Celestial Stargazing - Ellie Izumi

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Celestial Stargazing - Ellie Izumi

Post by Chyleste » Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:07 pm

[16:40] Lexus Regal bustles her way out of the elevator carrying several shopping bags. The receptionist greets the celebrity but Lexus ignores her as she pushes her way into the studio. The blond drops the bags and looks around. "Cody! Where the hell are.....oh there you are. So like I got like this call from someone named ..umm.." She pulls out her phone and scrolls through messages. "Oh yeah Cawanda. She said that a famous singer was gonna like be on my show today. Did you actually do your job and get it all set up?" The make up assistant comes over and Lexus fidgets as she touches up the celebrity's face. Lexus moves over to her seat and picks up the script. She looks it over as the make up girl continues to try and work on her. "So like it is almost time. Where is this singer, Cody?"

[16:42] secret identity ellie izumi: happily walks into the studio at the preappointed time and hears lexus say where is she and replies "im right here miss lexus just got here" she then gives her best smile and says "so how are you miss?"

[16:44] Lexus Regal waves the make up girl away and looks over at the voice. The blond smiles and motions for her to come closer. "Oh hi, hi. So like you are like a singer and stuff? Wow that is like just bonkers. Come come come. Sit sit sit. Are you like nervous to be on TV? Is this like your first time?"

[16:49] secret identity ellie izumi: looks on nervously smiling back happily and comes closer when motioned she then says happily "hey" waving shyly she then nods in a shy manner saying "yes miss thats correct." nervously fidgeting she was never that good with words so most of her sentances were short she then sits when told and hears the next question saying "yes a little miss and its my first time on this planet miss"

[16:52] Lexus Regal nods and glances at the script again. She frowns and lays it down, looking over at the producer. "Cody....what is all this crap you wrote here? That's like a lot to read. I told you to just give me the main details and like I will do the rest. I swear you just like to write to hear your own voice." The blond turns back to Ellie and smiles. "Just like relax and be yourself. You'll get used to being in front of cameras as a famous singer and stuff. We are ready for the show." She glances at Cody and nods, then a quick look back at her guest. "Oh yeah. Uh, like what is your name? I can't read Cody's sloppy writing."

[16:57] secret identity ellie izumi: would just listen in to what she said eventually seeing her turn towards her and talk she then says in her small cute, shy voice "thanks i...uh.... appreciate the advice miss its very nice of you " she then looks at the ground smiling as she fidgets happily she then waits a little and hears her ask her name and respond "im ellie miss lexus nice to meet you"

[17:02] Lexus Regal nods and then smiles at the cameras as the lights come on. Cody counts down with his fingers silently, 3...2...1.. Lexus smiles and blows kisses to the cameras. "Hello Hello Hello. It is me, Lexus Regal once again. Today's show is like really special. I am bringing to you a brand new singing sensation. This girl is gonna blow your world! She like totally rocks. So like put your hands together and welcome my guest....Shelly!" The blond claps excitedly as she turns and points to Ellie.

[17:08] secret identity ellie izumi: blushes shyly as she claps then does a bow of her head and does a shy casual wave to the camras and says in her usual shy cute voice "h..hi nice to meet you all! its great to be here with miss lexus im so honored" she then does a shy fidget and falls silent waiting for miss lexus to continue

[17:12] Lexus Regal smiles brightly and then reaches over to touch Ellie's knee. "Thanks. So like, let's get right to the interview. All my fans are just desperate to learn all about you." She picks up a stack of index cards and shuffles through them. She crinkles her nose, then frowns and finally opens her mouth and lets her tongue hang out as she tosses the cards at Cody. "Damnit, Cody. Why do you always give me these lame ass questions to ask? I mean like this crap is like boring. Are you trying to get my show doinked?" She sighs and turns back to Ellie. "Okay, so like, okay, uh, so like how long have you been singing?"

[17:18] secret identity ellie izumi: she just sits there shyly fidgeting in front of the camra unsure what to do until called upon and manges a shy cute smile as lexus says her fans are dying to learn about her she then softly runs her hand through her hair putting it behind her ear while shyly smiling she then waits as the flash cards are thrown and then looks shocked and sees miss lexus turn to her and ask her a question so one that has been asked many time so she happily responds in her usual tone "oh! i been singing since i was just a small kid miss lexus though didn't start singing professionally until i was 16"

[17:22] Lexus Regal nods as if she were listening to what Ellie says. The blond adjusts the hem of her short dress and shifts on the chair. "That is cool. So like have you met any famous singers?" She pauses and then thinks for a moment. The blond turns to Cody. "Do we like have any famous singers in Celestial City? Oh yeah there is that one Limber guy. Right." She looks back at Ellie. "Have you ever sung a duet with the old mayor Limber? He's kinda hot. Ya know, he was on my show once. But like he didn't sing or anything. But yeah it was a great show."

[17:26] secret identity ellie izumi: just keeps smiling and fidgeting shyly as she listens to miss lexus and then when she asks if she met anyone famous she replies "no only on my home world before it was destroyed miss im pretty sure your the only famous person i met in celestial city " she then shuffles a little trying to quickly add in her shy manner "but i would love to meet this mister limber and would love to sing a duet with him if he was available" she then wonders what else she should do it was always hard to figure out what she should do in these situations besides answer questions

[17:29] Lexus Regal strikes a pose and smiles wide. She reaches over and pats Ellie's knee again. "Cool. I can have Cody call him. Maybe he can actually do that right this time. He screws up a lot, ya know." She giggles. "So ummmmm like what kind of music do you sing? Is it like dancable? We really need more good dance clubs in the city. I mean like classy ones not the trashy places over in the dirty side of town, ya know?"

[17:36] secret identity ellie izumi: she smiles at her comment listening in she then giggles at her comment thinking it was a joke instead of actually being mean to cody and says "i would like that a lot miss lexus" she then hears her next question and replies nervously "i sing a variety of music miss lexus and i think yes a lot of it is dancable " she then listens the rest giggling saying "i agree but i think theres to much dance clubs already out for anyone to consider making a new one sadly"

[17:40] Lexus Regal wrinkles up her nose. "Yeah there's like a lot of crappy ones." She waves her hand and looks around, picking up one of the index cards from the scattered mess on the desk. She moves her lips as she reads the question and then looks back at Ellie. She starts to ask the question but then slumps down a bit. She tosses the card aside and grins. "I bet my fans would love to hear you sing. What do you say? You wanna give us a little taste of your show?" The blond starts clapping excitedly.

[17:49] secret identity ellie izumi: would just nod at the comment because thats what she thought she was supposed to do. she then waited as miss lexus looked at the cards and then heard her ask to sing suddenly this caused her face to light her and she said happily in a excited tone "i would love to sing for your fans!" she then looked on curiously slumping back going back to her shy tone "wouldn't we need special equipment for that miss lexus? though i guess i could try just singing without any if you wanted me too" she then waited for miss lexus permission to sing. ellie was always a different person when she was singing it was one of the few times she could relax. she didn't want to do anything rude after all so she just sat there shyly fidgeting

[17:51] Lexus Regal blinks and stares blankly for a moment. "Uh....special equipment? Um like what? We got like microphones and stuff. Oh do you mean like back up singers? I don't think Cody can sing." She looks over at the producer. "But he does have a kinda girly voice." She giggles.

[17:54] secret identity ellie izumi: giggles at her comment and says "i think a microphone and stuff is good enough " she then teased saying "though could always do a gag reel with cody singing as a comedy skit"

[17:56] Lexus Regal motions off camera and an assistant brings a microphone over. Lexus hands it to Ellie and giggles more. "I don't think anyone really wants to hear Cody sing....or see him either." She claps again. "Okay so like this is so exciting. I can't wait to hear you sing for all my fans."

[18:01] secret identity ellie izumi: she smiles happily grabbing the microphone saying "and i cant wait to sing for all your fans its a dream come true!" she then gets up and slowly warms up before singing a song called "raise your glass" she then begins singing the up beat dance hit from her planet in front of the camra's happily her face lighting up as she does

[18:03] Lexus Regal wiggles in her seat as the music plays. As the song tempo increases, the blond gets up and dances. Just before the song ends, Lexus trips over a cable on the floor and falls into Ellie's back.

[18:05] secret identity ellie izumi: continues to sing happy she was able to make miss lexus dance she then eventually ends the song and gets fallen on just giggling as miss lexus is there and says happily "are you ok miss lexus?"

[18:08] Lexus Regal tumbles into the singing girl. Lexus squeals as she reaches out and grabs one of Ellie's breasts to catch herself. The blond looks at the singer and nods with a smile, not moving her hand away. "Uh, yeah. I can't believe that Cody left that cord back there."

[18:14] secret identity ellie izumi: just eeps and blushes heavily her face going red her hands in the air nervously as her hand holds onto her breast she figures its a good thing they had that pressure training shen waits for miss lexus to do something she then sees her nod saying "yes but you did say he has a hard time doing anything right didn't you?" she does her best to maintain composure but was rather hard with that hand on her sensitive breast she just hoped what she was doing was enough

[18:16] Lexus Regal giggles as she starts to slowly caress around Ellie's full breast. The bond bites her lip as she nods slowly. "Yeah he is such a screw up. I mean like I don't know how he keeps his job other than I just like have pity on him and stuff." The celebrity looks down at Ellie's breasts as she reaches up to cup the other one. "So, um...you're like really pretty. Uh, where do you get your hair done?"

[18:26] secret identity ellie izumi: she just lets out a "eepp" as lexus starts to caress her full breast her face growing even redder and she fidgets uncomfortably then hears her say about how he was such a screw up and tries to take her mind off it by thinking of that and giggles saying shyly "that must be the reason" she then sees her cup the other one it was at this point it was clear to her she was doing this on purpose but she didn't want to say anything to her in case this was part of the show and as long as her clothes where on she was fine she just had to endure this. though her body started to get very tense like she was about to jump out of her skin she then hears the next question and says "i got my stylist to teach me how to do it before coming here because you know how there never around when you really need them" her voice was softer then usual the feeling and embarrasement making her more shy then normal

[18:29] Lexus Regal nods as she squeezes Ellie's breasts together. The blond grins as she looks down at the girl's cleavage. Her thumbs brush across Ellie's nipples covered by her shirt. "Oh yeah. That is why I bought Pasties, my beauty spa. You should like totally come by and stuff. I can have Consuela ...no wait I fired Consuela. What was that new girl's name...umm...Sassy or something. She was that girl at the pageant, ya know. Anyway, like she will take care of you." Lexus slides one hand down to the bottom of Ellie's shirt and starts to push it up the girl's side. "You're like really short too."

[18:44] secret identity ellie izumi: closes her eyes for a second or so as she cringes barely keeping it together as lexus squeezes her sensitive breasts together she would then let out a small cute squeel as lexus has her thumb brush accross ellies nipple covered by her shirt and lexus would find out there starts to get errect and hard she then hears lexus talking agian and smiles the best she can and replies in her super shy soft tone "that makes sense to me miss lexus and i would love to come any time you want" she then sees her starting to grip her shirt and pull it up then says "w..w..wait m-miss lexus" in a scared paniced tone as she sees her grab causing one hand to grab the edge to hold it down and the other to go across it pressing down on it trying to keep it in place

[18:50] Lexus Regal leans down to place a small kiss on the girl's cheek. The blond speaks in a soft sultry tone. "Don't worry. You're pretty hot and soft." As Lexus starts to try and pull up more on the girl's shirt, Cody notices the discomfort and clears his throat loudly. Lexus turns her head and glares at the producer. "What now. Cody? I swear you are always trying to fuck up my shows!" She lets go of Ellie's breasts and shirt and turns toward the man off camera. "Do I need to talk to Mr Grotto again? You know I can get you fire---What? What do you mean he is not the boss here anymore?" She blinks and tilts her head as Cody explains out of range for the microphones to pick up what he says. "Really? The mayor? Wow when did that happen? I mean like yeah. Ohhhh so like that Yolandra girl that called me is the boss now? Whoa. Okay. Well...yeah. I'll talk to her then." Lexus seems to have completely forgotten about her guest or even that there is a show going on.

[18:56] secret identity ellie izumi: she then says in her soft shy tone "thanks miss lexus i really appreciate it " she sees her try to pull the shirt off more "b..b..but id rather keep my shirt on" she then sees as she is saved by cody and breaths a sigh of relief smiling thankfully at cody then relaxes a bit trying to calm down best she can with deep breathing while lexus is distracted and decides to sit down in her chair waiting patientlyfor the celebrity to come back"

[19:00] Lexus Regal glares at Cody as they continue to bicker. "Just shut up Cody. I don't care what you....what? My show? Yeah it is my fucking show! And you are ruining it-- AGAIN! Just like you always do! That's it! I am gonna go talk to Capondra right now. You better get on your knees and hope you still have a job!" The blond celebrity storms around the desk and strides out the door slamming it behind her, leaving poor Ellie sitting alone in front of the cameras.

[19:04] secret identity ellie izumi: just sees lexus argue and eventually leave saying "w...well folks it l...looks like thats all for today come see miss lexus next week and i hope you enjoyed the show im looking foward to singing for all of you again" she then makes a cute pose and walks out as well

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Re: Celestial Stargazing - Ellie Izumi

Post by CassieK » Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:26 am

Cassandra sits in her office, watching Lexus' show on the screen. She chuckles, "Well, at least poor Ellie got to keep her clothes on. Barely... I'll have to give Cody a small bonus for saving the day." She waits for the inevitable contact from Lexus to complain about Cody... again.. and sends a text to Ellie's phone "Saw you on tv! You did great! A star is born!"

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