15 Minutes: Howling in the Hills

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15 Minutes: Howling in the Hills

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Anora: "Good evening, I'm Anora Mills and welcome to this edition of 15 Minutes. Tonight we discuss The string of 'werewolf' attack that took place across the Upper City over the past weeks. Leaving 10 dead and many more cursed and out of control until a climactic battle straight out of a movie seemingly liberated them all. Don Bochimi has the full story and the questions it raises."

*A recorded news segment begins narrated by Don with a graphic saying "Howling in the Hills"*

Don: "To many werewolves were just the things of legend. Fairy tales we tell around Halloween to scare our friends and family. However this Halloween, those tales became reality. It all began on the 16 of October when a quiet day in the park became became a nightmare as young adults who frequented the popular location dubbed 'Make-out Point' suddenly found themselves assaulted by monsters and becoming monsters themselves."

*Video from a phone of heroes battling werewolves in the streets near the park begins to play.*

Don: "Some of these werewolves were killed before it became apparent that these had once been citizens. One of the heroes, the first to engage the werewolves is an expert in the occult and sat down with me for an interview. Her name is Michelle Arazni, also known as the Seraphblade, a weapon supposedly created by an archangel. She works at the Occult Eye shop in the Lower City."

*The scene cuts to a plain looking man in a suit sitting across from a buxom blond woman with heavy tattoos on much of her visible skin. She is dressing in a gray shirt that says "NAVY" on it. She looks oddly molded, like her attire and demeanor don't match her bimbo-ish look.*

Don: "Thank you for sitting with me. So lets start with this, what exactly is a a werewolf?"

Michelle: "Well that is.... complicated. Lycanthropy can take many forms, wolves not being the only 'were' creatures. It can also be created in different ways. Sometimes its a magic disease born of natural magics. Sometimes is a good thing, a blessing granted by some natural spirit. Other times it can be a demonic curse. That was the case with this particular type of Lycanthropy."

Don: "A curse.... you know on my earth I'd have laughed at that, but in this city..."

*They both laugh a bit.*

Michelle: "I understand its hard to accept for some but magic is real. It might not have been in some universes but here it is. Things that go bump in the night aren't just scary tales as you can see."

*The interview cuts to scenes of the battle at the Fire department with narration.*

Don: "Indeed they aren't. A week passed after that encounter at the park and all seemed quiet for the time. Perhaps just an isolated incident? How wrong we were. A week after the incident at the park, a mysterious fire erupted at the theater in the Upper City. When no response came from the fire department, a team was sent to investigate only find that the fire fighters had become werewolves and were lead by a larger werewolf who unlike the others could speak."

*The Narration cuts back to the interview with Michelle.*

Don: "So how did this happen at the Fire station without anyone realizing? It would seem to me a werewolf attacking the fire station would obvious would it not?"

Michelle: "Well with this particular form of Lycanthropy, if you embrace the curse you are given more power and you keep your mind intact versus being a feral beast. So the larger werewolf is sort like a uh.. like a lieutenant. They can also change shape to human at will."

Don: "So one came in and surprised them you think?"

Michelle: "Possibly or more likely the lieutenant slept with some of the firefighters. The curse can be passed on through sex but it's slower. One uh.... ménage à trois shall we say and you have a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. That would have given the numbers to take the firefighters by surprise swift enough that they couldn't call for help."

*Cut to narration by Don with him talking to firefighters laying in hospital beds.*

Don: "And indeed this seems to be what occurred. As we interviewed some of the recovering firefighters, they stated that much of the department had been celebrating at a 'stag' party the night before with a prostitute named "Ezmerelda" who turned out to be werewolf in disguise. An insidious plan that succeeded in rendering the Upper City Fire department out of commission."

*Cut back to the interview with Michelle*

Don: "So lets talk about the other happening at the Fire Station, the arrival of the person who at least claims responsibility for the creation of this curse, Eldritch Rose. She seemed to have arrived there to stop another....what do you call them... Wizards?"

*Michelle chuckles a bit.*

Michelle: "There are differences in spellcasting methods and they vary titles by this. So the woman who Eldritch Rose arrived to stop is a witch. I'm not wholly sure what Rose herself is but I think she is a aberrant sorcerer. The difference is in where they get their power from. It a whole complicated matter that we don't need to get into. Eldritch Rose seemed to have been drawn to fight as this witch woman was able to cure werewolves and break the curse. Though it seems Rose was able to remove her in the final encounter later, pulling her into the plane of shadow, another realm. Who knows what happened to that witch there. Dead probably."

Don: "Rose sort of admitted at this point that she created this curse in retaliation for Xalagia or now I guess Galactica? Her firing into that apartment building in the Lower City."

*Cut to Narration with Don showing phone footage of a battle taking place in the Lower City with Eldrith Rose engaging Xalagia in the air and blocking a catastrophic lightning bolt aimed at the casino.*

Don: "This incident taking place the month prior saw the first real engagement between the Vanguard, PAE Security, and a mysterious group in the Lower City known simply as the 'Association.' The clash ended in tragedy when Xalagia fired into an apartment complex. It has been contested whether or not Xalagia was under the control of Kataron and Rose but one thing is clear, controlled or not, it doesn't seem that the Association took kindly to the destruction of what they claim as theirs. An "eye for an eye" witnesses cited as words from Eldritch Rose at the fire station, claiming the curse as retaliation for the lives lost to Xalagia in the Lower City."

*Cut back to the interview with Michelle*

Don: "What do you make of that? An eye for an eye?"

Michelle: "I'm not really here to pick sides or try to justify Rose's action or Xalagia. I just hunt monsters as I'm driven to do. I just know a wise man once said that an eye for an eye leads to more blindness. I fight the occult and I can say what Eldritch Rose did was abominable regardless of her motives. I mean she had to make a pact with a Demon Lord to create the pack leader. When you're making deals with demons you've kind of forfeited the high ground."

Don: "Lets talk about the pack leader now then. So after Eldritch Rose retreats and the werewolves at the fire station are killed or captured. The Upper City is quiet for a time. You had warned in the first encounter to Vanguard operatives that they needed to kill the pack leader. What is the pack leader in all this?"

Michelle: "The pack leader is a mortal, human in this case, who in conjunction with an powerful spellcaster goes through a ritual and bargains with a demon lord for power. In this case it was most likely a being called Jezelda, the Moon Mistress. She's sort of the matron of demonic lycanthropes. The pack leader is the progenitor of a strand of the curse and all those they turn obey them. Kill the pack leader and you break the curse on everyone they have afflicted as it is all simply an extension of one curse."

Don: "I see. So this pack leader as we've come to learn through our research was a man by the name of Allen Whitfield, a former SAS Captain, whose wife was killed when Xalagia's blast hit that apartment complex. What do you think of that? Just a man in grief."

Michelle: *She sighs* "It's sad but a case that is all too common. That's how dark entities sink their teeth into you. It's easy to say no when you're on top of the world. But when you're down, you're wife is killed by a being with more power than you can imagine and something offers you power to get revenge? Would you still say no? No one can really know till they are in that situation. Does that make Captain Whitfield blameless? No but Rose is certainly the real monster assuming she is the one who is behind it as she claims. She found a man steeped in grief and made an offer for power on behalf of a being of pure irredeemable evil in Jezelda."

*Cut to narration by Don showing a man in his late forties, salt and pepper hair and leathery tan skin, in various photos, presumable Captain Whitfield.*

Don: "Regardless of his motivations, Captain Whitfield used the power granted to him to try and get revenge. The full extent of his plans were revealed when he unleash an attack on the Vanguard Headquarters in the Upper City, using bombs that appeared to be able to set fire to stonework. Having crippled the Fire department, there was no one left to put out the fire on their Headquarters building, a tactic used by various terror groups across various Earths."

*Footage is plays of werewolves rushing out of a purple tear in reality and hurling firebombs on the Vanguard HQ before cutting back to the interview with Michelle.*

Don: "What do you think he was trying to accomplish by attacking the main Vanguard base? If he wanted to kill Galactica why not just attack the embassy?"

Michelle: "I hate to speculate but if Nightmare and Galactica are a couple its possible he hoped to threaten Nightmare or rather Nightmare's group and draw Galactica out? A spouse for a spouse? Maybe they wanted to take out the Vanguard to keep them from interfering in any effort to face Galactica. It's as good a guess as any. I'm afriad we can't know for sure."

Don: "During the course of this attack, a group of 'heroes' killed Captain Whitfield and freed everyone of the curse without Galactica showing up at all. Is this not a failure for Captain Whitfield and Eldritch Rose ultimately?"

Michelle: "For Whitfield? I'd say so. For Rose though? Hard to tell. She's a powerful spellcaster. I'm certain she's capable of doing worse or more effective things than werewolves, not that werewolves are weak by any means. To create a pack leader, her power has to be immense, perhaps even the strongest sorceror left in the prime material plane... the plane that contains our world. I don't know if this was a legitimate effort to destroy the Vanguard or more of a warning shot across the bow."

Don: "Worse than werewolves? Phew... wow a lot to consider and an interesting take from an expert."

*Cut to Narration by Don of a still photo of the dead werewolf pack leader on the ground in the rain.*

Don: "The werewolf incident wasn't the most deadly event to take place in recent months but it somehow feels the most tragic. A man struck by tragedy is seemingly manipulated into selling his soul for revenge like some sort of cautionary tale from the middle ages. It also leaves us with more questions. Are Eldritch Rose and the Association finished with their vengeance? Can we expect more incidents? What does the Association want and who are they? Questions that may be answered... too late. This is Dan Bochimi, signing off."

*Cut back to Anora at the studio.*

Anora: "Thank you Don and thank you Michelle. Michelle works at the Occult Eye store in the Lower City. Having some supernatural issues? Head down to the store for a free consultation. Michelle, like many in the Lower City, was a victim of the Pink Haze incident. Next up on 15 Minutes: The Pink Haze, 3 months later. How is the Lower City recovering and could we do more?"
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