Business is picking up

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Business is picking up

Post by Timberwulff » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:18 pm

This is Howard handupme with a special report, a new person has taken control of Firefly media and given me exclusive rights to this report and... here is the footage.

[12:41] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) stands, waiting for people to arrive. this was a big change and it was going to ripple out over the city itself.
[12:44] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) Sees those assembled and looks around."Anthony Gato runs firefly Media and for a while was Co Mayor with Lady N, however he has disappeared. his stocks and controlling interest in Firefly media with him. However as of today, I now own enough stocks to have controlling interest, and as such now run Firefly Media."
[12:46] Drexia simply watches, looking over to darkstar a bit
[12:47] Suki is across town skipping her way to the announcement "Yay Suki SayZ! Suki Sayz go!" she sprints flash stepping and picking up speed "SUKI SAYZ! Stops!" she yells and halts her flash step crashing into a alley "Suki winz!" she giggles to herself before scrambling back up and returning her trek towards the media building
[12:47] Kitty yawns out of boredom since she had nothing else to do and figured she just watch the gathering of people down below
[12:48] DarkStar looks around and checks my wrist pretending there is a watch on there, I am interested as to whats happening here but don't really like standing around so I just listen
[12:48] G.I.A. waits a moment, "So does this mean the media will be more active in details that go on in the city? Like reporting criminal activities and anything that is going on in the city?"
[12:49] Drexia: hopefully *nods*
[12:50] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) pauses a moment to let that ripple out."There will be some changes going on here, we have seemed to have lost a few of our show hosts so we will be looking for people as well as showing some new programming. anyone with show ideas are welcome to pitch, anyone with news will be appreciated." Hearing Gias question."Yes, it might be a bit slow at first but I am hoping to have a crack team getting the news to everyone in the city."
[12:51] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) approaches silently, seeing this human gathering.
[12:53] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks around."As a matter of fact..." He reaches into his pocket and brings out a stack of money."I have a thousand bucks to whoever brings me a picture of the head of this so called Dead Mans hand.for the next news report."
[12:53] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): And by head i mean leader, no decapitations please
[12:54] DarkStar raises my hand "oh, I know him, can I have the cash" then giggles a little
[12:55] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks to Darkstar,"Bring me a picture of him and you can.."
[12:56] Kitty tilts her head "a thousand dollars for a picture of some weak low life in a pathetic small time gang..... people are idiots."
[12:56] Suki appears on the podium with her arms stretched out "SUKI SAYZ!" as she looks over the crowd
[12:57] DarkStar takes out my phone and snaps a selfie "ok, here you go, cash now please" then looks over to Kitty "oh I wouldn't let some of them hear you talking like that, just looking out for you"
[12:58] Drexia sighs "of course, here we go. . . every time"
[12:58] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) remained silent, listening and watching. He had left the foundry for a time to avoid the thugs, but it would see that someone was looking for them now.
[12:58] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks up a touch confused."Suki Says what?" before looking back to darkstar."You're the leader? What happened to the weird guy at City hall a couple weeks ago?"
[12:59] Suki pauses "Um Suki Sayz!" tilting her head "Oh wait duh. Im not Suki. Im superhero right now so you cant recognize me. SHe pulls off her mask and poses "There now I is Suki again, I have no recognize with the hero Suki" she nods
[13:00] Kitty looks over to dark star raising an eye brow "i've already crossed paths with the group before. Wasn't very impressed."
[13:01] G.I.A. turns and looks at Kitty and DarkStar, " DMH isn't a force to ignore no matter how strong you pretend to be Kitty. And as for the leader, that means you ordered the slaughter of several innocent bank workers last week after three of your members used bombs and flames to cook them." she began to walk toward DarkStar.
[13:02] DarkStar laughs "well, I could get you a picture of him but we have made a change in leadership for.........reasons" I say, wondering if he'll fall for it, 1000 was nothing for us but if they were looking for the wrong person it might be a good thing then looks to Kitty again "well ok, but don't say I didn't try to warn you" then looks at GIA "really?, you want to go for round two?, I just came peacefully to see what was going on"
[13:03] Drexia mutters something and looks to GIA "ill go and coordinate from hq"
[13:04] Kitty yawns and shrugs to G.I.A. don't got to pretend they aren't a serious threat. I actually don't understand how they aren't taken down at this point."
[13:05] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shakes his head."Enough!" he walkks to Darkstar and hands her five hundred dollars."Half now, right now it's on your phone, once it is in my possession you get the other half. Another five hundred if you get a picture of him." He looks around."If you want to do the hero villain thing, it will make a great story."
[13:05] Suki looks out towards the arguing crowd "HEY! I DIDN'T SAY SUKI SAYZ!" she yells out
[13:06] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): Looks up at Suki."then tell me Suki, what do you say?'
[13:06] G.I.A. shrugs. "You just openly admitted you are the leader for "reasons". Which means you ordered the execution of fourteen innocent bank workers including the bank's president. Regardless you come here in peace, you are still wanted and under arrest. I care not what you are doing now, just about you and your group seeing justice for your crimes." stops for a moment. Looks back toward Kitty. "Two reasons. Cause if you think they are nothing and they still openly walk around like DarkStar here. Means you lack the ability to do it yourself and the protectorate is only now rebuilding." sighs.. hearing Suki saying something. Waiting a moment to see what.
[13:07] Control arrives from somewhere, the vehicle basically flies in silently and hovers over the group
[13:08] Suki turns aropund back to smiling "Suki Sayz that she accepts job and will now do show for Sexus" she nods and then remembers her manners "You're whale cum"
[13:08] DarkStar gladly takes the money "sure, what number shall I send it to?, I'll give it to you right now" I say happily ignoring the others until I hear GIA speak "can this man and I finish and then we can go for round two cause you know damn well I am not going to give myself up"
[13:09] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) blinks, "accepts Job? Suki, what job, and Sexus? Okay if you want a job and a show... i think you will do well."
[13:10] Kitty looks down to G.I.A and answers "you wouldn't want me to deal with them. It is better if you and the rest of the people of this city do so."
[13:11] Control totally targets the gun, the turret turns for a moment before weakly launching a USB drive without aiming down, gravity pulls it down to land on the podium and the gun just points back forward immediately
[13:12] Suki smiles and claps spinning around excited before losing balance and falling of the platform
[13:12] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at everyone involved."I have an idea. If you want to hash it out let's all hash it out, but not here, not now. I did this for business, not heroics. I can do more however if you all like."
[13:14] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) hears the USB land and walks back picking it up, looking towards Control.'What is this?"
[13:15] Suki gets up dusting herself off before posing with arms wide "Suki is ok!" she giggles and tilts her head seeing people arguing
[13:15] DarkStar punches in an email address to my phone and looks to Timber "well, here you go, as promised" then looks around to see all who has gathered "as far as this being arrested business goes...........whoever wants to give it a try can meet me in the ruins and we can finish this rather pleasant discussion"
[13:15] Control: a voice comes through the speakers, its a very generic female voice, almost like one of those robot voices on the phone "pictures, payment information is included on the drive"
[13:16] G.I.A. takes a few steps from DarkStar. Making any attempt now to arrest her would create mor collateral damage then needed. Looking up to Kitty she shakes her head. "Another excuse as to why you haven't stopped them Kitty?" she gives a quick grin but keeps DarkStar in her sight.
[13:18] Suki skips up to darkstar leaning forward examining "hmmm"
[13:18] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at Control."You're money is on its way. he looks at Darkstar. "So I assume your info is going to be on that flash drive?
[13:19] DarkStar looks toward the drive amused "well, it had better be or you should ask for your money back" then looks at Suki as she comes bounding up, wondering if she is just looking or what she is doing
[13:19] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) spoke quietly, his voice seeming to come from the podium. "Enough. You humans whine more than new spawned demons. Grow some balls and lay down the bodies, or shut it."
[13:19] Control: that is correct
[13:21] Suki tilts her head "You not scary. why heroes afraid? Sexus could beat yous" she nods crossing her arms
[13:25] Kitty yawns and goes to stand up "like I said better if others deal with it instead of me." She then goes to turn around nad head back into the PAE building to go be a lazy tush
[13:28] DarkStar looks at Suki and giggles "ok if you say so, either way, if there is something to be settled, it'll take place in the ruins"
[13:29] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) can't help himself."So there we have it, we will have Dead Mans hand versus the heroes of the city in the Ruins, settle this once and for all. Sounds like a battle for the ages."
[13:29] G.I.A. rubs her forehead and sighs. "Why does everyone think they are all powerful in this fucking city." she turns and looks to Yuri then to Kitty. Making a mental note of who are somewhat a threat to the city. Maybe a huge prison should be built just for metas she thinks.
[13:29] Suki shakes her head "No. The ruins are nice. You meanie if you go and mess them up. You should fight here instead so ruins dont get destroyed" she nods
[13:31] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shakes his head."Shit, we're gonna have the Cell games. Aren't we."
[13:32] DarkStar looks at Suki again "well, if you want to make more ruins here, go ahead but I'll be in the existing ruins"
[13:32] Control simply observes the group quietly
[13:34] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shakes his head. "We do not need to wreck the city here."
[13:34] Suki tilts her head looking at Darkstar as she reaches for one of her swords but then her eyes go wide as she turns and looks at Timber "No we cant have cell games. Suki lost her phone again!" SHe runs around panicking
[13:34] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks back to Suki, "It will be replaced."
[13:36] AremusFireheart Resident: Frank was perched on a local building, much higher up and further away. The local cat thief was not after anything at the moment. Not planning some mischief or heist or rampage. Honestly? He was just ogling the podium speaker.
[13:37] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) smiles as he walks up to Darkstar."Here is the rest of your money." as he offers his hand for a hand shake.
[13:38] G.I.A. mentally notes notes Suki to be more of a danger to herself than to others or the city
[13:39] DarkStar holds out my hand as well "thank you, it is nice to do legal business" I say before giggling
[13:40] Suki smiles in relief looking at Timber "Yay! Ok then Suki can play cell games too. Um what app does Suki download?"
[13:41] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) takes her hand and clamps a solid grip on it."And now that is is over, time for things to get interesting."I want you to tell that man who was at City Hall that I want to meet him one on one to settle this whole thing once and for all." His grip almost impossible to break out of.
[13:41] AremusFireheart Resident: Woah. Things were getting a little interesting. Let's just zoom in with those binoculars.
[13:42] XSU Trouble yawwnns and trundles over to yuri "whats going on?"
[13:43] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) stepped back and shook his head. "Humans... not a soul among them worthy of the forge.." he spoke, loud enough to be heard. Didn't turn to the machine, speaking to her. "Human pissing contest."
[13:43] DarkStar tries to pull hand hand back but finds it very difficult to even move it but maintains my smile, not wanting to cause a scene for once "if you want him, why not just ask for him" I would say back "you can let me go now or things will get a little more interesting than you might like" I add the last part as I cannot stop my eyes from glowing faintly and my typical attitude starts to come out
[13:44] Suki picks up on the tension and makes a serious face radiating killer intent and spirit energy "Yes, and tell man Suki will download cell games and win" she states in deadly serious tone air crackling with dark energy
[13:44] Control has a camera turn to point at each one around in turn, including the one hiding on the roof, targets are being marked and put into categories, just in case
[13:45] AremusFireheart Resident: Oh god damnit! Now that had footage of Frank rubbing his damn NIBS! Look! It doesn't MEAN anything!
[13:45] AremusFireheart Resident: Just habitual!
[13:46] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shakes his head."This is me asking as he launches himself into the air flying up as fast as he can without separating her arm from her body, getting her to where the atmosphere was thin enough that she would have trouble keeping her breath or her consciousness."Now then please let him know I wish to speak with him... understand?"
[13:46] AremusFireheart Resident: Holy crap! That was... a little unexpected. God damn. That was sort of bad ass.
[13:47] G.I.A. blinks as she watches the interaction of the man and DarkStar. noticing Jager off to the side. She gives the armored figure a knowing nod and remains silent.
[13:47] XSU Trouble looks annoyed "sounds dumb, where?" she peers into the crowd below then upppppp as timber takes off "whoo, welp looks like that problems gonna solve itself." she shrugs and streacchhesss.
[13:48] DarkStar nods or does my best to nod as the thinning air starts to have an effect on me, having gone up too fast for me to hold my breath as I gasp, knowing that I could fire one, maybe two blasts before passing out but if he survived them I would be in real trouble
[13:49] Suki looks up as Timber flies with the woman "Hmmm Suki should learn to fly" she nods and then disappears in a flash step
[13:50] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) leans his face close to her."If you are the leader and killed or ordered there death then I am going to do a lot worse to you and the rest of your group. When I set you down spread the word." As he lowers to where she can catch her breath
[13:50] XSU Trouble points vauuugely upwards "so what trigged that?"
[13:51] Control makes notes
[13:51] Jager casually stands by idly not really paying attention to what was being said. The sudden lift off from the man and the woman in two she looked over to her contact and realized she gave no reaction. Her AI targeting every person and machine recording them and making notes.
[13:51] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) chuckled, seeing the rocket of what was maybe a man carry her up. "This new gang in the city, Dead Man's Hand. Seems that cum bucket is their leaded."
[13:54] DarkStar gasps again as I can breathe now and my eyes flash very brightly as I get away from Timber as fast as I can, or try to and take an extra step to balance since I haven't quite caught my breath then look around and talk to everyone "see this, they are just as bad as we are and if people get hurt in a fight it will be their fault for attacking us in this way"
[13:54] XSU Trouble: "more like lead cuz she's gonna drop like a brick of it if timber dosen't like whatever she has to- oh who am i kidding Timbers one of the goodies that means no random acts of justified murder even if gravity could kill any meta's"
[13:55] I.C.E. flies onto the scene having sensed a familiar energy thats presence and meaning alluded her. She lands and looks around curiously "Which of you was the reason for the energy anomaly detected?" She scans the surroundings for energy readings
[13:56] G.I.A. turns to face who ever was speaking raisin a brow, witnessing gravity lose that bout before but remained silent. Just another to add to the list of watchful as all metas were starting to become.
[13:57] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at her as he sees her step."We so have not landed yet, and I can promise you a drop from this height... well you will not like it." He pauses."Tell them to come and get me if they don't like what I did. If they go after civilians for this then I will hunt you all down and leave you in orbit... except you. You I could see offering a job, if you're nice." As he begins lowering down to the ground, setting her gently down.
[13:57] AremusFireheart Resident: Frank was a big old ball of SOMETHING. If those scanners could pick up more abstract things he almost seemed like a source of entropy.
[13:58] G.I.A. sighed in a human way and turned to leave, calling in to HQ "I am returning to HQ. Not much happening of interest.
[14:00] DarkStar giggles as I finally am able to catch my breath "drop someone that can fly?, you ARE quite insane, and what makes you think any of us, especially me would accept a job from someone willing to murder in cold blood like that?"
[14:01] AremusFireheart Resident: Frank would accept a job from someone willing to murder in cold blood to not be murdered. Some food for thought. Also they were touching back down. What was that? All about? Frank remained just a voyer for now.
[14:02] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) smirks."BUt did you die?" As he smacks her ass."As for a job, well considering your little group, you know what they say about glass houses as he lets her hand go and heads to the podium."And you with the flash drive I need to know how to send you money too."
[14:02] Control does not really seem to be visible on scans, apart from the outside visuals and atmospheric interference
[14:02] Control: the information is on the drive
[14:04] DarkStar looks back at him and was thinking about blasting him just for the ass slap but decides against it seeing how many would be against me "that......that wasn't cold-blooded murder, they shot at us.......well, the guards did anyway"
[14:04] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) nods as he looks around."And as for the press conference, anyone have any questions?"
[14:05] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shrugs, "kill the innocent pay the price."
[14:05] Hannah DuMont (hannahyagami Resident) picks up the readouts of energy and...something from one of the onlookers but fails to detect the signature that sparked a memory within her "Scans negative. Energy spike not found in vicinity" she voices her findings
[14:05] I.C.E. picks up the readouts of energy and...something from one of the onlookers but fails to detect the signature that sparked a memory within her "Scans negative. Energy spike not found in vicinity" she voices her findings
[14:06] DarkStar goes back to where I was and as I do I call out "it was self-defense and you can't prove otherwise"
[14:07] Control: i have a question: what kind of reporting do you intend to do, the truth or the "alternate" truth?
[14:07] Jager looks over to the strange human male. "No such thing as innocents. Especially among humans and their ilk." her voice was soft and only slightly metallic in sound cause of her mask.
[14:08] Control focuses various sensors on timber, hopefully to be able to get a read on if hes lying
[14:08] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) raises an eyebrow."Alternate truth? Yeah Elvis and Bigfoot are actually the parents of former mayor Delphine taggart...." he pauses."I'm kidding."
[14:09] XSU Trouble watches and squirms thinking about previous intera- none on record? she frowns "meh, not appropriate for ladybots like me to be looking for that kinda attention anyway. nor for gentlemen to be giiveeeinng it.." she crosses her arms then jumps down into the crowd and weaves around and through and shouts up "Firefly media is the only major non pirate media company in town, with the understanding that its opinions will shape most peoples politics what approach are you going to be taking to news report management?"
[14:09] Control: i suppose the real question is the following: will you report the truth even if it sells less? Will you make up stories to sell more?
[14:10] Jager walks over to the white wall and leans against it. "Only thing worse than a human is a demon." she grumbled. Paying only little attention to the questions as she was paid to be here in the first place.
[14:11] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shrugs."The truth is the truth, and it will be reported. I will also entertain, non news shows designed just for that purpose."
[14:11] I.C.E. lets out a annoyed sound as her lead disappeared. Turning towards the others as the ari crackles visibly around her displaying the constant power output. She pauses seeing Timbers face for first time as she studies the profile and distant memories again trigger. She grabs her head so confused
[14:13] XSU Trouble humms and shrugs before cupping her hands around her mouth and shouting over again "IS it true that your the father of Jean De Arc sent back in time too save us from a little grey spaceman called Elvis?"
[14:14] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): Me and Jeans mother are just friends."
[14:14] XSU Trouble shrugs and notes that to memory anyway he didn't say no...
[14:15] Control: Do you also have the power of the schwartz?
[14:17] XSU Trouble then turns to the rest of the group and starts peering around to find the ass slap lady... trouble was more then her given name she liked to follow it too and that lady smelled like trouble to her olfactory sensors...
[14:18] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) chuckles."The Schwartz is not strong with me, and I don't have the ring." He pauses.'IN the mean time Firefly Media is open and broadcasting and if you want a show, let me know
[14:18] Control makes another note
[14:18] Jager shakes her head. "Do you take freelance information and pictures? If so what sort of pay scale would that offer?" she figured someone had to ask an actual question. "Also a show? I may have an idea for one of those."
[14:19] Abbie Flagon is online.
[14:21] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) rubs his chin."Yes, yes, pay will be discussed based on what I get and by all means come to my office and make the pitch."

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Re: Business is picking up, and then....

Post by Timberwulff » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:58 pm

[14:22] DarkStar looks back "it's a lie, give him pictures and he assaults you........he just finished doing it to me" I say, trying to do.......I don't know, DarkStar never thinks that far ahead
[14:23] AremusFireheart Resident: Frank merely attached cables to himself. he was curious now. Descending down the masked costumed man amongst... well a bunch of masked costumed people. "I have a question Mr. Director." He prosed.
[14:24] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) smirks at Darkstar before looking back at Frank."Sure, what's your question."
[14:24] AremusFireheart Resident: "What happened to the previous owner of the company?" He asked.
[14:26] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shrugs.'No idea, but I know he has disappeared, leaving the company without leadership, and hence why Lady N is no longer Co-mayor and is mayor. However should Mr Gato return the company will be his again."
[14:26] I.C.E. eyes flash and power spikes as her memory plays. Eyes narrowing on Timber before a wave of energy erupts around her and she flies at great speed in attempt to pin Timber against the wall
[14:27] XSU Trouble finds darkstar with that outburst stowing her kitty ears "target locked." she mumbles to herself deploying a sneaky drone above to watch her from the sky as she lurks prepareing to follow the mysterious woman. taking time to note the very assault-able assaulted bum on the salty lady not a leotard but still good quality she thinks taking a picture for later
[14:27] AremusFireheart Resident: That didn't sound shady at all. What were these people doing!? Did he had to do the heroes jobs? "So his suspicious disappearance is to your benefit..." He remarked "Tell me Mr. Director, who exactly did you acquire this company?"
[14:28] AremusFireheart Resident: "This is the only TV studio in the city, its worth a fortune. Who provided you the Capital to make the purchase?"
[14:28] AremusFireheart Resident: how exactly*))
[14:30] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shrugs.'I bought the amount of stocks.." Suddenly he is tackled by I.C.E. and slammed against a wall."Can I help you?!"
[14:30] AremusFireheart Resident: AW crap! Press conference over! He made a sudden dash away sort of tumbling out of threat range!
[14:33] DarkStar decides to stick around to see what happens with Timber and I.C.E as violence usually holds my interest, then moving a bit and posing for the drone that I am not supposed to know is there but heard it flying but not wanting to make it obvious that I heard it
[14:34] I.C.E. eyes glow vibrant as the aura sparks around her exuding power as the very building trembles "What do you know about Ice Project Zero" she growls out pinning the man against the wall
[14:35] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) struggles a little bit but pauses."Ice project what?" No idea who you are or what you're on about but this is getting weird... even for me."
[14:35] Rain fell from the top of the firefly media building with a roar! She landed and made the ground tremble like an earthquake, she then reaches over and tries to grab ICE With her monstrous claw, "Back off sweety..." The surrounding people might feel a sense of impending doom, then a strong urge to run and comeback with weapons... She was unnatural to say the least!
[14:36] Control targets ice, the automated systems move the turret and rapidly fire three darts aimed at her neck and side, each one would act as a tazer for a few seconds while also injecting a sedetive, hopefully enough to put her to sleep
[14:37] AremusFireheart Resident: Frank just began to run. Forget about coming back for weapons! WELL TIMBER! GOOD LUCK WITH ALL OF THAT!
[14:37] Jager sensors locked on the pure white form tackling the man who had been speaking. She pulls out a canister from her back and stands ready. She was not really sure she wanted the man to get squashed since she wanted to make an income to start her own business. Seeing someone else drop in she sighs grabbing another canister. "Hey director fellow, my angle of a show is bounty hunting. I can start episode one if you put a price on them two?"
[14:38] DarkStar flies off as fast as I can as Rain shows up.........but comes right back with a burrito so I can watch
[14:39] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) waves his hand."NO, I'm not in any danger." as he looks between Rain and I.C.E. okay both of you calm down, we can work this out without a need to fight
[14:39] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): **Okay I will be back I have to make some dinner ten minutes tops**
[14:39] I.C.E. growls unmoving as her eyes glow fiercing "Liar! I saw you" she yells as her uncontrolled power bursts forth again, suddenly grabbed by the other woman "Disengage hostilities with this unit. Or I will be forced to disengage them for you. The darts fail to pierce the skin as the bounce off possibly with broken tips
[14:39] XSU Trouble feels herself bounced a bit in the air from ruins impact then starts hussleing after darkstar... only to stop and stare as she comes right back with food. she peers around then shrugs meh plenty of powered up types to fight no sense getting involved
[14:41] DarkStar sees Trouble watching me as I return and offer her some "want one?, I got two"
[14:42] XSU Trouble holds out her hand "gib!" she says ready to settle in and munch from the sidelines
[14:45] Rain was simply trying to remove Ice from a top Timber, moving her gently away with her massive arm and setting her down, "I am going to say this once. Please calm down and be civil?" She'd then try to get between ICEand Timber, she was his bodyguard after all!
[14:46] Jager shrugs as the man called out saying he was okay. Placing both canisters back behind her form. Watches to see how it all plays out.
[14:47] Control only fired three darts, nothing further, the vehicle gets showered with those explosive marbles from precious, most slide off the shield and explode around the sides, causing it to flare up further, tho the vehicle remains still
[14:49] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at ICE."Believe me if i knew anything about ICE station Zebra or whatever I would talk. I mean seriously what would be the point of lying."
[14:51] Nirrae Resident: (( so, ill just relay it here: [14:42] Precious me lands at the roof top and giggles a bag of marbles in her hand, ooohing and ahhing she laughs a laugh that would make any psycho proud and grins. "Hey! Captian Past it! Catch!" She shouts as she loads marbles in her other arm and throws them the boneless whip giving it far more distance, when they rain down they start to pock mark the croud with explosions where they land and she luaghs loving the chaos.))
[14:51] DarkStar munches on my burrito and watches then sees the explosives marbles coming and shields the burrito, my armor deflecting the couple that do bounce around me as I look up even though the explosions don't feel pleasant "hey, I am trying to eat here, do you mind?" I call up
[14:54] Hannah DuMont (hannahyagami Resident) increases her energy output at the building shakes and the air crackles with lightning "LIES! I saw you. You know who I am" Her hand glows about to fire a energy blast at the woman who stopped her but pauses once the new threat appears "We can finish this another time perhaps" She scans the new threat picking up any power readings the person is giving off as well as checking uploaded city archives for profile on the new threat
[14:54] I.C.E. increases her energy output at the building shakes and the air crackles with lightning "LIES! I saw you. You know who I am" Her hand glows about to fire a energy blast at the woman who stopped her but pauses once the new threat appears "We can finish this another time perhaps" She scans the new threat picking up any power readings the person is giving off as well as checking uploaded city archives for profile on the new threat
[14:54] XSU Trouble covers her head as she is sploded over burrito hanging out of her mouth as booms some how avoid hitting her and she lets out a groaning noise sounding distinctly displeased with this turn of events.
[14:54] Jager immediately takes a defensive stance as the small explosions erupted around them. Her targeting systems starting to seek out the source.
[14:55] Rain's spines vibrated noisily, it made the scene around her seem to go in slow motion, thought time itself ws not effected! She drew her sword and swatted a few of the explosive marbles with it, trying to protect Timber even though he could most likely take the beating, "Fine by me angry one." She was all for a fight if she wasn't going to calm down...
[14:56] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at her."Look If I know you, I don't remember you but if I can help, I will..." His words stop as the explosions begin and looks at the woman throwing them."Seriously? One press conference without this happening, just one."
[15:00] Precious me laughs and lands, her body deforming slightly from the impact and then shifts back to shape. "OooooOOooo! Look Captian Past his prime is opening a porno company! How want us to pay to see your dong? Don't you fly around and fuck every heroine and in town does your cabbie slut know about it? " She giggles wickedly and tries to crack her neck but instead spins her head around like an owl and then rights itself "Daddy sends his reguards!"
[15:01] XSU Trouble starts trying to eat her burrito as fast as she can so as to free her hands up "i am sick of this bullshit" she mumbles between bites
[15:02] I.C.E. hovers in the air and fires a energy blast at the woman, giving no warning "Battle mode engaged. Hostile threat determined. Terminate" she speaks
[15:03] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) pauses his movements as he hears Precious. his head slowly turning."No idea who you are, but you leave her out of it!" his eyes narrow, she definitely pushed a button
[15:03] Control targets precious, the turret gun turns backwards to face her and fires three darts again, same as last time with a few seconds of tazer effect while injecting a sedetive at the same time, the vehicle moves and turns around to hover above the group
[15:05] Rain was wanting in on this but she needed Timber out of harms way, "Please get to safety Timber..." She was seeing people engaging and so turned around and tried to usher him away, around the building maybe? That seemed safer then right here...
[15:07] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) sees Rain try to Usher him to safety. He pauses a moment."Extra thousand dollars to whoever puts her in jail."He looks to Jager. you've got your first episode." Before he is ushered into the building where he can't be harmed.
[15:12] Jager hears Timber's offer. "Baelil, start recording. Blur out all others captured on scene excluding target." she drew out one pistol and one of her canisters. There was no need to shout out some warning, she wasn't gonna ask for surrender anyways. She flies up off the ground slightly ready to engage.
[15:14] Precious me laughs as he is ushered into the building. "OooooOO I'm so scared of The Senior citizen avenger! Such a pussy he has to put a bounty out on my head!" SHe grined and looked at Jager. "Fatima is real pretty...driving around in that cute little cab of hers....daddy had a fun time with it!" She laughed as she watched him trying to rile up Timber. "Oooh a gun! HOw original!" She smiled as she walked forward fearlessy
[15:18] Precious me sees the energy ball fly at her and she goes completely boneless for a moment her body doubling so that only her pelvis and legs seem to be standing as the energy ball hits the pavement behind her. "Oooh fun! Now this is more like it!" She giggles and turns to walk to Ice
[15:18] Control speaks with that generic voice again "Cease your attack immediately or i will open fire" the gun tracks precious while it quietly loads anti personnel rounds
[15:19] XSU Trouble makes herself as small as she can basically curling around the little safe haven of deliciousness that she was handed trying to block out everything else.. at least until it became pertinent that she actually do something First Burrito ever and all this garbage had to materialize and ruin it for her.
[15:19] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): Stomps around the lobby watching this and through the glass everyone can hear."AND WHO THE FUCK IS DADDY?!"
[15:21] Rain closed the doors to the building and motioned for Timber to lock them, then turned on the hostile. She could handle most situations herself, but noticed someone was recording now, it was their show not hers, she preferred not to be filmed anyway! So she'd be playing defense for now! She knew this Daddy character, she had infiltrated the group meeting and was pretty surprised she wasn't recognized, being a giant with a massive sword and all that!
[15:22] I.C.E. sees her blast miss and readies another but then sees all the other attackers and stands down realizing the woman is zero threat. She lands next to the two onlookers enjoying their burritos, assuming them to be civilians "You should leave this area. The grounds are not safe for the projected power outputs"
[15:24] Precious me stands up again wobbling like she was made of jello and she bends over doubling over, holding up a finger comicly she starts to gag and then she coughs up what looks to be a finger with a ring, she then spits a glob of sticky stuff and throws it against the glass so that if Timber wants he can get a good look at it. She then wigglles her fingers at Rain. "Nice to see you again Sister...Nice cover working for the good guys..real smart!" She makes an exgerated wink at her and an ok symbol with her fingers. "I'll let the gang know that you are playing both sides of the field." She giggled and then turned back to the people and tisked Turning to liquid and flowing closer to ICe, if she can make it she would start to slick around the womans' boots and creep up her body.
[15:25] DarkStar smiles to I.C.E "nah, this is like a 3D movie" then adds "besides if I need to jump in, I don't want to miss anything" then giggles "thanks for the concern though"
[15:25] Jager aims her pistol at the target "Chryo shot." with that a few clicks could be heard and as she flew closer she took two shots. Both aimed at her legs, if they hit the nitroglycerin would explode causing a small area to start freezing. Then she tossed the canister out over head. From the canister a bundle of cords ejected and raced toward the woman with many arms.
[15:27] XSU Trouble on the other hand just makes little unhappy noises and tries to focus on the burrito and not the attacks that happen to land around her a helmet materializing over her head then drops down onto it
[15:28] Control opens fire as she seems to melt and lets loose a barrage of hollow point bullets, the gun tracking her as she moves and hopefully has some kind of effect
[15:28] Jager the net if grapples her target hits with a strong ofrce of about 200 lbs at the lower part of her form and immediately energize. If captured, the net will reflect the amount of force projected on against it and constrict equal amount of up to 50 tons
[15:29] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) sees the finger and the ring and his eyes go wide. his teeth grit and a low growl can be heard by thoose inside who are right now running for the elevator
[15:30] I.C.E. remains still radiating poiwer as always. The form creeping up her body "That is a unwise choice of action. I suggest you cease before you get hurt" she advices to the goo woman creeping up her form
[15:32] Rain was smiling, she wasn't officially a part of the group of villains... She didn't stay for the whole meeting, but she noticed the finger wave and huffed. She wasn't moving from in front of the door just yet, so there was a very good blockade to get to Timber if she wanted to get to him, unaware that Timber was growling and obviously upset over something!
[15:33] Precious me flows though the puddle and keeps flowing up ICe's legs and arms, starting to pour into the joints of her cycberntics, and everyplace she can get into ICe's body she does, if she finishes she will have wrapped the cyborg in a shiny black cocoon somewhere inside it a cheerful manic voice cherps. "Oh Yes Daddy! I sent hte message, the finger is stuck to the wall of his porn palice!" She giggled. "I'm sorry Daddy I have to go I have to hug a cyborg!" She bubbled as she tried to seal ice in
[15:36] Precious me 's body shudders with the darts and the nets, the attacks being directed to Ice rather than her as she is cocooned by the shiny black latex woman
[15:37] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) pauses and takes a breath, before activating a speaker."Not sure how you got her ring, but the real Fatima would have stomped you and this Daddy person flat... well flatter than you are." He paused."And if that is her finger... no force on this planet will save any of you
[15:40] I.C.E. remains still as she's cocooned. The black liquid completely covering her. The power still radiating off her though as she channels the energy to her hands. Suddenly Precious would feel the very heat being sucked away from her as the temperature around ICE drops to dangerous below freezing levels in a vaguely familiar way to others present.
[15:42] Rain was curious as to whos finger Timber was talking about, but decided to keep playing defense, standing in front of the door and hoping Timber didn't just bust out a window or something... Being a Body Guard was tough work!
[15:42] Jager simply says "Whoops as he netting that was targeted on Precious, which in turn means now it would possibly entrap ICE as well if she were not to move. At this time she few her other pistol out, "Left, Incendiary rounds." and the pistol clicked.
[15:44] Precious me shivers and starts to shrink, pulling close to her body trying to find any warmth, and then she hears >"Oooh Sorry! Gotta go! It's playtime somewhere else!" She lets go just as Jager pulls the trigger, and starts to flow down into the storm drain, her body moving quicker than water.
[15:47] Takamachi Mikoto comes walking out of the office and looking around the street... " I'm not even sure i want to know what's going on here. "
[15:47] I.C.E. is captured by the net but the temperature easily causes the net to crumble as she stares unblinking as the women gets away. Turning to the one who fired the net "It would seem you missed. Perhaps more training would be advised before brandishing your weapons further"
[15:49] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) sees Precious leave and then sees Mikoto." HI." he says through the speakers of the media building."I run Firefly Media now, neighbor."
[15:50] XSU Trouble looks up a third of a burrito clutched in her hands and a helmet on her head as she shouts "MOSTLY BAD THINGS!" to Mikoto
[15:52] Control looks over some readings and starts to fly up, heading for the roof of the PAE building
[15:52] Jager lands and watches the black puddle race away. Never have dealt such a creature, she needed to learn how to react to it. Looking over at the one called ICE, unsure how an energized cable made of polymer and an alloy was able to crumble but she was learning quick. She was a mortal in a world of gods. She just shrugs and ignored the woman. As she allowed her AI and tracking to seek out clues for capturing her target.
[15:53] Rain's spines vibrated loudly for a moment as she confirmed the situation was at least safer, then motioned for Timber to come out again. She did however keep an eye on ICE as she spoke calmly, sword still out, "Glad you are ok." She says sweetly, her voice not matching her appearance at all....

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