Hostile interview

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Hostile interview

Post by Timberwulff » Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:19 pm

**Note this was given to me to post from Kasseablack**

This is Kassea Black with AirWaves Freedom. Bringing you the truth your government refuses to give you the people access to. Don't believe me, here is an interview with an agent of PAE, a local authority and a local student.
[Video begins with Kassea asking first question.]

>Kassea Black- Could you tell me your name and what it is you do for a living?

>Agent Thrax "Oh, alright then. I'm Thrax. I work with PAE. We control the food, electricity, and all sorts of basic stuff like that. Our most practiced thing we specialize in is pothole covering. There seems to be a lot of those around here."

>Claire: oh, well im Claire *nods* nothing too interesting to tell, im a student at the school around here basically *nods and smiles*

>Kassea Black (kasseablack) smiles to the woman. "A student? Wonderful wonderful. Well as a member of PAE, what are your thoughts about the major defense with the multidimensional invasion that recently occurred?

>Thrax "Ah, yeah I heard of that. PAE Held strong.

>Kassea Black- To the student I asked the very same question'

>Claire: uh who did that? i havent even heard of it, but doesnt that sort of thing happen at least once a week? and uh, no real opinion really since this is kinda the first ive heard of most of those things

>Kassea Black: Then I asked about one of the members of PAE attacking another citizen at the very moment the heroes of the city were no where around but saving the city. I asked about this scene where, the well known Villain and present member in the ranks of PAE, Nameless. With her a well known villain by appearance. You will recognize him by the flaming skull and whip with what looks like Hell fire engulfing it.

((scene of one called Nameless a flaming skull man and another woman were facing against one man with tattoos covering his bare torso. Large boulder of earth and ice thrown just as a breath of fire is shot out from the mouth of the flaming skull person. Both at the one man.))

>Kassea Black: Here is what the agent of PAE has to say.

>Kassea Black: While at the same time of the defense, a member of PAE, someone under their care and new member that goes by the name Nameless had attacked another citizen of the city along with a man whose flesh melted off and another woman giving aid against one man named Outburst? While taking advantage of the factor that so many heroes were not able to stop them and so few citizens to witness the act as they were all secure in their homes? What are your opinions on this? Since Nameless is a well none villain just a week ago."

>Claire: doesnt that sort of thing happen at least once a week?

>Thrax: We are still unsure of who it was exactly that did the harm. However, I was given full permission to use lethal force once I come into contact with the attacker.

>Kassea Black: Now I know I am not the smartest person in this city but people. Listen to what was just said. WITH recorded records showing who the attacker was and who the victim was. Stil PAE authorized deadly force? If this is so then the victim is the one the authorities are looking to eliminate. Was PAE the only ones who were holding the line at the beach.?
Look how well your local government quiets the media just by the students responses to my questions.

>Kassea Black: I had the honor to interview a member of the real protection with in our grand city. An agent of the Protectorate. The agent wanted to remain anonymuos in fear speaking could cost them their job. So the one I spoke with is shadowed out and voice altered for their own safett.

>Kassea Black. Thank you for having me, I know you are risking a great deal holding this interview but, the people deserve to know how thick and deep the corruption their safety is held. For my first question, this major defense. Was PAE the only one there and are the truly claiming single handedly saving the city?

>Agent: No PAE was not the only one there and no they are not claiming to be the only one there. We at the protectorate were as well. The Vanguard, and many others who are with out affiliation. Even the villain Nameless was there. Arm and arm with PAE.

>Kassea Black: Nameless, a well known loose cannon and psychopath villain, now in the ranks of PAE. What is the Protectorate's view on this.

>Agent: Well we did not believe it at first of course. As recent discoveries have come to us, we learned she is in fact among their ranks. Some large battle that had the famous Mikoto, our own chief, and a few others apparently were facing off against a few villains. Mikoto bested Nameless and took her to their HQ. After a short rehab program, we believe a day worth, she was recruited and given authority.
Rumors are abound of course. Some say Nameless is infiltrating their ranks for personal reasons. Others say she has taken on a new leaf. Which ever way it is. We at the protectorate have decided to keep a close eye on this and even may start questioning PAE officials about this.

>Kassea Black: After a brief moment of thanking one another I left. Satisfied that the Protectorate will do their job and tend to the wreck loose known as Nameless.

I am Kassea Black with Airwaves Freedom.. signing off.

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Re: Hostile interview

Post by Railgun » Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:35 pm

Somewhere in the bowls of PAE the sound of marching is heard. a group of men and women enter a shadowy board room garbed in pinstripe suites the cost of small hoses, shoes the cost of cars and monogrammed briefcases. They all sat around the table waiting. They had gathered like this many times before, but always they were denied, held back,prevented from reaching their full potential.the new to call would come but even now the outcome was uncertain. the time was spent listening to a particular broadcast on repeat every sentence pored over every statement checked after what seemed like hours the image of a small Asian woman appeared above the table. All eyes were locked on that image. Would this be the time? Would they finally get to ride into battle?

Two men walked down a hallway in PAE jumpsuits. They weren't janitors per say, the only REAL work they had to do was when one of the robots missed a spot. They cheated and laughed, but as they passed the boardroom door a sudden raucous roar came from beyond. It sounded like a choir of war-boys abbot to head out on a raid Then one word could be heard above all others, Loud and clear it echoed through the hallways.


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Re: Hostile interview Fact checking!

Post by Timberwulff » Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:24 pm

This is Aki Takinawa from the Firefly News Media Service.

Its been four days since the 'news' network known as Airwaves Freedom broadcasted their interview. As of yet no one knows where this news network came from or what they represent. However our indepth investigation has revealed that the broadcast has some alternative facts.

The one known as Nameless is not a member of the PAE organization but was instead given life saving medical treatment by PAE as well as help recieving psychological treatment for her likly many mental illnesses. Even now she is not considered a member of PAE so much as under their watch to ensure she doesn't cause trouble for the citizenry of Celestial City.

The Protectorate said their relationship with PAE has never been stronger and whomever spoke as such was doing so without the authority of the Protectorate Chief and clearly doesn't know what they speak of.

In addition the one with the flaming skull is a well know warden and they frequently get into conflicts with each other. Such is the side effect of having our city protected by vigilantes of the a sort.

In addition, the one known as Outburst has already garnered a repuation of being a rather roguish sort who is likely to be as much trouble for the city as Nameless if not more.

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