Answers among the muck, or just more questions?

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Answers among the muck, or just more questions?

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[18:08] Lady Nightmare gives a wave to Shaw "That would be me, Miss Nosey herself. Always good to have a medical expert on hand" then she glances at her tablet and clears her throat loudly "Alright, let's get to the briefing. After analyzing the data files discovered during our last expedition, I've been able to discern the locations of numerous Singularity bunkers and outposts around the planet. The one you're heading into tonight is confirmed to have been disabled during whatever events led to the ruin of the former civilization here. The hope is that we can gain some intel on what exactly was responsible for those events, and determine what if any threat both those forces and Singularity continue to present here. The focus of the mission is intel gathering, however this planet has yet to show any signs of allowing peaceful exploration, so combatants need to be on your guard"
[18:08] Uvari Jotar approaches the gathered group, giving Spyder-bitch a light wave. He walks over to stand beside Lady N, as he figured it was a good idea for him to be front and center along with the other Vanguard.
[18:10] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods slowly "Singularity is a top level threat. So anything connected to it is likely to cause things to get...dicey" she states and does a calibration on her suit "armor is fully operational and good to go, will remain armored and masked for duration of the OP unless it is otherwise necessary to not be"
[18:12] Inferna nods at Lady N. "Mah skills may bae o' use tae yer. Ah'm nae sae tooled up wi' yer pretty gear an' wha''ave yer. But ah cin detect aught wi' a body heat frae a fair distance. Ah cin bae an advance guard, an' a guid scout fer yer, an' ah'm familiar wi' thae local wildloif."
[18:13] Spyder-Bitch hears someone approaching, and looked over to see Uvari Jotar. She'd smile at him and wiggle her fingers in his direction, "Hey shorty. Ready to have some fun?" She then would get uncharacteristically silent as she listened to Lady N's words. She crossed her arms, paying close attention to the information given; it would appear she actually did know how to take something seriously.
[18:14] Shaw Blackwell just nods and keeps to herself while looking over the group of possible patients
[18:15] Alicia Jones Listened softly."Mi mind powers may be able to help with this.''she'd say loud enough to be heard.petting what may seem like an invisible thing. if not stopped by the cute creature.crossing her arms, she may be new to her powers- but they were growing with her hand on actions.
[18:16] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 murmurs something softly into her com. Those with good hearing would hear "Vanguard has a gundam" A moment's later CELES's com spits out the sound of mikoto's voice yelling " DAMNIT!"
[18:17] Sparks crosses her arms, stifling a yawn as her tail shifts hidden under her coat
[18:18] Samantha Iseli returns Hell Guard's nod. Then taps on the side of her glasses to boot up the AR functions. Then she frowns when she hears Nightmare mention multiple bunkers, she'd heard something about a site b from one of the robots, but to hear that there were several all over the planet was concerning to her. At hearing that the planet didn't allow for peaceful exploration, she started to wish she'd brought her prototype suit using the technology she'd been working on based on one of the recovered robots from the previous scouting mission into one of these 'Singularity' bases.
[18:18] Uvari Jotar listened to what lady N had to say. He looks over towards Spyder Bytch saying to her "I might be research, but I'm also an operative. Since you're heading the combat , would you like me to arm myself right? Might be a good idea to cary my weapon so I'm ready.."
[18:18] Nogitsune twisted around to stare at Alicia as she moved to pet the invisible thing. She staaaared for a moment before turning back around. '...'
[18:19] Alicia Jones giggles. she whispers."I'm guessing your one of those vices that keep visiting me.''she'd wave her hand like she never cared . she was Neutral until someone decided to recruit her . *cough .*
[18:22] Lady Nightmare nods to Inferna "You can assist Spyder then with your findings" then she glances over as a re-fitted Vanguard shuttle comes down to land in the open part of the square, the pilot waving the 'all clear' sign "And there's your ride. If you've got any remaining questions, now's the time. Otherwise, hop on board"
[18:30] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 looks to Sigrid and falls in line behind her ready to board
[18:31] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 also converts to a less bulky armor
[18:32] Nogitsune didn't seem to be paying attention. She was chittering into what seemed to be a commbead, stealing glances at the robot. She wandered onto the shuttle, stealing glances back at Alicia. That one had to have seen, but didn't seem to be a priest. Puzzling.
[18:33] Sigrid returns a series of nods when Lady Nightmare finishes the mission briefing "Such a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the Singularity's deepest secrets. I ... i can only hope that we aren't confronted with another iteration of one of the Singularities primary manifestations. It might result into an ... utter loss of control over our technological assets." she would prepare herself for departure and await the story to unfold.
[18:33] Spyder-Bitch shook her head, not having any questions for Lady N at all. She'd start heading for the shuttle, "Alright, who's lab are We sitting on?" She'd look at Hell Guard, her Royal Bride, and wink at her. She'd look at Uvari, "Yes, get your weapons ready. Never know if we'll need them." She'd then point a thumb at Sigrid, "Stick near her. She's in charge of research, so do whatever she says. Stay close to her. Got it?"
[18:35] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks "I'm not sitting on anyone's lap. I'm flying interference. Need to stretch my wings and warm up for potential combat so I'm gonna fly escort. Anyone who wants in is more than welcome to fly with me" she says, taking flight and doing slow circles around the craft, ready to take off and follow or give protection as needed.
[18:37] Inferna smiles at SpiderBytch just a little too sweetly. "Aye lass, try an' keep oop wi' this oldtimer, will yeh? Ah won't slow doon jus' fer yer comfort, an' ah'll bae expectin' yer tae watch yer oon back at least some o' thae toim." She smiles serenely.
[18:39] Sparks hums taking her eyes finally off Sigrid's perky bottom and tapping her padd, signaling Iridium to follow deciding to ride along instead of fly herself, stowing the padd and following sigrid's rear.
[18:39] Shaw Blackwell nods and walks up to the transport preferring to stay behind everyone "Oh before I forget. Which if any of you already have healing abilities or shit so I dont waste my precious time and energy when I can conserve it for those who would trully be in need?"
[18:40] Alicia Jones Lifts up carefully to zoom near by Hellguard." I'd rather not sit in laps. may... have to make sure I do not run into walls. aye?'she'd laugh. circling after her as she wobbled.
[18:41] Samantha Iseli watched as the shuttle came down to land in the square. she looked back to Lady Nightmare, but the number of questions she had would be problematic to her actually being on the operation. Of course, her main question was about this 'Singularity' thing, but the fact that anybody assembled that knew about it seemed to be concerned about it was enough for her for the time being. She heard someone mention that Signularity might be able to take control of their technology, so she removed the wireless interface from her glasses, cutting off external access to it's data. She sighed softly to herself and climbs into the shuttle, taking a seat before reaching infront of herself to access her AR menus, pulling up the virtual version of her prototype suit and then shrinking it and putting it in the lower left corner of the screen of her glasses, taking the time on the flight to set up a monitoring program that would act as a virtual field test of the suit, it wouldn't be perfect, but any major glitches would
[18:41] Samantha Iseli: hopefully show up. She wondered exactly who was in charge of her since she was technically both research and medical. But it seemed more logical that she was to report to Sigrid. "I...Don't have healing 'abilities', but I am a medic, if that qualifies." she replies to Shaw.
[18:41] Uvari Jotar "aww , but I want to stink close to you! you can sit on my lap even." He was joking ...sort of . A compartment in his leg opens up , and dispenses a stock and grip. It completely unfolts though, revealing ahigh powered beam rifle. He turns on the safety, just so he doesn't have any misfires. Walking over beside Sigird, he tips his head "nice to meet you, I'll assist you with the research any way I can." With that he makes he way onto the Vanguard aircraft.
[18:46] Lady Nightmare grins at Hell "Last I checked, you didn't fly over mach 5, so you might wanna grab a chair" She signals the pilot to give a moment more for everyone to hop in and buckle up, and then the shuttle lifts up and takes off into the wilderness, sweeping over forest and jungle for over 15 minutes before settling down on the edge of a clearing in a massive swamp
[18:52] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 steps to the door of the landing craft. She steps out, and scans the area, doing her best to assure it is safe before giving the all clear for the others to exit the craft.
[18:54] Nogitsune trotted down, blithely unaware of whether or not the area was safe. She simply trotted by CELES' feet, moving toward the bunker's entrance. 'Maybe we can get there without finding another ancient turret system, hm?'
[18:56] Spyder-Bitch smiles to Inferna, "Don't worry about us. We don't have any issues keeping up." She looked over at Shaw, making a mental note of who could provide medical assistance if need be, "We have a mild healing factor. Don't worry about us though." She would totally sit on Uvari Jotar's lap during the ride. Once they arrive, she'd walk out of the shuttle, making her way to the front of the group, "So is this going to be more Indiana Jones or more storming the Empire's base on Endore?"
[18:56] Sigrid turns her attention to the expedition participants with scientific qualifications or expertise and addresses them shortly "H-hello my dear colleagues. First and foremost i'm grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Given that this situation is not really structured and we are in need of improvisation, i suggest you act and react according to your field of expertise. I'm not going to micomanage this excursion, but instead i expect that you contribute to the mission at your own discretion. We will exchange informations and observations to coordinate and focus our combined effort to understand the present condition of the Singularity infrastructure and what might have occured in the past.
[18:57] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at the bunker and sighs "I already do not like this" she states, ready to power up and start combat at a moment's notice. She moved towards the front of the group "If my shield is up, take cover behind me. I'm gonna try and keep this as close to the crew as possible...hopefully we'll find minimal resistance"
[18:59] Inferna walks gingerly through the muck. It isn't the yuck factor that annoys her, but the sticky wetness. It could actually interfere with her powers. She disembarks, then does a visual sweep of the area before sending out a wide cloud of sparks. The air itself seems to warm with them, dancing like will o' the wisps above the mud. "Healin' means yeh got knocked aboot in thae first place, lass," she grunts, her hand on her weapon and ready to draw. She can see any sources of unusual heat in the area now, whether or not they are camoflaged to the naked eye.
[19:00] Sparks raises a brow at the quoted craft speed, tapping an autopilot command out to the Iridium holding formation in the air next to the shuttle. It's engines would flare uncharacteristically, making it's presence much more obvious from the engine trails as she strained to keep up following at it's maximum speed, upon arrival the engines flare again and dim to the usual low profile as it takes up a loose orbit around the area, scanners powering up and sweeping over the place around the party and shuttle landing relaying a area mini-map to those present and trying to penetrate the structure and ground with sensors, as she disembarks herself opening a project file and recording sensor and visual data, looking for tech personally "No healing factor as such, just armored."
[19:02] Shaw Blackwell again stays in the back of the group merely giving a nod to Samantha "good that helps." She then looks around at the plants and shrooms picking up some of the ones that would be useful for remedies in the field as she waits for the team to enter the bunker
[19:03] Alicia Jones Arched an eyebrow at the stink comment." Uh. No thank youuuu OW." wall. she'd fly off the wall, and shake it off. following the group, she lands in the ground gently, trying to make it an easy land. 'Gross gross gross.'she'd think. spotting the fox again but , her eyes follow Hellguard as they light up in response."It's too quiet..''she'd begin scanning the area for minds . if any would show that is.
[19:07] Samantha Iseli was surprised by how short the flight was, but wasn't about to complain since she had finished her virtual test program for the prototype suit. She was still conflicted about whether or not to have worn the actual garment, but all things considered, this would probably be a poor place for an initial field test, especially since she hadn't even worn it in laboratory conditions. She pulled on a filter mask before the door opened and quickly brough out a device to analyze the air for quality and for any harmful elements. She let out a little sound of agreement at Nogitsune's comment regarding the turrets "And maybe the robots won't be functioning either" she mutters to herself. Given that she was unarmed, without powers, and a pacifist, she wisely waited for the area to be deemed safe from obvious threats. She peered out from the shuttle to observe the bunker, it was clearly a different design from the one under the city, at least from the outside. She returns the nod to Shaw "That is why I'm here, to
[19:07] Samantha Iseli: help. Either as a doctor or a scientist" she replies as she waits for an all clear before leaving the shuttle.
[19:10] The Courier followed the group for a time, curiosity getting the better of her. Finally, as they come across the structure, she decides to join them.
[19:10] Uvari Jotar was surprised that Spyder-bitch actually sat on his lap! Then again, she was very very...friendly to say the least. I resists the urge to touch her in all the right ways, and just gives her a big hug, holding her tightly . As they arrive he steps out and he looks arround at all the plant life "ooohh very nice!" He starts to colect samples, wanting to decode the dna of the plants for later "oh I guess I should stick with the group.." He makes his way back, standing by Spyder Bitch and Sigrid.
[19:16] Scene as the first couple people hop out of the shuttle you find your feet sinking a good inch or two into the goopy mud, but overall the ground seems usable. The pilot hears the squelching sounds and shakes her head "Won't be fully landing here, I'll stay in hover. Just gimme a call when you need extraction". The air is bordering on swelteringly hot, with heat vision picking up vast amounts of it everywhere, making it hard to tell exact targets, though some of the signatures don't quite mesh up with what your eyes are seeing. Shaw is able to find a few medicinal plants, but inspection of the large mushrooms reveals that they are releasing a constant slow flow of poisonous spores into the area. Scanning for minds reveals large numbers of animal minds all around, but no higher intelligences apart from your teammates. The penetrating scan finds the ground difficult to pierce, but is able to confirm a small underground chamber, with no signs of any larger complex attached
[19:19] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: "There is poison in the are. Masks on. We should get inside as soon as possible. " She starts making for the door, hoping the Sigrid brought the proper protection, and begins searching for the opening mechanism
[19:19] Nogitsune wandered forward more, seeming to have little trouble with the muck. She froze suddenly, and called out to the others. 'Those trees look a little odd to anyone else?' She drew close to it, tail flicking behind her, eying the thing's face. '... oh, good. I guess we should invest in a canine mask, then, hm?'
[19:24] Spyder-Bitch hears that the air is poisoned and the need for masks, and her symbiote would change its shape, changing her suit to cover her mouth. The symbiote, didn't need air to breath, so would use that to help its host. She looked to Nogitsune as she mentioned the need for a canine mask, and something would seemingly crawl off of her and into the muck. One of her symbiote children would move in front of Nogitsune, offering itself to the canine, "It knows not to infect you, just to help you breathe. We'll take it back right after the mission." She'd walk up beside C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1, looking at the trees, "Either Groot had some kids, or someone really likes their art." She'd shrug, "Or these are long lost Deku kids or something."
[19:27] The Courier follows along silently, taking in her surroundings cautiously. The ground squishes beneath her boots, but she manages to trudge her way through.
[19:31] Sigrid squeaks softly when her small boots slowly sink into the swampy ground "Unstable ground consistency. Caution is advised. Diverse ecosystem rich of phytological lifeforms. Toxicity and allergic effect unknown. Environmental protection highly recommended." she concludes, while her PAE 'Pathfinder' Mk II suit would immediately switch into full environmental isolation, generating a protective mask mode via smart polymer restructuring. Sigrid was of could feeling intrigued by the awaiting structure, activing her PAE ARPC and establishing a connection to her omniscanner module. Sigrid would try to scan for artifical patterns of energy density or temperature differences which might be concealed behind the massive bunker doors, trying to possibly gain an insight into the shutter mechanism and if it's controlled by conventional electric/electronic structures."
[19:32] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks at the Celes move forward. She slowly does a high step through the muck, not wanting to stay standing in one place too long as she approaches the door "so...there a password? Or do we need to hack it? If we hack it, that person should have some vicious firewalls set up because Singularity might hack back" she states and looks slowly over the door, trying to see any sign of a latch or handle for emergency opening
[19:32] Inferna sniffs the air, then covers her face with a piece of cloth before hurrying to the door as well. She eyes the mushrooms, making sure not to pass directly under the gills. "Amanitas," she growls. "Dinnae loik thae look o' 'em." She crouches down to inspect the plant life. "An' if yer see aught thae looks loik watercress, dinnae eat it. Ah've been foragin' thae edge o' thae city fer some toim, an' stuff thae looks loik carrots cin bae vera bad, e'en back oon earth." She starts examining the door for an entry mechanism, as well as using her heat senses to try to see if anything was waiting directly inside. The hot air doesn't bother her a bit, it's the wet that she hates.
[19:33] Sparks wrinkles nose at the readings of poison, a thin black film rippling over her face and head as the biofilters screen it out automatically as soon as the door opens, following Sigrid absently for the moment and looking over the readings, tapping at her padd trying to tune the sensors to get any better data or clear the interference. Looking in particular for EM or metallic readings, signs of technology or at least industry "Doesn't seem to be much here but muck... if it weren't for the poison we could probably stage some scantily clad wrestling fights and make a nice show for some" looking up and moving towards the structurew to get a better look mostly ignoring the wildlife focusing on trying to open the door with Sigrid and analyzing the materials
[19:33] Shaw Blackwell stores the useful plants and leaves the shrooms "The mushrooms are releasing small poisonous spores into the air. Its probably best to get a move on. If you expereience hallucinations or paralysis let me know right away." Creating a small operation room in her hand as she begins to dissasemble and extract the needed ingredients to whip up a counteragent as they walk towards the door
[19:33] Alicia Jones A Mental wave may wash over the minds of those who let her in....and many who may've not seen her coming, if allowed. her hand reaches her forehead as she thinks.concentrating on what may be around the area. she speaks in their heads , if not blocked or stopped."If we get out of here and into that bunker.they'll be something underground.''she'd speak. " Whom ever is naming Medicinal plants off in their bloody' mind I am now thankful for the information on Shrooms." she'd shrug. lifting her feet up to fly a bit."Highly requested to be on guard .''she'd add. her hands glowing now. she loved tech. " Professor might there be a lock on th' door?'she'd ask Hellguard. " If ye can override the battery lock it may be useful to get in .na?" she'd ask. flying forward to land next to the OG's.
[19:36] Samantha Iseli picked up the poisonous spores with her scanner, glad she'd put on her mask, though it was mainly for appearances. She activates the mapping software in her glasses to take in the area. he looked over at the trees Nogitsune pointed out as she hopped out of the shuttle, not appearing particularly bothered by the environment, she'd been in worse, though she wasn't particularly fond of the heat, making a note to put temperature regulation in her new suit. "Back in the previous facility, we did encounter a failed hybrid of an animal that had bark for a skin...These could be a successful version of that..." she comments "So, they could be camouflaged animals, I recommend caution" she finally adds on as she looks at the trees some more, her boots squelching with every step as they fill with mud, thankful for her undersuit. between the mud and her skin. She wanders around the area, collecting plant samples and placing them in containers along with some soil to keep the plants alive for later, mainly to see
[19:36] Samantha Iseli: if they could be cultivated in the city to help supplement medical supplies. She gave the odd trees and the door a fairly wide space, now expecting the trees to jump to life at any second after her thought about the previous lab's specimens.
[19:39] Uvari Jotar stopped collecting samples for now, as he realizes there was a lot of poison in the area "The life here must be adapted for the poisonous spores..fascinating. Sadly we are not , so we better head inside quickly! " He follows the others, making his way towards the doors just behind spyder-bitch "wonder if these spores are local plant life..or created by whoever made this bunker to protect it.."
[19:39] The Courier follows along silently, taking in her surroundings cautiously. The ground squishes beneath her boots, but she manages to trudge her way through. Her eyes shift to everyone, targeting reticle shifting from person to person with her eyes. Her small mask does well enough to filter out the spores. She remains to the back, acting as a rear guard.
[19:42] Scene the first couple approaching the door find a scanner panel controlling entry, while continuing scans show small amounts of metal nearby apart from the bunker itself, mostly lead. Scans through the door itself show no signs of anything immediately on the other side, however, as people pass by the trees they suddenly snap into motion as they launch an ambush, limbs flailing at Hell and Nogitsune at high speed with immense force behind them, trying to snap their targets in half
[19:47] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 's visor flips closed the moment the trees begin to move. She accelerates rapidly to her right, making sure to keep below mach speeds to avoid a boom that would harm her allies. She draws an energy-blade off her back while activating her hard light shield to block the blow headed for the foxy, then attempts to retaliate with a series of rapid thrusts at the tree
[19:47] Nogitsune eyed the thing for a long moment. '... oh, no, I think I'll be fine. Thank you.' She'd be fine breathing the poisonous clouds for the moment, at least, assuming that they'd be able to get inside before it became a serious issue. She trotted up closer to the entrance, intending to stick close to CELES--until trees move, and quite suddenly. She doesn't move quickly enough to dodge the first hit, the limb cracking along her ribs and back with enough force to bruise her bones and crack a pair of ribs. It knocks her into the air, as well, and she lands in a heap at the base of the door's frame, electricity crackling from one of her forepaws, the other dripping gently with water. She stirs gently, gingerly, trying to stand and return fire, but not capable of doing so with the hit she just took.
[19:49] Spyder-Bitch saw the branches reaching out for the group, and would turn to the tree on her left, forming a tendril on her hand and would whip it at the branch going for Hell Guard, aiming to break the tree's branch right at the base of the tree, "Uvari Jotar, protect Sigrid and the others on that side. Sorry if We don't know everyone's names." She saw the dog go flying and would rush over to Nogitsune, turn around, and stand between her and the trees, going to give her some cover, "You okay? Do you need a Scoobie snack?"
[19:53] Sigrid 's primary interest was of course the massive bunker door leading to possibly more clues regarding to the Singularities presence on this world. She was of course distracted, sliding through various screens of data on her ARPC, narrating her observations "How disappointing, no electromagnetic activity, no temperature gradients, a unusal concentration of lead indicating possible radiation shielding ... " she wasn't able tot finish her speculations, because out of nothing this lovely excursion was disturbed by an intolerable amount of violence. Little Sigrid was no fighter and she was frozen in shock, remaining in her position and only whispering an "F-fascinating, but disturbing ..." more to herself than to anybody specific.
[19:54] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) the second the trees moved, she activated. Muscle movement completely as she drew her glaive, slashing at the branches, pulling the glaive to a defensive stance and activating her shield, taking on a typical blocking phalanx posture, all in one seemless movement that looked very well practiced both in and out of combat. She growls in that stance and shouts "form up! Watch the mushrooms and anything else not attacking, this may get hairy"
[20:00] Sparks's head twists around at the crackling motion, pressing under the slight overhand near the door her cannon thrumming to life the spindle starting to turn and charge "Well, caution to the wind then" she says breezily. Working at the scanner panel, trying to open the door or hack past it to open the door using her padd and a handheld scanner trusting the security escort to keep guard, the Iridium's sensors try to recalibrate, switching through capture modes including motion to identify and analyze the new battlefield and provide a tac-map via downlink to the PAE staff and anyone else receiving, featuring firing arcs and attack cones where data is available. "Open sez me!" she'd resort to percussive interface if needed... looking back she'd step and reach out, grabbing Sigrid's arm pulling her bodily under cover (and against her) out of the way - and through he door if it opens
[20:02] Shaw Blackwell "Operation Area" as the tress attack, the small orb she held expands going past the door and covering the area, and then she just disappears with a pop as her Operation Area also vanishes
[20:07] Alicia Jones Had been flying when an vine attempted to attach it'sself to her leg" OI ! No no, vines you are not getting handsy with mi.''she'd shoot out a shield aiming it for the area around her, and if any-one was near her- they'd also get protected-. if allowed.her shield soon moving towards the front of the door to allow folks in! her self floating about after it.if it was open .Ali's bright glittering Ombre shields stood out as she used them to try and protect from any blasts.seeing the Fox down made her upset. she worked to keep her cool." If we head in there will be more room for us downstairs!" she'd call in their minds,keeping that link. she noticed some fled. wasn't sure who excatly, as she groans . trying to keep the vines from her backside."Plant's like these don't have minds!" she'd shout in theirs."This has to be done with human help.'' she thought.her back arched, as she kept her shields up.attempting protection.
[20:16] Samantha Iseli had, despite her expectation of the trees coming to life, still yelps and jumps when they actually do so. She was used to operating in stressful situations. But she was surprised that none of the other medical personnel gathered went to treat the injured fox. She frowned a bit and then ran for the injured animal, doing her best to dodge the flailing tree limbs and grabbing a medical scanner from her bag to see what injuries the creature had, finding some fractured ribs, but no other obvious damage. There wasn't really much she could do for fractured ribs since they weren't actually broken, and she wasn't a vet. "I can give you something for the pain...But I don't have any quick fixes like PAE might... You'll have to take it easy and avoid any stressful activity..." She felt kind of odd talking to a fox, but seeing as the fox itself could speak. She felt rather useless at this point in the mission.
[20:19] Uvari Jotar moves quickly to block sigird, standing between her and the trees. The limbs lash out and try to grab him. They manage to take hold, but with his great mechanical strength he manages to resist their attack/ he opens fire with intensely hot lazer fire on one of the trees, hoping he can burn it to ash "Eat hot lazer fire scum bags!" yup, he was definitely reading to many comic book and cheezy action movies "Sigrid! once those doors open get out here!" He sure hoped someone could open those doors! or destroy the trees before the weaker members of the group get torn apart.
[20:20] The Courier draws her pistol, aiming for the moving tree to the left of the door, in front of Hell Guard. The Courier seems intent on keeping her distance. Her targeting reticle aligns with her pistol's aim, and she squeezes off a few 9mm FMJ's at the Tree's 'face'. She keeps her fire under careful control to avoid recoil walking her aim into Hell Guard. She lifts her left hand to tap the side of her visor. All of the relevant combat data projected by the Iridium's sensors fills her visor, now.
[20:26] Scene Spyder's bashing attack knocks a limb aside, but doesn't snap it like you'd expect a tree branch to do. On the other hand, the thrusts and slashes from Hell and CELES are more effective, piercing through the flexible bark and drawing viscous green blood from the treants, along with screams of pain. Courier's bullets slam into her target, though they don't have much immediate visible effect. The one fighting Hell tries to bash her back with a fierce slam, then turns to run, what seemed to be roots actually legs that move at a surprisingly swift pace. The other treant tries to batter CELES aside and then lunge towards Nogitsune and grab her
[20:28] Scene Sparks' attempts at hacking find extremely durable safeguards in place... while the tech here isn't as aggressive as Earth's Singularity, it's still immensely capable at handling cyber attacks
[20:38] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 cuts her shield and uses her enhancesd speed to stay between the tre and her allies. taking the sword in both hands she slashes at it's roots to try to shop it's ability to move
[20:39] Nogitsune coughed audibly. No blood came out, and she was certain she wasn't bleeding internally. 'How many times? Fox, not dog,' she managed, rolling onto her front, then struggling to stand. 'Kitsune, not hellhound. Inari's beating heart, you mortals are dense,' she managed, finally standing, though her front paws still dripped with magical energy. She looked back at the tree that had launched her into the wall, and tried not to lean too much weight onto that side. Moving hurt. Walking was going to be remarkably unpleasant. But... 'bit of a shock. Haven't been thrown that far in a while,' she admitted, as a white arc of electricity leapt from her right foreleg to the tree, striking it with roughly the third of the power of a bolt of lightning. She wasn't happy, and the bolt sustained itself, spreading across different portions of the tree as she stood, seeming for all the world like a tiny, quadrupedal Emperor Palpatine. She finally seemed to realize someone else was talking to her, as well, and shook her head.
[20:39] Nogitsune: 'I should be fine for a bit. Body's physical, and it's going to hurt, but it's not like it's going to kill me.' She winced, not entirely capable of keeping her stoic attitude with the core of her body as fucked as it was.
[20:42] Spyder-Bitch blinked as she saw Shaw disappear, "Did we seriously just lose our doctor? Shit!" She'd look up at Alicia, and the symbiote wu respond back via the mental link in a warped voice, "Not all beings who control others are human." She would move out of the way for Samantha, letting her treat thed down fox while still giving the two fo them some cover. That was, until the tree came for Nogitsune. She formed more tendrils and would start whipping them harder at the branches, trying to give some blunt force to back up Nogitsune's electrical shots, "Okay, this stuff is just starting to piss us off." The symbiote child that was offered to Nogitsune, but was rejected, would suddenly dart at the door, trying to slide through any cracks to the other side to look for a switch to open the door.
[20:47] Sigrid was perplexed when all the events took place around her in slow motion, degrading her to an observer. Regardless of the immediate danger, these apparently consciously acting plant life forms had naturally inflamed her professional interest, yet little Sigrid was abruptly pulled back into the action when her colleague grabbed her by the arm, resulting into a squeak of protest and outrage "Miss Sparks ! Such a rude behavior !" feeling herself slightly squezzed into protection behind her fellow PAE researchers body. Gladly Sigrid was ending up directly in front of the access console and if this was truly Singularity technology, she would recognize it as such, as she gathered a lot of experience in former confrontations. The only reliable way to intrude a Singularity system was by nanotechnolgical intervention, as the Singularity was usually based on self-organizing substrates.
[20:48] Sigrid would try to fetch one of her nanite cluster applicators, exploiting a highly modified industrial grade generation to infect the doors control interface and overwrite and reassemble it's hardware. This was a very daring application of nanotechnology and often ended into stalemate of self-replication with the opposing cluster, or total failure due to superior adaptive capability of the Singularity nanotechnology.
[20:49] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls, seeing the tree retreating. She dropped her shield and thrust her spear forward, firing a beam of energy at the retreating tree, looking to burn it off with her energy before it decided to regroup and come at them "If you're exposed, get behind the defenders. If you're hurt, call for cover fire. If the trees are running away, make sure they don't come back"
[20:54] Sparks smirks "Sorry, your butt is too nice to let the trees break it~" and kicks the door frame again moving out of Sigrid's way "Blasted thing... if noone has a better idea I'm ready to hack this thing open the hard way.." she unslings her cannon, a charge panel lit indicating ready to fire as it continues building up the next one, keying a quick setting for burn mode, tight focus, and eyeing the door and the trees
[20:54] Shaw Blackwell looks around to see if there is some kind of switch, button or lever to open the door from the inside. Finding a scanner she places her hand only to get a negative reading as she hears the rejection 'No Organics Allowed' "Of course not, why make it easy?" She sighs and takes a seat in the corner. "Operation Area" Creating a smaller area around herself so she can react to any dangers as she gets to work with her immense knowledge making a counter agent for the poison when the team finally gets in. Humming to herself as she works
[21:02] Samantha Iseli raises her eyebrow when she hears the screams from the trees, looking over her shoulder to see the creatures bleeding, seemed she was right about them being animals camouflaged as trees. She spotted one of the treants lumbering towards herself, her patient, and Spyder. She didn't exactly want to move the Fox right away, but in a choice between the patient being grabbed by a hostile being or herself, it wasn't much of a choice. Of course, the Fox struggled its way to it's feet and proceeded to electrocute the tree creature. She groaned a little and pinched the bridge of her nose, muttering something in Swiss-German, probably some sort of complaint about beings with super powers not listening to doctors. "If I may suggest, blades seem more effective than blunt force against these creatures" she offered to Spyder, seeing that she was attacking the tree with blunt tendrils. She might despise violence, but it she begrudgingly admitted it was necessary in this instance.
[21:07] Uvari Jotar sees the tree bleed from his lazer blast , and he thinks for a momment "Okay, not actually trees..time to try something new.." With that he folds up his rifle, and places it in the compartment in his leg. He reaches into his shoulder, opening another compartment to draw a beam saber! He lunges forward towards the treant Celes was fighting. He swings his blazing hot beam sword horizontally , attempting to cleave the treantin half! "Time to meet your maker!"
[21:07] The Courier takes note of the Treant fleeing Hell Guard. She decides not to get in close and get in the way of the people fighting melee, and blasting things with electricity. Instead, she moves forward cautiously, scanning the areas to the side and behind, watching the display on her visor for any more movement that may be picked up by the Iridium device. She isn't keen on getting attacked from behind while everyone's distracted with the more immediate threat. The Courier sweeps her pistol, keeping her aim tracked with her own line of sight for quick target acquisition. Whoever The Courier is, she at least seems to have experience. Then, without warning, she is surrounded in a faint glow. A modulated voice sounds perplexed. "What the-" Then the Courier vanishes.
[21:12] Scene Hell's shot rips a hole through her target, drawing another scream from the fleeing treant as it reaches the edge of the clearing and then slips into the trees and swamp fog. Nogitsune's electricity stuns the other one, while CELES and Uvari hack it apart, drawing thick gouts of the green blood as it collapses to the ground, Spyder's beating adding insult as it weakly tries to reach out towards the fox one last time, mouth working slowly in a chewing motion, and then it goes still. As Sigrid starts to interface with the panel the scanner runs over her, and then without complaint the bunker doors slide open, revealing the cargo lift inside
[21:13] Uvari Jotar 's bot start to malfunction, realizing that those tree limbs did more damage to him then he anticipated "I have to draw back! I'm sorry.." With that he retreats..
[21:14] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 doesn't seem to be happy at the speed with which her tree is getting felled. so she tries another tactic. She slides the lit of the sword back into it's holder and puts her shield back up, crouching slightly and using it to ward off attacks "Equipment change. XLB88" A glowing light appears at her hand that seems to take the form of some sort of rifle When the light fades there is a rifle in her hand with a canister slung underneath and a pilot light in front of the barrel. She looks at the now slain tree and sighs. Looks at it for a moment then mutters " Better safe than sorry" And flamenwharfers the hell out of it
[21:15] Nogitsune snorted audibly before realizing that was a BAD idea with fractured ribs. She winced, then laughed a little at it, winced again, and laughed again at the absurdity of it hurting more when she laughed. 'Worst case of mourning wood I've seen in a while,' she muttered, turning around and limping toard the open door. 'If you don't mind, I'm going to move a bit more slowly than the rest of you. Obvious reasons, I'm sure. I think...' she breathed deeply, uncomfortably. '... two or three ribs are broken. May ask one of you to carry me later.'
[21:17] Spyder-Bitch looked over at Samantha, "We think you needed to add a 'duh' after that comment. We suppose you may not have understood the concept of a distraction?" She was capable of making her tendrils razor sharp, she just wasn't for the moment; she wanted to potentially keep an offensive move up her sleeve. A move, she didn't have to use. She watched as the tree creatures fell and stopped moving, doing a few last whips for good double tap measure. She'd look to C.E.L.E.S. Valkrie 1, "Our thoughts exactly." She'd then retract her tendrils back into her, dusting off her arms a bit, "Well then, shall we all see what fresh hell is inside for us now?" She'd snicker slightly at the morning wood comment; specially how much she usually loved chopping it down.
[21:21] Sigrid blinks in surpise when the entrance suddenly opens "A-access granted ... but i didn't even applicate the nanite cluster yet. My speculation is that the Singularities IFF system did catogorize me or Miss Sparks to be part of the parametric defined access group." she turns arounds with a somewhat annoyed expression "Please, these unnecessary hostilies are not very productive. I would prefer to explore the inside of this structure rather than continue this unnecessary fighting." speaks and actually begins to move inside of the bunker, still carefully and scanning the area for movement or energy patterns.
[21:21] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks as the tree gets singed to hell and dissipates into the swamp. She deactivates her shield as she holsters and deactivates her glaive, then turns and looks at the open door and the rest of her allies "Well...shall we see where this goes?" she asks and sees Celes' incendiary weapon "might want to keep that ready in case we face more of the same within" she says and then looks back to see if everyone else was alright before making ready to enter the bunker
[21:21] Shaw Blackwell finishes her antidotes as she morphs enough into teeny little balls about the size of a aspirin for the team, making sure to keep some extra for later. Removing her Operation Area and standing up as the doors open. "About time. Everyone take this, it will counteract the poison." Handing one of the little balls to everyone
[21:21] Sparks safes her rifle, since the battlefield is too crowded to engage the treanimals, clicking a switch a brilliant light shining from her weapon as she sweeps the inside looking over the elevator curiously and stepping in, moving to the controls but letting Sigrid get there first since she was having better luck with the tech, just recording "Iridium said there was a chamber underground.. and this does look like an elevator.."
[21:22] Alicia Jones Heads in after doors got open enough her frame turning as she tries to look and make sure every-one got in, as she flew down to land by the others, in their minds she speaks. "Actually that was me." She states now loud enough to hear. " I can see one below in the minds of others, but who I am getting I don't know.''
[21:25] Samantha Iseli winces when Celes pulls out a flamethrower and torches the tree, hoping that it didn't set fire to anything else "So much for bringing it back for study..." she mumbles in the general direction of the charred corpse. At least the fox finally took her advice to take it easy. She then shrugged at Spyder's reply "Truthfully, I didn't expect anyone to listen to me" she replies. But she didn't even spare an eye roll for Nogitsune's wood comment. The promptly nods in agreement with Sigrid's comment regarding the hostilities. She accepts the ball from Shaw, but doesn't remove her mask to take it, since her mask was filtering out the toxins. Either way, she follows the others into the elevator, standing off to the side where she'd be covered in the event of incoming fire once the doors opened once again.
[21:28] Scene the elevator is quiet, scans confirming that there is a single floor below, and the facility seems to be running on minimal emergency power, with no particularly large electrical signatures showing up. The area outside is calm now with the departure of the treants, and the lift controls have another scanner identical to the one at the door
[21:30] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 looks at Sigrid for a moment. Then she steps forward and alllowes herself to be scanned, attempting to activate the lift.
[21:31] Nogitsune looked around. 'Really? Nothing? C'mon. Mourning wood, 'cause it looked haunted. But it sounds like mor--y'know what, if you don't get it...' she seemed to be trying to sit still for once. Definitely hurt. Hurt more than she wanted to admit. 'Anyone want to torch the giant mushrooms while we're down? Might make breathing a little bit easier.'
[21:32] Spyder-Bitch would take the pill offered to her by Shaw, the symbiote engulfing it in her hand and ingesting it without actually having to swallow it dry. She'd look over at the elevator, "Alright, everyone in the elevator." She'd jump up, and cling to the ceiling, "We'll stay up here, in case the cable snaps or something. We'll give it a few weblines for support." She'd look at Sigrid, "Gotta make sure Rapunzel gets down unharmed, or her fiance would kill me."
[21:33] Sigrid feels a bit uncomfortable now, but her observations wouldn't allow all too many explanations, gesturing over to her ginger coworker "Miss Sparks, i have a certain theory. Would you please position yourself in front of this scanner ?" speaks and would await the systems reaction to Sparks presence. For the case that the Singularity IFF system wouldn't grant further access, little Sigrid herself would try to move into scanning position, whispering something to herself "Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem."
[21:35] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at the scanner and then stands a bit far back from it. She knew she wasn't powered by anything remotely in line with the energies of Singularity, so she didn't want to be picked up at any time on this one "If you need more power, I can try and power it with my own energy, otherwise I'll remain ready to assist"
[21:35] Sparks chimes in for Nogitsune "I got it, I thought it was hilarious~" she smiles now that things have calmed for the moment and continues surveying the lisft, trying to activate it, declining the pill, "Thanks, I'm clean." then Samantha "I'm sure we can gather some samples from debris, the swamp water would have protected anything detached from the flames" she tilts her head and moves in front of the scanner, her nanosuit would continue to be a 'black hole' for scanning, showing no lifesigns "Hm?"
[21:37] Shaw Blackwell shrugs as few take the antidote. "Well if you experience halluciantions or parlysis remeber to take it. We were exposed for a bit before protecting ourselfs, but hey what do I know" Standing along the edge waiting to ride down
[21:40] Alicia Jones Wonders if she was getting an Antidote, and would be happy to have one." I'd like one.''she'd stand beside 's the gate looking down as she lets her eyes glow trying to see if she can't get a mind read again. her hands move as she attempts to latch on to something of a rock, it floating up and then being launched down- she was testing, (if okay ) how far down this was.
[21:41] Samantha Iseli rolled her eyes lightly as the fox continued to push it's pun. "I can still give you something for the pain, but there's not too much that can be done in the field. Though they were only fractured when I scanned them...Not broken..." she frowns a bit. "I can take another scan if you'd like" She then nods to Sparks "That is true, but the less damage the better when it comes to studying an unknown species" she replies with a shrug "Oh, speaking of those mushrooms, please don't hit my bag, I do have a few mushroom samples in there, to see if the spores an be refined into anything beneficial, and obviously it would be bad if the containers were damaged."
[21:45] Scene as soon as Celes steps to the scanner it runs over her and the elevator begins to descend, Alicia's rock only dropping for a split second before clattering against cement, and indeed it's not long at all before the inner chamber becomes visible, concrete broken open to make way for plants growing into the chamber, pulsating clumps of something leaking gas in a small area around themselves, the consoles and Singularity drones in the room heavily corroded, and as the elevator nears the bottom the large plants lunge towards you with snapping jaws
[21:46] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 narrows her eyes and frowns as the elevator goes down. as it lowers she murmurs "hmm. just in case... " She murmurs "Re-equip. Heavy. " Her whole body starts to glow and shine, untill she can no longer be seen because of it. the light seems to ooze into a slightly different form, and when the light fades Celes is now ... significantly bulkier. When she sees the plants she begins to march forward and murmurs "Flammenwerfer wirft Flamme." And begins to try to drive the plants back with short bursts untill people can get into position
[21:47] Nogitsune laughed at Samantha's observation of her physical state. 'Fractured, broken, cracked. Ribs aren't fun to even -bruise-. Should've said you could give me something to make me funny, though. Mengelated that opportunity, Herr Doctor.' She was a bit more ready for something else to lunge at them this time, though. The snapping plant didn't snag her--she'd lunged out of the way--and gave a much more concentrated blast of electricity, roughly comparable to a bolt of natural lightning. 'C'mon, flash-boil the water in it,' she muttered, her voice lost in the heavy WHOOSH of CELES' flammenwerfer.
[21:48] Spyder-Bitch simply stays up on the ceiling, making sure the elevator does go down safely and smoothly for them.
[21:52] Sigrid nods in approval the moment the IFF system accepts CELES as part of the access group "I wouldn't have expected such a simple condition pattern, but it seems that sysnthetic lifeforms of various configurations are sufficient to gain access to these Singularity facilities ... now ... oh !" she wincs and takes a step backwards as soon as CELES begins to purify the place from the infestation "Please ! We cannot risk to ruin potential clues or still functioning systems." she would await the all clear signal to finally explore the awaiting room.
[21:52] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) pops the antidote pill as she goes down the elevator. At the bottom, she sees the plants and grins. She immediately fires a beam of energy at the nearest one, wanting to make sure that she gives it no time to make any crazy moves. The beam would be very focused for maximum damage on impact with the plant. She looks around and readies to put up her shield if necessary "stay back from the gas!" she shouts at her allies
[21:54] Sparks just observes the plants curiously from the back with Sigrid "...Fascinating" then spies the consoles half-hidden behind the plants "Oooh, Hey try not to damage the equipment!" she calls to she attacky ones of the party, trying to slip past if she can while they push the plants back to reach one of them, her suit still rippling up over her head in a faint sheen protecting her as she makes for a console to play~
[21:56] Shaw Blackwell preps a Operation Room as the orb again forms in her hand at the ready. Stationed at the edge of the elevator she backs up a little more letting the heavy hitters take care of the assault for now as she gets a view of the room "Operation Area" Again forming the control area as she uses her telekinesis to try and manipulate the gas and keep it away from the party
[21:58] Alicia Jones Blinks as she jumps when Hellguard near about fires into her, as she fires she ducks out of the way."BLOODY.'' she'd growl." watch where yee be aiming woman!"she'd flex out her hands as she concentrated as she tried to reach into the mind of the plants, she'd keep trying, her hair moving about.she wanted to learn about them."Tell me your secrets...''she'd in a mystical voice, say in their mind if they were easy to get into.of course, after popping a pill in."Someone keep me shielded!" she'd ask loudly, instead of in a mind.
[22:01] Samantha Iseli let out a surprised squeak when the elevator suddenly dropped into motion, but regained her composure quickly. She shrugged a bit "True enough. for the record though, I did say I could give you something for the pain before you pushed yourself back up and electrocuted the tree" she replies to the fox, not having much time to respond to the quip as the plants snap into the Elevator. She doesn't even need her scanner to tell that there's something toxic being pumped into the air given the visible clouds around the pulsing plants, the substance likely caustic as well given the corrosion. She was grateful for her position in the corner, very difficult for the plants to reach. Regardless of the necessity, she does grab her air scanner to see what they were specifically dealing with in the air while keeping out of the way of the people capable of dealing with hostile plants.
[22:10] Scene as Celes starts spraying fire, it scorches at the edges of the plant but it seems to have far too much moisture from the swamp to ignite, however as the flames hit one of the pustules on the stalk it pops, spilling out a vile black sludge and knocking that plant back. Her sweep also hits a couple of the orbs on the floor, causing them to burst and release a much larger cloud of gas, though the pressure of the flames drives the cloud away to the robot against the wall which rapidly begins liquifying. Hell's blast staggers the plant again, ripping a chunk out of the stalk, but it seems to be incredibly resilient, and Nogitsune's lightning causes her target to sizzle loudly, but it's still moving, that one lunging forward again, trying to snap up CELES from the side. Sparks is able to dodge past for now with the one plant distracted, finding the consoles operable but heavily damaged by time. Opening it up reveals hundreds of files identified only by a series of numbers. Scans pick up that the gas is
[22:10] Scene: extremely acidic, sufficient to kill a normal human in seconds if they breathed it straight, and each of the pulsating orbs is stuffed full of it, with what's in the air just being excess venting
[22:13] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: " I am being careful, Sigrid-oujosama. I am taking care to fire my weapons along vectors that would ipact a conso- SPARKS! Why are you running into the line of fire?!" Muttering, She tagged Spark's position She flung her shield at the mouth of the plant trying to snatch her. the two enormous guns began to pivot downwards, and her voice took on a decidedly emotionless tone. " Targeting ..... Targets identified. Calculating. Firring solution calculated. " There was a slight pause. " Chimei-tekina sakura engaging" At that moment there was a truly prodigious amount of firepower and it all looked as if it were headed for sparks .. Except not a single shot even so much as grazed her. Every single shot was calculated to clear a path from the cat and protect her, anything that even twitched in her direction was on the receiving end of a hail of energy and conventional munitions.
[22:14] Nogitsune growled, the pain in her chest enraging her more than the plant's continued survival. Water wouldn't be particularly useful yet, but she could continue trying to fry the giant plant with lightning--which she decided was, in fact, the wiser course of action. The bolt died, and a constant, roiling 15-amp stream of 220V electricity leapt at the larger plant in smaller bolts.
[22:15] Spyder-Bitch hopped down off the ceiling when she saw the elevator worked just fine, and would land on the metal floor with a clang. She'd fire a webline at Sigrid, aiming to pull her near her and out of the reach of the plants, "Over here Rapunzel. Don't want you getting caught up in all that." She'd try to pull her in close, a hand going to rest on the swell of Sigrid's back if she was able to pull her close. She looked over to Samantha, "You okay over there? You don't look like you spend much time working a corner to your benefit." Her back would form tendrils, each going to shoot webbing at various orbs, trying to put web leaches on as many orbs as they could. Any web leashes that the tendrils did get, they would then go to web the ends of the leashes to the wall, trying to keep the orbs in place.
[22:18] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks to Alicia and smiles "be on guard whenever a door opens. If there might be enemies behind it, there usually are. And you better be moving or they'll put an end to you real quick" she says, continuing to send beams at the plants. She focused on any one that was getting a bit too close or was about to make a move. She'd blast it with the energy, regardless of effectiveness, until it backed off
[22:23] Sigrid in horror was observing the contamination with what seemed to be a really strong acid, calling out "Careful ! We are in need of a neutralizer ! Does anyone happen to have sodium bicarbonate at hand ? Baking sodaaaaaaaa .... " she wasn't able to finish her sentence, because she was suddenly pulled away and ending up all too close to a certain person, her sister deemed to be an 'infestation'. Little Sigrid is of course fidgeting and complaining " This is outrageous! Such a treatment cannot be tolerated, Miss Spyder !" losing all her actions this round of combat !
[22:24] Sparks hums a fractal tune as she presses up to the console, most everything else fading away as her hands fly over the keys, connecting up to it starting a download into a protected segmented storage as she skims the files looking for any relevant data on the facility or plants, "I'm fine, got enough power these things won;t be able to hurt me for a while...I'm gonna download what I can, then we can blow this place if we have to" not too concerned about the gas or firepower at the moment,, her nanosuit rippling constantly seeming to fuzz under the gas assault, except where it forms into brief hard armor plats for shots that come near her - though she does spare a glance at her power supply while working, and scowl some as her coat and hat start to disintegrate. The weapon and straps and closer gear protected by the nanoarmor, meanwhile the weapon on her back gains a second glowing charge indicator as it continues to whine
[22:33] Shaw Blackwell sighs seeing the acid and gas. Guess theres no other real choice. She expands the room to its max adn the finally draws her sword in a series of slashes as she tries to cut the acidic orbs away closest to the party. Seeing it as nothing but a routine surgery where shes removing tumors, except these ones poisonous and acidic. If successful she would then teleport the orbs to the upper level outside.
[22:38] Alicia Jones groaned as she sensed the spores her frame moving her shield up and around her frame , trying to breath. her breath having a little hard of a time.she was on guard but it was getting hard for her to breath, she backed away for a moment around the wall. she had to get out of the room for a moment, she wasn't full human she was also a psionic mind controler, but she moved so fast it looked like she had speed . butterflies followed, black monarchs matching her shield colors.
[22:41] Samantha Iseli winces as she sees the robot liquefied by the gas emitted from the orbs on the floor, and it seemed that the gas was also non-flammable given that the fire just pushed it into the robot rather than igniting. "Okay, so, I don't think I need to say it, but no more fire, it's just popping those pustule like plants, and, as evidenced, it's highly corrosive, so try not to pop any more of those things!" she calls out, the normally quiet woman straining to be heard over the cacophony of weapons fire. She looked over to Spyder "I am fine. There is nothing to study, no-one to patch up, Staying out of the way while violence is employed is as useful as I can be at this time." She looked up to Sigrid for a moment, and then started rummaging through her bag, she hadn't expected to encounter acidic compounds, so she wasn't sure if she'd packed anything in a large enough quantity. "I have some calcuim carbonate tablets for neutralizing acids in large volumes of water, I don't know how effective they'll be against
[22:41] Samantha Iseli: this though, especially as tablets..." she replies to sigrid "If someone could powder and the spray the powder, they might be slightly more effective, but they weren't really designed for an acid this strong." she says, before Shaw proceeds to walk into the room at slash at the orbs to teleport them away. She knew her undersuit and mask would be resistant to the acid, but doubted any of her other equipment would be if something went wrong with this tactic. Either way, she withdraws the bottle of tablets and holds it out, in the event that anyone wants to try using them against the acid.
[22:48] Scene the plant reels as CELES' hail of bullets chips of the tree-like structure of its stalk, one barrage sinking into the next of the protrusions on it and causing it to burst, that plant's movements slowing a bit now as more black goo leaks out, reeking like an open septic tank and quickly filling the whole area with the stench. Hell's blast knocks the other plant back momentarily, ripping another chunk from it, while Nogitsune's continued electrical barrage draws more sizzles, that plant's movement starting to slow down very slightly as the water loss begins to outpace what it can draw in. Both plants try to lunge again, the one on the left towards CELES and the one on the right trying to go past her for Hell this time. Shaw is able to bring the first cluster of orbs into her field, severing them from the ground and sending them up to the outside of the bunker
[22:56] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: ne rotates her mini-guns up deactivating them and swiches her rifle back to flame. As the plant lunches for her she stands ger ground and simply opens fire in it's face.. Perhaps even getting caught and chewed on as she continues to pour flame and plasma into the moth of the plant
[22:56] Nogitsune shifted a bit, more unsteady on her feet. The poison from earlier must've finally gotten to her, combined with whatever else was in the air down here. She tumped onto her side, breathing becoming considerably more shallow. She was still alive, but out of the fight.
[22:57] Spyder-Bitch looked to Sigrid, "Sorry Rapunzel, but can't risk letting you get too close." She'd fire a web line up the elevator shaft, then go to stick the end of it to Sigrid's back, and put another glob of webbing on the webline to stick to Sigrid's back, looking to lift her up just a few feet off the ground, "Researchers need to be kept back. Let us secure the room before you rush in there. It's for your own good." Several of her tendrils would fly over to Samantha, going to snatch up some of the supplies and bring back to Sigrid, "Here, play with these. Work your magic."

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Re: Answers among the muck, or just more questions?

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[23:01] Sigrid struggles, still angry about her involuntary rescue, but as the situation was still dire, action had to be taken ! Sigrid was, of course, very concerned about the spreading contaminations of these unknown plant secretions and trying to call out her advice "Miss Iseli's idea might work ! The tablets need to be dispersed into a fine dust ! And please, if anybody has access to cryo rounds or another way to cause a severe drop of temperature, it might cause these disgusting liquids to freeze !"
[23:03] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Spyder and then back at Sigrid "I can be sure I do not have any freezing." She growls, sending beams at anything that came too close "Energy and I can start cutting them but with that acid they've got inside them, I don't see any reason to get coated in that mess" she states and shakes her head "If it's a lab, there might be an emergency purge, otherwise fire suppression systems may work"
[23:04] Shaw Blackwell breathes a bit harder after this feat but maintains her Operation Area so she can keep the gas and acid at bay with her telekinesis. "Lets hurry this up please I cannot keep this up forever" she pants clearly straining now
[23:07] Sparks shifts her cannon around as shreds of her coat and hat fall, checking the settings then the status of her download having given up trying to find something important now, hearing the mention of a purge she searches for that on the controls as the download continues. lights on the now visible straps and panels on her nano armor start to dim with the power strain of resisting the acid gas
[23:07] Alicia Jones Ali sat in the corner kneeling for the moment as her hands powered up .her fist gestures towards the plant its self , trying to miss any-one in the middle frame.those bright orbs becoming attacks.bright sparking attacks. She wasn't a happy camper~ she didn't know how to mind fuck yet, so she was more than willing to blast angerly ! she was projecting it as a telekinetic force projectile.those eyes glowing full blast now.her frame making a big shield as she attempted to Telekenetic'ly send it shooting forward."DUCK!" she'd call to those who could understand her in her mind.
[23:10] Samantha Iseli wonders how the plants can be so resistant to the damage from the lightning. The plants were growing through the concrete and not on it, which meant they were able to draw underground water that was pooling under the facility, moving down the walls from above "They're drawing water from outside, if you sever them at the base, the electricity and fire will be far more effective" She didn't notice the horrid smell due to her mask, but she'd be grateful for the device if she was aware of it. She let out a quiet yelp when tendrils suddenly grabbed at the supplies she was offering, her fingers tightening around the bottles before noticing where the tendrils were coming from and relaxing her grip, allowing Spyder to take them to Sigrid. She looks to Hell guard and shakes her head "Seeing as this place is run by synthetics, chances are any purge or fire supression system would likely also be hazardous to us. But it would likely be effective, if it's still operational after all this corrosion..."
[23:18] Scene CELES' barrage keeps the plant from getting a solid bite on her as the inside of its mouth scorches and blackens, the crease of its jaw starting to widen, lessening the force it can bring to bear. One of Hell's beams slices the third protrusion on the left plant, the gush of foul sludge spraying right at CELES this time as the plant's movement slows to a crawl, and then it gets slammed with the TK burst, part of the impact hitting the last protrusion, another burst of goo spraying out as the plant collapses and goes still. The other one gets knocked back a few times by random shots, but then lunges at Alicia as she moves up and tries to snap her in its jaws. The search for the purge system shows that there was no purge, and fire suppression was run through one of the terminals that has been destroyed by the acid. At this point, Sparks has uploaded nearly 90% of the accessible files from the system
[23:22] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 ditches the flamethrower back into the elevator and continued to hold the plant at bay using just the lazer Vulcan on her left wrist A familiar glow appears at her right hand and when it fades, she's grasping a PAE Cryorifle. though she was covered in the foul gunk she had been pushed back enough that she could see into the elevator. Though the cryo rifle could not be fired yet. she points her left arm at Spyder and turns up the volume on her voice as the two miniguns start to pitch down " YOU WILL RELEASE HER OR BE DESTROYED. "
[23:24] Spyder-Bitch thought a moment, taking the tablets and smashing them in her hands, crushing them as much as she could. A tendril would snap at the web line holding Sigrid up. She would spin a few webs on the ground, forming a make shift beaker with them, and pour the dusted up tablets into it. She'd look at Sigrid, "Us and cold...Don't mix." A tendril would go to snap at the webline holding up Sigrid, letting her go back to the floor, "If you need it to get cold down here, We can't be a reason for you to hold back your little science project." She took a deep breath, and exhaled as she said, "We can't imagine this place not having some kind of air conditioning system. If We got into the vents, could you guide us into hot wiring the system to get it cold enough for you?" She knew what being in the vents when it got cold for her would mean, but knew she had to act selfless if she was ever going to win over the PAE people. She looked back at C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1,
[23:24] *"Believe it or not, We were actually trying to help her stay out of harms way." She'd point to Samantha, "If We had a clear web shot at her, We would have done the same thing, for her own safety."
[23:29] Sigrid swings up and down, trapped by the super-elastic spider thread, struggling but still busy with the task of contributing scientific advice "A laboratory ? But of course, this place could actually be an Singularity laboratory. However, I would highly adivse against the activation of a purge mechanism ! The Singularity seems to fancy neutron purge arrary, which might expose this whole area to a deadly neutron flux ! The bane of organic lifeforms ! Please do not activate the neutron purge, Miss Sparks !" the next moment she tumbles to the ground, trying to use her remaining action points to get up and take cover.
[23:33] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees the acid and groans, pulling up the shield "stay back as best you can, Sparsk as soon as you have all the info, get back from there. I don't know if we're going to be able to vent these things but if we can't, then we may be needing to abandon this room with these suckers still thrashing about"
[23:34] Sparks tilts her head "almost... " consulting her reserves biting her lip a little delaying as long as possible before disconnecting, turning and dashing quickly to get back into the shield "Okay, I got as much as we're gonna get, and luckily I found out the purge system was already disabled..."
[23:35] Shaw Blackwell hears Alicias shout of DUCK, and drops to her knee. Holding her Operation Room as she backs into the elevator "Yes think our time is up here"
[23:42] Alicia Jones kept aiming for the blasts on the plants as her blasts stop slowly she smokes her eyes sparking as she breaths, sending out another one to try and aim at the last few plants with out hitting sparks. she concentrates on the location and aims. her clothing luckily not able to shred easily.
[23:42] Samantha Iseli just sort of offhandedly waves off Spyder's mentioning that she'd have been webbed too if there'd been a clear shot "I'm fairly safe where I am" she replies "And webbing me would probably damage my sample containers, which wouldn't be the best thing" She then points to Sigrid, "That is exactly the sort of thing I was worried about" she says, referring to her own concerns of a purge system. "That's probably for the best, if it is a neutron purge, I'm fairly sure that even at minimal possible output, a neutron purge at this range would be fatal to anyone that is not fully synthetic." she adds."Perhaps we should return with a large quantity of industrial-grade herbicide, in the end, they are plants after all."
[23:46] Scene the remaining plant keeps trying to lunge at CELES as she stands in its way, but it keeps getting knocked back by the blasts, the growing dryness combined with the constant barrage causing it to start cracking and splintering, each movement causing chunks to break off from it as it throws all its force into a single assault now
[23:50] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: I am contaminated. Go without me. I will deal with the situation and be right after you. then she turns and starts sprinting deeper into the room. "Spooling matter transporter... " she intones, then once she's past the operating room she says "Armor purge" and the heavy armor literally explodes off of her body flying in every direction Free of the heavy armor she moves much, much faster, Parkouring over the console and landing next to the command unit. Slinging the orange and black bot over her shoulder, her entire body begins to glow, the glow starting to encompass the carried command unit. " Calculating coordinates.... deportation in 5 ... 4... " counting down as she hunkers down behind the console for protection from the last of the plant monster's attack
[23:55] Shaw Blackwell has enough "Yeah we got what we needed, time to go." SHe'd then disappear with a pop as she TPs outside and removes her Operation Area. Reaching in her jacket and popping the antidote pill as she walks off "Nope. Never again. Staying in the fucking hospital next time"
[23:56] Sigrid by now was seriously worried that the ongoing fighting might actually trigger this facilitites automated purge system, she notices CELES desperate attempt to provide a secure retreat from the lab and would call out "Please, i suppose we have to be satified with the data Miss Sparks was able to extract. I highly recommend a rapid departure from this area." she heads over to the elevator and would wait for Miss Hellguards decision.
[23:58] Alicia Jones Dropped to her knees her hands smoking at how much she used her powers. groaning."Departure may be in order.''she'd look up at Hell."Professor can you take me out of here with you?"
[23:58] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) moves to the elevator and activates her shield "alright, everyone get away from the opening. Sigrid, I don't like abandoning personnel. If you can assure me that CELES is going to be fine on her own or has some sort of rapid departure system, then hit the button once everyone is on board. Everyone else, to the elevator and get set to flee" she states and then sees Alicia go down. She moves over, picks her up, and carries her back to the elevator pad, pulling her shield back up "alright, Ready when you are" she says to Sigrid
[23:59] Sparks glances at the lift control "But..." then rolls her eyes tapping at her arm checking that the nanosuit's sensorclock was still up and running, rigging it to let some of the E/M sig out, hopefully making her look like an artificial lifeform now as she moves to the sensor, but holds back from activating it "Not to mention CELES was the one that activated it in the first place..." she chimes in
[00:08] Samantha Iseli had remained on the elevator the entire time, but when Alicia went down, she moved over and withdrew her scanner from her bag, checking the woman for injuries, suspecting exhaustion, but wanting to be sure regardless. "If memory serves, the defenses at the previous base ignored Sigrid, perhaps she could operate the lift as well?" she asks. Of course that entire situation had been a hectic mess and she wasn't entirely sure she was remember correctly.
[00:09] Scene as Sigrid hits the console the elevator starts to rise again, everyone seeing as CELES leaps past the plant's massive lunge. Unfortunately, as the plant misses her it slams right into the next pod of orbs, rupturing all of them and sending a massive cloud of acidic gas rapidly spreading through the room, instantly liquifying the other white drone, and leaving only a handful of seconds before the whole chamber will be completely flooded
[00:09] Sigrid nervously plays with her fingers, visually distracted on her coms for a moment, her expression stern enough to cast an unnatural look onto her usual angelic features "I ... i have confirmation from Miss CELES. She will be alright ..." she heads over to trigger the necessary IFF recognition, then waits until everbody is gathered around her, a final nod "Ready, Miss Hellguard ! We are leaving this place." finally activating the ascent to the surface..
[00:10] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... And then she was gone, along with the command unit. a split second later she reappeared crouched next to Sigrid with a command unit over her shoulder. She blinks a bit, looking to Sigrid. " I was under the impression that you knew I could do that. We should go now. I will be on emergency power in eight minutes. "
[00:12] Sparks's armor indicators start to flash red, as if agreeing with CELES, the Iridium descends as she emerges from the lift, hovering on the much canopy opening and waiting as she turns to the others "Well..."
[00:13] Alicia Jones Clung to Hellguard near about falling asleep as she tries to stay awake, her hands still burnt . she rests her head on her chest if allowed.
[00:14] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: " We are not going to fit in that "
[00:14] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) as the lift comes up, she shakes her head "what a mess" she groans as she holds onto Alicia, making sure she was going to be fine, supporting her and feeling the head on her chest. Then she looked at the clown car of space ships and tilted her head "where's our evac?"
[00:15] Sparks arches a brow "No, I assume the rest of you are using the shuttle we came here on.. but I'm also almost out of power, and this has a hook up that will keep my biofilters running on the way back to the city until I can recharge
[00:15] Scene as soon as people start emerging from the bunker, the shuttle begins to descend again, coming to a hover a couple inches above the mud and sliding open the bay door
[00:16] Sigrid glances all around, trying to count the individuals "That was an unpleasant experience. But at least Miss Sparks was able to save the data. Now it's time to return to the lab for evaluation."
[00:17] Sparks pats the padd on ehr belt and nods as she moves to the Iridium, climbing aboard and sinking into the green field with a sigh of relief as the armor stops flashing red "I'll upload it as soon as I get back... and don;t linger unprotected, remember there's toxins in the air here too, and treants.."
[00:18] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 patts the command unit slung over her shoulder. " we got more than just that.This unit is nearly in tact. " She looks to Sigrid and gestures to the shuttle " Ma'am"
[00:19] Sigrid smile returns and she would nod polite "Lets return home then." entering the shuttle.
[00:19] Sparks takes the controls, "See you at home" the canopy closing as the craft lifts into the air and turns, reconfiguring for high-speed flight and shooting off to the city
[00:19] Samantha Iseli winces as she sees the plant smash the orbs and release the massive amount of caustic gas "I suggest we depart this area...I'm not sure if the walls of that facility will be able to withstand that degree of corrosive chemical exposure, this area may very well collapse if that chamber fails." she comments offhandedly as she walks off the elevator "I'm starting to think I'm going to need a second bag for random supplies to deal with these things next time I go on one of these missions..." she mutters mostly to herself as she approaches the shuttle, keeping her mask on until the vehicle was departing. "Speaking of those Treants....I wouldn't mind having one of those corpses brought back to the hospital for study." She looks somewhat jealously at Celes when the woman mentions a nearly intact robot "Wouldn't mind getting to study that....The ones I got from the last base were rather mangled"
[00:19] Alicia Jones lost the battle with her energy knock out ability, she snores soundly.
[00:21] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) finds herself holding Alicia and nods to Samantha "alright, get what you need and then evac, I don't want to have to come looking for you in the wilderness" winks, carrying Alicia to the ship
[00:22] Andromeda Arliss nods back to Hell Guard as she hops back off the shuttle and tries to drag one of the treant corpses to one of the shuttle's storage bays "Um...I could use some help...this thing is rather heavy..." she mumbles

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