The Alliance is formed

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The Alliance is formed

Post by Hannah DuMont » Wed May 22, 2019 11:14 pm

[19:51] Saku is waiting at the door. The casino still not open to the public as it is still in the process of construction. Smiling seeing everyone arrive she bows "My Mistress thanks you for coming. If you will all follow me, my Mistress waits"

[19:54] Lord Kataron looks around the casino intent " my so many forms of vice.. since my day. its delightful" he moves to follow the girlin pink walking with a strong confident stride " shall we?"

[19:54] Minka Bubblygum: follows Saku.

[19:54] Wolfess [OOC] heels to her master and sits waiting for him to move on the outside appearing nothing more than an exotic pet, a beast trained to obey. that was only half right. she follows close behind her master

[19:55] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) stuffed her hands in her pockets and fallows. " Gambling, shame i missed out on that idea...." Limly stated..

[19:55] Horace paused in the doorway, staring fairly openly at the... werewolf? She narrowed her eyes and looked at it intently, leaning against the doorway to keep the weight off of her left leg. She wasn't particularly sneaky, but her curiosity had been piqued by that statement. She still eyed the wolf-thing, pulling a bright orange-yellow case from her pocket, pulling something from it, and jabbing it into her left leg. 'If you'll give me a moment to follow, I can't exactly keep up with most of you at the best of times,' she said, limping along behind--and disposing of her needle in a hip-mounted sharps container.

[19:58] Lord Kataron eyes the straggler at the back of the group " my what a strange creature"

[19:58] Saku enters her Mistresses office and bows to her Mistress "I have brought the gathered as requested Mistress"

[20:00] Scarlett Morningside smiles standing near a statue of one of the old citys heroines "Very good Saku, you are dismissed" The cherry blossom girl would then proceed to enter into one of the cages in the corner kneeling until she was needed once more. Clearly well trained. Scarlett smiles to the group "Welcome, and thank you for attending this meeting, please have a seat"

[20:03] Wolfess moves over next to her master and lays down on the floor faining rest while keeping her keen ears tuned for danger or anything underhanded.

[20:04] Horace had limped her way toward the center, selecting an unobtrusive seat near the door. 'Don't mind if I do,' she muttered quietly, left leg's musculature twitching gently as she tried to get settled. She crossed her legs at the knee after a few seconds, leaning imperiously on one of her elbows as she managed to settle. 'Where'd you find her?' she asked, looking at the masked man. 'And how'd you get her to look like that?'

[20:05] Minka Bubblygum: takes a seat and yawns. She leans back and makes herself comfortable.

[20:05] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) dropped into a seat unceremoniously eyeing the feathered looking woman she had never met then sizing up Scarlett......" Not to sound like an asshole but why are we all here?"

[20:05] Lord Kataron nods slowly and moves forward clamming a seat , he eyes the woman with interest " you seem..rather unassuming for the company you presume to keep" he drifts his hand down and pats her head idly watching the others take there seat , he glances at the creature and smiles and decides to tell a truth and a lie side be side " i put out an ad... and magic"

[20:08] Horace waved one of her hands toward Kataron. 'I'm... capable enough. Though the magic intrigues me.' The ads were a good idea, though. She'd have to investigate that further. She looked to Scarlett, the corners of her mouth turning upward, a cruel sanguine twist to her smile. 'I -am- curious why we're all meeting here, of all places. It hardly seems private.'

[20:10] Scarlett Morningside laughs as she lights up a cigarette in her holder as she also takes a seat "Oh I assure you this place is very private my dear. I have gathered you all here because we all share a common interest. Mainly surviving with all these metas and supers running around controlling the city"

[20:13] Lord Kataron turns his attention back to scarlet letting the creature assume he was referring to it as unassuming drums his fingers on the table "yes there do seem to be quite a few flashy types around here.. and plenty of opportunity..but i prefer more then mere i to am interested in your intent

[20:16] Minka Bubblygum: gestures to Horace. "Truth be told, you're the unknown here. I know the others, and have heard of Scarlett, but well you seem to have just appeared from no where. Who exactly are you exactly?"

[20:18] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) lounged back in the chair looking over the group taking everything in before answering... " The random Meta's arnt the problem, the problem is the corrupt groups in the upper city coming down here like they get to own this place too. The PAE is the biggest offender in my experience. But if your here to propose we form some, kind of mob then your too late but im always willing to take on more lackeys. " Limly smirked a bit. clearly not really taking Scarlett too seriously. She glanced over at Horace. " I tend to Agree with the sexy Bimbo, everyone at this table is a known quanitity, and I dont like dealing with wild cards."

[20:21] Wolfess yawns and stretches listening to them talk back and forth. playing he part as the 'pet' of the mage ready to move if the situation goes south. her head now resting on the table as she looked over at Horace. her masters distrust was her distrust after all. so she kept an eye on the stranger especially.

[20:22] Horace shifted her eyes to Minka, that same cruel smile on her face. 'I'm the unknown. That's all you need to know for now. No sense giving you a name when you could all be informants.' and then Limly. Her lips split just enough to show rows of small, sharp teeth. She looked like a bird of paradise crossed with a raven. 'But apparently none of you are capable of keeping yourselves out of trouble, even if the ones from the Upper City decide to come calling. Why haven't you set up a support network to identify those down here when they're around? I've seen plenty of homeless. Surely it doesn't take a spider to understand how useful they can be with avoiding conflict.'

[20:26] Lord Kataron turns his gaze to the creature and smiles slightly saying nothing more but his fingers drum a slow "my my .. so confident.. so sure, but you know as little of us as we know of you and our hostess here... but for the moment.. i enjoy her style you on the other hand i still luke warm on" he turns back to there hostess " i shall assume that you are harmless to my designs for now... and if not well life need not end to be over" he looks to minka and limly and shrugs

[20:27] Scarlett Morningside places the holder to her lips taking a drag before before pursing her lips and exhaling a thick plume of smoke "Please let us not fight amongst ourselves. Whether you are aware or not Nightmares club is right there on the other side of the casino wall. I am certain you would not wish to alert her."

[20:28] Minka Bubblygum: carries a dry sarcastic tone. "Ah yes, lets start out on a footing of distrust. You do realize if you elect to just remain anonymous we will be sitting here never discussing business at all because we don't know who you are...."

[20:28] Minka Bubblygum: "Also if you suspect someone here is an informant, well you're already doomed."

[20:30] Horace rolled her eyes. 'Hardly. Anonymity is going to be better for business, assuming this meeting is geared toward what I think it is. I don't know your names, and you don't know mine. We can't give anything but an appearance if one of us is captured. I'm here on the good faith that all of you have functioning brains stuck between your ears, and a healthy amount of paranoia tends to keep one from getting -too- involved if, say, we were being infiltrated.' She looked to Minka. 'I suspect -everyone- until given a reason not to.'

[20:31] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) rolled her eyes a bit. " what a childish way of seeing things Big Bird, That might work on Sesame street but life is rarely so cut and dry. We all came here expecting probably the same thing, at least I did, No matter the intention we cant hold our own against group like the PAE...... So if thats the plan im not against it but im not stupid.."

[20:33] Minka Bubblygum: "What a cripplingly ridiculous paranoia... Where is your tin foil hat! Even he," she jerks her thumb at Kataron, "Isn't so ridiculous and he's dressed in his Fursona at the big meeting of baddy bads."

[20:36] Scarlett Morningside laughs "Oh if you assume I called you here so we can go to war with PAE and Vanguard, you may as well let Saku escort you out. Those powers cannot be beaten by numbers." Looking to Horace "If you do not like it no one is preventing you from leaving" She gestures to Saku who gets up from the cage prepared to escort anyone out "This is no time for the petty squablles of children. Make your choices now before we proceed"

[20:38] Horace cut her eyes at Limly, anchoring her head on her left hand. 'Healthy, and it's not served me wrong yet. Perhaps trading megalomania for paranoia will do some of you well.' She looked back to Scarlett. 'Hardly. Going to war with either of them is a bad idea. I doubt any of us singularly can stand up to the likes of their heads. As a group, we'd likely fare little better.' Her eyes shifted back to the werewolf, and she sighed. 'I never said I didn't like it. I'm here, you're here. My beliefs and secrecy aren't a point of contention when, presumably, we're discussing an alliance?'

[20:39] Lord Kataron sighs and rolls his eyes at minka"not in front of the our potential allies " mutters to him self "infernal woman" then sighs " let the creature keep its secrets for now after the meeting and decisions are made we take necessary steps" he chuckles at scarlets words he smiles pointing at Minka , indicating he was sure the woman meant her " so i shall lay a few of my cards on the table , i want power and conquest , and im willing to form an alliance to get them"

[20:42] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) kept her calm and measured appearance and tone.... " I Dont expect we will go to war with them but i do expect that all of us want to exert control over the lower city, and we do need to have a way to discourage random patrols, or at least handle them in a way that keeps our collective enterprise's secure from backlash, Thats what im suggesting. But no matter what we chose to do or not do doesnt change the fact that If we want something like this to succeed we need a measure of trust between us, a little Loyalty if you dont mind me borrowing from the family cookbook." Limly smirked.

[20:45] Wolfess listened to the squabbling and arguing before just yawning and laying down. not much interesting going on for her. she was after all simply here to look big and scary for master. the politics of this were not really an interest of hers.

[20:47] Minka Bubblygum: sighs annoyed. "We can't discuss business when someone here could be operating in bad faith. We all know who each other are and what we after. Negotiations don't happen between 4 known parties and 1 unknown party. This meeting will go no where until everyone is clear who they are dealing with. We have an opportunity to build something profitable/

[20:48] Minka Bubblygum: ^ "But it will go no where unless we establish as a base some level of good faith."

[20:50] Horace: 'Loyalty? We barely know each other. I'd think professional courtesy is a good starting point. All I'm after is a place I can escape to if I need. A sourcing point for bodies for experimentation. If experiments prove forthcoming, I can provide you all with the benefits of it, as well. Amnestics, personality lubricants, controllers.' She looked to Minka. 'I'm here without a mask, mostly uncovered. Is that -not- a show of good faith?'

[20:55] Lord Kataron steeples his fingers and says quietly "bitch...stand and point the feathered one.. enter threat " he turns his head his eyes glowing behind the mask " the fact that we..would be providing you those places thouse bodies and that we would place our selfs at risk.... mean i want a name ...girl" he sneers his glowing eyes flashing malevolently " and i tire of the bickering so some one here will yeild and likely thats you"

[20:56] Minka Bubblygum: leans forward and says calmly. "It is not. None of us have mask on. You're the outsider here. The only unknown. We all know each other, with the exception of you. We are asking you to do what we have all already done. Do you want to be a major player in this potential alliance? You want bodies for experiment? That can be granted. You just need to take a leap of faith."

[20:56] Scarlett Morningside sighs "I said thats enough. Need I remind you all you are currently in My casino. So if Nightmare and others do find out about this because some idiots decided to they couldn't put aside their egos and put away their cocks. I have no issue claiming that my place of business was broken into"

[20:58] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) shrugged a bit. " Loyalty doesnt mean we have to be best friends, Loyalty is the general notion that we arnt going to turn on each other when things get tough. Loyalty is agreeing not to step on each others "turf" so to speak... and to facilitate that every person in this room should accept that to be involved we have to know about each other, allot more than just " Hi im a random chicken person and I wanna wear the big girl pants." Limly stated keeping her cool but generally agreeing with most of the table...but unlike the others wasnt trying to force the issue.... " You can do what you want Bird person, but i have zero intention of working with an unknown element and it seems like several here agree..."

[21:00] Wolfess stand up on her masters command crouching low and approaching the side of the table that Horace is sitting on. she doesn't move too close but gives a warning growl to the reptile her large sharp teeth bared showing she was not idly threatening the lizard. she made not attempt to get closet though. just enough to make her presence known

[21:05] Minka Bubblygum: sighs and pinches her nose. "There doesn't need to be any physical altercations here. We're just talking at the moment. If they do not wish to reveal who they are and what they offer, then they simply won't be a part of any alliance formed here today. It's that simple. No benefits."

[21:08] Scarlett Morningside cherry blossoms begin filling the room swirling around the table "Saku there is no need for that, I am sure we can all reach an agreement without any bloodshed"

[21:12] Horace remained seated, her imperious stance unchanging, even as the werewolf growled at her. Her feet stirred under her, and she shifted to her other side. 'I've already told you what I have to offer. Medicine, chemical compounds that pulverize the mind and leave it vulnerable. Painkillers, synthetic drugs, chemical weapons. But,' she tapped her fingers on the table. 'As specified, I need a hole to hide in. I need bodies for testing.' She shifted, suddenly, breathing uneasy, uncomfortable, and pulled the yellow case from her pocket again. It was a little more visible to those paying attention--a small, needle-tipped tube found its way into her hand, and she uncapped it and stuck her left leg in the thigh with it in a fluid motion hinting at years of experience with this form of medication. '... if you need a -name-, you can call me Miasma. As far as anything past that, I'm fairly private.' She shifted again, putting her head on her left hand. 'Unless you're wanting a sort of CV?'

[21:15] Lord Kataron pauses to consider that for the moment and nods, he shakes his head reminding him self where his unbending nature landed him before " that on deviant one is a good point" he snaps his fingers and turns back to the group " i agree , now just what are you proposing this alliance entail , madam mystery?" he nods now ignoring the creature " miasma, will do for me and i like the thought of "pay to play.. apt for the location the currency is loyalty you get of it what you give remember that miasma " he once again waves to Scarlett

[21:16] Minka Bubblygum: wave her hand dismissively. "Miasma will suffice I suppose. I am Minka, I run the salon. I offer unique services there behind closed doors, though I mostly deal in kidnapping and human trafficking amongst other things."

[21:20] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) leaned forward exhaling audibly... " Listen um.... shoot i forgot your name....*pointing to Scarlett" Carmine Sandiego, would you mind if i made a drink Its getting a bit tense in here? " Limly leaned forward letting her chest rest heavily on the wooden table...shooting her a sly smile. her attention jumped back onto Horace when she pulled out a syringe Limly sat right next to her so there was potential for things to go wrong in that moment but she didnt move just watching her inject her self.... limly listened keenly giving Kataron a nod. " exactly I dont need to know your life story i just need to know a name and what part you intend to play and at least the notion that your willing to play ball....ill make my own judgements based on how the game is played. You can call me Megaton, I get in on the ususal things, Drugs, protection, Pornography, I run these things through my family, we live and breath loyalty and eat those who betray." Limly stated as both wisdom and warning to those at the table.

[21:23] Scarlett Morningside smiles as the cherry blossom storm subsides and the form of Saku again returns to her cage "I am Scarlett Morningside. Public philanthropist, casino owner and even the mayor of Celestial City until I was killed, its along story. Now then since we can all play nicely, You may notice a certain trend among the group here gathered"

[21:23] Saku appears at Limly's side giving a bow "What may I serve you Miss Megaton?"

[21:26] Minka Bubblygum: leans back simply content to listen for now.

[21:33] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) nodded a bit to the order request... " Red wine if you have any...Not too much cant mix business and pleasure too much. " She shot the hostess' servant a playful wink....thinking to her self Miss Megaton has a nice ring to it.... Limly answered directly... " We are a hard headed bunch with a thirst for the less legal side of life, and the good sense to know we cant keep going business as usual?"

[21:34] Saku bows and walks to the bar making the drink

[21:35] Horace cut her eyes toward Limly. 'Certainly not if PAE is going to be nosy around here.'

[21:37] Wolfess relaxed her stance and took a more neutral experesion seeing as things had calmed down but she stayed where she was not having been given a command to return to her master's side.

[21:38] Scarlett Morningside nods "Exactly. I have seen several groups try and fail because of PAE and Vanguard. We are not here for that. Rather to take a page from their book. The upper city is ruled by a council who have the city divided. I propose we do the same for the lower except with one small addition. We work together, unlike those above. You all specialize in abduction, training, trafficking and other means to deal with any interlopers."

[21:39] Saku returns with a glass or red wine on a tray. Setting the glass down and giving a bow 'Will that be all Miss Megaton?"

[21:40] Minka Bubblygum: laughs and waves her hand. "PAE is troublesome, but also useful to this city. People need food and PAE supplies it. They however know how to wield the power that comes with accepting that responsibility to extend their authority beyond their purpose. It's rather clever I suppose, but it isn't like PAE patrols the streets here in the Lower City."

[21:43] Horace leaned toward Saku. 'Vodka on the rocks, dear.' She nodded to Minka. 'Certainly not all the time. I saw the robot down here a few days ago. The one that looks like they could smother a man with their breasts, assuming they're soft enough.' She leaned back in the chair, stretching her legs and crossing them at the ankle. 'As it stands, it would probably serve us better to keep them interested enough in the upper city to keep them from sending anyone down here.'

[21:44] Lord Kataron leans forward intent " organization and planing will allow us to deal with them well enough , our real worry will be this Lady Nightmare" he chuckles in amusement " though again.. easily dealt with through organization and a slow whittling of her power base from the shadows "he idly snaps his fingers again " bitch heel" then tapes the table again letting some magic dance into it a small model of the lower city forming , he nods to there words

[21:45] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) smirked a bit accepting the drink waving her hand as if to say no thank you... " She took a sip seeming to enjoy it..... " Thats where your wrong Minka, one of them stopped outside the building i was scoping out lastnight for the studio and turned there lights on and generally made an ass of themselves, they refused to identify them selves but was in a PAE patrol vehicle... There down here for sure."

[21:46] Saku bows and goes back to make the order for Horace

[21:47] Minka Bubblygum: ponders this. "I've not had any issue with them..." she smiles deviously thinking about something. "Though on the whole they'll be problematic. But we should discuss was -we- even means first. If we want an alliance to just scuffle with heroes and heroines, I'm not interested. It need much much more."

[21:47] Wolfess hears the command and returns to her masters side standing next to him this time in case she had to move again

[21:50] Scarlett Morningside smiles "Yes Minka I am sure you are aware of their presence down here as well. You did wonderful work on the one they call Zero. That is what we need to do. Rather than attack them, we outsmart and whittle down the ranks. The ones who come down here, perhaps they find a new life away from PAE or Vanguard perfectly happy. Sure there will be speculation but such matters are so hard to find evidence for" she smiles "What I mean by We is exactly as iot sounds. We divide the lower city among ourselves and work together when it is required"

[21:52] Horace sighed. 'As I understand it, their word is only law on their own property. They have no authority down here.' She looked to Minka again. 'If all I wanted was to fight with the blithering idiots upstairs, I wouldn't be here. I doubt the rest of you would be, either.' She nodded toward Scarlett. 'Individuals are far easier to handle than groups. As it stands, they seem only mildly interested in the lower city. I doubt any of them are going to become more interested as things are.'

[21:54] Minka Bubblygum: "Then I have a simple proposal as a cover for us. On the front we pose as legitimate business owners. Members of the "Lower City Business Association," community leaders and so on. It covers all our activities, hides our money and so on. Gives us a reason to be seen together and meeting. Under it all the Association are the lords of the Lower City."

[21:54] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) nods a little. " can i propse a tax, If you really want to minimize that problem i recommend you all invest a little in my public out reach program, we give shelter and food to the poor we can build good will with the residents down here. If we can make the people happy they will be less inclined to trust the council and their lapdogs.

[21:54] Lord Kataron nods slowly " a council above?" laughs uproariously " a council of corruption and decadence.. and in the end conquest? " he smirks " i like it yeeesss"

[21:58] Horace nodded. 'Makes sense, though a corporate conglomerate would draw the attention of the Megacorps as surely as trying to take physical control of their HQ. Perhaps we pool resources and name ourselves as a corporation instead of an association to give a more united business front if they decide to stick their noses in it?' Then to Limly. 'I can donate medicines, certainly. There are a few medical droids upstairs, as well. One of those would be a wonderful help if we wanted to institute a clinic.' She leaned forward, steepling her fingers, feathered tail twitching gently behind her. 'Or we could start offering services at lower prices than the corporations upstairs. Not to put them out of business, but to draw more toward us.'

[22:01] Minka Bubblygum: "What mega corporation? PAE is the only significant corporation and they aren't interested in such thinks."

[22:01] Scarlett Morningside smiles "Yes, I already plan to do what I did in CC to gain the peoples trust." SHe gestures towards the casino downstairs "A portion of the casinos winnings goes back to the community of course. Then it is settled. We will turn the community itself against the corportaions upstairs. And any who come down to investigate can find themselves visiting a salon or another helpful business to help them improve their life"

[22:02] Saku returns with the drink for Horace and bows

[22:04] Horace gives Saku a smile, taking the drink and setting it on the table before her. A black cloud floats up from under the table, condensing into a facsimile of a coaster, and she sets the drink on it. 'Cheaper medical care, since we're manufacturing our own medicine down here. Perhaps subsidize medical care as an extension of the casino's winnings?' She turned her eyes to Scarlett. 'Maybe have entire procedures covered by some of the casino winnings? Small checkups, immunizations, physicals?'

[22:07] Minka Bubblygum: "Then the Association is formed?" she asks, fiddling with her nails.

[22:09] Scarlett Morningside nods exhaling "Yes I believe we have all reached an agreement then"

[22:10] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) nods a little.... " I think becoming a conglomerate later wouldnt be a bad idea once we have established our selves a bit more but i think for the moment we are on the same page?

[22:11] Minka Bubblygum: "We rule as a council of... equals. And we agree to not act against one another without due cause of course, like a betrayal."

[22:13] Scarlett Morningside nods "Agreed, all things dealt with diplomatically with a vote from this council"

[22:13] Minka Bubblygum: "Unanimous or majority vote?"

[22:14] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) nods a bit. "I think anything major should be unanimous like changing or adding a member, but so long as it doesnt affect things we are involved with a majority would be fine."

[22:15] Horace shook her head. 'Considering there are five of us, I'd say a four-fifths supermajority for certain matters. Things like adding a member, changes for planning. It makes it more likely for solutions to be found than by forcing a unanimous vote.'

[22:18] Scarlett Morningside nods "Yes majority for most things, unanimous for the major ones. This alliance is highly beneficial to us all so I sincerely hope there is no betrayal" She nods to Saku who them materializes a single cherry blossom for all members "I am granting you access to my slave girl Saku here. She is a wonderful tool so please do not misuse her"

[22:18] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) shook her head a bit..". If the choice being put before us should impede our business, things like that require the agreement of the person it most affects.

[22:20] Minka Bubblygum: "I think I concur with Limly. I don't want a decision made that impacts me that my vote doesn't matter for not do I want a member added I don't approve of. I Think Majority for minor things then unanimous for major choices."

[22:22] Scarlett Morningside nods as Saku hands each member one of the cherry blossoms "Yes I feel the same"

[22:24] Horace perked up, eying the cherry blossom. 'I see,' she muttered, slipping the blossom between the wraps on her chest. 'Exclusivity it is, then,' she says, with a smile on her face. She removes the yellow box again, repeating the process and dropping its leftovers in a small pouch on her hip. 'Having a weighted vote regarding business decisions will serve well in the future, I think. I like that idea.'

[22:25] Minka Bubblygum: eyes the blossom. "Some sort of communication device?"

[22:28] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) looked at it closely picking it up and petting the soft petal with a finger.... " Does this summon her like one of those genies from their lamps? limly asked glancing over at Horace.... " Hey when this is over lets talk a moment.. " She said more quietly not really being subversive just not being as loud since she was right there."

[22:28] Scarlett Morningside nods "Yes Saku here as you have noticed can turn herself into cherry blossoms. Rather odd ability but extremely useful. With the one she has given you can call upon her when needed. She can also hear you near it. I just thought Id share that one to show good faith. I trust there will be no attempts at betrayal. You are all welcome to my casino of course, and I may also have need to get rid of any cheaters. Which Im sure all of you have different ways of doing without need to hide a body"

[22:29] Horace: 'I'm certain you'd rather have more casino personnel than have to deal with any of us hiding a body. I can make that happen if you need it.'

[22:30] Horace gave a slight nod to Limly, as well. 'Certainly.'

[22:30] Wolfess simply sat and observed the meeting along side her master. keeping an eye on everyone.

[22:30] Minka Bubblygum: "Should just use a phone.... anyway the hour is late and while I certainly don't sleep, I have other things I need to do."
[22:32] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) nodded a bit... " Once i get a few things in place i will see if i can return the favor Scarlett, by the way Use Megaton when you need a code name but otherwise you can call me Limly."

[22:32] Scarlett Morningside smiles and nods "Yes well a phone can be tracked rather easy. Especially with all the techys in PAE and N's. This way is more secure. Now then, I too have other matters to attend to. I thank you again for coming. I look forward to all our future dealings"

[22:33] Horace lifted her glass. 'To the Association,' she said, before finally sipping from it.

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Re: The Alliance is formed

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OOC - This took place in Scarletts office which despite how it looks, the windows are privacy glass so not something someone can just see through normally by flying by

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