move it. As he entered the school gates hed spot some bald dude at a podiu, infront of the school. Raising a brow and smiling hed place his hands at his hips before speaking with a smile. "Well fuck...if i didnt know any better....youre up to something." hed chuckle. "You know...whatever your little set up is realise your blocking the door right? as far as jasn knew this was just some random school speaker.
[13:42] Michael Bochs: looked at him, raising an eyebrow."I see and you are?"
[13:44] Jason smirked as he looked the man over. "Im of the few black guys that exist in the city." hed chuckle. "Im a student here...well i dont feel like one as of late since it seems all the teachers forgot to give a fuck when the last headmaster got herself a new hole in her head....sad stuff that..never met her but shit....she must have been somebody." Hed smile. "So tall creepy and are?"
[13:46] Michael Bochs: nods."Well there are no classes today either as the new Headmaster is set to make their presence known to the students and the teachers in..." Pauses to look at his pocket watch."About fifteen minutes. You are welcome to stick around."
[13:49] Jason shruggs as he looked about. "Well fuck...if she is hot as the last one ill totally stick around....well i hope its a she..keep the lady to male ratio high...keeps my moral up." hed smirk before adding. "So dude..havent seen you around..well anywhere drop in recently? or have you been spending your time in one of those fancy officess all day?"
[13:51] Michael Bochs: shakes his head."No I have been a bit more occupied until now myself.. As for who they are, you will need to stick around for the introduction
[13:55] Jason chuckled before shaking his head. "Well fine then." Hed make his way closer to the podium before looking it over. "so....." Hed clap his hands together. "Thats an expensive ass looking to ask ya something...cause im sure you end up on dates with the nice sophisticated women...what do ou suggest? i mean place wise to take a certain lady out? you see im dating this doctor and im trying to impress a brother out man..."
[13:56] Michael Bochs: raises an eyebrow. ."Is that what you are intending to learn at this school?"
[13:58] Jason tilted his head then chuckled then shook his head. "Fuuuck no dude...what kind of place do you think this shit is?" hed chuckle. "I mean if there is a class id check it out..." Hed grin. 'Nah i came here to learn about how to use my powers and shit..i mean if it wasnt for this place...and a special teacher i would still have no control over what i can do..but now." hed smile. "Im in i figured i should stick around learn some more...ya know?"
[14:00] Michael Bochs: smiles."Well Sadly I am not much for restaurants so I am unable to help you there." as he watches more people begin arriving.
[14:00] Allock (allock123 Resident) gives jason a look as he joins the crowd
[14:00] Mark Blake gives jason a look as he joins the crowd
[14:01] Dr. Brea crosses her arms under her chest after briefly adjusting her glasses with her palm. walking up too the area in front of the podium and stopping behind the thug looking male.
[14:01] Jason nods. "Well shit thought id ask..but thanks anyways man...but im telling you if you..." hed pause as he looked to mark narrowing his eyes back at him. Hed then chuckle as he shook his head. "mark......good morning." Hed cross his arms abit.
[14:03] Michael Bochs: sees people arriving and smiles."Good afternoon everyone."
[14:03] Mark Blake nods to jason then glances around at the people there
[14:04] Jason looking up to the creepy looking bald due would smile then give him a slight wave.
[14:04] Michael Bochs: "Welcome all, My name is Michael Bochs and I am the new Headmaster here at Celestial university for Metahumans."
[14:05] Korume would simply it on the roof to hear what he had to say only remotely curious as she had only be an occasional student especially lately.
[14:06] Jason raasied a brow then the bald man spoke of being the headmaster.....woops. Jason smiled before burying his head in his hand abit as he chuckled to himself, he felt pretty damn stupid right now.
[14:07] Michael Bochs: I have looked over the old information with the former head of the school and wish to continue to plan of using this school to help metahumans use their abilities better and be productive and helpful to the city as a whole.
[14:07] Dr. Brea sighs as her pager goes off. looking too it she mutters and walks away.
[14:09] Mark Blake shoves his hands into his pockets listening to the mans speech
[14:09] Jason glanced over to the figure that began to walk off shrugging before looking to the headmaster ajusting his own stance abit.
[14:10] Michael Bochs: Notices people leaving."There are to be no changes in teaching staff unless they prove they are untrustworthy. I will now open up for any questions."
[14:10] Ashley (Honeytrapp Resident) is offline.
[14:11] Mark Blake raises his hand his eyes narrowing "do you plan to continue all the polices of the old administration?"
[14:12] Korume was about to ask something similar to Mark but he beat her to the punch.
[14:12] Jason looking to mark would smile then nod before looking up. "Good question...weve got a few...problems there boss guy..."
[14:13] Michael Bochs: looks at Mark."I will use the policies that are best for, well bringing out your best. I assume there are particular policies that concern you?"
[14:15] Mark Blake grunts thoughtfully " you could say dat?"
[14:15] Jason looking to mark would chuckle. 'Quit beating around the bush man...shit...tell him already..."
[14:17] Michael Bochs: nods."Do tell there are quite a few policies that came across as political double talk so I am curious."
[14:18] Mark Blake grunts and looks the bald man up and down then glances back to jason" nah.. lets wait and see yeah? "
[14:19] Jason shook his head. "Well shit...can i atleast give a hint here." Hed smirk before looking to the bald man. "I doubt youve been in the deans office as of yet?...should really look it over..has a special little room there." Hed wink. "But thats kindof just the surface of it."
[14:19] Korume sighs as Mark chickens out speaks out loudly, "He means things such as teachers punishing students by stripping them of their clothes."
[14:20] Aneila Hax: *and speaks
[14:20] secret identity ellie izumi looks on horrified saying "thats horrible!!!! that should be against the rules!"
[14:21] Michael Bochs: pauses and looks. "That is not a suitable punishment. Rest assured there will be changes."
[14:22] Jason chuckled as he crossed his arms. "Oh i hope so buddy...i do like a little naughty fun myself..but forcing a lady to do shit like that" Hed wince as he shook his head. "That just get me worked up...."
[14:23] Mark Blake tsks and shakes his head " you guys have no idea, if hes gonna be the same as oliva.. you can't just blindly trust dis guy" he turns back away from his school mates and points at Bochs " im watching ya baldy!"
[14:25] Michael Bochs: looks around at those assembled. "Students who break the rules here will be properly punished. however stripping someone like that removes their dignity and trust in those who are looking to help."
[14:26] secret identity ellie izumi looks on nervously saying "so if thats off the table what type of punishement will be used?"
[14:28] Jason nods then smirked at the new headmaster. "Well shit buddy you got your work cut out for ya...." Hed look to mark. "This guys already a pain in the dick...but this time he has be one." Hed shrug. hes willing to give the guy a chance himself, however mark does have a slight point. usually those that have some power in any aspect of the city tends to be corrupt
[14:29] Michael Bochs: holds up a hand."Detention for a start. You are here to learn to be heroes and usefull members of society. detention and being treated like you're the bad guy seems a bit of a detriment. There will be further punishments to the point of having a meeting with me.. and no the "Extra room will not be a part of that meeting."
[14:30] hero persona wild thing asks her next question saying "can we go using our hero person instead of secret identity to attend?"
[14:31] Mark Blake Grunts and crosses his arms having said his piece
[14:32] Michael Bochs: looks at her."I will request for proper paperwork to have your real names and information as you will be dealing with licenses and the such, especially should someone get hurt and need the hospital but you may use the name that you feel is who you really are, but it will stick with you so do not go all willy nilly on it."
[14:33] hero persona wild thing raises her hand saying "what if we have our warden liscense? would that suffice sir?"
[14:33] Michael Bochs: sighs a moment."I would still prefer the information this way if you wind up hospitalized we can give them important information that isn't on a license
[14:34] Korume looses interest in all of this deciding to head off for the moment. She might try to catch the head master alone at some point and really gauge what kind of person he is.
[14:35] Jason would remain silent as he listned
[14:36] Mark Blake glances at the fish man and narrows his eyes he waves his hands at Trigg to draw his attention then points him at him and smacks a fist into his palm
[14:36] hero persona wild thing looks on concerned and nervously asked "how do we know the information there is secure and cant be hacked or broken into?"
[14:37] Evie wanders over to the school wondering what was going on there having noticed a number of cars in the parking lot as she patrolled nearby.
[14:37] Michael Bochs: "There will be the addition of a new teacher as soon as she arrives she will be helping with the physical education classes. " He pauses hearing the question."I will do everything in my power to protect that information. I am very good at that kind of thing."
[14:39] hero persona wild thing looks on nervously unsure how good he really is at that sort of thing and wondering if its worth the risk
[14:39] Mark Blake glances at evie and waves slightly " heya"
[14:40] Jason smiled as he looked to evie. "Hay girl..check it out...we got a new head master." Hed smirk
[14:40] Evie smiles at Mark and whispers, "Heya, Mark. What's going on?" She nods hello at Jason.
[14:40] Michael Bochs: looks over at the Fishman for a moment."I must say, I am impressed I take it you were all taught not to rush headlong into a battle?"
[14:41] Evie scoots between Mark and Jason and whispers to Jason, "I'd heard about that. He seem any good?"
[14:42] Jason shrugged as he spoke. "I mean i kindof acted like a dumbass infront of him before i knew who he juts fucking glad i didt get detention he may be on the up and up...but he sortof gives me this creepy vibe..but we will see."
[14:42] Mark Blake nods "what he said"
[14:42] Rax Stooge rolls his eyes
[14:45] Michael Bochs: sees the eye roll, but chooses to ignore it."All right, if there are no more questions. I look forward to your classes and helping you be the best you, you can be."
[14:45] Evie takes out her phone to send a few texts to some of the previous school mates.
[14:46] Michael Bochs: takes a step back and pauses."Oh there is one more thing. I would like to meet with you students in a one on one capacity to find a curriculum that best benefits you."
[14:46] hero persona wild thing looks on curiously and says "when?"
[14:47] Mark Blake points at Bochs again, then points at his own eyes then back to the head master
[14:47] Jason raised his hand as he spoke. "Hay..yes question...the one on one thing...its not going to be in that extra room right?" Hed smirk. he couldnt help himself
[14:47] Evie raises her hand and asks, "Are you sure it has to be one on one? I kinda already fell for that bit once..."
[14:48] hero persona wild thing looks on nervously saying "fell for what? what happened?"
[14:49] Michael Bochs: looks at her."We can work out a time." A soft smile crosses his face, before seeing Marks action."I understand, you'll be watching me." He pauses and looks at Jason."Why are you wanting it to be?" he chuckles for a moment."No, not in the extra room this is a professional visit. He looks at Evie."There will be a teacher there if you wish." He pauses a moment."What did they do to you here previously?"
[14:51] Evie shakes her head at the wild thing and a little embarrassed now says, "Nevermind. That was kind of a joke. You know... all the old rumors with the old headmaster, then hearing Michael Bochs, turns back around and says, "Sorry. I just blurted that out without thinking. Ignore what I said."
[14:51] hero persona wild thing looks on really concerned and afraid at evie now
[14:52] Jason smirked as the headmaster seemd to have a sense of humor. He liked that. "Well fuck..sounds good to me buddy...youll get to witness my awsome genius"
[14:52] Rax Stooge gurgles a chuckling sound that might be considered laughter
[14:54] hero persona wild thing looks on curiously as she sees a girl teleport onto the roof and wonders if she is a hero or villain
[14:55] Michael Bochs: shakes his head."I wish to make certain you all understand this is not the old way of doing things. I wish to look over your development into heroes and prepare you for a new world ahead. " AS he speaks his power begins to flow out super subtly weaving through his voice."I want nothing but the best for all of you." Those affected by this will believe him.
[14:55] Korume flash stepped back onto the roof having felt Evie close to the school... and that was enough to draw her back.
[14:55] Rax Stooge raises his hand
[14:57] Jason nods already deciding to give the guy a chance, wouldnt do any good to mistrust the teachers and such, who knows could end up well...if not well..he had a bat for that too.
[14:58] Mark Blake grunts as he sways a bit but what ever it was smashes against the iron wall of his stubborn obstinate mule headedness , mark none the wiser it even happened
[14:59] hero persona wild thing being to scared after what evie said she still isn't sure if what he said is true but figures it worth giving him a shot and says "i can do my meeting now with you want sir!?"
[15:00] Michael Bochs: smiles at the person offering."I appreciate that but I am still unpacking and my office is a mess However tomorrow would be fine if you are willing."
[15:01] hero persona wild thing nods saying "sure i look fowards to it" she then happily smiles at him and then waves at korume in a friendly manner
[15:02] Korume would return the wave to wild thing feeling unsure about this new Headmaster. She couldn't pin down any real reason why and figured it was just hangover from Olivia.
[15:03] Rax Stooge clears his throat , and spits a greenish brown ichor on the ground, "SO...Is this like some kinda pervo training ground, or a school for capes? not sure whats goin on here..."
[15:03] Jason chuckled at the headmaster as he spoke. "You might want to keep the blacklight away from your office as well buddy...oh and...disinfectant...lots of it.."
[15:06] hero persona wild thing then switches to owl form flying up but keeping her distance just in case and says "hey miss! do you want to talk?"
[15:07] Michael Bochs: nods to Rax."This is a school for metahumans to be better and help the city and themselves. I am not stupid I understand these are also adults who will get into some kind of... shenanigans but that is on them to be, as you put it pervo." he then turned to Jason."I already have a cleaning service coming in." he pauses. "Now then I will bring an end to this meet and greet. Any more questions, make sure to write them down and bring them in for our meeting." With that he wheels the podium around and goes into the school.
[15:08] Mark Blake turns and starts to walk away heading off campus
[15:08] Korume would arch a brow as the girl flies up to her and points up to the roof, "Sure... lets talk up there." She wouldn't wait for a response disappearing in a flash step.
[15:08] Rax Stooge follows mark
[15:08] Jason shruggeds before looking to evie. 'He seems...alright i guess...was hoping for a lady but ehh."
[15:09] hero persona wild thing quickly flies up to the roof and lands then says "my name is wild thing who are you?"
[15:09] Evie grins and says, "You're always looking for a lady, Jason." She turns around to head out the way she came. "Guess I better get back out on patrol."
[15:10] Iria walks up and looks around. She sighs. "I guess I missed it."
[15:10] Jason nods. "uhh yeah." hed chuckle before looking to Ira looking her over a moment. "yep....youll live." Hed chuckle as he made his way off.
[15:11] Velia nods, "I just got here myself."
[15:12] Iria arches a brow. "I'll live?" She turns her gaze to Velia. "What did he mean?"
[15:12] Velia shrugs a bit, "No idea. I caught him making a comment about the new Headmaster having to disinfect his office... so he might just be a jerk."

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