Celestial Stargazing - Kapi D. Lucy

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Celestial Stargazing - Kapi D. Lucy

Post by Chyleste » Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:07 pm

[19:23] Lexus Regal sulks into the studio. The blond glares over at Cody as she strips down naked and puts on another dress. The producer tries to ignore her but he cannot help but keep looking over as the celebrity gets changed. Finally Lexus walks over to her seat and plops down. The make up girl rushes over and starts working on Lexus. The blond lets out a breath and grumbles. "You are lucky I let you keep your job, Cody. This guest you booked better be good. I swear I am tired of you fucking up my shows." The celebrity picks up the script and glances at it.

[19:25] Kapi D. Lucy miraculously found her way to the building. She looks around as she walks in. Careful to keep her hat pulled low and coat closed as she wanders around not sure where she is supposed to go nopw "Ok. I found the building now where is the studio thing?"

[19:29] Lexus Regal skims the script and looks up at Cody. "So like this girl was in the pageant?" The blond blinks as Cody says something. "What? No fucking way. She did not win the talent part. Like you are a lying mother fucker." She pauses. "Oh you're just fucking with me? Yeah they have not named the winner yet. Just shut up Cody. Just stand in the corner and watch two beauties put on a real show." She waves the make up girl away. "Try not to wank your little weewee while watching us, Cody, you fuckin perv." The receptionist smiles and points to the studio door. "It is right in there, ma'am. They are expecting you."

[19:32] Kapi D. Lucy smiles wide and nods "thank you miss" she walks to the door and opens it peeking in keeping her head down "Um is this the Starhazing show?"

[19:34] Lexus Regal looks up toward the door. "Yeah. This is my show. Are you my guest tonight? Come on in honey. I swear Cody, didn't you send a limo for the girl or at least give her a map. How damn rude can you be?" She stands up and smiles toward the girl with the hat. "Come on in and have a seat. The show is almost ready to start."

[19:38] Kapi D. Lucy walks up to the desk and takes a seat "Um thank you. There was a limo outside but I thought it was for a vip or something, sorry" SHe flashes one of her wide smiles under her hat still pulled low

19:41] Lexus Regal makes a face and looks around confused as a squeaking sound is heard when Lucy walks over. Lexus looks the girl up and down and raises an eyebrow. "Uh okay. Yeah that was for you. But like anyway, um so like you can take your coat off and get comfortable and stuff. Do you need the make up girl to touch you up?" The blond settles into her seat.

[19:44] Kapi D. Lucy smiles and remov es her coat and boots. Standing in her shorts, sandals, and laced top. She stretches "Ah thank you, hate wearing that." Giving a wide smile as she takes a seat on the desk "Heya Im Lucy. Im a rubbergirl"

[19:46] Lexus Regal blinks a few times as the girl reveals her shiny body. Lexus gives Cody a sideways glance and then looks back at Lucy. "Uh yeah okay. So um...you like know the cameras are behind you, right?"

[19:48] Kapi D. Lucy laughs 'Well yes, but Im talking to you, not the camera, silly. She pushes her hat off her head allowing it to hang from its string "Ok so was told to come here because of the singing I did. But not sure what else" she nods

[19:52] Lexus Regal points to the cameras as the lights come on and the intro music plays. "Yeah but like the people in the audience want to see....." She shoots a glare over at Cody. "Damnit Cody. I didn't know the show was starting already. You didn't finger me to count it down like usual." She stands up and smiles at the cameras. "Hello Hello Hello. It is me, Lexus Regal once again. Today we have a special guest who many of you saw at the talent contest of the pageant." She looks at the script page again. "Um, so like she really impressed everyone with her great song at the show. So with out further adieu, welcome my guest...Lucky!" Lexus drops the paper and claps as she motions toward the seat at Lucy.

[19:55] Kapi D. Lucy looks around as the lights start. Twisting her head around she looks at the camera giving a wide smile and waves "Heya Im Lucy! Im a rubbergirl" She readjusts herself facing the camera but still sitting on the desk. Turning to Lexus "You said Lucky. WHich I guess thats true because Im like super lucky sometimes. But my name is Lucy" she smiles wide

[19:58] Lexus Regal stares wide eyed as Lucy turns her head around. The blond gives Cody another look before grimacing back toward Lucy's back. She takes a breath and blows upward sending a tuft of her hair upward from the breath. "Yeah okay. So um...Floosy, is like Rubber Girl like you super hero name or something?" She starts to reach out to touch Lucy's bare thigh but pulls back. "Um, your skin is like...uh...shiny?"

[20:01] Kapi D. Lucy smiles at Lexus "Oh I don't have a super hero name. Im not a hero. The name is Lucy, and yes my skin is rubber. Actually my entire body is rubber so I can stretch and expand any of it. Oh watch this." She bites her thumb and blows causing her breasts to massively increase as she laughs watching the reactions

[20:09] Lexus Regal goes wide eyed as the girl's breasts grow. Lexus stands up and stares with her mouth open. She steps a little closer, cautiously. The celebrity extends one finger and pokes at Lucy's inflated breast. "Uh, wow. Um so like you are made of rubbers? Like not used ones I hope?" One of the camera men looks around from behind his camera while the other one zooms the focus in on Lucy's large breasts. Cody's jaw drops and he covers his face with his hand, peeking out from between his fingers.

[20:09] Kapi D. Lucy laughs at the reaction. She giggles as Lexus pokes "You want to touch go ahead. Everyone usually does." SHe smiles. Lexus would find that Lucys breasts squeaks like a toy if squeezed

[20:12] Lexus Regal smiles nervously. The blond moves a bit closer and reaches around to cup Lucy's bare huge breast. Lexus bites her lip as she feels around the soft rubbery shape. She gently squeezes Lucy's breast causing it to make a sudden squeak. The celebrity jumps back startled, pulling her hand away quickly. "OMG! What the hell?!"

[20:15] Kapi D. Lucy throws her head back laughing at Lexus reaction "Yeah that was part of the transformation that made me. Im gonna kick that dollmakers ass if I ever meet them again" SHe cracks her nuckles as she releases the air letting her breasts go back to normal. Though the expansion ripped her top so she now sits nude with a wide grin seeming to have no shame at all "Thats one of my favorite tricks because guys start acting like really funny"

[20:19] Lexus Regal lets out a nervous giggle. She looks around the room at all the guys staring at Lucy and laughs a bit more naturally. Lexus steps closer again with a curious expression. She reaches around once more and cups Lucy's smaller breast. "Uh yeah. All my crew is like drooling now. Hmm, so like it is not all limp and flat like a balloon now?" She caresses the girl's breast starting to smile a bit more. "Ya know, that feels kinda nice. I mean like it is weird but I dunno kinda kinky." She speaks in a softer tone near Lucy's ear. "Do you like that?" Her fingers find the girl's nipple giving it a playful pinch.

[20:24] Kapi D. Lucy smiles as Lexus continues to squeeze and cause her to squeak. SHe nods to Lexus question however doesnt seem to be displaying any sign of arousal at all "Yeah they are my real breasts. I can stretch any part of myself." she says with wide grin

[20:26] Lexus Regal giggles with glee as she gets more comfortable. She pulls on Lucy's nipple, stretching it out and letting it pop back into place. The blond grins wide. "Like any part of your body? That is cool. Um...are you sure you aren't like a super hero? I mean these are like weird but cool powers and stuff."

[20:33] Kapi D. Lucy giggles as Lexus seems to be having fun. Giving a squeak every now and then as she is played with all the while sitting with no reaction "Nope. Dont want to be a hero. "A hero would would share all their meat with everyone. I want all the meat" she nods

[20:35] Lexus Regal pulls Lucy's nipple out and starts twisting it around her finger. The crew all stare silently not appearing to even blink. Lexus tilts her head confused. "Your meat? What are you talking about? Like no, heroes go around and save people and then get like rewards and stuff. They are not like a meat market cutter guy thing."

[20:40] Kapi D. Lucy watches Lexus play with her nipples as they can be twisted and stretched however wanted then pop back in place when let go "I am not a hero. But I will kick someones ass if they are causing people harm. Or stealing my meat, or touching my hat without my permission, or if they annoy me, or if they touch my food"

[20:43] Lexus Regal nods as if she understands. Lexus pulls Lucy's nipple out again and plays with it idly as she talks. "That kinda sounds like a hero to me. I mean heroes fight the bad guys who hurt other people. They like protect the stuff. They stop the bad guys from stealing and all that crap. So like it sounds to me like you are a hero. You just need a cool name and costume." She nods with a smile.

[20:47] Kapi D. Lucy makes a squeak each time her nipple snaps back "I have a name. Its Lucy, I already told you that. And why do I need a costume? I can kick ass in my regular clothes" she tilts her head confused

[20:52] Lexus Regal giggles and shakes her head. "No it's like...ya know, like a secret identity so like the bad guys don't know who you are. It's like I...my good friend Superstar is not always running around in her costume as Superstar. Sometimes she is just a normal looking, but very sexy woman that no one knows is like a great hero. And my BFF Diamond Feelings is like not always flying around as Diamond.....wait did she have a super hero name? I dunno. Anyway she is like all knocked up now anyway." Lexus looks around the room as the guys continue to stare. The blond sighs. "Okay yeah so let's move on. So like you are made of rubbers? Like all over? Even your ...." She points down into Lucy's lap. ".....your hoo-ha?"

[20:55] Kapi D. Lucy looks where Lexus points "Oh. Yeah everywhere" she nods "I dont use a costume. I just kickass if I see badguys. I thought I could wera like a cape and mask but some other girls said it would be stupid since Im the only rubbergirl in the city so everyone would no it was me just like everytone knows who Superstar is"

[20:57] Lexus Regal blinks. "Um uh...." She fidgets a bit and looks over at Cody. The celebrity wads up the script notes and throws it at Cody to get his attention. Lexus mouths something to him and he nods and motions for her to move on. "Yeah...okay so um like. Yeah....oh I heard you like sang a song or something at the pageant? Maybe you can like win second place or something."

[21:03] Kapi D. Lucy smiles and nods excitedly Causing her boobs to bounce with a squeak "Yes I only sang from the heart. Just like my old musician friend taught me. Also my boyfriend Mark was there so it was a really good night. Oh yeah. Im sorry I missed the peoplke throwing hotdogs on you, I would of kicked their asses for being mean like that, but you still look really pretty so guess everything is good" she smiles

[21:09] Lexus Regal smiles really big and strikes a pose at the compliment. "Awww that is so sweet of you. Yeah some of those girls are just like total cunts, ya know? They are all jealous because they know I am gonna win." She nods and smiles to the camera. Her smile turns into a frown and she snaps her fingers at the camera man. "Hey, Bob? Hey! Hey! Like do you job and focus on me not just her boobs. Damn you are such a freakin perv. I swear. Damnit Cody you need to fire these worthless camera guys." She looks back at Lucy's jiggling breasts. "Oh, wait, did you say you got a boyfriend?" She opens her mouth wide. "That is cool. so like tell me about him. How is he in bed? Does he have a big coc---" Cody clears his throat loudly covering Lexus's word. The blond shoots him an evil glare. "Yeah, so like does he have a big one down there?"

[21:11] Kapi D. Lucy nods excitedly "Yes hes really awesome and strong. He gives me all trhe meat I want and he always pays"

[21:13] Lexus Regal giggles loudly covering her mouth with her hand. "Oh I bet he gives you the meat every night, huh?" She giggles even more. "I think all the crew want to give you their meat too but they can't since you got a boyfriend. That would not be right, ya know." She leans forward and yells at the camera men. "So knock it off and move the camera off her tits!"

[21:15] Kapi D. Lucy titls her head "Oh Mark knows I love meat so I can have meat from anyone that wants to give it to me" she nods excitedly now beginning to get hungry as she licks her lips

[21:17] Lexus Regal grins wide and nods "Oh yeah? So you got one of those kinda relationships, huh? That's cool. It's like all nice and liberated, ya know." She giggles softly and leans in whispering near Lucy's ear. "Why don't you go and get the cameraman, Bob's thick, hot juicy meat out of his pants and enjoy it. Don't worry. This is my show and my fans would love to watch that."

[21:21] Kapi D. Lucy nods "Yes Mark is super awesome and hes totally ok with me being a rubbergirl." SHe tilts her head confused looking at Lexus "Why would someone put meat in their pants? Thats such a waste, you are supposed to gulp all the meat down"

[21:23] Lexus Regal giggles and speaks softly so the cameraman cannot hear. "Oh he is wanting you to swallow his meat for sure. Go ahead. He is keeping it nice and hot for you in his pants. Just unzip his pants and take it all into your mouth."

[21:26] Kapi D. Lucy looks excited licking her lips "So he has all the meat in his pants?" she asks bouncing as she sits causing her perky breasts to bounce and squeak. Stretching her arms out grabbing the cameramn and launching at him "Give me your meat!" she squeaks out flying

[21:29] Lexus Regal laughs as she leans back against her chair to watch. The camera man yelps as Lucy stretches out and flies at him. The rubber girl crashes into the man, knocking over one camera in the process. The other camera turns to try and catch the action. Cody freaks out and starts to rush over but Lexus scurries around and blocks Cody from the scene. Bob the camera man falls backward but then grins wide. "Ya want my meat huh? Yeah bout time this job paid off." He reaches down between himself and the rubber girl and unfastens his pants. His hard cock pops up and slaps against Lucy's bare tummy, brushing the underside of her jiggling breasts.

[21:31] Kapi D. Lucy tilts her head looking very confused. She stands up and dusts herself off looking down puzzled at the cameraman "Wheres the meat?" she pouts

[21:34] Lexus Regal keeps moving back and forth, trying to block Cody. Lexus giggles over her shoulder at Lucy. "Don't be shy. He's got his cock out for you. You can go ahead and suck it." Cody starts making motions for the other camera to shut off but the cameraman doesn't notice the producer. Bob reaches up to try and grab one of Lucy's breasts. "Yeah don't be scared. I'll give you all the meat you want."

[21:37] Kapi D. Lucy stands there as sher breast is squeaked once again excited and bouncing now "Oh good. Yes I want all the meat p[lease. Where is it?" she looks around

[21:43] Lexus Regal holds her hand up to keep Cody away. "He's got it hanging out. You just have to grab it and put it in your mouth--" Cody starts yelling "CUT! CUT!" Lexus reaches down and quickly pulls Cody's pants down. The producer's cock pops out and Lexus grabs it. She glances back at Lucy. "Like this...." The blond leans down and closes her lips around the head of Cody's cock. The producer freezes up and goes silent with his eyes very wide. Suddenly Cody lets out a loud moan and his body jerks. Lexus makes a coughing sound and then pulls back and steps to the side. She bends forward and spits a mouthful of cum into the trash can. "Eww Cody. You can't even last for a couple seconds! WTF!"

[21:46] Kapi D. Lucy looks at Lexus confused and then looks back at the cameraman. Wait. THAT is meat? oh wow I didnt know that. She licks her lips before leaning down and mimicking what Lexus just did except she tries to bite

[21:49] Lexus Regal grabs a bottle of water and starts gargling and spitting into the trash can. Bob smiles wide as Lucy leans down and takes his cock into her mouth. He suddenly screams and tries to jump back, pushing at the rubber girl as she bites into his cock. The other cameraman rushes around to help his co-worker. Cody blinks and then starts to move over to pull Lucy off Bob.

[21:50] Kapi D. Lucy gets off bob sticking her tongue out "HEY! You lied thats not meat!" she yells down at him

[21:52] Lexus Regal keeps washing her mouth out as the chaos goes on behind her. Cody yells for security as he and the other cameraman do their best to push Lucy out of the room. Bob lays on the ground crying and yelping as he rolls around. The security come up the elevator as quickly as they can to try and restrain the rubber girl.

[21:54] Kapi D. Lucy looks very confused as some men are rushing her out "Hey! Whats going on? You dont have to be mean" she sounds more annoyed than anything but doesnt fight "Are we going to get meat?"

[21:56] Lexus Regal walks over and starts to fix her hair and make up ignoring everything else. Cody, the cameraman and the security usher Lucy down and try to get her out of the building.

[22:02] Kapi D. Lucy allows herself to be lead still looking very confused but shrugs "Wonder if Lexus is one of my friends now" she states with a wide smile clearly having no clue she did anything wrong as shes taken away

[22:03] Lexus Regal wanders casually down and passes by everything as she heads toward her limo. Some officers arrive and Cody explains the situation and they take the rubber girl into custody.

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