Anti-Meta supporters attack dragon!

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Anti-Meta supporters attack dragon!

Post by Drexia » Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:28 pm

[13:49] Jaron: indeed, so fo. . . *he suddenly stops and looks to a building nearby* . . . you should get going, i just felt some kind of radar system being pointed at me

[13:53] Solene raise an eyebrow. "Hrrnn.. need me in the combat suit, just in case ?"

[13:54] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) raises an eyebrow. "That sounds like a time when you'd want people nearby you." he mentions though takes a couple steps away and glances upwards then back at Jaron.

[13:56] Jaron: that kind of radar system is generally found on anti aircraft weaponry, so i believe an attack on me specifically is imminent, and i do not want you to get hurt

[13:58] Solene "Bordel.." She growl. "I am going back in this case.. " She step away, and head toward the tower. "Try to spot from where it come.."

[14:00] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) nods and takes more than a few more steps away. "By the way, if you survive this and want some sort of armor later. I may be able to make something for you." he mentions as he steps behind one of the pillars of the bank for cover.

[14:00] Harsilius Steam (harsilius): ((going to stand closer to stay in chat range but he's standing on the far side of the bank))

[14:01] Jaron notices a missile being fired from the building he was looking at, he quickly takes a shot at it and takes off, which is followed by a huge barrage from all over the place as people have gotten ready, he blasts off with some 30 missiles behind him, some are shot down and crash into the empty street outside the bank

[14:03] Solene is running toward the tower when shit hit the fan ! (*stay in range for the moment*)

[14:05] Katy just went out onto her usual nightly stroll when she spots her coworkers nearby, just about to raise her flask in greeting, when out of nothing something impacts the nearby street "Bloody hell ! Take cover ...." trying to jump over the guardrail ...

[14:06] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) sees the missles and then hops off the bridge, holding on by his hands to the side of the bridge until after the first round of explosions tears into the bridge. He climbs up slowly afterwards.

[14:09] Jaron circles around, firing off some kind or drone that ram and take out a lot of the missiles, some 7 or 8 are still on his tail as some guy on the roof of the building next to the hospital aims a huge and advanced looking weapon, it fires moments later, a bit of arcing lightning around the barrel and jaron simply crashes onto the street, seemingly unconcious immediately from whatever it was, the missiles slam into him afterwards in a shower of green scales, leaving him not looking very good afterwards (( ok you will have to imagine the bad guys, kinda lacking props ))

[14:14] Katy was barely able to evade the shockwaves and the debris from the explosions, eventually losing her balance and ending up on her bum down in the lawn beneath the overpath, grumbling and cursing in pain "Holy hell ... JARON ... SOL ...REPORT !" she barks out, still confused by the unexpexted attack.

[14:18] Solene was already away and out of range. She is now changing her outfit into the tower.

[14:20] Jaron remains unconcious as three guys with power armor hop down onto the road from nearby buildings, one being the guy with that huge weapon, the other two are weilding large caliber miniguns, they talk for a moment before turning towards the unconcious nexan, spinning up their weapons

[14:25] Nirrae: (( ok there, for some indicator where they are ))

[14:26] Solene is finally flying back from the tower, and notice the two guys spinning up their miniguns. She raise both gauntlet toward them, and try to get a grip on their gun, and yank it from them. She is leaving the third one with the huge weapon free.

[14:26] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) dusts himself off and glances around before quickly closing his eyes for a moment. "Chapter Three, Affirmative defenses." he mutters to himself in thought and then speed walks over to Jaron and sees ... oh he's unconcious. He looks at the men showing up and does a quick glance around to see there's no one there before spinning a the combination lock on his briefcase a large cone of ... smoke? Fog? Shooting out from it towards the men as he puts his arm under Jarron and hefts with a grunt, carrying/dragging him over to the side. "Sorry." he grunts and rolls him over the railing through the cover of smoke to the street below.

[14:27] Katy by now was back on her feet, but still oblivious to the severity of the situation when there were no reports from her coworkers "What the hell did i run into here ? Jaron ... Soléne .... gimme a sitrep ... damnit !" she barks into the coms, then searching for a way up to the street above. Katy didn't spot the three incoming hostiles yet, but she could hear hear movement from above. Katy would try to head around the building to get a better chance to climb back up to the street level ...

[14:31] Jaron is dragged off and pushed over the side, landing with a thump below, the attackers lock their powered gauntlets and hold on to their weapons like a vice, both fire a barrage of bullets towards solene once they regain their balance, the one with the big gun fires as well, but the gun isnt very fast to fire, but once/if it does it unleashes a very localized and potent EMP

[14:31] Solene "I am fine Katy ! I am going to take care of these fuckers !"

[14:34] Solene growl as she didn't yanked their weapon. She start to fly away, trying to avoid the barrage of bullets, and EMP. She luckily avoid it, by going behind a building. (( *and again staying in chatrange for the moment !*) ))

[14:36] Katy groans and grumbles while slowly crawling upwards and pulling herself up to the edge of the overpass, eventually spotting the three enemies engaged in a fight with Soléne "Incoming !" she calls out, trying to sprint over the street to take cover behind the banks golden pillars.

[14:38] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) ducks when she notices the weapons fire, "WhutheFU-!" Realizing she'd picked a bad time to get a naco, she gets close to the grill hut and watches to see who's fighting who.

[14:41] Jaron the guy with the minigun on the left side (red) moves towards the railing, leaning over and fires a barrage at jaron while the other one (green) fires his weapon towards katy, mostly to make sure she stays pinned behind the pillar, the emp guy (blue) recharges his weapon for another shot, altering some settingsby the looks of it

[14:42] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) hops down immediately after dropping Jarron over the side, leaving the spot where they had been empty as the fighting happens through the smoke. He reaches under Jarron and lifts him up again, dragging him closer to the bank and to between the freeway pillar and the bank as his fingers fiddle with the combination lock again and he opens the briefcase, pulling out three baseball sized metal orbs before closing it again. He sets Jarron down in the corner and makes another quick smoke screen, clouding both of them as he pulls out a small remote and activates all three orbs, placing them against Jarron, some metal belts shooting out of them and wrapping around to bind the dragon while others shooting upwards and latching onto the pillar and dragging the dragon upwards and into the 'hiding spot.'

[14:44] Solene finally come back, at a very high speed, coming from the industrial area. At the last moment, she will try to spin, and wipe out both the of the minigun guys with her mechanical boots. Still leaving the third guy with the emp gun free !

[14:46] Katy was actually pinned down "Under heavy fire !" and trying to prevent any line of sight with the hostile subjects, in hope that the banks pillars were not actually created from some soft gold. If Katy's cover withstands the enemies suppressing fire, she would try to ready her PAE Kestrel plasma pistol and wait for an opportunity to return fire, targeting the green enemy.

[14:48] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) sees the opening in all the gunfire and runs over to the bank of cloud cover. Once inside, she strains to make sure she does not trip on anyone/thing. "Anything I can do to help?"

[14:51] Jaron is moved into proper hiding this time, but not before taking a lot of bullets across his back, leaving quite a bunch of holes in his back, the two minigun guys are knocked down by solene and the green one pelted by plasma fire, leaving some burns in the plating, but it doesnt break, the emp guy aims his gun straigt up and fires, leading to a spherical EMP in the nearby area, perhaps 50 meter range, leading to lights flickering in the nearby buildings

[14:56] Solene was going an immelman, to come back in the area when the spherical EMP appear. Of course, it's sadly enough to just shut down entire armor of Solene. She seems to wave her arms in panic before crashing into the grill hut. Bam !

[14:57] Ashley Supplee: was doing*

[14:58] Katy would try to exploit any opportunity to return fire from her position, yet the heavily armored hostiles were bloody resilient "SOL ! Focus fire on that enemy leader (blue) !!" she barks out, when suddenly her plasma pistol is surrounded by a few electric arcs and goes offline from the EMP effect "Fuck it ... " she would return into her cover, unable to return fire and losing all her actions this round of combat.

[14:59] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) looks at the wounds the dragon's back as he's dragged up. Those... would have to be worked on later. "Pretend the dragon isn't there and if /any/ negotiations come up follow my lead and let me do the talking." he says to her, the winching up of the dragon pausing with the EMP blast before resuming. He looks up at the freeway. "They're messing with my things..." he murmurs and then turns his glare to Vickson. "What can you do?" he asks.

[15:01] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) watches the listens as the power flickers. "Low grade EMP. With fair range too." She starts to shiver when she hears a crash. "That can't have been good." She finally answers the annoyed man with a wry shrug. "Just about anything. What you need?"

[15:02] Nirrae: *the minigun guys get back up and the trio moves in formation towards the bank, slowly. soon firing towards the pillar again, both of them now, the pillar probably starting to crumble, the emp gun starts to recharge for another shot at about the same time*

[15:08] Solene growl, and finally step out of the smashed grill hut, having hard time, since she cannot see anything in her helmet. "Bordel..hrrnnfff..." She tap the side of it. "Come on.." She finally restart her suit, and her engine. She immediately 'jump' on the bridge, and behind the guys.

[15:09] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) looks at her, measuring her before he opens his briefcase and pulls out two of the metal spheres. "Press here, when the light turns green all you need to do is make sure the orb touches them. Best if you're not touching it as well by that point." He states. "Try for the two with the miniguns. The third most likely won't shoot his friends." he says.

[15:13] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) listens and nods, while quietly noting to herself that the device controls were fairly obvious, though that may be her own talent working. "Gotcha." She then sighed at the fact that the enemy was on the over pass and she was wearing a fancy dress. "Just my luck." She mumbled as she took the spheres and stepped out of her heels then jumped onto one of the grill hut's seats, rebounding up to an umbrella and then the roof.

[15:13] Katy was in a really bad position now, her cover slowly getting obliterated by the minigun hailstorm. Katy's plasma pistol was still dysfunctional from the EMP, but the microfusion cell inside of her gun was still energetic. Katy would try to destabilize the microfusion cell and hurl it as sort of a improvised grenade towards the advancing trio.

[15:17] Nirrae: *one of them shouds "Grenade!" and they all crouch down as the grenade detonates near them, the armor gets dented and damaged from the blast and they stand up and keep advancing, the attack having successfully covered solenes and lils approach, the emp gun is still charging but will be ready soon (next turn)*

[15:19] Solene raise both of her gauntlet, and again, will try to yank the two minigun guys, but this time, she is aiming for something else metallic than their gun !

[15:21] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) activates the borrowed orbs, leaps from the roof to the overpass on the flank of the enemy and lets the orbs roll at two of the assailants (Red & Green).

[15:23] Katy was more or less defenseless now, her cover gone and her plasma pistol useless, she would wait for an opportunity to roll behind a still intact pillar to regain cover.

[15:23] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) runs as quickly as he can and leaps onto the top of the roof of the pharmacy to get a good look at the proceedings and watchs the orbs.

[15:24] Harsilius Steam (harsilius): (Staying closer for chat range))

[15:26] Nirrae: *the two minigun guys get pulled off balance from behind by solene, both getting hit by the orbs and stop their firing momentarily, the emp guy aims his gun straigt up and fires again, causing another EMP in a spherical area with a radius of about 50 meters*

[15:31] Juno (angel8819) glided into position above the fray, hoping to take some of the attention off her colleagues...extending her kinetic subtration barrier

[15:32] Solene was going to lift them up when... shutdown again. She is now blind again, helmet being turned off, and slowed down, because the armor is no more powered.

[15:33] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) is slightly glad for once t not be wearing her battlesuit, since it is not electronically shielded and wouldn't be working by now anyway. She charges the guy with the EMP (Blue) and tries to disarm him.

[15:38] Harsilius Steam (harsilius): The two orbs latch onto the ankles of the two power armored individuals with a metal cable wrapping around each ankle. A second of pause from the EMP and then another quarter second for calibration before hiss of pressurized firing pins as out of the sides thin metal belts start firing. Dozens of them, flying in arcs to start wrapping around the powerarmored men. The belts could hold someone who could pick up and toss a 16-wheeler and aimed for the various limbs, wrapping around them and then starting to pull the limbs back into positions of hogties.

[15:38] Katy eventually reaches her new cover position and would curse when her PAE com was going offline too, due to the EMP's effect. Gladly Juno had arrived too now and might be able to assist Soléne ...

[15:42] Nirrae: *the two minigun guys get caught completely by surprise by those spheres and end up being held in place, the emp guy taps something onto a display on the weapon, pulls the trigger and throws it towards solene, its about to overload and explode, he then puts his hands up in a surrendering gesture*

[15:46] Solene is totally unaware of her surrounding. She adopt a combat stance, and start to move toward the barrier on her right. "Bordel.."

[15:46] Juno (angel8819) was hit by the EMP, her systems going haywire. She dropped to the ground, right in front of the Mech men, before her flight system kicked back in to slow her descent and the not have the fall shatter both her legs. Her suit was overloading... even with legs aching from the impact she would run towards the one with the grenade, trying to contain any blast within her barrier.

[15:47] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) ignores the now submissive soldier and leaps up to try and deflect the whining EMP gun in mid-air.

[15:49] Katy is busy trying to reestablish an uplink with PAE coms and remains in her place.

[15:54] Nirrae: *the huge EMP gun is deflected, the guy that threw it dives out of the way and it continues towards junos shield and explodes in a normal explosion, no EMP this time but shrapnel from the gun go flying all over the place* ((end of the fight there))

[15:56] Solene receive some shrapnel, but her armor withstand that luckily. She growl, and tap the side of her helmet.

[15:56] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) mutters under his breath and then runs up behind the EMP soldier ignoring the tossed weapon, and placing a hand on the back of his armor to hold him in place. "I'm placing you under citizens arrest. Do you promise to turn over all weapons and technology to me, come peaceably, turn yourself in to the Protectorate?" he asks him in a calm voice, eyes glowing a soft gold as he kneels over the man, holding his briefcase behind him and ducking down to defend against the shrapnel, one piece catching him in the shoulder, the other blocked by the briefcase.

[15:58] Nirrae: *the leader guy nods*
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