New event notice coding system

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New event notice coding system

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:40 am

We plan to try diversifying events a little bit more than they have been in the past going forward, and as such I'm putting out this simple coding system for notices, so that people can have a rough idea what to expect of an event before it starts, perhaps basing character selections on what's in store.

HT- Designates an event where the vast majority of the content is geared for more powerful characters. street-level characters may find themselves struggling to contribute.

LT- Designates an event where the challenges and opponents are much lower tier, intended for characters at street-level. high powered characters will have to undersell heavily to not overwhelm the event.

C- Designates a combat-focused event, like most in the past have been.

PU- Designates an event with some sort of puzzle element to it. Whether actual direct puzzles, or an enemy that requires strategy to defeat, these events won't be able to be overcome just by punching harder or shooting more.

NA- Designates an event with narrative focus. There may be some element of combat or puzzles involved, but the focus of the event is more on character interactions to move the story onward.

PE- Designates an event with peril elements involved. They may just be for the duration of the event, or in some cases may include characters being captured for a period of time. Questions or preferences for these types of events can always be discussed with the event's storyteller.

Other codes may be added as needed, but for now I think this should keep it simple and help people know what to expect from events. Feel free to leave any thoughts.

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