HERO Academy Conference

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HERO Academy Conference

Post by Hannah DuMont » Wed May 15, 2019 10:08 pm

[18:08] Eira Ermine walks up to the podium as the camera crew begins to film "Good evening, and thank you for coming this evening. I even see some who have made it a habit to skip usually" Giving Jenna a look. "Now then I have gathered you all this evening to address the serious matter of a assassin who has been attacking the student body lately"

[18:08] Alicia Jones Blinks Iria was telling the truth? as ..insane as she was.she did her best to stay grounded in the chair.

[18:09] Sammie Dearest leans forward in his chair, as if to focus totally on the speech, but also hiding his frown from Jenna as he's still pissed at himself for losing

[18:09] Sadie made herself comfortable in her seat, folding her hands in her lap and appearing as attentive as she could to the speaker.

[18:11] The Will Of Kataron scans the crowed looking for a potential source of amusement

[18:11] D-10 (Nurse) sat quietly in the back.

[18:12] Ranou: Sitting down in the middle rows Ranou wondered if anyone would recognize her here from the old world since she used to be a student back then. The robotic one though opted out to remain standing at the back as to not steam up the place too much.

[18:14] Umbra emerges from a shadow portal in the back of the room and leans against the wall, glancing around the room to see who all's there.

[18:14] Archangel Claudia sits in the back so her wings aren't in the way

[18:17] Darius Reeves Jr. aka High-Roller walks into the classroom, camera in hand. He smiles at everyone inside and heads to the back, camera ready as he began snapping photos. The purpose was just to have more to add to the article he was writing about the school for the Millennium Gazette. It was a blog he ran that was named after the newspaper his father owned on his original home world. The moment the woman up front mentioned an assassin attack the school, he raised a brow. He wondered what and who the assassin was. Might be worth running his own investigation.

[18:23] AremusFireheart: Sofia Montez was also here! In the back, drinking a coffee. Also had one HELL of a cough this evening!

[18:23] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) moves in, seeing she was a bit late she moves over and sits next to the woman in the dress, relaxing back and not walking in front of the cameras, electing to sit and listen in, nodding to the woman to her right

[18:26] Ranou: Spots a fellow armor wearer and gives her a light wave before returning her attention to the speaker on the stage.

[18:26] Eira Ermine takes a breath before going on "These attacks are my fault. I was the first attacked and I failed to stop the assailant. She told me that she would attack the students next and that is exactly what she has done. For this I am sorry"

[18:29] Umbra rolls her eyes as Eira takes all the blame but says nothing, tapping her finger on her arm while constantly scanning the room and the immediate area.

[18:29] Alicia Jones Blinked lightly watching the professor. Iching to ask questions so she raises her hand.

[18:30] Sammie Dearest gives a small nod of greeting to Hell as she settles in, vaguely recognizing her from the old city, then as he hears Eira taking all the blame he clenches his fist a little, feeling now that the blame is as much his

[18:30] The Will Of Kataron attention is pulled in various directions his senses noticing arcane and dark presences beyond his own, what appears to be a mass of curses and a dark force surrounding an individual , chuckles and drifts towards the mass of curse though his mental eyes keep the other dark force in veiw as well cogs and wheels churning , he reaches mental fingers down to the mass of curses and gently caresses them tip toeing lightly across its mind scape seeking ward

[18:28] Sadie remained silent, doing nothing but listening for the time being.

[18:33] Ranou: Simply leans back int he seat as she listens to what the teacher had to say. Nodding silently about the attacks she pulled out her pda and wrote something down. its amazing the thing still recognized touch through her steel covered fingers.

[18:44] Darius Reeves Jr. aka High-Roller remained quiet. His camera was silent so no one would hear it go off. Also no flash. Good for not annoying people when doing any kind of reporting or investigating. His curiosity about this assassin was peaked. It also put him on alert. His mind went to work, making mental note of the room, the placement of furniture and various items in the room, where people sat, the best exits, and even what he could possibly use as a weapon just in case. His mind painted a picture. His ears listening, for the most shallow of breathes, to heartbeats, anything that would tell him if things were normal or if something was off. He was in predator mode at this point, trusting his instincts and training. He didn't to be caught off guard.

[18:46] Archangel Claudia listens to Eira talk, curious to see where this is going

[18:47] A pair of muffled impacts against the concrete wall behind the furthest set of cameras go unnoticed at first, sounding like someone shifting in their seat. Another noise follows--a louder, audible "boom", followed by a quartet of what sounds like someone banging on the end of a tube of wrapping paper. Four disks scatter around the room, hissing immediately after launch, releasing a colorless gas that immediately begins stinging the eyes and throats of any unprotected individuals on the interior: a vehement form of tear gas, intended to aggravate anyone attempting to resist. The same wall explodes inwards, mulched by a pair of breaching charges and creating a doorway as pieces of the wall scatter inwards. A black figure walks in through the new door, laughing, and begins moving toward the podium in the middle. 'Too bad OSHA doesn't take me into account,' she muttered, a short weapon dangling from her right hand.

[18:49] Iria winks into existence silently. She looks over the crowd for a moment.

[18:50] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks over at Sammie and whispers "I miss anything important or is it still pretty chill?" she asks, slowly looking over everyone else and watching around for any trouble. These events ALWAYS attracted trouble

[18:50] AremusFireheart: Wait! HOLY CRAP! GAS!

[18:52] Eira Ermine was about to continue but then all hell broke loose. Coughing from the gas as eyes tear up "All Faculty get the students out. Students follow the staff" she orders as she curses not having her sword or even her gear

[18:54] D-10 (Nurse) as soon as ruckus was amongus, D-10 would would briefly flash yellow and suddenly disappear. She ain't got time for foolishness. But chances were that she was in her office nearby.

[18:55] Alicia Jones Stood up sensing danger, her eyes widen as her hands spread out her shields forming quickly, hair blowing in the wind to protect the students air. IF Allowed that is. she was able to at least extend to this room thanks to scar. " I can only hold this shield for so long! please follow the orders.'' she was quick on her feet. the blue and purple ombre shields arriving. she left the door open and aimed to try and push the gas out. the shields reacting as a force field. "Please Headmistress, head out !" yes, she did receive orders, but in her case? this was literately something she could do. those eyes glowing.

[18:55] Sammie Dearest glances at Hell "Just got started here" then the commotion starts, trying to call on his powers but finding his body still hasn't fully recovered enough to integrate with the dark energy. With no other choice he takes Jenna's hand and follows the evacuation out of the area

[18:56] Sadie blinked as she felt the presence of something malevolent brush against her mind. Due to her inexperience, Sadie lacked the impregnable mental barriers that most of her ilk developed over the years; however, she was still a good bit sturdier than most baseline humans. She immediately attempted to shield herself, focusing on the press conference with all of her might; perhaps, if she could maintain a wall of focus on something *other* than her potential mental domination, she could resist this dark intrusion long enough to cause its source to lose interest. Her focus was broken, however, as a number of gas-spewing pucks were ejected into the room and the wall exploded into the room, launching the unassuming young woman out of her seat and onto the floor. She quickly found her breathing impaired, and was only barely able to see through her now-tearing, stinging eyes. She had the wherewithal to call forth a pair of mangled corpses in two corners of the room, using her necromantic power to utilize their
[18:56] Sadie: senses instead of her own. Thanks to Alicia's shield, she was not struck by any of the actual fragments of the annihilated wall, but the concussive force alone was enough to prevent her from doing much before she took a moment to regain her composure.

[18:56] The Will Of Kataron tilts its mental head and sighs it seems others had fun and games set for this party gathering him self he pulls away from his target and drifts away.. leaving a chuckle behind him as he gos, his plans tabled for now but, several individuals marked for later....amusement

[19:02] Umbra starts moving as soon as she hears the thumps against the wall, opening a shadow portal at her feet and dropping through it, emerging through the "other side" by Eira, her sword in hand, raising a protective shadow shield around the principal. "Would've grabbed yours, but, ya know..." she says apologetically, dropping the shield and scanning for students in the room while keeping an eye on the party crasher.

[19:02] Archangel Claudia hears the boom and sees the gas filling the room, and as if on instinct gets up, flairs her wings, and starts flapping hard to try and clear the room

[19:03] Darius Reeves Jr. aka High-Roller noticed it almost instantly. His instincts rarely fail him, but before he could say anything, he's already hearing louder noises then the boom. He can see four disks enter the room. He pulls his shirt up over his mouth and nose, yet already the tears were forming in his eyes from the sting of tear gas. Luckily it wasn't as intense as he expected. It's as if it stopped. For now. He did take note of one of the people in the room, using her wings to try and clear it. He needed to play along for now.. and find a good place to change, so he follows the staff. Still, his eyes fell on that dark figure who entered. They must be whose behind this. They needed to be stopped.

[19:06] AremusFireheart: Sofia could now see the panic and confusion enter into the scene. Her face sweltered something bad. FUCK! FU- She struggled to the ground for a moment and then crawled into a small storage room. SHe didn't think she would... she began to pull something out of her bag. Something precious. Something that included a mask.

[19:07] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) as gas flows around, she growls, standing up an a defensive manner to protect the speaker. Her dress pulls back and a biotic armor takes place. Her wings spring out and shields activate as she draws her glaive "And just on cue the shit storm begins" she says from behind a gas mask, initializing her shield and preparing for a fight

[19:11] War Princess spoke loudly, the filtration system in her throat keeping her from getting particularly irritated by her own weapon. 'If you will all remain IN YOUR SEATS, we can get through this relatively painlessly.' She moved quickly, already halfway to the camera focus, small cylinders clattering along the ground as she did. These seemed to still have pins in them, and weren't issuing any sort of gas. 'Ah-ah!' She loosed a burst at Claudia's feet. 'Leave that where it is, or I'll find something to hurt those wings, too.' She continued her forward movement, ignorant of the zombies in the corner, or anyone else who's potentially escaped the effects of the gas, as she moved toward the shell in the middle. She knocked on it fairly politely, a cruelly toothed smile on her face. 'If you'd be -so- kind, I have a few questions for your headmistress,' she said, waiting for the shield to fall. 'AND!' She turned around with a flourish, giving a bow and showing a series of monofilament wires attached to the fingers on her left
[19:11] War Princess: hand, trailing from the other cylinders. 'Before any of you get any bright ideas, THOSE are full of VX gas. Nasty nerve agent, and all you've got to do is get it on your skin to start feeling the effects. So before any of you get any OTHER ideas, get back in your seats like the good little schoolchildren you are. I have QUESTIONS, and, according to your broadcast, your headmistress has ANSWERS.'

19:13] Iria stands silently as the room fills with gas. Apparently she arrived just in time for the room to begin to fill with it, but missed the explosion. Coincidence? She coughs and wheezes not immune to the immediate affects. Fortunately she has developed a high tolerance for pain and discomfort. Her eyes fill with tears. "I- *cough cough* can clear this- *cough* ou-hout!" She holds out a hand, without waiting for permission, and concentrates. The air and gas are pulled towards her palm like a vacuum. She keeps the constant teleportation going, sending it into the sky about a hundred meters over the building where it can dissipate harmlessly. She looks towards the winged Claudia and calls out. "Try-hy to blow it *cough cough* towards me-he!" Then the War Princess speaks, sounding a bit suspicious. Her watering eyes shift to the woman, but she maintains her glorified human-vacuum.

[19:20] Eira Ermine cant help but smile a little at the protection from one of her oldest friends and one old enemy turned friend. "Thank you" she coughs "But we have to protect the students at all costs. I will not lose another one" She points to Alicia "That means you too" Stilling as the attacker approaches and holds the room hostage "Speak your questions"

[19:22] Alicia Jones [19:08] Alicia Jones Forces her shields to surround the class room sized room. her eyes glowed as she spotted a creature.Alicia was a new super hero , and still wore her uniform from training her power slowly brought its self back in as her hands sparked.NOW aiming to protect the Headmistress as the innocents seemed to have all fled.she wasn't bound to leave this fight. new or not. the shields slowly lowered as they formed around her party waiting."Professor I'd rather not loose the head. I'm just one.''she'd glare at the Princess. her hands sparking . Scar gave her a taste- and now she wanted it .- the shield protecting her at all costs as well as anyone close to her. -except the princess.- her eyes glowed as they became ombre, her letting it out may've been the best choice. she waited until Eria asked for them down.

[19:23] Sadie managed to force herself to her feet, hacking and coughing as the gas continued to make it difficult to breathe. Claudia's repeated wing buffeting somewhat abated the effects of the gas, but didn't nullify them. As she focused through the eyes of her undead creations, she realized just who the attacker was; she couldn't help but grin. She'd been looking for her for the past week or so. This wasn't the most private place to meet the juggernaut, however, so Sadie decided to play along and potentially curry a little favor with the HERO staff, if the opportunity presented itself. She feigned weakness, dropping back to the floor as War Princess shouted her order for everyone to avoid engaging her. The continued discomfort is real, however; even with Iria clearing the room, the effects of the gas weren't going to immediately abate.

[19:27] Umbra quickly counts the room. "I don't suppose you have eight doses of atropine handy, Eira," she mutters quietly, eying the canisters. She steps through another shadow portal, emerging behind Iria, her eyes still boring into the "War Princess" as she stands guard over the student.

[19:27] Archangel Claudia sees everyone start changing to their super suits and decides to do the same, her wings turtling up around her, a short glow from inside, then they fling open to show her in combat dress, only to get shot at and fall on her butt "Hey! Watch it!" she huffs, then climbs back into her seat

[19:32] Darius Reeves Jr. aka High-Roller has found a place to change, having been one of few to escape the room. He pulls out a metallic cylinder and presses a button as it extends into a bo staff. Thankfully, with his blindfold on, he has a better chance at forming a strategy. Still, he felt the sting of that tear gas from before. It can burn like hell sometimes. He found himself blinking a lot, trying to get it out. The blindfold was see through and a special piece of figure tech with his IVS program as part of it. Through the vision of his blindfold, the world was blue, but he can see skeletons through walls. Most were in the orange, telling him they were scared and panicked. There were a few red, meaning hostile. He needs to get back to that room, but he can't just up and alert them to his presence. He was still the predator afterall. "Time to get to work," he said out loud, voice carrying the ever familiar grim growl to self distort it.

[19:35] AremusFireheart: Sofia enter face was a blistered red. Even as she put the final piece of her costume on and knelt near the door to the janitor's closet. She could hear the warning. Shit. Slowly the door had opened and she went on her belly. The clyinders were everywhere on the floor and she could see the wiring going right back to the fingers of the villain. One flick of her wrist... She couldn't afford any mess ups. Slowly she crawled on her belly to th nearest clyinder. Wire cutters coming out of her belt as she first access how the trigger mechanism on this death trap worked.

[19:37] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) grins at Alicia "you keep it up, jump behind me if needed" she states and nods to Eira "we got students in any other room? I got one here. Watch out for that critter's fart boxes" she says, flapping her wings to redirect as much of the toxic fumes as she could, having a mask but preferring not to get it in her eyes or elsewhere

[19:38] War Princess kept her grin, setting the smg in the crook of her neck. She wasn't bothering with keeping an eye on anyone else, and though she was well within one of the cameras' viewing range, she didn't seem bothered by her face being visible. 'You say you're sorry for failing to take care of your children. What steps are you taking--actively--to protect them, even now, with someone like me on your doorstep? Someone who can walk right through your protective systems and threaten to drop everyone in the room with a nerve agent?'

[19:40] Iria unfortunately lacks a super suit. She'd probably go through them like pez, anyway. Fortunately the huge hole in the wall allows air to enter the room, keeping her from turning it into a total vacuum environment. Even someone like her has to breathe. She's pure flesh and blood, after all. Once the tear gas is mostly cleared, she stops her embarrassing use of her power. Then she lets out a surprised yelp as she hears a voice behind her. "Don't stab me in the back!" She exclaims, having no clue who it is that appeared. Then War Princess speaks. If she stopped limiting herself, she could stop the problem- but she'd risk turning everyone in the room into a fine ash of their base elements- much like her outfit yesterday- and probably collapse the building around herself. If only she were alone to handle this...

[19:51] Eira Ermine senses for other life forces in the room and begins to channel her spirit energy. Listening to War Princesses question she looks down almost defeated. Staring at her students held helpless and her friends ready to fight. She commits herself gathering all her power "You are right. All I have been able to do is work with Vanguard and PAE to get better security. I have been helpless to protect my students...but no more. I leave him to you" she shouts and to her friends and flashsteps around the room gathering all the containers and flies out the window and upwards putting distance before they go off

[19:56] Alicia Jones Her power's were growing as the shields let up quietly , expanding into her hands. Nodding."Aye Professor.'' she'd grin.looking at them all her eyes glowed. ( With permission.) " The only mind not linked up here, is The person in front of us, and any one else I could not link too. it's Alicia, please do not panic. I am trying to make sure I got control over this. "she'd admit."The headmistress getting out is the best choice. " she'd note. "We don't want any dead I'm sure. Professor Hellguard . what can you tell me about this creature?" she'd ask.the war princess was unknown to her." I am not getting any mental gathering from them.''

[19:56] Sadie continued to play the part of the incapacitated observer, keeping a close eye on WP's position and activities. She began to drag herself across the floor, attempting to get into position to enact a plan that was formulating within her mind's eye. She did everything possible to appear as pathetic as possible as she moved, attempting to draw as little of War Princess' ire as possible.

[19:57] Umbra chuckles softly as Iria squeals. "There was a time..." she replies with a grin, her focus still on Princess, the smirk turning into a scowl. "Gods. Was I ever like that?" she mutters as she waits until Iria clears all of the tear gas from the room and Eira leaps out of the window. "You did your job well. Now get clear. Principal's orders. Don't make me give you a detention," she says as she opens a shadow portal at Iria's feet, trying to send her to the relative safety of the lobby below.

[19:57] Archangel Claudia sees that War Princess is focused on the others, so she tries to make an exit to get help, but she can't get to the elevator safely. so she goes action hero and tries to jump out the window and fly, only to have the glass cut up her wings and make her crash "Damnit!" and now she'd start hoofing it ((and I'm out folks, have fun and good night! ♥))

[20:01] Darius Reeves Jr. aka High-Roller hears the voice in his head as Alicia begins linking up with whoever will accept. He was already forming a plan of his own and decides to respond. "Keep her distracted and facing forward. I'm going to go for a blind spot. Look for dice. The moment you see them... close your eyes."

[20:02] AremusFireheart: Sofia had been on the floor. Wire cutters in hand. SNIP. She had attempted to disarm the first of the many clyinders scattered. Whatever the result she had been crawling on her belly when the other began to flash step. Doing something drastic. Her eyes lit up in a sudden horror. "DON'T!" She cried out getting off the ground. Arm outstretched. But it was already too late.

[20:04] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees Eira flash stepping all the canisters and then looks at War Princess "I-" then there's a voice in her head calling her a professor, she responds through the link in a manner surprisingly used to have the link <I'm not a professor...at least, not right now, maybe soon...> she continues out loud to War Princess "Maybe running might be in your future" she states as she twirls her staff "before stabbing becomes involved"

[20:07] War Princess spoke again, blinking as Eira finished. 'Well, how about--' and she felt tugs on a few separate fingers as the grenades plinked off in the woman's hands, leaving her holding four lengths of monofilament line attached to grenade pins. '... you let me handle security,' she finished, scowling as she turned around. Idiot. The canisters would spark a few seconds after the pins were pulled, white, burning powder issued from the grenades, spraying from a chemical reaction within. The woman had lied--the canisters didn't contain a nerve agent, but seem to have been intended for escape. She looked toward Hellguard, mulling over what Eira had said. 'Does this make me the headmistress? She was unclear. I'm used to taking things by force, but I've never run a -school-.' Then someone threatened to stab her. 'With something like that? You'll miss both my hearts.'

[20:09] Iria lets out a relieved sigh as Umbra speaks, making light of Iria's surprise. Then she finds herself falling into a vortex. So this is what it's like to be teleported by someone else? Another surprised yelp escapes her lips as she vanishes into the shadowy portal. The apparently air-headed girl forgets for a moment that she can teleport herself out of the situation. Instead, she lands with a thud on the floor below, pouting and disoriented. Well, at least she was able to contribute. Then a thought strikes her. Iria saw Eira leaping out the window before leaping straight up. Iria's self awareness kicks in and she teleports to the roof to look up, eyes desperately seeking out Principle Eira. Iria might be a student now, but she was a professional before! She'll be damned if she breaks her promise to help protect everyone in the Academy. Her pride won't allow it. Then she sees the bright flash of what are apparently flash grenades. Iria stands atop the roof, puzzled. She expected something a little more billowy.

[20:14] Eira Ermine flies upwards with the containers at great speeds, fully focused on her task. Mentally apologizing to her friends and well another as she squeezes the dolly in her jacket pocket "I'm sorry" just as the canisters go off burning her worse than anything shed felt before as she passes out from the pain and falls

[20:16] Dollmaker feels the squeeze through her sensory connection and listens, hearing the words and teleporting herself to Eira as quickly as she can, finding herself suddenly falling in mid-air among a rain of flame, she grabs onto Eira and teleports back to the ground, racing the wounded woman to the hospital in a series of smaller blinks

[20:19] Zephyr swoops in, as people who swoop are wont to, and lands just outside the wall, her SMG already in her hands. The girl, obviously robotic from the exposed ball joints and extensively armored body, narrows her eyes as she walks in, trying to locate whoever is responsible for the disturbance. "Second time within a bloody month I walk up on something suspicious at this place...really making me reconsider the merits of applying for a part time teaching position here..."

[20:24] Alicia Jones Smiled a bit chilling towards the villian as she seemed to be winning." Do you wish to flee or nah, now?"she'd ask keeping her hands out , those shields protecting her.yes, she did just do a meme.in a London accent. did she possibly make her first bad guy !? oh goody.this will be fun.her hair blew about due to her powers still light."On it Strange Male voice with no name.''she'd respond in her head link."I like the sound of stabbing ." she'd smile.saying out in public."I wont miss your hearts .' she'd move her hand forward, the Shield blocking now in a singular fashion. glittering happily .

[20:24] Sadie paused. She couldn't really carry through with what she had in mind if the faculty decided that War Princess was actually an asset to be used. She still managed to crawl into position before 'collapsing' apparently incapacitated by the lingering effects of the gas. If the situation worsened again, she'd be ready to act; even without summoning her Masher pistols, she could practically feel their grips in her hands. She spent the next few moments concentrating intently through her thrall's eyes, attempting to ensure she was properly lined up for the maneuver she had in mind.

[20:25] Umbra narrows her eyes as they go completely black, her guard still up as she stares at WP. "Wait...are you...was that a /job application/?" she cries out in disbelief, then laughs. "Holy fuck, girl. Way to almost get yourself killed," she says, still keeping her eyes open in case this is a distraction, or if someone gets the idea to use it as one. <Keep your guard up. Not sure what's going on with this crazy bitch.> she says through the metal link, wincing as she watches Eira fall and her life force fade dramatically, almost casting a spell to open another portal until she sees someone catch her and run in the direction of the hospital, breathing a sigh of relief. "What was in those canisters?" she asks the intruder.

[20:27] Darius Reeves Jr. aka High-Roller runs to the back of the building, taking out his grapple gun and aiming upwards. Firing a line, the hook latches on to a ledge. The rope quickly tightens into place and pulls him off the ground. He stops just on the first floor where the conference is being held. He plants his feet against the glass with the gun hooked to his belt. Fishing into his belt, he pulls out "Snake Eyes", his sonic disruption device. Tuning the dial on it, he goes for a higher frequency, just the one he needs for what he's about to do. Aiming Snake Eyes at the glass, he pulls the trigger as an invisible sonic beam shoots out. The glass begins vibrating, then cracking. Within a few seconds, he pushes himself off the window to get some distance while tucking away Snake Eyes. At the same time the windows would shatter violently as he swung forward. Once he's through, he tucks and rolls before getting back to his feet. In one hand he held a pair of dice. In the other, pool balls. He tosses them almost the instant he rolled in. The idea was to get them near War Princess to surprise her. The dice were actually flash bangs and the pool balls were smoke bombs. Those with the good sense or at least heard his warning about the dice in the mind link would know to cover their eyes. If the plan proved effective, this would give others the window of opportunity to attack.

[20:29] AremusFireheart: Sofia eyes widden at the bright sudden flash! The descending woman in shredded clothes burning off her body. She reached for her grappling gun. Ready to perform a mid air rescue whe- when! She just saw a figure appear and grab her and almost vanish. Hol- She shifted her gaze to the figure reappearing further away and then vanishing again and again. "Does... NO ONE CARE that your leader was just kidnapped!?" She expressed. Or... What was? She needed to investigate this and so she fired off the grappling gun and tried to get into pursuit!

[20:32] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) had a number of options to take care of this but decided to try for one that caused the most direct solution and the least chance of collateral. She rushes at War Princess, intending to slam the shield into her, bashing and then swinging it to hopefully send her flying out of the building. It wasn't the best option nor the most final, but it would certainly hurt. She looked back and spoke through the mental link <heading to air support, watch the skies> and then she takes off, trying to set up a perimeter

[20:35] War Princess smiled. 'The best way to improve security is to break in yourself,' she seemed to intone, talking to Umbra. 'Ideally, your... headmistress wouldn't have snagged phosphorous grenades, but I've always had a flair for the dramatic more than the practical. VX seemed like a more stark warning. I forget your heroes like to sacrifice themselves more than anything.' Yes, job application. She could work with that. One of her ears twitched as the glass began to vibrate, crack, and finally shatter. She turned to look at the source of the sound, and shifted in the same motion, with inhuman speed that would've carried her across the room had she not met with the shield. It made contact, but she spilled off of it before she could be thrown, rolling to dispel some of the force and stay more or less still. As it was, this was a trick she'd have used. She didn't know what the man had thrown, but deduction put it down to some sort of nonlethal device. She covered her eyes and lifted her weapon, spraying in the man's direction, waiting for a flash she was sure would come.

[20:35] Zephyr looks at Sofia. "I saw that doll woman catch her and teleport away, but she seemed to be moving in the direction of the hospital. It's possible she was trying to get help." She offerred, only to see Sofia grapple away after the woman, then looked at War Princess, addressing her. "Are you the cause of this disturbance? Does the academy REALLY have this many enemies?"

[20:36] Jormnungandr a high-pitched whine begins shrieking out from low orbit, as a figure of pure black descends at mach speeds, pulling up at the level of the balcony and spraying a volley of plasma rounds into the side of the building before dropping the last bit onto the balcony, nearly snapping off the outcropping under its sheer bulk before it smashes through the window "Blood and suffering! Your end has come!"

[20:44] Alicia Jones Ducked out of the way her frame dodging quickly.covering her eyes from the blast.her frame brings out her longer arm in an attempt to shield the down person she now notices.her other hand attempted to protect the man in the room with a blasted shield trying to hit the spray and make it spray elsewhere far away from any-ones person. -how ever she was doing this while trying to keep her eyes closed , mind linked and more- so all she knows is that her shield left her- and may haps have possibly ran into the closest person she was near by- War. "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD SOME ONE GET THE MAD IDIOT ON THE BLOODY SHRIEK!?" she'd call in the mind link ! Sadly, she could not link with Zephyr. Bots have no mind set for her to grab. the Shield able to move a short length as it may even send Jorm right back out the window! since she didn't connect to it anymore , it grew into a solid form thanks to her Illusions. temp, of course. her hair seperated from the pony it was in as it lowered.

20:47] Sadie heard the mental warning, but lacked the tactical skills needed to quickly assess exactly what she meant; thankfully, her eyes were already shut, and the eyes of her thralls were expendable. When her hearing became naught but a dim ringing, she knew it was now or never. In one fluid motion, the young woman shouted a battle cry and rose from her prone position, hands held towards War Princess as if gripping a pair of handguns. This quickly became the truth as a pair of neon-green revolvers coalesced in her fingers. She wasted no time in squeezing the triggers in the black-furred being's direction, though the flashbangs had caused her to lose the precise bead she had built up over the past few moments; it was entirely possible that she would miss entirely. If she didn't, each round that impacted against her target struck with the force of a one-ton weight traveling at a touch over the speed of sound; even if it didn't penetrate her target, it could very well impart a tremendous amount of kinetic energy, potentially hurling them away from her. That just so happened to be Sadie's goal; launching War Princess out of the hole in the wall that she herself had created to gain entry to the building. The arachnoid entity that entered the room as she enacted her plan was... *not* quite part of the plan, but she supposed now was as good a time as any for such a thing to happen; if WP was successfully ejected from the building, Sadie intended to follow her. All this madness made it quite easy for any number of things to go wrong; Alicia's shield could very well have blocked a number of her shots, Sadie might mistakenly shoot Alicia in her semi-blind state, or she might just miss all her shots entirely.

[20:48] Umbra sighs and sheaths her katana. "You're an idiot," she declares, her eyes returning to normal before she covers them when Darius crashes in through the shattered window. "For fuck's sake!" she shouts, grumbling as her ears ring, making it almost impossible to hear the newest arrival, almost because the hellish racket was loud enough to pierce through the ringing in her ears. She threw up a shadow wall behind her, protecting the room from the first salvo, although the balcony wasn't so lucky. "You want a job? Here's your first 'interview question,' " she calls out loudly to WP. "Unless he's with you, then fuck you and your robo spider!" she shouts.

[20:51] Darius Reeves Jr. aka High-Roller moves quickly, rolling out of the way of whatever that was War Princess sprayed. His hands were already going to his belt. He pulls out playing cards. Both were metallic. He spun around to give himself more momentum as he frisbee throws the first card, which was a sonic card that creates a high pitch wail as it flies through the air. He purposely missed her with that one as it's usually meant for a distraction. The other was a Sonic Shock Card, which he discus threw. If it hits the target, it'll release a shock, often meant to incapacitate foes. As this was happening a new player seemed to enter the game. He wasn't sure if she was friend or foe so he was weary.

[20:54] War Princess laughed. 'No! I was angling for a teaching position, but it would -seem- that--' and whatever she had to say was cut off by the horrid screeching of plasma rounds spraying into the wall. She shifted again, though not in the direction she'd meant to. She'd intended on rushing the PAE security chief, but the weapons the woman had drawn slammed into her armored coat, knocking her out of the building and into the nearby street. The bang didn't seem to bother her ears, though some of the flash bled through, and she stood in the street for an instant, rubbing at her eyes. She couldn't find a direction to go.

[20:54] Zephyr grumbles, the wings on her back rotating to a position more akin to a pair of shoulder mounted cannons than wings. Instead of firing, however, they begin forging hexagonal panels, which interlock like building bricks into a large shield-shaped structure, which takes up position behind Zephyr. As gunfire and explosions begin to erupt, the shield moves to protect the girl from the blast, each plate able to take kinetic penetrator round from an MBT before shattering, so it would take quite the force to break the shield. "BLOODY HELL!" she shouts over the din, grumbliing. 'THIS IS SHTE!"

[20:58] Jormnungandr slams its claws into the floor, gouging out massive chunks from the wood, the front two swinging towards the two closest targets, Roller and Umbra, each with 50 tons of force behind it aimed for center mass, voice echoing with mechanical menace "I am Jormungandr, Destroyer of Worlds. This place will be purged"

[21:02] Alicia Jones Kept her eyes shut as her butterflies showed to do their defense, the shields transforming slowly around her self. she sped off quickly , trying to gain control hearing bullets . the shield DID block a number.She heard the battle cry and looked up in complete dismay. her eyes glowing still."Uh Can we not assume that she plans to do what ...OKAY then." she'd groan in their minds. mentally facepalming. she looked up as her shields went back up to try and protect the school now her hands flowing up! "YOU SAID IT" she'd add on. she was starting to pant, but her powers were -strong- and she was stubborn.even if a bullet had grazed her arm and she showed a bit of blood- she could handle it.-.heal later protect first. " What the hell is going on!?" she'd ask mentally.trying to block the spider as she shifts her shields towards the window again, making sure they are protected. "Okay the spider can be dealt with . who's all next!?" she'd groan mentally once more. the more she used her powers, the more it became apparent she needed energy right after. she sweat but she was fine unless someone aimed for her."one down one to go!" she'd call in the minds. her ears RINGING LIKE MAD, she was glad at this point she had mind powers. One hell of a way for a first lesson she was sure."WELL SHOOTING US DOWN MAY'VE BEEN THE WORST OPTION FOR AN APPLICATION!" shouted Ali towards War as quick as she could. she couldn't hear.

[21:03] Sadie: The necromancer only barely had her shit together; she was partially blinded, mostly deafened, having trouble breathing, and she was pretty sure things were about to get worse. Just then, a single bolt from Jormungandr's plasma volley struck one of her Mashers, vaporizing it and leaving some gnarly fourth-degree burns on her hand. "Rude!" she shouted at the arachnoid cyborg, making a bee line for the hole she had just launched WP out of. She dove out of the building, a hundred unseen hands keeping her descent slowed to a safe speed. Her annihilated masher reappeared in her injured hand as she approached WP, though the pain she experienced quickly convinced her to dismiss it once again. One of her minions toppled out of the building, allowing her to somewhat focus on the scene in front of her; the other had been mulched by the arachnoid's entrance, now little more than a stain upon the floor. She held her remaining masher up towards her quarry- a scene for any cameras present. Iria's presence complicated things, however; she couldn't deliver her message with anyone else present. She took no further action, keeping her Masher raised towards WP as she turned her gaze between her and Iria.

[21:04] Zephyr keeps her shield between herself and..pretty much everyone else. A nearby camera, still rolling, is dislodged from its location and swings around just in time for Zephyr to look at as she shouts, "THIS ENTIRE CITY HAS LOST ITS BLOODY MIND!" as she tries to figure out whether to fight or to just get out of here and leave HERO to burn. She wasn't one for fleeing a battle, but this was all simply too much to handle without backup.

[21:07] Umbra sighs as WP gets blown out the window. "And you fail," she remarks, doing a backwards handspring out of the way from the spider's attack and towards Alicia. "Alright. Time to bail. The school is its students, not the walls" she declares, opening a shadow portal and tug Alicia through. Whether she follows or not is up to her though.

[21:11] Darius Reeves Jr. aka High-Roller watches as the War Princess is forced out onto the street. That seemed to take care of one problem but another, more immediate one had presented itself. He tilts the left side of his body backwards, trying to dodge the chunk thrown at him, but it grazes his arm. Yet because Jormungandr threw it so hard, it dislocated it. "Ah! Son of a-" he spat out. Slowly he gets to his feet and slams his shoulder into the wall to pop it back into place. "I thought Jormungandr was a giant serpent. Think someone got their mythologies mixed up," he huffed, taking out hos bo staff again. "Well. Come on then."

[21:11] Alicia Jones Whines! "HEY!" she'd blink , as she is RUDELY bailed with . On? Bailed for? bah. she'd blink whining."But they need help!" she'd say cutely. being stuck in a shadow portal, how ever, her eyes widen as she shuddered like mad."Creeeeeeeepppyyy...'''she'd whimper.

[21:12] War Princess turned to look at the girl quizzically once her vision returned. It didn't take very long, considering she hadn't taken the brunt of the flashbangs, and she seemed amused more than anything else. 'No. Three left feet. Get back inside and help them if you want to do something about it. That spider can't be easy to deal with alone, and they're not going to be having an easy time of it together.' She moved forward with her bearings finally recovered, as though she were going to ruffle the girl's hair. 'Go help your friends. I have artefacts to hawk.'

[21:12] Iria stands silently, not moving an inch. The young girl appears to not care, seeing the lack of hostility in the woman's movements. There is a cockiness to Iria's manner as she holds her ground. The moment that War Princess touches her head, they both vanish as she tests out one of her newly discovered abilities. She can finally teleport other people! Sadly, they both end up out on the hills behind the Dojo. Green, quiet, pretty. A place that has left a strong impression upon her.

[21:13] Jormnungandr sees people fleeing rapidly and grumbles in anger. It had been contracted to get the word out, and planned to do that by painting this gathering in blood, but with so few targets left it was time for a new plan. A cryo-turret begins spraying freezing fluid towards Alicia's position, while the plasma assault rifle barrages Zeph's shield, and the mechanical beast's hands reach out to grab the camera, turning it to face itself as it speaks "Those who wish to escape the purge... to profit from it. Come to the ruins... seek the mark of the V. There is a place for you, but not for the others" then as it finishes its speech it crushes the camera to dust with one hand and turns its attention fully back to the others present

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