This World Has Teeth... Lots and Lots of Teeth

This is where you go to get IC news from roleplayed events in Celestial City. Comments MAY be OOC or IC, so please indicate which one. If OOC, put your comments in parentheses (()). If IC, please indicate which character you are doing.
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This World Has Teeth... Lots and Lots of Teeth

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[18:00] Dark Sparks whistles, a vaguely millitant beat, as she tinkers with a tool in the open hatch of her cannon sitting on the side of the road
[18:01] Spyder-Bitch webslings to the gate, swinging up and over it to land on the outside. She'd flip a few times in the air as she landed on the road, rising up with a smile, "Looks like We got here just in time." She started looking around, searching the crowd for any other Vanguard members.
[18:01] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) arrives in her armored form, sliding down the building and making herself very obvious. She resists the urge to make any grand announcements but sees movement and looks around at the others " who's fire team leader?"
[18:02] Archangel Claudia flies over the gate and lands down on the ramp with everyone
[18:02] Drexia totally lands near the group as well
[18:03] 亗.иuαđα яανєηςℓαω.亗 (ogawa): The Ghostwalker landed on the ramp, and immediately, he begins to scan the ground with thermal imaging. Through the forest and foilage he sees several cold blooded life forms of varying sizes... in very iconic shapes. His face grows stern. "You've got to be kidding me."
[18:04] Drexia: I should have made a bigger drone
[18:04] DarkStar sees shapes out there then yawns and takes a seat
[18:04] Spyder-Bitch looks around slightly, then looks over to Ascendant, "Looks like We're the only Vanguard member here, so looks like We're in charge of the operation." Not that she minded being in charge, specially since her symbiote wanted to rule. If no leadership role was assigned though, she was going to take it.
[18:06] Celestial Star flys in hovering over the group as she puts her scanner to work and sighs at what she see's. Speaking into her comm "Celestial Star on site and...we may need backup." Looking down to see any other Vanguard operatives
[18:06] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: After having himself prepare for what was about to come, he leaped off a building and down to a ramp; landing in his Spider-pose while scanning the area. ‘’Hmm… Dinosaurs?’’ Raising a brow underneath his mask, was quite confused to see an extinct species here, but… this is Celestial City Afterall. Inferno, stood himself up in a straight posture, looking at his wrists where his web shooters where attached at, making sure they were up and fully charged for this bizarre encounter. Inferno never fought an actual dinosaur, not only that seen an actual dinosaur, this was simply amazing, he was in such an awe state, then again, he was also cautious and have a bit of knowledge of what the dinosaurs could possibly do. He had to be aware of his surroundings and make sure he gets a picture with an T-rex-uh to capture it and save the day, that’s what he meant.
[18:07] DarkStar looks up as I hear the word backup and being as overconfident as DarkStar is she just says aloud to no one in particular "please, I AM the backup"
[18:08] Archangel Claudia tries to stifle a laugh
[18:08] 亗.иuαđα яανєηςℓαω.亗 (ogawa): The Ghostwalker snorts under his mask. A corporate lackey is trying to claim charge already. No surprise there. He looked to Inferno Spider. "Can you make a perimeter with your webbing?" he asked.
[18:09] Spyder-Bitch looked up as she heard someone on the comms, seeing Celestial Star. She'd wave to her, "We're down here." She'd look over to Inferno-Spider, smirking, "Has our would be King made his way here?"
[18:09] Drexia zones out and gets herself ready, something cracks and it looks like her back splits open with a whole mess of fleshy tendrils coming out
[18:11] Sue Plex wanders out of the bowels of the fortress lab, blinking. I wonder why my handler has sent me here of all places. I normally worked alone and certainly not in a pack of rabble like this one. I crinkle my nose and remain silent, until I maybe hear something that might explain my situation
[18:15] Scene as everyone arrives on the scene the gate guards are looking quite nervous at the sight of the dinosaurs marching out of the jungle, one of them shaking their head "This makes no sense... carnivores, herbivores, and piscivores working together never happens... and they're almost moving in formation" the one in the center speaks up then "Well, we'll figure that out later, right now they're a threat." then he turns to Celestial and Spyder "Suppose you two are in charge now, any particular orders, or just gun 'em all down?". In the meantime the gathering of dinos keeps marching forward, even the smaller faster dinos holding position and speed to move in time with the slower ones
[18:16] Sparks snorts a bit at the posturing as she closes the panel on her cannon, she'd stay to the back of the inevitable formation her weapon giving a soft hum and a few short beeps as it powers up, lights racing along it then surging to life as the charging spindle in the center starts to spin, a humming charge building slowly, her bodysuit ripples showing angled lines of it's armor briefly as she looks around at the others "..." and sets in a kneeling firing position, laying her scope over the advancing herd and starting to gather scan data
[18:19] Spyder-Bitch looks over the group, not really knowing most of them, but that wasn't going to stop her from trying to boss them around. She looks to the guard that spoke to her, "Safe your rounds for now. Let us try and handle this. But stay ready." She'd look to Celestial Star, "Wanna fly ahead and see what's up with them?" She looked to Archangel, then back to Celestial, "And take the angel with ya. Prolly be a good idea." She'd look to Inferno-Spider, "You may want to hang back with us. Not like we got a lot to swing off of."
[18:20] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) looks at the Dinos "so...this reminds me of a crappy movie called Dinotopia...well, long story short...what if they're intelligent. We should elect a representative to go out and speak with them, find out what they want...meanwhile, we should send an operative to infiltrate their group, determine their leadership, and stand by for wetwork" she states and looks to the dragon "I already have my pick for infiltrator"
[18:21] Archangel Claudia looks at the dinos "Makes me think of Jurassic Park." she perks up at the mention of angel "Me? What am I doing now?"
[18:22] Drexia's tendrils bend down and pick something out of her back with the grasping claws at their tips, they pull out what appears to be some kind of biological darts and hold them, ready to be thrown "Well, it is odd that they move in this manner, some kind of outside control is not entirely unlikely."
[18:31] 亗.иuαđα яανєηςℓαω.亗 (ogawa): Ghostwalker's HUD began making counts of the dinosaurs in question, and highlighting target zones. He narrowed his eyes. The guards were correct... this wasn't something any prey-predator relationship corresponded with. But all the same, he forced hisbreath to slow as he mag-locked his boots into his board. From his board, and to bolster the morale of everyone around him, Rock You Like A Hurricane by the Scorpions began to sound off with authority. Mission objectives began to display in his vision: Objective 1: protect the city. Objective 2: investigate the coordinator of this reptilian invasion. When the music stopped, Ghostwalker's board kicked into the sky and he flew over the field!
[18:32] DarkStar yawns again and keeps my ground even as I let my eyes glow to get ready hearing some of the conversations about talking and outside influences and such "well, y'all go ahead and be diplomatic and let me know when you want me to finish the pests off" I say in my usual overconfident and uncaring tone
[18:33] Celestial Star nods and slowly flies forward deciding to try and see if maybe these creatures are sentient. Holding hands up in non threatening manner as she approaches "Do not be alarmed. We mean no harm. Why do you approach this city?" Her voice calm and relaxed immediately cursing as Ghostwalker then goes into action, hoiping the idiot doesnt ruin anything
[18:34] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Inferno looked at Ghostwalker and nodded his head. ‘’Yeah, I can. ‘’ He said, ‘’where do you want me to make it at?’’ scanning the area, wondering where he would want it at. Inferno, kept his alertness to its peak, making sure nothing sneaks up behind him. He then heard a familiar voice… he turns his head to where he heard that voice. It was no other than Spyder-Bitch. ‘’King…? This again…’’ He said, sighing and putting his focus on making the perimeter. ‘’Man… I still can’t believe were fighting dinosaurs! I ain’t gonna lie this is awesome. We should take picture… ya know for history before they’re extinct.’’ The orange costumed male said, wanting to gain more information about these creatures. He used to hear all about em in school but now seeing in the flesh really does make a ton of difference. Suddenly his small communication device in his ear would ring, receiving orders from Ghostwalkers where he want the perimeter to be at; nodding his head, as he
[18:34] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: shoots multiple threads of webs from his web shooter, creating a barrier leading up to the gates, to protect the guards. ‘’Okie dokie! Keep calm and don’t move an muscle!’’ referencing an Jurassic Park quote.
[18:37] Sue Plex keeps looking around and these metas prepping for something. was this training? I had no idea what was happening until.....I turn and look down at the movement i the trees below. "Is that what I think it is?" I mumble, mostly to myself but it might be audible to someone closeby. "Um.....does anyone have a funny safari had they could loan me?"
[18:37] Aranaea just looks up, and up, and up at the creatures. From where she is standing, it's a rather concerningly significant distance, moreso than for most. Her hands slip back to her thorax as she pulls up a hank of webbing. "Good thing I had plenty to eat, this is gonna be a real drag," she mutters to herself, her voice soft, high pitched, almost clicking in her throat with nervousness. "If no one has any better ideas, I vote we go with a trapdoor pit?" she asks, raising her voice a little. "I can make the net. And I'd really rather not get within stomping range of those things." She looks up, and to be fair, it's a lot of looking up from where she is to her allies as well. "Unless anyone wants to play spider silk cowboy. I mean, I'm totally game if anyone wants to let me ride on their shoulder." The tiny feminine spider looks around just to see if anyone actually listened to her.
[18:42] Scene the guards glance at the webbing as it's set up around them, shrugging as they pull out their rifles. From around the walls shouts of alarm echo out as more dinos seem to be moving in around the city. The group ahead keeps moving forward at their steady pace, some of the smaller dinos diverting towards the nearest areas of foliage, but it's clear they're overall heading for the ramp. The creatures look to those that are moving closer, but there isn't any response beyond a few roars from the carnivores, and certainly no gleam of understanding in the eyes of the beasts
[18:43] Sparks tilts head a bit, watching the unfolding chaos, tail swaying, but unable to resist adding a quip of her own, at least under her breath "Any danger of someone doing some of that taking charge anytime soon?" she glances down to Aranaea, blinking as she hadn't even seen her "I'm staying back here." she answers then reaches up touching her ear, her suit signaling and scanning the other ten figures looking for wireless signals and attempting known and universal communication protocols to set up contact, those with radios or comms would get a soft ping as the channel is set up "We should probably not be overly hostile while diplomacy is at least tried." She calls, even as she sights in on the dinos her weapon charging, a section of the barrel glowing to life "But prepare to engage, I don't think they even understand"
[18:46] Spyder-Bitch looked over to Ascendant, "That's...not a bad idea." She looked to Drexia, "Want to go try and blend in? Might be a fun way to make new friends." She'd grimace slightly as Ghostwalker's music played, the sound irritating her symbiote. She saw him fly off into the field and facepalmed. She looked over at Darkstar, "If the idiot on the hoverboard blows this for us, will you do us a favor? Think you can break his board as punishment?" She'd smile sweetly to the woman. She'd look over to Sue Plex, "Sweetie, please stand back for now. We don't want to startle the beasts." She'd look down to Aranaea, smiling brightly, "You can stand on our shoulder if you like. We spiders need to stick together after all."
[18:46] Spyder-Bitch would notice the dino's moving closer up the ramp, "Shit." She looked to some of the guards as the alarms went of, "Get on the horn. Make sure every inch of this gate is protected. Here..." Several symbiotes would crawl off of her and go to the guards to try and bond with them to give them some extra protection, "...borrow these for now. But give them back when this is over." She hoped that was close enough to following the rules for Lady N, as she was commanding the symtioes to return later. She looked to Ascendant, "Move to the front of the line. Try and keep them back, but use restraint."
[18:48] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) hears Scorpions blaring and scoffs "what is this shit, amateur karaoke hour featuring a best of VH1's 'Where Are They Now' rejects?" she asks, shaking her head as the purveyor of b-list hair metal launches off. She blinks, seeing momentum and has a bad feeling this is going to go very south very quick. She hears a voice and blinks as she sees what looks like a toy or stuffed animal moving about and talking. She puts a hand on her blade and moves towards it, sitting down next to it with a smile "Hi, I'm Alexis...I mean Ascendant, I'm Ascendant" she says with a wide grin and looks out at the dinos "I have a feeling they are going to be broken down into rough biomass by the end of tonight" she says rather flatly, hearing Spyder giving orders but pretty certain they were going to be autopsying dinos in the biomed later for useful chemicals and clues on surroundings.
[18:51] Archangel Claudia just keeps hovering there, watching
[18:52] Drexia looks to aranaea "I do not believe it would be a good idea for you to go with me, I suspect i will take a lot of damage" she looks back to the horde, picking out targets, trying to spot weak points. She turns to spyder when she speaks "It is highly unlikely they will see me as an ally" she then looks to ascendant "That is a likely outcome, i want at least one for study" she says, looking back to the dinos, not wanting to shoot first
[18:53] 亗.иuαđα яανєηςℓαω.亗 (ogawa): The vigilante expected as much. Talking to an animalthat is known for viciously tearing apart its prey for food is not a diplomatic creature. They have brains the size of walnuts, after all. Ghostwalker, however, was not so primitive. Despite the accusation of being an idiot... he was actually incredibly clever, and a tactician. For instance, he saw a small spidery woman in the group of hero congregation, and well... he kicked his board down and swooped in. He scooped her up under her thorax before he flew off above the dinos again. "Listen," he said to Aranaea. "I need you to make a noose out of the strongest silk you have. Additional properties to it are to be added at your own discretion. I have an idea."
[18:54] Sue Plex throws my arms up "I am not going to be any help here - you all look like you have it all taken care of - plus I wouldn't be aything but a dinosnack." I head back inside to go take a nap,
[18:55] DarkStar sees the spider's threads and the lady fly up to them waiting for the dinos to attack, fully confident that I can just pick up the big one and beat the smaller ones with him "I will just stand here and name them till y'all are done playing and trying to be friends, I am gonna call the big one bitey" then I listen to the symbiote girl and say "oh I'll do more than break his board" and always being the one to fly off the handle I grab one of the guards guns and throw it at the big dino, it probably wouldn't do much but the point was to just get his attention anyway having not even seen Ghostwalker and spider girl move in
[18:57] Celestial Star frowns seeing no response or even acknowledgment. Raising her voice to more commanding tone "This is your final warning. Cease your advances or we will be forced to stop you" She tries once more channeling her energy as her hands glow
[18:57] Aranaea peers up at her spider sister, a serious expression on her face. "I thinks I need to go with flyboy for now. But thank yous. We should talks soon." She gives him a glance, then starts braiding immediately. Her webs start out fairly thick, almost a quarter of an inch, her largest gauge. Within seconds, she has a rope prepared, and twisted into a nasty-looking noose. "Easy. I'm a spider after all. If they have any magic to them, this should resist it as well. Plus, it's rather tough. better take me with you, thouugh, it can be a bit sticky to deploy if you aren't skilled."
[18:57] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: After successfully putting a barrier for the guards, Inferno stood there, with determined eyes, hoping to catch a Dinosaur. He knows someone who would love to study on them, it will be like a gift. He’ll make sure to catch the best lookin’ one! He doesn’t want to kill it, he just wants to understand these creatures. This is a once of a life time deal here, mind as well go big then go home with nothing on his hands. ‘’Guys, I don’t know about y’all but… I don’t think killing them would be the best option… maybe we can, capture them? ‘’ He said, suggesting no killing involve. He’s sure that someone in the group would agree with him, but not sure about the rest. His only hope is that they don’t kill ALL of em. Inferno hopped onto the back of Ghostwalker hoverboard, barely keeping his balance. ‘’Woo! This is neat, you should give me one, one of these days.’’ He said, staring at the T-rex. ‘’Dibs on the T-REX over there!’’ he shouted, wanting that one for himself.
[19:03] Scene the guard tries to hold onto his gun, but his strength is only human, so it's ripped away, resulting in him clearing his throat loudly "Ahem... that's not how a gun works... and if it gets destroyed because of that, you'll be charged to replace it" then he pulls out a much stranger looking gun and resumes his watch, all the guards here holding off on firing until combat begins, though plasma shots begin echoing off from other areas around the wall. The dinosaurs continue their advance, the allosaurus starting to make little leaps and snap at the people moving closer, and as Ghostwalker starts flying overhead one of the Spinosaurus suddenly slams its tail into the ground, creating a massive shockwave of force that expands out from the impact for a couple dozen meters
[19:04] Durian swoops in hovering for abit "what the hell is this?!
[19:06] Sparks shakes her head at Inferno's enthusiasm as she picks her target "Sorry kid, don;t have a stun setting large enough... and I'm calling off this negotiation." she calls out in warning as she fires, set to blast mode maximum yield, the charging spindle still humming as the glow from the barrel intensifies quickly to a blinding flash and there's a harsh electric crackle as a brilliant bolt of energy launches from the cannon, screaming through the air to dead-center of the dino formation for maximum shock and awe effect, upon impact the energy bolt would detonate in a massive blast of energy, enough to level a few buildings, she grins a fanged smile behind her scope as she gets to say her weapon deployed - one of the rare opportunities without allies in the blast zone yet, then her weapon goes dark as she lowers it still recharging as she calls "Something is definitely driving them though, should scout and look for it, they may disperse with it taken out!"
[19:09] Spyder-Bitch fires a webline up to the top of the gate, and tosses the end to Sue Plex, "Climb up and over. No way are we opening those gates." She would look over to Darkstar, "How about you go on down there and have some fun? Why not go for the big one?" She saw the little spider get picked up, and would make a mental note to make sure the two of them became good friends when this was over. She'd look over at Sparks, "Don't aim for their heads! We may need to study how their minds are controlled!" She called out to Celestial Star, "Go for the big ones!" She'd look up to Claudia, "You, angel girl. Do something angelic. Set them on fire with self righteousness or something." She'd get down on all fours, using her spider stickyness to cling to the ground as the shockwave from the dino tale came about.
[19:09] Spyder-Bitch would look at the symbiotes she sent towards the guards, "Give them strength and confidence. Don't let them go all weak in the knees."
[19:11] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) smiles at Aranaea "that is fine, go do what you need to do" she says with a smile as she slowly gets back up to her feet. When she sees the dinos snapping and slamming, she groans and draws her blade, it energizing and coming alive in her hands "damn...I was really hoping for a semi-sentient live dinosaur to run experiments on" she states, not mentioning experiment one would be attaching a saddle to it "guess this goes the way it always goes..." she tries to tune into the public channel to contact Sparks, Spyder, and others on the wall "Ascendant requesting tactical readout on expected firing patterns in order to best prepare for expected counter-attack" she says, spinning the blade in her hands, ready for a bit of action and calling out over the public channels "try and keep them as in tact as possible. They may have necessary biological components that could be useful to the hospital in treating the wounded, or clues to the surroundings outside our walls" she says
[19:12] Archangel Claudia looks at Spyder "I'm not that kind of angel!" she huffs and starts shooting her gun, trying to hit the dino legs
[19:12] Drexia mutters something and gets to it after the shockwave, the tendrils holding those darts swing around and basically crack like whips as they throw the darts just barely above mach 1. Two darts towards the huge dino in the middle and two more towards the large one on the side. If they hit they try to burrow their way into the creature and make their way towards its brain where they would then try to do an extremely destructive brain scan by using various tendrils and feelers, most likely being fatal if its sucessful.
[19:13] 亗.иuαđα яανєηςℓαω.亗 (ogawa): Ghostwalker nodded. His gecko-taped gloves were an insurance against getting disarmed. Sticky didn't quite cover how impossible it would be to launch that rope. "Let's go then. You're with me." And then off they went. If it was a metahuman controlling these dinosaurs---for now he was convinced that something was---maybe this rope would prove beneficial to the mission. So off he would fly with Aranaea. Upon seeing the shockwave form, he nodded grimly. "Reeeeaaaaally wished I had my jet right now..." With that, he resumes the scan for their leader. To his surprise, he has an Inferno Spider with him. "Shouldn't you be making a defensive barrier?" he asks. Kids these days; they never listen. ((Player's note: I will be staying with the group to see the posts, but as of this moment Ghostwalker and Aranaea are above the dinosaur army, searching for its commander.))
[19:21] DarkStar looks out toward the beasts and sees they are agitated now and I feel the shockwave and take to the air, my eyes still glowing but not firing yet, still thinking I can take them out with one blast I hold until asked to do something "ohhh, Bitey looks pissed" then hearing spyder-bitch I smile at her then I fly by them faster than they can bite me and over to try to grab the big one by the tail, putting in a small for me effort of 20 tons to try to throw him into the trees but not sure if these are regular dinos or not
[19:22] Celestial Star curses as diplomacy doesn't work/ Switching her visor to scan the area on several spectrums for any other signatures besides the dinos and the group of heroes as she fires off blasts of energy at the big Allosaurus
[19:24] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Inferno, leaped off the board, jumping twenty feet up in the air, heading towards the nape of the neck, of a T-rex. ‘’Woo! Okay… now I got to be careful or else I would get eaten.’’ He said, trying to keep his balance on the T-rex while keeping his alertness to the highest of its peak, making sure that he doesn’t get eaten from the back; using his stickiness to stick onto the T-rex, being where the T-rex couldn’t just easily eat him without bending his entire neck back. Inferno lifted his right hand, producing a ball of fire in his palms, to take precaution.
[19:24] Aranaea trails the noose behind her, her back legs gripping the hoverboard with an almost surprising strength. She has the physical strength of a full size human, after all. At her size, that actually means a lot more pressure. She swings the rope easily, looping it like a lasso over her head. "You'll need to keep me out of the worst of the shockwaves," she informs him grimly. "Spiders like myself are very sensitive to vibrations. It's like getting a concussion from your inner ear, with all the little blinky spots." She climbs onto his arm, her climbing legs giving her firm purchase as she moves over his body. "Just let me know when to throw!" The rope is quite long at this point, and sturdy enough to break throats easily on a hard yank.
[19:34] Durian stayed airborn looking at the dinos but no weapon drawn yet as he waited for something to happen as he would roar loudly at the dinos seeing if he could assert dominance on a few
[19:36] a jep black craft comes streaking out from the city coming to a halt just on the outside of the wall. as the ship slows the circular door on the bottom opens. and Raigeki drops down onto the roadway. She tolts her head to the side eying the horde in-front of her. " Well. Looks like a few former alpha predators are going to get their food chain redefined" She rolls her neck and sholders then flares out her electrical Aura "Hope we got a freezer big enough "
[19:39] Scene as the sounds of gunfire from around the city build in intensity, the guards here begin taking shots into the swarm of smaller dinos, bolts of plasma raining around the area, but the little ones move so fast they seem to be actively dodging the bullets, only taking grazing hits from them. The squad of small dinos rush up along the side of the ramp and then leap up to try to flank, a couple of the Utahraptors taking leg hits from Claudia's gun that send them sprawling on the ground for the moment, while the allosauruses rush straight up the middle, followed by most of the other large dinos... however the Giganotasaurus is attacked by Inferno and Darkstar, so it holds position for the moment, the 20 ton effort to lift it not enough to even begin budging the monstrous creature, which proceeds to swing its tail at her with 50 tons of force, then when it realizes someone has landed on its back it lets out an earth-shaking roar intended to trigger primal flight response in anything smaller than it, which is pr
[19:39] Scene: pretty much anything, the sound erupting with so much force that it creates a much weaker shockwave cone just from the air movement, providing about 1 ton of push, which is enough to send the Vanguard soldiers flying back into the gate for the moment and blow Drexia's darts wildly off course
[19:40] Sparks shakes her head, clearing the beautiful image of her weapon's mushroom cloud out and tilts her head, obligingly adding a data channel to the comm network, for those capable of receiving it, adding in her own weapon optics and yield patterns giving an overlay that would show her aiming and expected splash damage, though weapons from others would be more ghostly 'predicted' outlines without a direct interface, she glances down at her weapon at the charging indicator, as the hum grows, indicating nearly ready for the next shot, she toggles it to beam mode with others now moving into the blast zone, her comm program linking up the new arrivals as she braces, her suit rippling with the shockwaves
[19:44] Spyder-Bitch looked over to Drexia, "Can you fly in, and check to make sure none of the dinos have gotten into the city?" She didn't notice Raigeki arrive, so was going to continue to try and bark orders at everyone.
[19:44] Spyder-Bitch hears Ascendant in her ear on the comms, and responds, "Go for the little ones. Everyone's always scared of the big ones, but ignore the little ones. Don't let them slip through." She'd call out to Celestial Star on their comms, "How many can you see up there? How far out does it go?" She'd look up to Claudia, "Then go help the guy on the hoverboard out. Get ready to pick him up when he gets knocked off. Not if, when." She'd mutter under her breath, "Such an idiot for barging in." She'd feel the shockwave, gritting her teeth as she continued to use her spider-stickyness to stay grounded. She saw the fellow Vangaurd soldiers get knocked back into the gate, and would fire web globs at their feet to try and keep them there; didn't need them getting blown all about.
[19:48] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) growls, hit by the shockwave, she buries her sword into the pavement to hold fast. She shakes her head and slowly gets up, slapping it against her leg continuously, charging some of her ranged attacks so she'd be ready to hop to an overcharge mode if necessary. She was realizing she needed a drone or something to give her a little bit of ranged firepower in situations like this. She takes a defensive position, ready to start slicing at the little ones, moving in then with a rapid pace, going for the knees, slicing at the little ones as they head up the deck, moving with brutal precision and speed unlike her previous sit on ground and talk to spiders MO
[19:50] Archangel Claudia takes more shots, though even her big holy light bullets don't really do much against giant dino meat legs "Why do I have to babysit the boarder?" she frumps and keeps firing, waiting for the faceplant
[19:50] Drexia takes off and flies towards the group of dinos as the shockwave comes, she flies through it, takes a moment to get steady before trying to slam down on one of the triceratops and basically use the tendrils to jab a couple of those darts into its sides before launching jumping back up again.
[19:51] 亗.иuαđα яανєηςℓαω.亗 (ogawa): The Ghostwalker began to scan.... or rather he tried to. Everything was too chaotic, and with that Spino causing that much chaos... well. That was an issue. Not to mention he knew the capabilities of his hoverboard. "Hey, Itsy Bitsy," Ghostwalker said to Aranaea. "I'm going to do something stupid." OH GEE THAT'S COMFORTING. "Do me a favor and take control of the Tombstone while I go to work, alright?" Then with practiced ease, he elevated the board roughly fifty meters above the Spinosaurus. Ghost then set the hoverboard---dubbed the Tombstone---to idle before he saluted the spider, and JUMPED OFF OF THE BOARD. Immediately, his adrenaline spiked. Time slowed to a crawl. Minor changes in his trajectory were made.... and then, he pulled out that sword forged from aggregated diamond nanorods, and angled it down to the back of it's neck in one brutal stab. The intention: to sever its nerves from the rest of its body at the base of its neck; thus taking out the big nasty while giving himself a live specimen to
[19:51] 亗.иuαđα яανєηςℓαω.亗 (ogawa): study next round.
[19:54] DarkStar is a little surprised my efforts didn't even move it and barely sees it's tail swing at me as I get knocked back toward the ramp, screaming out and taking to the air I lose whatever control I had and unleash a fully powered eye blast at the big one in retaliation for the tail hit, not knowing or caring at this point if anyone was in the way, the blast was powerful enough to knock a hole in steel even though DarkStar is not known for her accuracy when she gets really mad, it might have even hit a different dino all together but I float in the air, holding my ribs, obviously hurt from it's attack
[19:54] Celestial Star gets knocked around by the shockwave. Correcting her coarse as she steadies herself. Channeling her energy to increse her strength "Fine then, guess we do this your way" Then flies down and tries to grab one of the dinos by the tail attempting to lift it with her strength and us it as a club against the other Allosauruses
[19:55] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: With Inferno standing one of the large Dinosaurs nape. He looked around, seeing he’s surrounded by the dinosaurs, but it seems that their attention was focused on the individuals who was still on the ramp. This allow Inferno to leap off the nape and onto the ground, landing swiftly in his Spider-pose. ‘’Okay! Time to take one down!’’ He said, shooting a thread of web at the ankle of the large dinosaur from the back, then running around at a face pace until lifting his body off the ground with enough momentum built up, swinging around the Dinosaur leg, until wrapping around it fully up to its stomach. This would allow the Dinosaur to lose balance and fall over if succeeded.
[19:57] Aranaea clings to the board. Fortunately for her, the keen sense of balance and vibrations that come with being a spider actually gives her a little edge in using the board. She ties off the noose to the front, then weaves out a massive net , as fast as she can. What would have taken master human weavers weeks, takes her less than ten seconds, up and out of reach. She swoops the board down, attempting to gum up the movements of the smaller dinos near the front, dropping a wide, sticky net over them. Those with particularly good hear might hear her exclaim from the top, in a shrill cry "FLYING SPIDER BOMB!"
[20:03] Durian sighs as he lands on the utah raptor below him trying to subdue it by grappling it to th eground if he could
[20:04] Raigeki slides back from the shockwave then notices a pair of what appear to be raptors running up the left side of the ramp. Being a nerd, She she takes every advantage of this chance. She raises her hands about her head and intones " YOU SHALL NOT" then brings her hands down as if she were planting a staff into the ground " PASS!" Erecting a wall of pure electricity, fully intending to either force the creatures off the side, or fry them if they actually tried to push through the wall
[20:21] Scene the soldiers quickly recover from the blast, giving a small nod of thanks to Spyder as she helps stabilize them, and they return to shooting, targetting the dinos scrabbling up the ramp now and actually managing to land some good shots while they can't dodge as well. Ascendant is also able to land some good swings on the dinosaurs climbing up, cutting off some limbs and managing to take a head off. Claudia's shots continue to pepper into the swarm of smaller dinos, knocking several more down, and a couple shots go into eyes and open mouths, those dinos not moving after they land. Drexia's attempt to jam the darts in meet immense resistance, her limbs incapable of forcing them in, though the burrowing function of the darts kicks in and begins very slowly trying to dig their way through the ultra-dense hide. Ghostwalker's dive attack meets with similar results on the Spino, and indeed from the force of the impact it seems likely that had the sword been made of anything much less durable it would have shat
[20:21] Scene: shattered. Darkstar's enraged blast goes slightly off-target, hitting one of the Spinos instead, the creature letting out a shrill scream as smoke rises from its body and it collapses to the ground, panting heavily. Celestial is able to swoop in and quickly snag one of the Allosauruses, the creature crying out in pain as it's flailed around, it and its kin trying to snap at her with sharp-toothed hinged jaws. Inferno wraps the Giga's legs in web, and for a few seconds it looks like the AT-AT strategy might work, but then the beast's immense strength tears the layers of webbing apart, only distracting it for the moment. Aranaea's web catches up a few of the small dinos, who immediately begin trying to shred it with claws and teeth, though for the moment it holds. Durian catches the raptor by surprise, but quickly finds it to be a very capable foe, luckily for him Raigeki's shock wall catches that raptor along with the one in front of it, scorching them both and sending them tumbling over the edge. The remaini
[20:21] Scene: remaining small dinos try rushing under the ramp to come up from the other side after seeing their path up blocked, while the other large dinos will about for the moment, their path mostly blocked by the enraged Allosauruses, one of the remaining Spinos slamming its tail to release another shockwave for those behind the dino line
[20:23] Sparks remains kneeling, balancing her cannon over her leg as a section of the barrel glows to life with a ready charge, counting on the others to keep the flankers from reaching her, the overlay flagging them in red as a threat for the others - being nearly defenseless as artillery while her cannon charges - the humming whine resetting and beginning again charging the next shot as she surveys the scene, relaying the tactical map and maintaining comms evaluating the dinos formation "Anyone sensing any kind of control signal? telepathic maybe?" she taps her arm, sending a call code for Iridium to bring it's more advanced sensors
[20:26] Spyder-Bitch looks up to Claudia, "Someone's gotta do it, and you can shoot stragglers from up there. Easier to move about. Do you need more reasons, are can you just continue being pretty and shoot things?" She'd say on her coms to Celestial Star, "Batters up!" She looked to Ascendant, "Watch Raigeki's back." She may have some issues with Mikoto, but she knew the battlefield brought all sorts of frenemies together. She would then crawl over to Darkstar, and would attempt to protect her from any potential dino threats, firing web globs at the mouths of any dinos that may come near the currently down here. She got thrown off a bit by yet another shockwave, causing her to lose her grip slightly, making her wide open for a more direct attack.
[20:31] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) slices through them and a head drops at her feet. She looks at it and smiles "shiny" she skewers it and slings it back up the ramp, then takes a stance and smiles "you keep comin, I keep...consolidating your biological mass to it's inevitable state" she says and then lunges in another nasty slice at the next dinosaur that gives her a wrong look. She calls to Sparks through the radio "If there is telepathy, why are they not trying to get the women to take their tops off? Isn't that how it usually goes?"
[20:31] Archangel Claudia looks at Spyder, then at Ghost doing his weird stuffs, then just sighs and focuses on the flankers, shooting them and kicking them off the walls
[20:32] Drexia gets hit by the shockwave and spins back in the air before recovering and targeting the shockwave generator, circling around before trying to sweep by its head from behind, and hopefully manage to jab a couple of those dart thingies into its eyes
[20:34] DarkStar looks at the dinos again and figures the blasts work so I target another Spino an try that again as I still float where I am
[20:35] Celestial Star swings the allosaurus in a circle and finally lets it fly towards the giantsaur thingy "The giant seems to be the leader, take it down. Everyone in back guard the perimeter. Those with charging attacks get charging and focus on that beast" she yells out as she channels her own energy. Hands taking on a dangerous glow as the energy is visible
[20:35] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: With the Giga’s tearing through his webs with its sheer strength it left him shocked, that should have worked! Although he should’ve expected that outcome as well, to be honest. Inferno lifted out his palms and released a large amount of fire, like a flamethrower, with the height matching up to the Giganotosaurus. Hoping to burn it moderately to make it unconscious. ‘’HAAAAAA!!!’’
[20:35] Aranaea starts playing with the buttons on the fun ride she's been given, the thing pointed directly at the smaller dinos she had snared. As a little one herself, she isn't going to underestimate the dangers of the tinier foes. She basically buttonmashes the controls until two missiles load up and launch at her stuck prey. She swoops the board back just after, laughing maniacally, a crazed glint in her golden eyes. "Take that! And that! Little Miss Muffet my left pedipalp! FLY, MY PRETTIES! FLY! Eat OTHER SPIDER BOMBING, you unevolved chickens!" Then she begins to zoom around, far above the battlefield, generally cackling like the Wicked Witch of the Spiderboards.
[20:44] Simone Rodgers Wondered when this became a Jurassic Park film. At least she had an arsenal of weapons and her demonic magical powers to help her here. But still. Freaking Dinosaurs, what next, the wicked witch of the west? ..Dinosaur coming right at her, ok, time to stop being a nice kitty. This cat has claws. She brings her Plasma Katana into a swinging arc to try and give the dinosaur who gets too close to her a new twin, the good old fashioned method of slicing it in half.
[20:50] DarkStar was hurt far worse than I thought and falls to the ground then has enough energy to slink away to recover ((night all))
[20:50] Durian rgunts trying to overpower the raptor as he grabs a few zip ties to restrain it for capture wrestling it giving it a few wings baps in the head while holding it
[20:53] Raigeki lets out a brief "heh" as her and durian's combined efforts knock the raptors off the edge. She looks to her security officer " I hope you have been practicing with your plasma storm because I'm calling in an equipment drop " Then she takes to the sky " Mikoto to PAE. Prep and launch the strongbuster. Send Durian's plama sorm with it. " Then takes off into the sky and focuses on the big guy. She spreads her arms out wide and begins charging and gathering energy, planning on expeing everything sher has in one massive blast on the giga, then use the armor to keep fighting once spent. "Pleast try to stay out of my firring arc on the big guy!" Then .. once again activates nerd mode, beging to play background music for the attack she was charging []
[21:01] Scene the soldiers keep taking shots, their gunfire blending in with a storm of it all around the city, blue bolts lighting up the sky as the sun goes below the horizon and the rest of the sky rapidly darkens. Spyder's web shots manage to slow down the approaching dinos as they have to stop to clear the sticky mass from their mouths, though their claws seem to be fairly effective at doing so. Ascendant's slashes take down another couple small dinos, and the rest begin keeping their distance from her and moving to other targets. Claudia's shots keep knocking the climbers down, another couple clean shots adding to the kill count as well, the small swarm diminishing significantly now. Darkstar pelts another Spino with the same reaction as the first, something about her blasts seeming to really disagree with the massive creatures. Celestial hurls her club through the air, but the Giga simply snaps it up and crushes the Allosaurus in a single bite, eating its snack even as it starts lumbering forward again. The fi
[21:01] Scene: fire burns at the side of the Giga as it moves, but apart from blackening the hide it doesn't seem to have any immediate impact, and Inferno's pesky persistence earns him one of those tasty 50 ton tail swipes from it. The missiles Aranaea fires detonate, seeming to at least knock out a couple of the little dinos near the impact point. Simone manages a clean slice on one of the last few Coels, accomplishing her goal. Durian is able to subdue the fried raptor, due to it being already nearly unconscious from the shock. Drexia manages to land one hit into the eye of a Spino, but there's still a bit of skull to be worked through before it can take hold, and in the meantime a sudden quick snap of the creature's jaw catches her drone, coming down on it with 50 tons of bite force. The remaining Allosauruses lunge as a pack at Celestial, still enraged by her attack, while the Trikes begin lumbering up the ramp, the concrete shaking and crumbling a bit with each step
[21:05] Sparks looks up as the Iridium glides overhead, mostly invisible at the altitude with it's color and size it takes up position over the area, turning it's powerful sensors and scanners on the battlefield and a considerable distance to all sides, the tactical overlay being broadcasted greatly increases in detail and accuracy marking and identifying all known targets, then with more commands from her wrist it begins scanning for waves or signals that could be communicating or controlling, as well as any anomalous signal other than the dinosaurs as she looks for a clear target, saving her shot in case the controller appears "Looks like it's the usual plan after all, just kill everything" she lowers her cannon down the ramp, setting for beam and dialing the cone to try not to hit the others still ont he ramp and still strike the advancing trikes, the red cone on headsup flagging her fire area before she pulls the trigger, the glow on her barrel transforming to a brilliant shine then erupting with a piercing electro
[21:06] Sparks electronic scream cutting through the advaning ranks the wave vaporizing everything in it's path, leaving cleanly sheared/burned edges
[21:06] Drexia gets caught and as her drone isnt really resistant to damage as much as its able to heal it afterwards it effectively gets crushed and bit into two pieces, giving a final try to throw a dart into the eye of a nearby dino before falling to the ground, effectively disabled due to the damage
[21:06] Spyder-Bitch heard Celestial Star, and respond back into her coms, "Whatever you say gorgeous." She'd start to head back to the wall, but noticed Darkstar getting knocked out. She'd quickly move over to the girl and cocoon the woman in webbing as a way to hide her from the dinos from spotting. After all, if they don't see her move, they cant see her. That's what Jurassic Park has taught us.
[21:09] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) twirls the sword " seem to be capable of learning. Sword hurts, learned that lesson" she states, ready to go back to mainline dps on the trash mobs if needed, but right now someone else was pulling aggro so she relaxed a slight bit
[21:18] Archangel Claudia continues pushing back the climbers, focusing on the little dinos so everyone can deal with the big ones
[21:24] 亗.иuαđα яανєηςℓαω.亗 (ogawa): So, he hadn't stabbed the beast as initially thought. That was bad. He was surrounded by several carnivorous creatures several times larger and stronger than he was. That was worse. He was completely all alone. Well.... if this wasn't a fine slice of Fuck-My-Life Pie, nothing was. However, He had a plan. He sheathed his sword, and clung to the Spinosaurus' neck and lifted his computer to his mask. Suddenly the board was taken over. He was up to something again. Now with Aranaea on the board, the half-crazed arachnid girl Yee-hawed as the hoverboard swung around, and threw a lasso-like noose on and around the giant dinosaur's mouth. Ghostwalker focused on that point for just staying a distraction by climbing up to the top of the dinosaur's head. If the noose was tied around its mouth, the vigilante would make his move by mounting the side of the dinosaur's head and shove the hilt of his most prized tool up against the lens of the massive dinosaur's eye. +
[21:25] 亗.иuαđα яανєηςℓαω.亗 (ogawa): With a few setting s adjusted in his helmet, he began attempting to shine the laser lockpick into its ocular and flash it intensely at maximum brightness to try inducing a seizure.
[21:30] Celestial Star stops her charging as the pack comes at her. Instead flying upwards and and spinning as she fires her charged piercing blasts down upon the allosaurs "Sorry, no snacks today"
[21:31] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Essentially his fire attack would barely have any effect on him, with the Giga swaying his tail at Inferno’s direction. Taking a 50 ton tail whip, throwing his entire body off the ground, feeling a the impact shake his entire body, yet he quickly gain his conscious back and shoot a thread of web at the side of the Giga, hoping to attach and swing his way towards the dinosaur to dropkick it with a powerful force pack into. ‘’Haah!’’ If succeeded, he’d would propel another thread of web on the other side of the gate, calling out the dinosaurs. ‘’HEY! JUST SO YOU KNOW DINO-CHICKEN NUGGETS ARE AMAZING! ~’’ He said, trying to create a distraction to get their attention. Still having a grip of his thread, he swung around in front of the Dino’s yet far away from their grasp. He shot conducted a ball of web from his web shooter and shot it at the Giga’s left eye, trying his best to draw its attention; swinging himself further away from the gate.
[21:42] Raigeki held her arms out as her aura built more and more " rrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" then brings her hands in front of her creating a ball of plasma in front of her hands "Saigo no FURARASSHU!" unleashing a massive beam of energy. Paanting deeply she drops down to the road and goes down to one knee panting, gasping into her comm "I'm spent. ETA on that armor... " She then glances arround gasping out " Something causing this and we need to find out before we're plowed under!"
[21:42] Durian would slide the raptor he just tied up out of the way as he looked at the charging dinos as he takes his helmet off looking at them as he snarls and roars loudly with some flame throowing aswell
[21:49] Simone Rodgers Simone would put away the laser sword and energy shield. pulling out her customized assault rifle, she switched ammo modes to .50 cal explosive rounds, then proceeded to open fire on one of the trikes, she was putting down rounds that could deal alot of damage, her fingertips light up, as she sweeps her hand across the barrel of her gun, and infused it with hellfire. "Lets see iff Dinosaur's like flames straight from the depths of hell." After that little boast, she ffires off another three round burst, to hopefully create an explosion of hellfire due to her exploding rounds.
[22:02] Scene the soldiers suddenly seem to be nervous as the last hints of light fade from the horizon, gazing to the sky as much as at the dinosaurs now, though they keep firing for the time being to finish off smaller stragglers. Sparks' beam slices through a couple of the Allosaurus, but when it hits one of the Trikes it seems to fail at the skull frill, the energy causing massive burns to that dino's head but then dissipating, leaving everything behind it untouched. Claudia continues plinking off small dinos as well, and now they seem spooked as well, the couple remaining fleeing off into the trees as fast as they can. The Spino gets its jaw caught with the web for just a moment before breaking free, but that's long enough for the flashes to overload the creature's primitive brain, sending it toppling to the ground. Celestial's blasts knock back the remaining Allosauruses, sending them tumbling off the ramp severely injured, and they take the opportunity to flee now as well. Inferno's swinging antics manage to dr
[22:02] Scene: draw the attention of the Giga, but the kick is about like kicking into an adamant wall, and blocking out an eye only seems to enrage the giant further as it tries to bite Inferno with its massive teeth. Raigeki's blast sends it staggering back though, leaving large burn marks over it and inside the mouth, and for the moment the shock seems to be disrupting the creature, leaving it staggered briefly. Durian's roar simply chases the fleeing dinos. Simone's rounds slam into the heads of the Trikes, but again the skulls seem to be absurdly resilient, the flames and explosions burning away flesh and making them roar in pain, but the bone is actually healing itself. The sole remaining Spino that's functional slams its tail once more, this time right next to the ramp, making the concrete buckle and crack as the shockwave spreads, while momentarily blinded and stunned dinosaurs stomp and flail wildly at anything they think might be close
[22:03] Sparks keeps the Iridium over the field scanning and keeping a threatmap with remaining targets on the overlay fed to everyone, still looking for a source or reason for the stampede, miscellaneous information from the scans scrolling through her field of view as she holds the recharging cannon looking ofr anything to explain it, directing the sensor scans to search anomalies as her cannon charge reaches approximately 2/3rds, she blinks, and over comms: "...Are they just leaving now?"
[22:07] Spyder-Bitch saw Raigek go down to a knee, and would rush over to stand in front of her, "Just stay back, We got you covered." She takes a protective stance in front of Miko, using her spyder stickyness once again to keep herself steady as the ground shook. She formed tendrils on her back, and sent several at the dino that Raigeki had attacked, trying to tie it up with the tendrils to let the others finish it off.
[22:09] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) as she sees Rai go down, she grins. She activates her power core, sending it into overcharge. Lightning rips over her body and she swings her sword, sending a massive arc-flash type attack at the dino that had caused the problems, the energy burst aimed to cut through its skull and put it down in one fell slice
[22:10] Archangel Claudia scares off the little dinos, then starts flying around the big one, taking pock shots and slashing with her sword, making it focus on her
[22:10] 亗.иuαđα яανєηςℓαω.亗 (ogawa): The Ghostwalker's mind was on overdrive. His adrenaline spiking again, he leaped off of the monster's head and spun in mid air to land on his hoverboard and rocket back to the gate. "Out of my way, OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY!" he shouted out loud to the people on the deck. When he got to the gate, he'd pull out a key, and slam it against the locking mechanism of the massive gate itself. Then together he and Aranaea threw another noose-lasso around the last Spinosaurus' head and neck then the hoveboard converted all engine power to a reverse thrust and PULLED. As he did, the hoverboard fired two rocket-like harpoon tethering lines at the Spinosaurus' chest. "Come on, Barney," the Ghostwalker growed through the effort. "Get your prehistoric ass over here!" The gates behind the Ghostwalker would begin to open.... and behind him as he's dragging that dinosaur? Not Celestial City, but in fact what looks like a deep, dark tunnel into a cave. The hell is this guy doing?!
[22:16] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Inferno leaped onto the wall, sticking on it, calling forth the dinosaurs attention, trying to make come to his direction, so that Ghostwalker may proceed on what he had planned.
[22:19] Durian stands there growling watching them flee
[22:25] a large humanoid armor comes down from the sky and lands in front of Mikoto, and with a his the back opens up in front of her, while a box drop at almost at the same time landing in front of Durian. With a grunt of effort she forces her herself to stand and climbs up into the armor which closes behind her. When the shock wave hits it looks like the armor is going to fall over backwards, but just before it reaches the point of no return, one of it's legs moves back and it's starts to right itself. It's now that Mikoto can assess the damage. " Guh. I was really hoping that was going to to the job. " She hadn't actually seen what Ghostwalker was doing behind her so she starts to move forwards and pulls her electro-staff on her back geting ready to baseball swing on anything that tries to get past her
[22:28] Simone Rodgers decides she's had enough "Fun and games." with these Dinosaurs, so she puts away her weapons and then her hands erupt into flames, she holds her hands together and forms a whip made of pure hellfire, once the hellfire whip is formed, she tugs on it suggestively like a dominatrix, before strutting towards the dinosaurs. "You reptiles need to learn your place, I"m about to give you a world of pain." She cracks it, and sends a wave of hellfire towards one of the Trikes, attempting to burn it alive.
[22:34] Scene Spyder's tendrils do little to hold the Giga down as it recovers from the shock, its strength simply too massive to be contained by them. Ascendant's leaping attack delivering another heavy shock to the beast, sending its body into twitching spasms, but failing to cut through the head. Claudia's attacks on the Giga manage a few light scratches and scrapes, but really nothing more than cosmetic damage. Ghostwalker is able to tether the Spino and start pulling it, but it's an immensely heavy creature, so a very slow process, only getting partway up the ramp for now. Simone's whip attack again breaks off at the Trike's skull frill, but the flames this time seem to catch better around the edges, starting to burn up more of the dino's body. The other trikes push forward a few more steps, then suddenly their heads perk as one, and they start turning to run, along with the one Spino that's still functional. At nearly the exact same second, one of the soldiers that was watching the sky screams out "SHRIKES!!!! E
[22:34] Scene: EVERYONE GET TO COVER NOW!!!!" and Sparks' analysis system suddenly picks up hundreds of thousands of new lifeforms approaching at immense speed under the cover of darkness
[22:37] Sparks blinks at the charging ghost and dino "..the hell?" she exclaims, diving out of the way as her cannons hums up to full power and resets, a charge indicator on the barrel glowintg to life as she stares "What are you doing!?" she calls after him, sizing up the remaining dinos and regrouping with Raigeki and Spyder, keeping them between her and the teeth and claws, at least her new position lets her look over Simone better, who she'd not seen before, emerald eyes running over her figure appreciatively as her cannon continues to charge "I hope he knows what he's doing..." she comments, the tracking sensors following ghostwalker and his leashed pet, then exploding with new signal contacts alarms warbling, her eyes widen she configures her cannon for maximum yield and cone spread, bracing and pointing upwards "...REALLY hope he knows what he's doing..."
[22:40] Spyder-Bitch frowned at seeing her tendrils not be able to hold the dino, "Damn, these things are stronger than We thought." She narrowed her eyes as the dinos all started retreating, even the one that was basically shrugging off their attacks. She started to think out loud, "Why retreat?" She thought a bit, "Unless...These are the pawns..."
[22:50] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) shakes her head as she stays ready for a lunge, ready to take them out if ready, but getting under cover in case of a major attack
[22:52] Archangel Claudia sees the coming hoard "Yea I'm not dealing with that. Sides my gun needs to recharge...or something. I'm out." with that she just flies off
[22:53] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Inferno kept his distance from the action, staying on the wall while observing the situation. It had seemed they the dinosaurs were now retreating. ‘’Huh? I guess they didn’t want any piece of us anymore!’’ He said, chuckling.
[22:55] Durian looks at the swarm coming as he reached down grabbing the raptor and tries to run quickly for the gate
[22:56] Raigeki: be blinks as her hud starts to light up like a Christmas tree " Oh.. oh shit... " She tosses down her staff and pulls the plasma cannon off her back beginning to spin up She spreads her armors wings. She looks back to sparks " maintain covering fire for as long as you can then fall back .Then, shebecan to fill the sky with plasma " Fall back to the wall. We don't have the fire power for this!" Though she resolutly statyed near the front, only moving backwards as others did.
[22:57] Simone Rodgers decided it would be a good idea to fall back to the wall, Thats way too many and she doesn't have enough gun. She needs more gun, alot mroe gun.

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Re: This World Has Teeth... Lots and Lots of Teeth

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[23:01] Scene: As the readings come closer their numbers keep increasing. The Giga shakes off the shock enough to start moving again, albeit sluggishly now, and it joins the others in trying to flee... but they're too late as a wall of black wings and claws sweeps down from the sky, the nighttime reflection of the other planet blotted out by the swarm that breaks over the battlefield, only screams of agony coming from the dinos now, and then the wall resumes its movement, coming straight towards the gate. The soldiers dive off the side of the ramp and duck under it, screaming out once again "GET THE FUCK DOWN!!! THOSE THINGS ARE INSANE!!!"
[23:03] Sparks flees with the rest of the group, retreating after the soldiers, grmiacing as she lags behind out into the open to get a clear shot, waiting until the last moment so they're close enough before she fires her stored charge, a blaze of light filling the night air making it look lik high noon for a moment as a ninety degree cone of energy erupts from her barrel into the mass and outwards before she turns and dives for cover under the ramp as well with the cooling cannon
[23:05] Spyder-Bitch 's eyes go wide at seeing the swarm filling the sky so, and can only say what everyone was likely thinking, "Oh fuck us sideways hard with a glass dildo sideways up the ass." She'd turn around, and leap up onto the wall and would start crawling up it. Her tendrils would go to try and grab any stray guards, going to to take them with her as she went to climb up to safety
[23:09] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) blinks, seeing sparks diving down and Spyder mantling up. She looks at Mikoto "I'm going under, come on and get out of whatever the hell this shit storm is" she groans, leaping under the bridge, to take cover from the incoming shit storm
[23:17] Durian dropped the dino near the gate as he opened fire on the swarm comming in hoping to drive some of them back trying to give the others time
[23:19] Raigeki keeps fireing as people move starting to move to the side of the bridge herself " PLEASEpeople take cover! I do not want to be out here in the open when these things get here!
[23:19] Simone Rodgers flapped her wings and dove underneath the ramp, she had to get into cover and fast, this was too much, ..she didn't wanna die here, she had so much to live for, so many people to fuck still. So many hot babes to feel up.
[23:22] Scene Sparks blast clears just enough time for Raigeki and Durian to get to the edge and drop down before the wave arrives, the creatures letting out shrill avian screeches as they fly right up to the wall, then divert around it, a couple minutes of nothing but their sounds filling the air, and then the last of the swarm passes by into the distance. The soldiers step out, and one shines a light out into the field, revealing a collection of dinosaur skeletons picked clean to the bone, and several felled trees around the edges of the woods
[23:23] Sparks peers slowly out from behind ramp "...what the hell were those? flying piranhas?"
[23:24] Spyder-Bitch climbed back down the wall, holding her sides a bit at the screeches that had passed by. So many creatures, so loud. Not a fun combination, "We got no clue what that was. Other than loud."
[23:26] Durian lokoed back checking on the tied of raptor making sure it was ok
[23:27] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) sheaths her blade "that was...something..." shakes her head "so were those dinos controlled or were they just fleeing the death swarm?"
[23:29] Scene one of the soldiers laughs nervously at Sparks' words "That's probably the most apt description... we've been calling 'em Shrikes... damn things seem to eat anything they can find". Durian's raptor is, unfortunately, also a pile of bones at this point, since it was out in the open
[23:30] Durian sighs "amn it, was hoping we could study it"
[23:31] Azaerthine (shara.valentine): "...Well, That was different, Sorry I arrived so late."
[23:31] Scene he continues, looking to Ascendant "They don't usually flee the shrikes, just lay low after dark... the fact they stayed out so late doesn't mesh"
[23:31] Raigeki: well have we ever seen them in this large of a pack before?
[23:31] Sparks frowns slinging her cannon "Do you know where the dinos usually go to ground? if they departed form normal behavior there's a reason"
[23:34] Simone Rodgers unhooks her guns and other equipment from her lingerie clad form, and then flicks her wrist, causing them to vanish into a pocket dimension where she stores most of her stuff, because Magic.
[23:34] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) nods "yeah, animals don't just head out on the town for no reason, there's likely some shit back at the watering hole"
[23:35] Sparks tilts head, emerald gaze wandering slowly over Simone's lingere clad form taking in the sights appreciatively "We should check it out then.. " she calls the iridium down
[23:35] Simone Rodgers notes that Sparks is eyeing her up. "Oh, you like what you see?"
[23:35] Raigeki: ... well Like I said. That was a HUGE swarm. " She says.. opeing the armor and steping out " If the swarm was that large ... maybe there was no lying low "
[23:36] Scene: The other soldiers move to start cleaning up what they can, while the one continues talking with you all "We've spotted one or two big packs around, but usually it's all one genus... never seen breeds that should be eating each other team up before. Haven't had time to track down any nesting grounds or anything though, other priorities you know"
[23:37] Spyder-Bitch stays back, listening closely to the others. She didn't like not knowing what those things were; her symbiote wanted more than anything to put symbiotes on the creatures, but how was going to be a major challenge.
[23:37] Sparks grins at her, offering a hand "yes~ Sparks by the way~" as the craft lands behind her and settles, the tactical feed and comm patches shutting down then turns "I can take the iridium out later, see if I can locate these watering holes and figure out why they stampeded this time insted of hidin?"
[23:38] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) shakes her head and looks at the rest "alright then...any injuries?"
[23:38] Simone Rodgers turns to face Sparks, the abrupt turn causes her boobs and butt to jiggle quite visibly as she takes her hand with a smile. "I wouldn't know, i did just arrive. So ..I saw the carnage going on and wanted to help."
[23:39] Raigeki looks over to the red haired woman. " you up for a job? might be dangerous. "
[23:39] Spyder-Bitch shakes her head to Ascendant, "Just pride. We hate hiding and running away. But, it happens."
[23:39] Durian looks around seeing if there were any other casulties peering over the edges
[23:41] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Zipped downwards with a thread of web, catching up with the rest of the group. ‘’Yo! Boy… that was intense…’’ He said, dropping down to the ground, dusting himself off.
[23:41] Spyder-Bitch looked to Raigeki, then looked around, then back at her, "Wait, you asking us?"
[23:42] Durian wondrs down the ramp looking at the skelentons picking up the raptor skulling staring at it
[23:44] Sparks smiles taking her hand, lifting an eyebrow going to say something than interrupts herself and blinks and tilts ear at Ascendant "Oh.. yeah that's probably important.. I'm not hurt much, though may have sprained my ankle a bit jumping down here "she looks down and tests it
[23:48] Raigeki: " yeah. The way I see it you have ... unique abilities that would allow you to track them. If you are willing to undertake that mission, I'll go to Nightmare and ask her to let you do so "
[23:49] Azaerthine (shara.valentine): "You looked like you were about to say something, ..Oh! My name is Simone. Nice to meet you."
[23:49] Spyder-Bitch saw this as an opportunity to get Raigeki to possibly warm up to her, which could give her an opening to exploit later down the road, "Sure, We'll help out. So long as We aren't being a sacrificial lamb, We're game."
[23:51] Sparks shakes her head turning back to Simone with a smile "Mm? Oh I like your outfit, and you're pretty hot~ wanted to introduce myself maybe get to know each other if I'm not gonna fly a recon mission..."
[23:51] Durian sighs setting the skull down rejoining the group
[23:52] Azaerthine (shara.valentine): "Thanks, ..You'd look flattering in such an outfit as well you know. And Sure, ..or maybe I could join you on the recon mission. And we get to know eachother anyway?"
[23:52] Raigeki: ne leans in to her and lowers her voice. " This is a chance to prove you are more than just some manipulative parasite. Don't blow the trust I'm about to give you "
[23:52] Nogitsune leapt down from the top of the ramp, bounding off of the airship and landing on the ground behind Sparks. She looked at the collected group of metas and frowned, licking at her teeth briefly, listening to the conversationo and the noises of the wilderness.
[23:53] Spyder-Bitch felt her symbiote telling her to play nice. Gain the trust to manipulate later. She'd nod, "Yeah, sorry. This stuff is kinda bigger than all of us. We're willing to work with you."
[23:54] Ascendant (Alexis) (Talista Glas) realizes there's an animal and smiles, waving at it for some reason, then looks to Spyder and Mikoto, then to Sparks and Simone, then around the area at the others and shrugs "nice night once the death is gone"
[23:54] Sparks grins "You think so?" her bodysuit rippling,t he coat remaining the same even as the balck material shifts to mimic the other's lingerie set, making her appear identically outfitted for a moment except for a black cast-like shape around her ankle as she looks back at the Iridium "Mmm, fun as that sounds my craft won't carry two..."
[23:54] Azaerthine (shara.valentine): "I could sit on your lap..."
[23:55] Nogitsune twitched an ear at the group before turning around and approaching one of the piles of dinosaur bones. She eyed Ascendant briefly, her tail giving an odd wave back, as she lowered her head and sniffed at the bone. Shame she'd missed the party. These looked like they could've been fun forms to use.
[23:55] Raigeki nods. " I'll call Nightmare and explain what i want, and if she agrees I'll contact you with thedetails
[23:56] Raigeki sighs " Gunna go grab my ride. I'll give a lift back to the city if anyone wants it.
[23:56] Spyder-Bitch nodded in return, "Sounds like a potential plan." She'd smirk slightly as she asked, "Seal it with a kiss? No? How about a handshake?" She'd extend a hand toward Raigeki

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