Marauder Run

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Marauder Run

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The High-Roller had found his way back to the Ruins. Having visiting before to infiltrate the underground fighting tournament hosted by the Marauders, he had a better sense of their side of things. He was lucky to survive that massacre. Mr. Cross was there, could've killed him if he wanted. There was also the three metas, members of The Association. They didn't care who they got, they were showing their power and they definitely got his attention.

Good thing the Marauder he interrogated wore a mask. Same build as him too. Pretty convenient. He carried a bad with his costume inside. No doubt the other Marauders would be curious about what he has so he'll need a good cover up.

At the Marauder entrance, the behemoth, Lars, greeted him and as expected, he was curious about the bag.

"You," he said. "The bag. What's in it?"

Darius prepares himself mentally, thinking of how the Marauders tend to talk before replying, "Your mum's rags. Wanna smell?"

Marauders in earshot had a good laugh while Lars starred daggers at him, but he simply walked pass and into the Marauder home.

Marauders were all around, drinking, partying, rough housing. Darius spotted makeshift cells inside, containing women and men alike. A group was being ushers in, wrists binded in ropes. They were led to a throne where Josh King sat with Kung Lee in another chair next to his. He spotted the bandage around his knee as well as the brace over it, an injury he suffered when the Association attacked.

"Cheer up ol buddy," Josh said. "We you'll be right as rain in no time. Until then, look at these fit offerings!"

He looks at the group before him, all terrified, shivering in fear. Wherever they looked, they were met with lustful, hungry glances by various Marauders. A young man was smacked on the ass by one of them, which makes him damn near jump out of his skin. He got Josh's attention.

"You!" Josh said, pointing at him. "Yer a virgin aren't ya? Don't be shy now."

The young man slowly nods, cowering as a Marauder walks by and sniffs him, uttering "He's a fresh one."

Josh just laughs. "Well ya won't be anymore when I'm dun wit ya. Ya gonna be as wide as a tunnel! Take him to my chambers, and the blond woman next to him. Feeling pretty energetic t'day."

Two Marauders move in, swooping up the targets and placing them on their shoulders. Despite all the kicking and screaming, they were carried away.

"Kung, you get next pick," Josh said.

Meanwhile, Darius made his way to the cells. He saw fear in the eyes of the inhabitants and almost froze.

"These Marauders," he said under his breath. "More and more I'm convinced they are the worst of these gangs... we need to stop this."

The Bookie responds on comms, "In due time. Right now, get those people out of there, then you make an exit. Any ideas?"

"Gonna have to wing it," he replied.

"That's not a plan."

"Best I got."

"Just be careful."


Digging through his bag, he unveils what appeared to be a baton.

"What's that ya got there?" a passing Marauder asked.

"I took it out of your dad's ass," he replied, playing the part. "Thought I might have some fun with it."

"Ha!" the Marauder responded, walking away. "Don't have too much fun, I might want a crack at it next!"

As he leaves, Darius acts quickly, extending the baton and revealing a trigger hidden in it. The baton in truth was just a sonic disruption device he called Snake Eyes. He turns the dial on the device before taking aim at the cell lock.

"Please don't!!" a woman cried as she backed away with the others.

"Everything's going to be alright," Darius reassured, pulling the trigger.

Using Snake Eyes, he fires a concentrated line of sound at the lock, which slowly heated up, turning red before it pops. One of the hostages yelped the moment it happens. Darius looks around, making sure no one noticed what had happened. One of them tries to open the cell door, but Darius cuts her off, slamming it back shut and placing a finger to his lips.

"Not yet," he whispered. "Wait for a signal. You'll know it. You leave now, they will just capture you again, maybe even kill you. Please trust that I will make sure no further harm comes to you. You have my word."

Backing away from the cell, he tries retracting his steps, looking at Josh's throne again. He memorized which direction the two Marauder guards went with Josh's intended victims. The rest of the hostages were being paraded around and harassed.

He needed to act quick. He heads in the direction of Johh's chambers. Not a lot of Marauders in the hall. They don't even stop him when he enters Josh's room.

"Guess I better be glad they aren't that well organized," he muttered.

"Worst. Security. Ever," The Bookie quipped through comms.

When he enters Josh's room, he had to stop and turn away for a moment. The young man and woman were both stripped naked, tied up, apples taped their mouths and their rear in the air, exposed and ready for the taking. He spotted a wall of sex toys and a large bottle of lube on a dresser. Didn't leave much to the imagination of what Josh had planned to do to them.

First thing Darius does is remove the tape from their mouths, then the apple. He puts his finger to his as the woman gasped.

"I'm getting you out of here," he said, digging through his back and taking out a playing card shuriken.

"Who are you?" asked the man.

"A friend,"

He cuts the two of them free before looking around for their clothes. He then peaks outside of Josh's room, spotting 2 Marauders passing by. He knocks them both out, dragging their bodies into the room.

"You're gonna need clothes," he said. "Hurry and dress, then follow me."

The two stepped out of the room after dressing, no longer finding the mystery Marauder that helped them, but instead the High-Roller as Darius has changed back into his suit.

"Y-y- you're him!" said the woman, voice with a heightened sense of hope.

He gestures for them to follow. Any Marauder they came across, he took care of them. Before they left the hall, he held up his hand to stop them.

"Wait for my signal," he said. "Then join the others. It's going to get chaotic."

Walking out into the open, he launches his playing card shuriken, aiming at the bindings of the hostages that the Marauders were showing off. He tosses out pool ball smoke grenades, which start going off followed by flash bang dice. He makes a beeline for the freed hostages among panicked chatter.

"Fuck me, it's him!!!" a Marauder yelled, only for a playing card shuriken to bounce off his forehead which knocks him out cold.

A group of Marauders found themselves trapped in glue from one of High-Roller's Glue Grenades. Marauders left and right fell victim to his gadgets: Explosive Playing Card, Concussion Dice, Sonic Shock Playing Card, and his Gas Gun. He was in the heart of enemy territory, yet was doing all he can to make sure the focus was on him while the hostages escape. When he finally reaches the paraded hostages, he orders, "Leave. Now. Join the others! Don't look back, run like hell and call the LCBA or the Vanguard! Tell them everything. Don't wait for me! NOW GO!"

"You should be going with them!" The Bookie yells.

"I'll follow them," High-Roller said. "But first, there's an important matter I need to see through."


"Don't worry."

"That's the problem, I always worry."

He cocks his fist back, nailing a Marauder who tried to attack him from behind. He was constantly in motion, taking down anyone who got too close, always having eyes on the back of his head, but he knew it was a matter of time before their numbers overwhelm him. The smoke was starting to clear, they knew where he was now. They all zeroed in on him and started to converge. He looks for the hostages, seeing them heading for the exit as planned. The Marauders completely forgot about them, now wanting the one who dared invade their home. They were going to tear him limb from limb. They form a circle around him.

Someone came roaring through the ranks, barging through them, batting away any that blocked his path. Many of them started to get the hint and make way. It was the big man, Lars.

"You," he growled. "Die now!"

"FUCK HIM UP LARS!!" yelled a Marauder as the gang erupts in cheers.

High-Roller rolls out the behemoth's way, avoiding his grasps. Lars just growls and comes for him again. High-Roller slams his fists into his abdomen, it was like hitting a wall. He rolls out of the way of another of Lars' attempts to grab him, whipping out his bo staff as he gets to his feet and get into a defensive stance. They began to circle each other.

"Little stick won't hurt me!" Lars growled.

"How about we test that theory?" High-Roller countered.

"SHUT UP THE LOT OF YA!!" yelled Josh. The group instantly grow silent.

Josh stands from his throne, saying nothing. "The fuck ya standing around like dog shite?! Move aside and let me get a look at 'im ya idiots!"

The members began to part, proving an opening for Josh to have a look at the invader.

"Well who the fuck are you!" he spat

"You know who I am," High-Roller growled. "I got questions for you, Josh, and you will give me answers!"

Kung Lee stands from his throne then, though grimaced as soon as he put weight on his leg. Josh holds his arm out, preventing him from taking a further step.

"Oi, is this that High-Roller you been on about, Kung?" Josh asked, looking at Kung Lee. "You rest, heal that leg of yours. I wanna crack at 'im. As for you, High-Cunt, you don't get to come here and make demands of me! I am in charge here! I make demands of you!"

"Who hired you to kidnap Katie Moxly?" High-Roller demands , ignoring Josh's boast and getting to the point. "What does he or she want with her?!"

Josh chuckles, "Now now. That is not how things work around these parts, mate. I wonder is she your girlfriend? I bet she's a nice piece of ass, I bet. Tell ya what. I'll play your game, but you'll play mine. We Marauders live by a creed. Take what's yours. Fight for your keep. In other words, If you want something, you gotta fight for it. I'll be gracious enough to answer your questions but you gotta fight me. Of course if I win.. I'm gonna find this Katie and put dick to her just for you. Teach her what a real man is, eh? "

"I won't allow you to harm her," High-Roller said. "But I was already prepared to beat the answers out of you, so glad we're in agreement there."

Josh smirks, then unsheathes a combat knife from the holster on his thigh. He began performing knife tricks as the other Marauders continue to spread out.

"Have a look here, lads!" he roars. "The annoying High-Cunt is a ballsy one, eh? He comes into our house and picks a fight, then demands answers from me over some little slag! He doesn't realize that he's serving himself up on a platter! Is this Christmas?!"

He points his knife at High-Roller.

"You," he began. "Are going to die, boy. I been told you're a blind one, yet ya still beating my people black and blue. Well ya might've been a burden for the gang here, but you are face to face with number 1. You bought yourself a dance with the devil!"

High-Roller couldn't help but roll his eyes at that statement. He pretends to check his watch before spinning his bo staff and getting in a stance.

"A man who just wants to get down to it!" he chuckles, putting away his combat knife, switching to duel butterfly knives. "I like that. Alright then, let's see whatcha got! Pay attention everyone, this is how ya deal with cunts!"

The two circle each other, eyes locked. High-Roller makes the first move, swiping the end of his bo at one of Josh's knives. He back away, taking his own swipe at the staff. He gets inside, trying to cut at High-Roller, but he fended him off with his staff. Josh then traps his staff with his knives, now face to face with High-Roller.

"If ya got eyes under there, I'm gonna cut 'em out and eat 'em," he said in a low growl. "Then I'm gonna wipe my ass with that blindfold of yours. I'll use that stick as a back scratcher, and I'll keep that fancy hat as a souvenir!."

"He sure has a way with words" The Bookie quipped on comms.

High-Roller headbutts Josh, who simply smiled as the blood began to trickle from his forehead. He delivers his own headbutt in return. He snatches High-Roller's bo staff out of his grasp before delivering a straight kick to his chest.

"What will you do without your fancy stick now?"

High-Roller answers with a roundhouse kick that knocks one of Josh's knives out of his hand. He heel kicks the other knife out of his hand. josh stares at his empty hands then at High-Roller.

"Oi! Are ya sure ya blind" he said, wiping the blood off his forehead and licking it. "Don't matter. Come on then!"

He brandishes his combat knife again, holding it underhanded. He shuffles his feet, moving in carefully. He makes his move, driving the knife forward, High-Roller cuts him off grabbing his arm. Josh uses his free hand to push High-Roller's arm while pulling his knife hand away. When he tries again, this time High-Roller blocks with his other hand for it to be pushed away by Josh. They continue this pattern until High-Roller catches his arm, which Josh counters by hooking the flat of the knife against his wrist. Josh squeezes the blade and pulls downward, creating a lock. He turns the knife horizontally, weakening High-Roller's grip before driving the knife forward and cutting across his chest.

High-Roller backs away, seeing the torn fabric at his chest. Josh follows up, as he swung the blade back towards him. High-Roller catches his arm again. Josh breaks the grip from the inside, dropping his elbow down and capturing High-Roller in an inverted armbar. He kicks the lower back leg of High-Roller, dropping him to a knee. Still having him trapped in the hold, Josh tosses the knife into his other hand, trying to finish him off but High-Roller grabs his hand, his grip vice-like this time as the two struggled for control.

"Shittin yerself yet?" Josh taunted.

High-Roller pushes himself off the ground, propelling himself upward as his head slams into Josh's chin and forcing his mouth closed as his teeth collide. Josh's hold is broken as he rubs his jaw. High-Roller shakes his arm and pops his shoulder back into place as his arm was dislocated from escaping that hold.

"Not afraid of getting a little down and dirty are ya?" Josh quizzed. "Good."

He comes at him with the knife again, switching hands and the way he held the knife just to try and throw him off. High-Roller was stick in defense, making evasive maneuvers, but Josh still managed to cut him a few times. He catches Josh's arm, but this time doesn't allow him to react as he drives the heel of his palm into his nose. Josh's eyes began to water as he backs away, yet still maintained the grip on his knife.

"Fuck!!" he yelled. "Playtime's over High-Cunt!"

He throws the knife, but it's easily dodged by High-Roller. He charges him then, taking his off his feet and tackling him to the ground. High-Roller covers up as Josh began raining down elbows and punches, trying to break his guard. He catches his arms, shifting his body and forcing Josh onto his back as he caught him in an armbar. Josh tried to counter, attempting to lift and powerbomb him, but High-Roller caught him with kicks. He releases the hold, getting back to his feet. Josh's is red. He's huffing as he stares at High-Roller.

"Come on!" he yelled.

High-Roller goes for a kick, but his foot is caught. Josh is smiling, but that fades when High-Roller answers with a flip, delivering a kick to his jaw. He charges in with a series of punches, each slapped away. He pushes High-Roller then, coming in with a powerful backhand. He catches him in a clutch, driving his knees into his ribs. High-Roller blocks a knee before breaking out of a the clutch. He then delivers a series of rapid fire rolling wing chun punches. His next punch is blocked, but he quickly throws out another with his other hand, smashing into Josh's face. Josh catches his next punch, but he folds his arm, striking his elbow against Josh's to force him into letting go. He punches him again, following up with an elbow to the face in a two hit combo. Josh is rattled now. He tries to play offense, throwing a punch. High-Roller blocks it with his forearm, the delivers a chop to Josh's neck with the same arm.. He throws a punch with his other arm but it's movement is halted when High-Roller pushes is palm into his upper arm and shoulder. He then delivers a chop to Josh's shoulder before swiftly smacking him with a backfist then driving an elbow into his chest. Josh backs away, coughing as he felt the wind knocked out of him.

"You going to tell me what I want to know?" High-Roller asks.

Josh stares at him, rage in his eyes. He roars, charging in with a haymaker. High-Roller ducks and delivers another punch and elbow combo. He continues to duck and deliver the same two hit combo as Josh failed to mount a comeback. Josh tries for a kick, but his leg is caught. High-Roller drives an elbow into his thigh, then delivers a two handed palm strike to the chest. Josh roars again, trying to attack, but he's countered with another series of Wing Chun punches before being dropped with an elbow strike. A wide-eyed Josh scoots away, giving him some distance from his foe.

"Answers." High-Roller demands. "Now!"

Josh, looks around, spotting his combat knife that he threw previously

"Fuck you!" he spat, going for the knife.

Before he could throw it, a playing card shuriken is launched and embeds in his right eye.


"Now Josh!" High-Roller demands.


High-Roller stares at him. Through his IVS system, he was monitoring Josh's heart rate but considering how it spiked at this moment, couldn't tell if he was lying or being truthful, yet his gut told him it was the truth.

"Go on," he said.

"What more do you want? I didn't make a move against those bitches. I didn't even put a hit on that fucking casino! I heard shit! I took the credit for it! I have a fucking reputation to uphold!!"

"Think he's lying?" The Bookie asks.

"No," High-Roller said. "He's not. This changes things."

He walks over, snatching the shuriken out of Josh's eye, who howls in pain.


The Marauders seem hesitant, but Lars moves in. High-Roller tosses a pair of flash bang dice at his face as they explode.

"MY EYES!!!" Lars cried as he staggered, hands covering his eyes.

High-Roller drops more flash bangs and pool ball smoke bombs as the rest of the group moves in. The Marauders end up in a pile, kicking, punching, even stabbing. Yet, once the smoke clears, the only ones injured are their own as High-Roller has disappeared.
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Re: Marauder Run

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(( Great story! I love it! ))
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